I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – 91. Your past

“What kind of situation is that?”

I stormed into the abbess who was having breakfast in the dining room and immediately began to argue with her.

The attention of the other nuns caught in surprise, but the nun stood up with a gloomy expression as if she had been waiting.

“Let’s go outside and talk.”

“Okay, tell me. “It seems like all the nuns here already know about Stella.”

At my words, all the nuns lower their heads and pretend not to hear anything. Do they want to walk down this path even though they know that is the future of a saint?

All I had was a question I couldn’t understand.

The abbess exhaled as she saw my reaction of not backing down, but eventually gave up and opened her mouth.

“I’m sure you’ve already heard from him. “It’s the devil’s curse.”

“I mean, what did she do to end up like that?”

This was naturally the responsibility of the church for failing to protect the saint.

There was no other way to explain the fact that the saint was abandoned by the church simply because she had lost her divine power, other than to say that she was tosagu.

But the nun’s side also seemed to have something to say. She said it was unfair and took a step towards me towards her station and shouted.

“Would we have stood by and watched until something like that happened? “After Stella stepped down from her position as a saint, she went missing for several years.”

“… … “Missing?”

When I looked at the abbess with a subtle expression, she responded with an expression chewing something bitter.

“He left behind only a letter asking us not to look for him. That’s why the church didn’t even look for it! “He deserves a break now!”

“… … .”

“But just a year ago. Stella, you were already in that state when you came back here!”

The abbess stooped, swallowing her tears. She is saddened by the other nuns who gather around her to see her frail appearance.

I was so calm that I just looked down at her.

‘It doesn’t seem like a lie.’

It was very touching to see them hug each other, sympathize with each other’s sadness, and feel sorry for each other.

They probably won’t forget that one of them is a devil.

A throbbing pain will hit you like a cavity lodged in your head.


For now, I left them behind and went outside. During the meal, we burst into tears and hugged each other, but I didn’t want to get involved in the flow that eventually led to the prayer meeting.

When I came out, the smell of grilling meat spread everywhere.

Findenai has been lighting a bonfire since early in the morning and is roasting wild animals they have caught from somewhere, and Illuania is preparing to cook next to them.

Lastly, there is the dark spirit who is just staring blankly in front of the fire.

I don’t know how the combination came to be like this, but I thought each of them had really great personalities.

One is the leader of the resistance.

One was a pregnant woman who was a back alley prostitute.

One is a necromancer who became a ghost.

I think we need to bring in a circus troupe to create this kind of combination.

“Oh, did I sleep wrong last night?”

Findenai is stretching because she feels stiff, and Iluania is taking off her maid’s uniform and wearing the nun’s uniform given to her by the convent.

The convent provided a separate place for the pregnant woman, Iluania, to sleep, so Findenai and I fell asleep in the carriage we rode in.

I had slept in the same room several times on my way here anyway, so it wasn’t that strange.

“Ah, you’re here! Please eat!”

Illuania cuts the meat, seasoned it, and carefully puts it on the plate he brought.

It had a very fragrant smell and a tangy spice, just like the ones eaten in the North.

Since it was cold in the north, the taste of the food was strong to warm the body.

It was a bit confusing the first time I tried it, but I’ve already gotten used to it.

After a quick meal, the three of us sat around the campfire for a while and exchanged opinions on the current situation.

The two people talked about Stella on the condition that confidentiality was guaranteed.

“First of all, we are going to conduct a personal interview today.”

“Can you figure out the devil through conversation?”

Findeneye asked, clenching his fists and suppressing the itching to smoke a cigarette.

“does not exist. But we can at least have a conversation first.”

If that didn’t work out, I was planning on using the Holy Grail I brought with me. Because divine power is poison to devils.

However, the moment I use it on a demon, other demons will notice and flock to me to destroy the Holy Grail.

Stella’s injuries will be so brutal that they will seem laughable.

Using the Holy Grail against demons was an option that could only be chosen at the very end.

Actually, I was a little skeptical about that too. If you ask me, is this case urgent enough for me to take the risk of attracting the attention of demons by using the Holy Grail?

‘That’s not it.’

It was a pity for Stella, and the devil was disgusting, but she had no intention of having to bleed to death here.

“Then shall I call you one by one?”

Iluania suddenly woke up. I never miss these little errands.

As Illuania left to call the nuns one by one, I instructed Findenai to keep her mouth shut and listen together.

Because her animal-like senses are quite sharp.

And then, one by one, five nuns began to visit.

“Actually, there is one nun who is a bit strange.”

The round-nosed nun who came to me first spoke with her eyes tightly closed.

“Mela has been acting strangely lately. “I live next door, and every morning I hear the door opening next door.”

The second was a nun with fair skin and impressive thin fingers.

“Why should I tell you this? Mela is suspicious. What can I say, she looks very tired?”



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The third was a nun with long braided hair.

“Mela was the one who was closest to the other two nuns who died? so… … “I wonder just in case.”

The fourth was a slightly fleshy nun who served the goddess Demeter.

“I don’t know. Recently, when I pray, something strange is the mela. In fact, I was shaking just now when I was praying.”

Fifth and last.

The mela that all the nuns said was suspicious.

Her eyes were sunken, she had dark circles, and she was skinny, making it difficult to look like a nun.

“Suspicious person? Uh, none. “There really isn’t any.”

After hearing everyone’s story, I turn my attention to the bonfire for a moment.

The sound of crackling sparks was so cheerful that it seemed as if the accident was moving naturally along with it.

“What do you think?”

Iluania, who had summoned all the nuns, approaches and asks. Her expression showed pride in what she had done, so she praised her for a job well done and looked at Finden Ai.

“What do you think?”


As the leader of a unique group called the Resistance, she was naturally interested in finding traitors.

Especially when it came to animal senses, there were few people to compare with.

“I think smoking tobacco will make your head feel better.”

He makes a subtle appeal, but I ignore it. Even though the answer was already given, he was complaining that he just wanted to smoke.

“Ha, I think the owner thinks the same way as me?”

“… … “It seems so.”

It seemed like our two conclusions were the same. Is it because they are simple nuns who are not used to the lies that come with living in such a remote convent?

It was easier to detect truth and lies than I thought.

“They are all lies.”

Illuania is startled by my words, but Findenai nods slightly.

“Yeah, even that bitch named Mela.”

All four people who said they suspected Mela were lying.

But Mela was also lying when she said there was no one under suspicion.

“Shall I bring it back?”

“No, you don’t have to.”

I got up quickly and headed back to the convent. The nuns’ lies were annoying, but if I asked them again, this time they would keep their mouths shut.

And their lies contained a strange greed.

Clicking my tongue, I entered the convent and headed to the attic again.

As I was climbing the stairs, the nuns were studying on the second floor. The abbess was teaching with great enthusiasm and shouting, which was very impressive.

She was a woman who was proud of herself. In fact, she is Lucia along with Stella.

It’s like raising two saints with your own hands, so it’s probably worth it.

Perhaps that’s why she was a woman whose strange compulsion that the next saint should also come out of this place oozed out even in her small gestures.

It seemed quite strict, as there was even a cane used for corporal punishment.


She was also a person who could not be left out as a suspect, but there was no need to show any nuance in investigating her.

I wanted to see what the abbess would do when she was sure that she was not under suspicion.

Go up to the attic again, open the lock with the key you received from the abbess, and enter.

Stella, whom I had greeted earlier, was there smiling and welcoming me.

“I guess you’re a different person from yesterday?”

Is it because of my reaction earlier? Stella immediately realized what the situation was.

“What did I talk about with you yesterday?”

“There was nothing special.”

After that, I briefly told her about the conversation we had yesterday, and Stella just smiled and nodded and listened.

If it’s that short, the short explanation is over.

“okay. “Then what do you want to know about me?”

“When you lost your divine power and came down from your position as a saint. “I want to hear the story after that.”


“Why did you have to leave the church? “No matter how foolish they were, they would have been desperate to protect you, who was a saint.”

“Of course, of course.”

Stella, smiling, nodded slightly.

“But is that right?”


It gives even more strength to the rosary of Goddess Hertia that Stella holds in her hand.

The smile on her lips shows no signs of disappearing.

“Divine power is a very difficult power to handle. At that time, Lucia, who had just become a saint, could not protect me. “Do you think she would have been in danger herself?”

Since I was in a position where I had directly dealt with divine power through the Holy Grail, albeit briefly, I couldn’t help but nod my head.

Holy power was not as kind a power as I thought.

“I hate to tell you this, but I have been working quite hard as a saint. “He extinguished and chased away countless demons and saved people.”

“… … .”

“The time when I lost my divine power and the new saint cannot handle it is actually the most dangerous moment.”


Now I understand what Stella’s words mean.

“It was my last responsibility as a saint. Leaving while carrying all the resentment and resentment of all the demons. “This is the only gift I can give as a senior to a new saint who has come to shine.”

The role of the saint is over.

She was a saint to the end.

“It was to buy time. “When the devils’ attention turned to me, Lucia became skilled at wielding divine power.”

“… … .”

“Hehe, do you feel foolish?”

“Yeah, you didn’t have to carry it alone.”

But noble.

Because she carried the entire burden alone.

She was truly a holy woman.

“Shall I tell you the story of what happened to the demons afterwards?”

Stella asked me mischievously, but I answered yes.

“Yes, please.”

This is a good opportunity to find out the devil’s methods. What I heard here could be a clue to finding the devil who was hiding this time.

At my answer, Stella smiles and raises her right hand while holding the rosary.

He then raises his finger and sets a condition.

“Instead, I’m going to tell you a story about my past, so please tell me yours as well.”

“You mean my story?”

It’s obvious that I’ll forget everything tomorrow anyway. She would know that too.

Still, she wanted it.

It wasn’t difficult.

I thought it would be okay to tell the story of Deius overcoming his debauched past and starting a new life.

With a smile visible through her fingers, she got to the point and came in.

“How did you come to take over that body?”

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