I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – 32. A place where the boundary between life and death collapses

“When on earth are you coming?”

The dean stamps his feet and screams. Two days had already passed since Deius was scheduled to arrive, but there was still no trace of him in Lovern.

If I hadn’t even had my maid, Findenai, I could have gone back to North Weden out of anxiety.

The current situation at Lovern Academy was that serious.

There are already well over 100 students who have submitted their withdrawal forms. It has not yet been repaired and professors are persuading through personal interviews, but this also has its limits.

In addition, there was pressure from outside, as rumors eventually reached parents.

The dean was so stressed that when he checked his pillow every morning, he would see his hair falling out in abundance.

“Wait calmly. “Anyway, the owner doesn’t come running just because you urge him.”


For some reason, I was sick of the maids in revealing clothes who spoke informally and made noises.

Karen, who was crossing her arms next to her, was worried and spoke out with mixed feelings.

“… … “Maybe there was some kind of accident in the middle of it.”


“Yes, anyway, it’s too late.”


Since Deius didn’t look like he was going to suddenly turn away and run away, it seemed more appropriate to think that way.

At that time, Findeneye, who was eating refreshments in the dean’s office, licked the powder from her fingers and hummed.

“It will be a real problem if the evil spirits start expanding their scope of activity.”

When the Dean and Karen suddenly looked at each other asking what he was saying, Findeneye smiled mischievously.

“There’s a guy with a twisted body on the right staircase on the third floor. “I came down to the second floor yesterday.”

“Ha, why are you saying that?”

“huh? It’s fun. “Just know.”


The dean was irritated with Findenai as if he was venting his anger for no reason. Then Finden Eye shrugged her shoulders and took out a cigarette from her bosom and took a bite.

“Do you have any matches?”

“No smoking here!”

The dean, thinking he couldn’t take it any longer, shouted harshly and tried to kick him out immediately, but Karen stopped him.


Keren narrows his eyes and glares at Findeneye, frowning.

“The finger positions are reversed.”


Findeneye looks at his hand holding the cigarette, asking what he is talking about.

Then really.


The finger arrangement was completely opposite. A strange sight with the thumb stuck where the ring finger should be.

Findeneye, who watched this from afar, became irritated with regret.

“f*ck, this caught me.”


Finden Eye just disappeared.

No, it was an evil spirit that pretended to be Findeneye.

The moment the dean saw that, his mouth widened, and he looked at Keren in confusion.

Keren clicks his tongue and stands in the place where the evil spirit was.

“I think it was a warning. “Soon, they will take over the entire academy.”

Karen understands the meaning of the statement that the scope of evil spirits’ activities is expanding.

The moment the dean sighed and was about to lower his gaze.

“Hey, over there.”

My hands were shaking, and my tongue felt dry and sticking to the roof of my mouth.

“Professor Keren? “The feet are opposite.”


When Keren lowered his head, his heels came forward. Her grotesquely broken foot.

Karen, who saw this, smiled bitterly and regretfully.

“I got caught because of him.”

Keren just disappeared.

When the dean saw this, he burst into tears and fell down on his desk.

* * *

So where are the real Findenai and Keren?

“Sigh, it looks like someone is pretending to be me somewhere?”

Finden Eye was leaning on the rooftop railing, sniffling, and putting a piece of tobacco in his mouth.

Since it was the only place in the academy where smoking was allowed, people often used this place.

Beside her, Karen was also resting her chin on the railing, staring blankly outside.

The two people had not known each other for a long time and were not close friends, but they naturally met on the rooftop because they were waiting for the same person.

As he lights the candle with a lighter and blows, Keren turns his eyes and looks at Findeneye.

Findenai shrugged and held out a box and offered to peel it, but Keren refused.

“You’re really coming, right?”

“You should come. “If you sent me all this way when you’re not coming, I have to search for you.”

Finden Eye exhales smoke and grins.

Still, the two women’s eyes naturally fell on the entrance leading out of the academy.



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It felt like he would arrive at any moment if I looked away even for a moment.

It rattled.

At that time, Erica Bright and Gideon Geronia opened the door and came up to the rooftop.

Gideon gets irritated as he smooths out his red hair, which stings his eyes.

“Professor Keren, there are so many students to consult, what are you doing here now?”

“Ugh, I’m going to take a short break.”

Karen, who was stretching her body here and there, passes Gideon and goes down the stairs.

“You’re having a hard time.”

Finden Eye was looking at this and giggling with a cigarette in his mouth.

As if he didn’t like that, Gideon glared at Findeneye and approached her.

“You said you were Deius’ exclusive maid, right? “What’s your name?”


“Your words are short.”

Gideon was clearly offended by the sight of the maid openly ignoring him, a member of the Geronia family.

“whatever. “If you don’t have anything to say, get out.”

It was Findeneye, who was still leaning on the railing and smoking heavily.

“Please leave.”

Erica already knew Findeneye’s strong personality, so she tried to stop Gideon, but he was not the kind of person who could live with being ignored like this.

“I keep hearing what you’ve been saying lately. “I’m telling you, don’t mess around at the academy.”


What on earth are you going to do?

It would have been refreshing to think of a dog barking at him, but this guy didn’t seem to be going back until he heard an answer.

“Do you believe in Deius? Let’s see how far he can go.”

Findeneye, who was exhaling smoke, still had his eyes set on the outside of the academy.

Gideon must have been irritated by the fact that he was treated like a non-existent person, so he clenched his fists and raised his voice.

“okay! Let me tell your master! “Me and Erica are getting married, so please be sure to attend as a guest and grace the occasion!”

Then Erica is shocked and shouts.

“What do you mean! I never agreed at all!”

Are you two fighting?

Finden Eye finally thought it was a bit amusing and turned around to look at the two people.

Erica was glaring at Gideon with resentment, but Gideon firmly declared that it was all over.

“I already sent a letter to the Bright family. Breaking off the engagement is harmful to the woman, but if I accept it, the Bright family will probably welcome it with open arms.”


Erica, who was grabbed by the collar, rolls her eyes in anger. Before she knew it, her eyes were slightly moist.

“It’s a strategic engagement anyway. Bright would also think that Geronia, who maintains a close relationship with the royal family, would be more advantageous than a remote outcast like Verdi.”

As the saying goes.

Erica’s position in the family was merely a tool for an arranged marriage.

I tried so hard to escape that, and ended up taking the professorship at Roberyn.

In the end, Erica bites her lip as she realizes that all her efforts were in vain.

What and where did it go wrong?

My head starts to overheat.

“Erica Bright!”

At one point, without realizing it, mana was swirling around my fingertips. Even though Gideon hurriedly called her and tried to stop her.

“Ugh, ugh.”

The moment when Erica’s teardrops fell and the golden magic was about to shoot out.

[What are you doing?]

The situation changed so suddenly.

A black-haired girl sitting on the rooftop railing. As soon as she appears, the entire academy begins to fall into darkness.

It’s as if the sun has gone down.

A light that quietly disappears.

Like a pigeon caught in a children’s basket trap.

The darkness surrounding Lovern and the screams of evil spirits heard at the same time.

[The real fun starts from now on, but is it okay to lose strength like that?]


Findenai immediately kicked at the girl, but the girl was no longer there.

[Hehehe! That person is coming back?]

Before I knew it, the girl standing behind Findenai was laughing, covering her mouth with both hands, saying she was having so much fun.

[I hope you come quickly!]

“You little bastard!”


Finden Eye twisted her body and delivered a low kick, but this time she only shattered the rooftop railing and the girl was no longer there.

[by the way.]

In an instant, the girl standing in front of the rooftop door is shaking her shoulders in joy.

She asked with a smile, as if she was unbearably excited about the situation ahead.

[What will change if that person comes?]

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