I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – 33. The Northwedn Necromancer

The screams of evil spirits are mixed with the girl’s giggling laughter, further heightening the terrifying atmosphere.

“Hey, my ex-fiancee. “This seems like magic. What do you think?”

After sucking in the last sip, Finden Eye threw the tobacco on the floor and stomped on it.

Erica, who had just lost her cool due to excessive emotions, regained her composure as if she had been hit with cold water and her head felt refreshed.

“It is a magical barrier, but it is not one of the four major elements or a higher level.”

Erica added, swallowing bitter feelings.

“It seems like it’s some kind of black magic.”

“Dark magic?”

Gideon, whose voice squeaks at the embarrassing situation, frowns and glares at the girl.

She was still standing at the entrance, shaking her body from side to side and enjoying the rhythm, wondering what was so enjoyable.

“Evil spirits even use magic now?”

The girl smiled and nodded at Gideon’s words and slowly approached Erica.

[But is that the end? I prepared very hard, but wouldn’t it be possible to explain my efforts in a more detailed manner?]

“… … “Because I have absolutely no knowledge of black magic.”

[okay? I see.]

The girl who grumbled in disappointment seemed to be truly disappointed that her efforts were not recognized.

However, even if you ask other wizards, you will get the same response.

Because the regulations against black magic are very strong in the Griffin Kingdom. Backroom merchants often sold related books, but only those in the know knew about them.

In the first place, ordinary wizards hated black magic itself so much that they did not even want to get close to it.

[This is a very unique magic. A magical barrier that breaks down the boundary between the dead and the living.]

“Break down boundaries?”

[Yes, something quite fun will happen in the future.]

Erica urgently called out to the girl and tried to catch her, but the girl’s new form had already disappeared.

I suppressed my anger and just waved the empty space where she was with my hand.

“I don’t think that’s a problem now?”

Findeneye shrugs and points outside the railing. There, giant bugs came pouring out and started running towards the three people.


“Mr. Ai, losing your weapon is too big.”

Since Findenai lost his ax in the battle with the warrior at the central entrance on the first floor, he had no choice but to continue the battle with his bare hands.

“Things like trash. Who dares kill whom?”

Gideon bit his lip to the point of bleeding and pulled out his flaming sword.

“I guess this is what it means to connect the boundary between life and death.”

Erica, who realized that a direct attack on the evil spirits was now possible, also began to respond by manifesting golden magic.

* * *

No matter how chaotic the academy is, lectures continue to be held.

That was the only part where I could directly feel that the Academy was still doing its job.

But now even that has begun to be invaded by evil spirits.

As the sky darkened and all the lights turned off, the students listening to the lecture fell into confusion.

The professor also urgently tried to calm the students, but it was difficult to shake off the encroaching fear due to things like the sound of a baby crying recently coming from the faculty dormitory.

“calm down.”

At that time, a black-haired female student stands on the desk and emits white light.

The concentration of mana itself was unusual. Even in her fleeting moments, those with insight recognized that her magical talents were considerable.

Aria Rias, a first year student.

Even though he was born as a commoner, he was recognized for his outstanding talent and was one of the brightest students who entered Lovern Academy at the top of his class.

“Let’s calm down a little. “If we get into chaos here, we’ll only get hurt.”

Her remarks were perfectly reasonable. That’s why some students who found their composure nodded and agreed.

“That is correct.”

Among them, King Griffin’s youngest daughter, Princess Eleanor, who entered school this time, calmly continued speaking.

“If we panic here, it will only do what the enemy wants.”

The princess raised awareness by clearly using the word ‘enemy’.

The students suddenly calm down and begin to follow Princess Eleanor’s words.

“I think we need to figure out the situation first. “We might need to scout outside.”

The windows in the classroom were blank, as if they had been painted black, so I had to go out the classroom door.

“What do you think, Professor?”

Princess Eleanor passed the responsibility to the professor who was quietly giving the lecture.

The professor suddenly nods, realizing his position.

“Yeah, yeah. I guess so. “I’ll go outside and check and then come back, so just wait a little bit.”

It wasn’t that it wasn’t scary, but the professor, unable to withstand the pressure from the students and the princess who were trembling in front of him, went outside.

The students seemed to have finally realized that things were turning around and gathered their minds with a sigh of relief.

Princess Eleanor naturally approached Aria. She quietly asked Aria as she sat down next to her.

“You’re pretty calm. “Aren’t you Aria, who entered school at the top of the class this time?”

“Yes, that’s right. princess.”

“We are friends from the same class. “There’s no need to be polite.”

“then… … .”

“Please feel free to call me Eleanor.”

“Okay, Eleanor.”




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Aria didn’t know if she was ignorant or bold, but immediately let go. But she was enough to attract Eleanor’s interest.

“Could you tell me what you think about the current situation?”

Eleanor asks, tapping on the desk as if testing. Arya furrows her brow for a moment before she calmly pours out her own thoughts.

“It’s probably the work of evil spirits wandering around the academy. “I can’t think of anything else other than that.”

“Hmm, I see. “But this is the first time I’ve heard that an evil spirit can perform magic like this?”

“That goes for me too… … but.”

Aria quietly approaches the window and mutters as she sweeps the dark window with her hand.

“I think it’s probably some kind of black magic. It must have cost a lot of mana. “I think they may have extracted mana from missing people.”

“Are you speaking with confidence?”

When Eleanor rested her chin and asked Aria, she smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of her head.

“Ha, I was curious to see how the Academy would settle the demon commotion. “I can’t just sit still like this.”

Eleanor planned to report this incident closely to the royal family.

I planned to completely expose Lovern Academy’s incompetence and actual conditions and uproot this academy from the roots.

‘I don’t think it’s a case specifically related to me being a princess. Tsk, I don’t know where the escorts are.’

Eleanor was probably caught up in this barrier together, but since they were very capable guards, Eleanoa was confident that they would come to her rescue soon.

“You can’t stay still?”

Aria asked Eleanor, who was twiddling her silky blonde hair with her fingers out of disappointment.

Although it was only a short time, Eleanor liked Aria, so she spoke like a prophet about the future of Lovern Academy.

“No matter what we do, won’t the school be closed? “Even for the prestigious Lovern, this is not an ordinary incident.”

Anyway, Eleanor can go to another academy or the royal family can directly invite instructors to learn.

‘I wonder if there is a need to learn it in the first place.’

It wasn’t simply because they were of royal blood. Eleanor belonged to the genius category, to the extent that even royal wizards gave her a thumbs up.

And it was Aria who beat Eleanor in admissions scores.

‘He’s a very interesting kid.’

A moment when I secretly smile thinking that even if Lovern fails, we will meet again later.

“don’t do it.”

Intense pressure tightens Eleanor’s entire body.

A fierce energy that cannot be easily felt even by one’s own father, the supreme commander-in-chief of this country, or by absolute powerhouses such as the Knight Commander and the Archmage.

“uh… … ?”

Eleanor, whose voice could not come out properly, looked at Aria with blank eyes.

Aria’s black eyes had suddenly become cloudy and were spewing dark murder towards Eleanoa.

“Stop. “This academy will eventually return to its original state.”

“what… … .”



“I’m in! “I’m in!”

“What about the professor? What happened to you, Professor?!”

“Run away now!”

“That’s bullshit! Fight back! “Where are you going to run away to?”

Before Eleanor could barely open her mouth, the classroom door was smashed and demons who had gained substance began pouring in.

Among the students who run away or fight in confusion and confusion.

Eleanor and Aria were looking at each other as if they were the only two people in the room.

Eleanor calmly drew mana from her chest and strengthened her body, barely uttering a single word.

“Do you think this situation will be resolved?”

At those words, Aria slowly turns her gaze and looks out the window again.

“Yes, it is possible.”

There was still pitch darkness there.

Fine cracks began to appear in the darkness, like a shell breaking.


I had the illusion that the thick, sticky air was escaping through a crack.

The situation changes rapidly.

The evil spirits that were running towards the seeping light instinctively turn their heads and look out the window.

Then, some evil spirits began to struggle and run away in pain, as if they had encountered a natural enemy.

Also, some evil spirits growl as if they have met a lifelong enemy and curse to kill them at any moment.

The barrier of evil spirits has not yet disappeared.

The army was still there, and Lovern was still playing in their rough hands.

However, a small crack.

And a person comes in, stepping on the light that seeps in through the crack.

The hem of his coat was slightly burned, as if there had been an accident on the way, and there was soot everywhere.

Nevertheless, he kept his clothes as neat as possible, and there was no hesitation in his strides.

His calm eyes capture Lovern.

With that alone, the strange screams of the evil spirits stopped, and those who had forgotten their fear began to shrink.

The wind changes suddenly.

I felt like the spring breeze coming through the crack was calmly embracing me, telling me to be relieved.

The only light that illuminates Lovern.

Northwedden necromancer.

Deius Verdi.


Aria gently extended her hand towards him beyond the window with a sad smile.

“My hero.”

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