I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – 228. Six Princes


Second Prince Rehul sighed in bewilderment when he heard the news that reached his ears.

The maid who told him the news trembles and lowers her head.

When things didn’t go his way, Lehul had a tendency to become excessively violent.

“You’re doing that in front of me now?!”

He immediately kicks the maid in the abdomen, causing her to slip backwards and hit the wall.

“Wow! “Wow!”

“Damn it!”

Lehul vents his anger while leaving the maid who is having a hard time even breathing.

Although he pretended to be a gentle prince in front of Princess Eleanor and others, his nature was actually much more vicious and ambitious than the other princes.

This was also due to his only older brother, 1st Prince Rahul.

Since he was young, he grew up watching his older brother who was worse than him, so he was arrogant from the beginning.

“That idiot! Will he take the lead again in this subjugation? “Is your father really senile?!”

The first subjugation of the large demonic beast in the Sahar Desert had already failed.

At the time, 1st Prince Rahul’s strategy and leadership were at a truly poor level, and he deliberately kept quiet and followed his brother.

Only then will everyone realize the 1st Prince’s incompetence.

Are we giving Rahul, the first prince who failed so ridiculously, another chance?

This is absolutely ridiculous.

“Lerhulta… … !”

This was because the first prince, Rahul, had inherited the strategy for subjugating large monsters proposed by the fourth prince, Lerhulta.

Cheonnajimang (天羅地網).

This is one of Griffin’s strategies for dealing with large monsters and is the strategy adopted for this second attack.

1st Prince Rahul took over exactly what Princess Eleanor had told 4th Prince Lerhulta.


2nd Prince Rehul strokes his bangs and thinks of a princess from a foreign country.


I definitely didn’t have these feelings when I first saw her.

At some point, the desire to have her arose, and as I saw what other brothers wanted, I wanted to take her even more.

Although I did help Rahul this time.

“It can be useful.”

Even though it was risky to get married, I thought it would be best to maintain a romantic relationship.

He also seemed useful in many ways for his age.

Also, he seemed to be more attracted to himself than to 1st Prince Rahul.

“Princess Eleanor.”

Lehul began to think about a way to win her heart.

* * *

Recently, the atmosphere in the palace was strange.

The 1st and 4th princes were together and practicing in earnest the Cheonnajimang (天羅地網) that Princess Eleanor had taught them.

On the contrary, the second prince, Rehull, was strengthening his inner strength.

“Are you saying that we will carry out the strategy that the princess of another country told us about?”

“This is outrageous. So what becomes of us?”

“The German Kingdom also has an excellent method of subjugating large demon beasts. Honestly, in the first subjugation, I think the problem was that Prince Rahul took the baton too hard… … .”

Spending time with none other than the generals.

He was trying to appease the hearts of his country’s generals, whom 1st Prince Rahul was missing.

“Do I not know how capable the generals are? However, for the sake of diversity in strategy, we will use that strategy this time.”


“If Prince Lehull says so.”

While putting the angry generals to sleep, he also visited the magicians of the kingdom.

In particular, there is one very famous warlock in the German Kingdom.

His name is Coltman Bellick.

He was a man whom Deius had mentioned as the epitome of a good warlock during the first great debate.

Because it was a hot climate, unlike other wizards, he did not wear a robe but wore a cool outfit that exposed his upper body.

His appearance looks closer to that of a shaman rather than a warlock.

“Does Coltman also have a negative view of this operation?”

Coltman made a subtle expression in response to Lehul’s question. Now, the two were leaning against the railing of the palace, watching the 1st and 4th princes practice Cheonnajimang with their soldiers.

“It’s a shame. It means spreading the net of heaven and earth.”

“you’re right.”

At those words, Coltman smiled with a subtle expression.

“They spread the net in an innovative way. “Griffin and German definitely have different ways of thinking.”

“… … .”

“But I think the chances of this succeeding are rather low. This method requires a lot of preparation in the first place. “How are you going to unfold this in the desert?”

Lehul, who had taken Coltman’s opinion into consideration, had no choice but to hide the smile of remorse he was forming.

Even if you succeed, you end up failing in a situation where the generals are displeased?

If Rahul fails even after being given two chances, he is effectively proving his incompetence over and over again.

‘Foolish brother.’

Rehul just watched with a chuckle as his older brother continued to fight with the 4th Prince Lerhulta and move the soldiers.

* * *



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The third prince, Serhul, was also feeling that the atmosphere in the kingdom was unusual.

Even if he had no interest in the factional fights within the palace or the right to succeed to the throne, he had no choice but to know because he had seen it since he was young.

“… … ha.”

Suddenly, all six brothers fell in love with Princess Eleanor, and naturally it turned into a battle for succession.

There were some who said that all of this started with the arrival of Princess Eleanor.

In fact, Serhul knew.

The culprit behind all of this is none other than himself.

That you are yourself.

“I didn’t expect this.”

Serhul just wanted to live a normal life. He hoped that the other princes would also live peacefully without fighting.

“You don’t look very good.”

At that time, a man naturally appeared from the corner of Serhul’s room.

The white-haired young man was wearing a stylish suit and white gloves on his hands.

“you… … !”

The moment Serhul saw him, he wanted to jump up and rush at him, but his body wouldn’t move as he wanted.

“I guess you don’t like what you bought at my general store.”

“… … !”

Not only hands and feet, but also lips and tongue

Serhul, who seemed frozen, was unable to refute anything.

“What you purchased was ‘brotherhood and peace,’ right?”

“… … .”

“You don’t have to worry. Eventually your brothers will stop fighting.”

With a grin, Learic, the Great Demon of Deception, approaches Serhul.

“If you die, you can’t fight, right?”

“… … !”

Although Serhul’s expression clearly did not change, his passionate emotions seemed to be felt.

What on earth does that mean?

I hoped that the brothers would stop fighting, but I wondered if I had really heard the bullshit that there would be peace if everyone died.

“Well, I’m not saying I’m going to kill you. I’m just fueling your brothers’ desires. “Everyone is working very hard for their desires.”

Like a devil.

The words Learic added had a weight that Serhul could not bear.

But at the same time, I wondered why this man came here.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done the deal, so why did you suddenly not show your face?

As if reading such a question, Learic slowly turns his gaze out the window and hums.

“There’s a guy I’m very interested in and would like to have, and he’s coming here.”

‘Interesting man?’

I wondered what he was talking about, but I had no intention of making Learic understand in the first place.

He continued talking excitedly.

“I got hit quite painfully in the last demon battle. It’s a bit shabby for a stage I’ve set up, but still… … .”

Beyond the desert.

Waiting for the man who hasn’t yet made it out of the Marias Forest.

“Please come, Deius Verdi.”

The Great Demon of Deception flicked his tongue as if he couldn’t bear it anymore.

* * *


Late evening.

The entire city was hot, but as soon as the sun went down, an icy chill entered the room through the window.

Although she had heard that the daily temperature difference in the desert was large, Eleanor never thought it would be this much until she experienced it herself.

But now, nothing was as helpful as this in cooling my hot head.

Breathing in the cold night air, Eleanor slowly thinks about what to do next.

Six princes surround him.

Although each of them had a different degree of attraction to Eleanor, she also planned to actively use it.

The first prince, Rahul Jerman, is blatantly bold, but lives a life steeped in sexual desire, most like his father.

I don’t know how many times since I’ve been here, I’ve heard people half-jokingly ask if they would sleep together in the bedroom.

Second Prince Lehul Jerman seemed caring and kind on the outside, but he harbored the most blatant desires inside.

It was clearly visible that he was worried about whether it was better for him to sit in the king’s seat rather than for Rahul, the first prince.

The third prince, Serhul, is unrelated to all the battles for power and power. He just wanted to live quietly.

The 4th prince, Lerhulta, was extremely loyal to his father, King Ramahool. He even had a semi-obsessive tendency to do anything for his father.

The 5th prince, Sarirhul, is a jester.

6th Prince Sirahul is still 8 years old.

Princes 5 and 6 were younger than Eleanor, so there wasn’t much of a problem.

Rather, it was Eleanor who just played without thinking when the two people came to visit.


I sigh again.

Although she was entangled in various relationships, what Eleanor was planning was nothing special.

Since he came to the German Kingdom and stayed here for a long time, he used this time to cause confusion in the German royal family.

I was hoping for just that level.

If I intervened any further than that, the arrow could come back to Eleanor as well.


“At least a struggle for succession rights due to division or faction formation among princes.”

Eleanor rested her chin and muttered, recalling the blueprint she was drawing in her head.

Yes, at least you can make the princes fight among themselves.

That alone could definitely be a pretty big advantage for the Griffin Kingdom.

“maximum… … .”

Various pictures fit together. It will require a lot of effort and there may be dangerous situations.

If things turn out the way Eleanor wants.

She maxed out.


I was looking at the possibility that even the owner of the throne could change.

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