I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 – 227. Eleanor

“The subjugation failed?”

Eleanor sighed when she heard the news.

The information just delivered by the fourth prince, Lerhulta German, was so shocking.

“Yes, they said the subjugation failed. I heard that the monster was bigger and faster than I thought, so it didn’t do much damage. So his older brothers got really scolded by their father.”

Is it okay to simply say I was scolded?

It was an overly light statement compared to the value of the lives of the soldiers led by the three men.

For reference, since he was one year older than the 4th prince, Lerhulta, he decided to stop talking and say they should be friends.

“I heard that your vassals barely stopped your father from saying that he would step forward in person?”

Lerhulta was chewing the fruit she had brought for Eleanor and grunting.

He shook his head and criticized his angular brothers.

“I wondered why the brothers who fought together every day because they were training together came together. “My father must have been very disappointed.”

‘That damn father.’

The 4th prince, Lerhulta, believed in his father to an excessive degree.

Even now, every time I say something, I add a response to my father.

Excessive loyalty and dependence towards his father, King Ramahool.

That was the man Eleanor saw named Lerhulta.

“Ha, I hope my father doesn’t view me the same way as my brothers. Of course you too.”

I really hate the way he frowns and winks, but anyway.

Eleanor listened to those words and thought for a moment.

“How about checking it out? “I think this is probably an opportunity to show His Majesty the prince’s abilities.”

I smiled softly.

* * *

A few hours later.

The person who came was the first prince, Rahul.

His expression was blatantly dark and he was clenching his teeth in anger.


Rahul wondered if he, who was nowhere to be seen, had come to visit Eleanor.

In fact, Lerhulta was spending some time in Eleanoa’s room.

“older brother?”

Lerhulta looks at her eldest son with a puzzled expression. But the moment Rahul saw him, he immediately swung his fist.



As I turn my head, my floating body falls to the floor. Lerhulta, embarrassed, shouts with a puzzled expression.

“W-what are you doing! “Isn’t Princess Eleanor by your side now?”

“Shut up! How dare you insult me ​​to my father? Did you really want to impress your father that much? Even after selling out my brother?!”

“No, tongue, brother! What do you mean! “I’m just telling you how to subdue demonic beasts!”

“Then why did you bother to point out the reason why this subjugation failed? “There’s no way he wouldn’t know that I commanded the army!”

“Well, that is.”

“Thank you, do you know what my father looked like when he looked at me? Damn you!”

Rahul looked like he wanted to whack a few more right away, but he made eye contact with Eleanor, who was watching silently from the side, and clicked his tongue and went outside.

It wasn’t something he would show in front of a foreign princess, but it was something that showed how emotional and self-indulgent he was.

“Damn it.”

Lerhulta stood up, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, and apologized to Eleanor.

“You showed something you couldn’t see.”

Lerhulta smiles bitterly and scratches her back because it feels awkward.

But Eleanor shook her head.

“I didn’t know Rahul would be so uncomfortable. It’s my fault.”

Because it was Eleanor who gave Lerhulta advice on strategies for subjugating large monsters.

The Griffin Kingdom grew in size through invasion. Since this was often done against not only natives but also demonic beasts, there were several strategies for dealing with large demonic beasts.

The experience they had accumulated was different from that of the German Kingdom, which lived in places where it was difficult for even demonic beasts to survive, such as the Sahar Desert.

In response to Eleanor’s apology, Lerhulta shakes her head loudly, saying that she doesn’t really mean it.

“no. Thanks to you, I was recognized by my father, and I think he will invite me to the next subjugation. “It’s thanks to you.”

Lerhulta was truly grateful because it was one of the Griffin Kingdom’s strategies for subjugating demonic beasts.

But Eleanor’s expression darkened at those words.

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”


“The method I told you about requires some skill as well as magic.”

“… … .”

“If you were to accompany me, you would have to lead the operation as the initiator of the operation, but you have no battlefield experience yet… … .”

At those words, Lerhulta’s expression darkened little by little.

* * *

“Haha, this is it. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Second Prince Rehull scratched the back of his head as he ate the grapes left in his room.

Rehul also participated in the subjugation of demonic beasts with the 1st prince Rahul and the 3rd prince Serhul, but despite failing, his expression did not look too bad.

“I said I would send you back to Griffin, but I failed. Sorry.”

The second prince, Lehul, has a kind smile.

Although he has a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere like a cloud, Eleanor was able to read the greed contained within him.



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“My father was pretty angry. Moreover, the fourth brother, Lerhulta, pointed out that there was a problem with Brother Rahul’s operation, so the position of Brother Rahul is also unclear.”

Eleanor, who was listening to the story, smiled.

“Still, it’s good to see that the brothers seem to get along well.”

“… … hmm?”

When Lehule asked what that meant with a subtle expression, Eleanor answered while recalling the scene she had seen.

“The first prince, Rahul, was definitely angry, but he still made peace with the fourth prince, Lerhulta.”

“… … “You reconciled?”

“Yes, that’s why Lerhulta decided not to participate in the next subjugation. “Rahul needs to re-establish His Majesty’s trust.”

“… … .”

“It would be natural since you are the next successor.”

The second prince, Lehull, looks at Eleanor with an expression that says he had no idea about such a thing.

Before he knew it, his relaxed expression had turned serious.

“Ahaha, yes. I see? “I didn’t know.”

“It happened suddenly in my room. “I was surprised too.”

“… … .”

“But I was also a little worried.”

Eleanor mutters with a worried expression.

“Rahul, the eldest son, tends to be a bit overly emotional. “As a princess from a neighboring country, I was a little worried.”

“… … Yes, you can.”

The successor of a neighboring country is emotional and also reveals that she is a woman.

Lehul could sense that Eleanor was trying to disguise something that would not look very good from her point of view.

“On the other hand, Lehul is a very gentle person. “Be relaxed and peaceful in everything.”

“thank you.”

While saying that, Lehul glanced at Eleanor. As if she was thinking about something.

* * *

The 3rd prince, Serhul, was a cold man. However, if you were to say that he was similar to Deius Verdi, that was not the case.

It was right to remain silent simply because there was no one to talk about.

Even though he came to Eleanor’s room alone, he sat in silence and watched her without saying anything.

Ssuk suk.

Eleanor was currently drawing a picture.

I was able to obtain canvas and various tools by asking the 3rd Prince Serhul.

“Who are you drawing?”

It was Serhul who secretly hoped that he would draw him.

What was actually depicted there was a handsome man with black hair with an indifferent expression.

“Deius Verdi.”

“Is this Griffin’s memorial service? “It’s been quite famous recently.”

Eleanor drew so often that it seemed like Deius could now draw with his eyes closed.

As the painting was completed, Eleanor felt more and more calm.

Although he drew it himself, he felt better when he saw Deius in his eyes.


The girl’s first laugh since coming here. Ser Hul asked with a subtle expression on her face as Eleanor shrugged her shoulders and hummed her tune.

“Do you like that guy?”


“… … .”

Serhul was quite shocked, as he had not expected such a firm answer.

He didn’t necessarily show it on his face.

“But it’s difficult. “He already has a fiancee.”

“… … okay.”

“Well, it’s a one-sided unrequited love. I can not help it.”

Serhul was more heartbroken than he expected to see her sad.

I was both disgusted and envious of the memorial service that won the heart of such an attractive princess and still had a fiancée.

Then, Eleanor seemed to realize something, and she looked at the pictures of Serhul and Deius in turns and smiled.

“Now that I think about it, there are similarities between Deius and Prince Serhul, right?”

“similar… … ?”

This man and yourself?

Serhul’s hair was dull gray and his skin was bronze. His height is also relatively small, and although his body looks thin, he has well-established fine muscles.

Even after all this, Serhul was a warrior.

But Eleanor smiled and said.

“You two are both quiet.”

Looking at Eleanor, who was laughing at what was so funny, Serhul began to wonder.

* * *

“Do you know what’s really bad about her?”

Passing through the Marias Forest on the way to the German Kingdom.

Aria, who came over to our side of the carriage, speaks with dried squid in her mouth.

“Did you just tell the princess that it was him?”

Deia, who was sitting next to me, warned me that it was ridiculous, but Aria paid no attention.

“The very bad thing is that they carelessly use everything that is available to them.”

It was an ability that could be seen as an advantage, but Eleanor was a bit different.

“If it’s for the sake of a goal, you’ll rush in at any cost, right? I wonder how much trouble he went through to save the kids who were brainwashed by him in the past… … .”

Tsk, Aria bites the squid and shakes her head.

Deia wondered what he was talking about, but of course she couldn’t understand.

Because it was a story from the first episode.

“Still, I’m glad that my child has completely changed thanks to the professor. “What disease was it?”

At Aria’s words, I remained silent for a moment and then shook my head.

“It’s not a disease.”

“yes? But the Eleanor I know now is very different from the Eleanor I know.”

On one side is a fallen princess.

As the leader of the rebellion, he used propaganda to turn academy students into rebels and make them dissatisfied with the kingdom.

On the other hand, there is the simple Eleanor.

Right now I’m just drawing pictures. If I were to call it a deviation, it would be to occasionally draw funny pictures and laugh to myself.

Yes, you could have seen him as a completely different person.

“Eleanor hasn’t changed much since then.”

In the original work, the innocent Eleanor was trapped in a dream, and Eleanor, with only her responsibilities as a royal, was active in reality.

Now the two personalities have become one.


“It means it can be both.”

“… … .”

At my words, Aria swallowed the squid legs and asked me with a subtle expression.

“Well, you won’t cause an accident, right?”

To that question.

“… … .”

It was difficult to answer separately.

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