I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 89

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#89. Memories of the Beginning (2)

“In the beginning… “A memory?”

Damdeok muttered without realizing it and quickly closed his mouth.

The eyes of Grandmother Samsin and her companions were all turned towards them.

“ah… .”

I thought for a moment.

It didn’t take long to decide what to do.

“thank you! The system has been completely overhauled! haha!”

Damdeok bowed ninety degrees towards Grandmother Samsin.

Only then did Grandmother Samsin and her companions’ faces turn bright colors.

[Holhol, it’s only natural. Good job.]

“Wow, that was good! “It’s finally over!!”

“You evil business owner, it was really hard this time. “You will have to prepare twice as much meat for the banquet as usual.”

– will! will!

Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and even Baekseol all smiled brightly.

Ju Soo-yul sighed in relief and quietly muttered.

“I’m glad. Now that the system has been fixed, I can go on my next journey.”

The faces of Baekgureum and Adele Sharon, who had been excited by her words, instantly hardened.

“What kind of horrible words… I need to rest for at least a week and then move on… .”

“okay. Soyul, please save my sister… Isn’t this all about trying to make a living? .”

But the address rate was cold.

“The war between the gods might break out tomorrow and we might all die, so is now the time to take our time?”

“No, but take a break… .”

“It’s okay to have a piece of meat whenever you go…” ?”

Even in the face of white clouds and Adele Sharon’s bright eyes, Ju Soo-yul just maintained an expressionless expression throughout.

Grandmother Samsin, who was stroking Baekseol, who was lying on her stomach in the field, burst out laughing when she saw that.

[Holhol, the colleagues seem to get along really well.]



[Hol ho ho. Those guys, really.]

Taking advantage of the somehow friendly(?) atmosphere, Damdeok quietly went under the willow tree and opened the system.

“Ah, I guess there are new updates as the system is being fixed. “I’ll take a look.”

Damdeok smiled at his companions and even waved their hands, then read again the message that immediately came to mind.

[I encountered memories from the beginning.]

[From now on, you can open the memories of your past life.]

[Would you like to view your memories?]

‘It’s my past life… ‘There really was such a thing?’

For some reason, my heart was pounding.

I had the feeling that perhaps the things that Jo Soo-yul had always hidden under the name of goodness were written here.

‘Of course, I know it wasn’t an evil intention to hide it from me… .’

Still, I was curious.

“Good. then… .”

Damdeok swallowed dry saliva and touched the browse button.

[Ep.01 Memories of the beginning.]

Life, creation, blooming. This was my first memory.

I was born as the parent of all things, and lived in the beginning of time in a state of perfect nothingness.

When I turned 1 year old, I realized that there were 100 children born with me, and those 100 were the only ones alive on this earth.

When I was two years old, I decided to work with my brothers to achieve prosperity in this land.

When we were three years old, my siblings and I realized that there were beings called gods other than us on this earth.

When he was 4 years old, he was summoned by the gods of this land and received many blessings, and was given a bouquet of joys and sorrows as a gift from a place called the Spring of the Beginning.

When we were five years old, we were given the official title “Human” by them.

… … (syncopation).

It was a series of incredibly happy and peaceful moments.

We never felt lacking in anything, and all the gods in the world loved humans and treated them kindly.

Living days filled with joy, when I turned 2,700 years old, I was called by the god of death.

Darkness, rest, peace. This was my last memory.

– Yu Dam-deok, the first record –

“what. this… “Is this really my past life?”

There were too many stories described in a vague manner than expected, and it was full of words whose meaning could not be accurately understood.

In the first place, does it make sense for people to live to be 2,700 years old?

‘It’s not some kind of Dangun myth… .’

Plus, they said it was a memory from a past life, so I thought it was the past, but it was still so… .

“It’s too old! According to what it says here, I’m one of the first humans on Earth?!”

Isn’t this a strange story, like something you would see in a book about the creation of heaven and earth?

However, there was one thing that particularly stood out.

“When I was four years old, I was summoned by the gods of this land and received many blessings, and I received a bouquet of joys and sorrows as a gift from a place called the spring of the beginning.”

“I can’t believe this… .”

Naturally, a memory from a little while ago came to mind.



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A child who looked exactly like himself, smiling as he accepted a bouquet of flowers from a woman.

The identity of that child… ,

“Are you saying it’s me?”

her. I burst out laughing at the absurdity.

Even after reading and rereading, the conclusion was the same.

He said that he was one of the original 100 people, and that he lived to be 2,700 years old and then died.


“Memories of my past life are not just memories of the beginning.”

What I read was literally the first record. After that, there were a total of 1,868 more locked memories.

This meant that he was a human being who had been reincarnated 1,869 times.

“what the… “This is a hit.”

I didn’t know if this was all true or not.

Of course, it makes no sense for the system to lie, but it was also uncomfortable to blindly believe this story.

What is certain, however, is that I feel strongly that I need to find out what these ridiculous memories mean.

Damdeok’s intuition was telling him strongly.

I think if we dig into this, it will be easier to stop the war between the gods.


‘The reason why I, a person with no talent, suddenly awakened, the war between the gods, and perhaps even everything about the 12 guardians in Jooyul’s prophecy… .’

“You might find out.”

Damdeok nodded slowly and looked at the system window.

[Ep.02 Memories are locked.]

[Ep.03 Memories are locked.]

[Ep.04 Memories are locked.]

… … .

So many memories that I haven’t read yet, that I can’t read.

One message after another came to my mind that in order to open locked memories, I had to come into contact with fragments of related memories.

“It’s a fragment of memory… Should I have a dream like before?”

Damdeok carefully scrolled down, thinking of various options.

“uh? “This is open, right?”

Another episode, the only one among them that is open.

[Ep.1,001 Defeat Asmodeus.]


A vivid memory comes to mind.

When I encountered Asmodeus in the Demon World, it seems that my contact with him at that time was recognized as a fragment of memory and unlocked.

‘Then everything I saw in the dream I had back then… ‘You mean my past life?’

Scenes where he was fighting with Ju Ju-yul anytime, anywhere.

Damdeok recalled the dream of that time and clicked on the 1,001st memory with faintly trembling fingers.

[Ep.1,001 Defeat Asmodeus.]

In this life, I awakened at the age of 31.

I was worried because it felt a little late compared to the average, but I am happy to record that it has been a life of great achievements.

I finally got rid of that damn Asmodeus!

From the 47th life when I first encountered him to the 1,000th life just before, my skin was torn off, my limbs were cut off, my internal organs exploded and I died, and I died again and again… at las! at las! I completely defeated him in this life!

This is truly a historic moment.

We fought fiercely for three days and nights, and he finally bowed to me.

The complete defeat of .

If I could, I really want to remember this life forever.

After that, the Demon King selection process went smoothly… (syncopation).

My head was pounding.

Unlike my first memory, which was described with some weight, it felt like a very raw and unemployed diary. What was more shocking than that was that the content written was no different from a 19+ horror story.

“… Asmodeus killed me so many times… ?”

They didn’t just kill them either, they tore the skin, cut off the limbs, and gutted the intestines… .


Thinking about it made me feel sick.

Anxiety that I had forgotten about began to bloom.

‘It says here that I beat that guy…’ Will I really be able to win in this life?’

Even if I just imagined it for a moment, my body becomes stiff with fear.

Because of this damn fear, I couldn’t even move from the old woman in the underworld.

‘It is absolutely necessary to resolve fear… How should I solve this… .’

Damdeok, who couldn’t think of a solution even after much thought, shook his head. Anyway, now it was time to set off on the next journey.

‘Anyway, the rest of the memories are still locked… .’

As soon as Damdeok got up, Grandmother Samsin and her companions approached.

[how is it? It was fixed neatly, right? cancer. Of course~]

Grandmother Samsin said that with a confident face.

“thank you. “It helped me a lot.”

Damdeok expressed his gratitude once again.

The system has been fixed, so now I can go anywhere.

“however… .”

Damdeok’s gaze turned to his companions.

There was a black flower in Ju Ju-yul’s hand. Baekgureum, Adele Sharon, and even Baekseol are seen holding black flowers.

“What flowers are you all holding?”

“Oh, this? “I heard that Grandmother Samsin is absolutely necessary to defeat Grandmother of the Underworld?”

“At that time, I wasn’t able to completely finish the Underworld Grandmother, so it will appear again soon. eww. What an obsessive grandmother… .”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon responded in disgust.

Next, Ju Ju-yul added an explanation about the flower.

“It’s an underworld flower. “If you eat it, your resistance to fear will slightly increase.”

Grandmother Samsin nodded with a gentle smile.

– will!

As soon as he finished speaking, Snow White jumped up and gently placed a black flower in her hand.

‘It increases fear resistance?’

I never thought I would get this elixir as soon as I decided to solve my fear.

There was nothing bad about it since I had fear resistance, not only from the old woman in the underworld, but also from anyone I encountered in the future.

Besides, if they give you this elixir for free, why would you refuse?

Damdeok took a bite of the flower.

[Fear resistance increases slightly!]

It’s a little bit, but I feel like I’ve gained a certain level of confidence.

okay. Yes, but… I also felt like something was missing.

Should I say I’m still a little angry?

Samsinhalmi, who was watching, said.

[It’s not enough, right? In order to fight that mean old woman without dying, you have to chew about 20 flowers of the underworld… .]

“Then can you share a little more?”

Damdeok said that out of shame, but Grandmother Samsin shook her head.

[The Flower of the Underworld is an elixir that causes humans to crackle when they eat two or more of it. Can you still eat it?]

As soon as Grandma Samsin said that, Baekgureum and Adele Sharon spit out the flowers of the underworld that they were chewing.

[Inums! What a waste! Quickly pick it up and eat it!]


“no, I do not want! “Why are you feeding me such dangerous food?”

“Tsk tsk tsk! Ana, I deliberately ate the large flower… !!”

Damdeok was alone in his thoughts as he watched his companions making a fuss.

‘It’s still not enough. If the grandmother of the underworld appears again in this state… .’

Even then, you can’t rely on Grandma Samsin, right?

You will be able to engage in a proper battle only if you develop your fear immunity to the point where you don’t freeze at least once when you make eye contact.

“Is there any other way to increase fear resistance?”

In response to Damdeok’s serious question, Samsin Halmi took the group to the edge of the cliff.

[If you work in the Western Death Flower Field for 100 years, you can gain some level of fear resistance. Even if you don’t eat the flowers of the underworld, you will be able to develop fear resistance enough to fight that old woman.]

“100 years?!”

Adele Sharon hehe! she asked, opening her mouth.

“It will never last 100 years! By then, you’ll be a grandfather! “I have the body to become the strongest swordsman!”

Baekgureum was also disgusted and took a step back.

The expressions of Ju Ju-yul and Dam-deok were also the same.

‘It’s ridiculous to work in a flower field for 100 years.’

I was grateful for Samsin Halmi’s kindness, but I had to find another way.

If you don’t develop resistance to fear as soon as possible, you won’t be able to face not only the grandmother of the underworld, but also Asmodeus later… .

‘There must be some way.’

It was then.

A ray of light appeared before Damdeok’s pondering eyes.

[Gorgon Island’s attack party!]

Employer: Elia

Power: over 200,000

Experience: Combat experience required, bold attitude required

Job Description: Cutting off Medusa’s head

Business Hours: Ends the moment Medusa’s head is cut off.

Salary: Shield of Perseus (Heroic)

A word from the boss: For those who inquire about lack of pay, if you cut off Medusa’s head, your fear resistance will increase significantly. It is more effective than any other elixir, so only those who need it can apply. (*Caution* Please do not ask about personal information. Please do not send private messages in the early morning. Inquiries about announcements will not be accepted. Please apply only to those who absolutely want to participate.)


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