I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 90

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#90. fragments of new memories

“This is it!”

Damdeok was happy without even realizing it.

I thought it was time for a useful part-time job to come out, and it just happened to appear.

‘Cut off Medusa’s head… .’

It’s a bit creepy, but it’s a sure way to increase your fear resistance, so there’s no cheat key.

“Are you now in a position to choose between cold and hot food? It was good. “Now things are finally going as planned.”

As Damdeok looked at the floating part-time job window and smiled, Grandma Samsin, who was watching, smiled.

[okay. Have you found the answer?]

“yes. “It seems so.”

[That means I no longer need to work in my flower garden, right?]


[Hol Hol, Goyannum. This is why black-headed animals are not harvested… .]

Even though she said that, Grandmother Samsin’s eyes as she looked at Damdeok were infinitely warm.

Baekgureum and Adele Sharon, who were next to them, tilted their heads at the sight of the two.

“What answer did you find?”

“What is it again?”

Unlike the other two people who were looking at each other with anxious expressions, Ju Soo-yul was staring blankly into space.

Damdeok knew.

What she is seeing now is the same part-time job she saw.

“how is it? There’s no part-time job like that, right? Shall we go right away?”

“okay. but… .”


“This one is quite difficult. “You’d better be well prepared.”

“It’s good. But what are you ready for?”

Damdeok asked curiously.

The address seemed to be seriously contemplating something.

“ah… Hey, just a moment, you two… Also, why do you have to prepare so well for where you’re going, so why don’t you share those anxious words. yes?”

Adele Sharon spreads out her palm in front of Ju Soo-yul’s eyes and waves it with an anxious expression.

“smart? hello? Can you hear me? “We should have a party, a party~ A meat party to celebrate fixing the system~ Yes?”

However, Ju Soo-yul remained silent, resting his chin on one hand.

“Aaaah! I’m not going! I can’t go! Don’t call me anymore! “Give me that damn god-calling dog!”

“Hey, calm down.”

Adele Sharon grabs Damdeok by the collar and shakes him with twinkling eyes.

“Do you really look like you?! Does it look real?! I haven’t had a single meal since I came here! “I just chewed and ate a piece of grass that was either an underworld flower or a death flower!”

Adele Sharon eventually exploded,

“under… It’s starting again… I’m screwed… We’re doomed, Baek Seol… .”

Baekgureum was squatting down and drawing the words ‘Isaengmang’ on the lawn.

Damdeok could only shake his head at the sight of the group playing separately.

“ha. With kids like these, can I really stop the war of the gods? .”

“Aaaah!! “I’m going to kill them all!!”

Adele Sharon’s shout rang out for a long time afterwards.

* * *

Inside a huge cave located halfway up Mount Cyrene, Damdeok and Baekgureum were staring blankly at the scene in front of them.

A place where all kinds of documents and letters flutter in the air, and miscellaneous packages are piled up in an orderly manner in each section.

“there! “Move quickly!”

“hey! Accelerated flight inside the cave is prohibited!”

The gods working here each wore winged shoes and seemed to be busy organizing things.

“… So bro, what should we do here?”

White Cloud asked.

This place, which looks like a huge post office, was a place I came to on the recommendation of Ju Ju-yul.

“Listen carefully. There are a total of three supplies needed to cut off Medusa’s head.”

「First, required when moving to Gorgon Island. Second, , which allows you to sneak up on Medusa without being noticed. Third, , which can kill Medusa with a single sword without looking directly into her eyes.”

‘I never thought I would need so many supplies.’

If we all move together to save them, it will definitely take a lot of time, so to speed up the process, of the three supplies, Damdeok and Baekgureum will get , and Jusoyul and Adele Sharon will get and . Agreed.

‘I’m fortunate in many ways.’

Of course, I was worried because it was difficult to obtain the first item, , but deep down, Damdeok thought it was fortunate that the teams were divided like this.

‘The only thing that can soothe Adele, who has become vicious due to hunger, is the address.’

The presence of a 6th circle wizard bursting into anger on a cliff with nowhere to escape was truly terrifying.

‘Anyway, with my temper… .’

He was about to run away here, taking only Baek Cloud with him, leaving Adele Sharon, who was making a fuss, alone.

‘cancer… I’m fortunate in many ways. ‘You’re welcome.’

As Damdeok nods his head thinking that, Baekgureum asks again with a pouty face.

“brother. Are you listening to me? “What are we supposed to do here?”

“Oh, we’re here…” .”

It was when Damdeok was about to add something. A voice came from above.

[Haha! Are you already here? Welcome, welcome!]

Damdeok and Baekgureum’s gaze went up at the same time.



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A boy smiling brightly in the air, 3 meters above the ground.

He was a mischievous boy with light brown, curly hair that suited him well.

Wearing winged shoes and a hat, and holding a gold staff with a snake wrapped around it in one hand, he looked like a little angel.

Damdeok swallowed his saliva.

‘This guy is the guy I saw on the part-time job window… .’

[(Short-term) Olympus postal delivery part-time job recruitment!]

Employer: Hermes

Power: over 200,000

Experience: Speed-related authority is preferred!

Job Description: Delivering mail and parcels throughout Olympus! (Beware of high volume due to holiday season!)

Business hours: End upon completion of assigned mail delivery.

Salary: 100 Hermes

A word from the boss: I want to work happily!

The handsome boy in front of me looked like a cute prankster, but even so, he was one of the 12 gods of Olympus.

Hermes is the son of Zeus and the messenger god who is called a cute rascal.

This cave in Cyrene was the birthplace of Hermes and the place the messenger god used as his office.

Hermes grinned and put his face right in front of Damdeok.

[Hoo. I heard that this part-time job has good qualifications. It looks like it will do a really good job!]

“yes! Well, there’s almost no part-time job I haven’t done!”

Hermes’ eyes widened pleasantly at Damdeok’s confident answer.

[good! good! That kind of confidence is great! But next to that… ?]

“ah! “He’s my assistant!”

[aha! assistant! Yes, if you have an assistant, you can get things done faster. You brought me well~]

“Yes. haha.”

A tendon suddenly popped out on Baekgureum’s forehead as he listened to the two’s friendly conversation.

“I’m your assistant…” ?”

Damdeok poked Baekgureum’s side and gave him a look as if asking him to match the rhythm.

However, Baekgureum’s expression deteriorated even more rapidly at Hermes’s remark that immediately followed.

[By the way, it will be a bit difficult to work all day today. Are you two okay?]

“yes. Of course it’s okay… Ugh!”

This time, a white cloud struck Damdeok’s side.

“It’ll be over in just a little bit, right? (You said it’ll be over in just a little bit?)”

Damdeok quickly whispered to Baekgureum, who spoke through gritted teeth.

“Wait a minute, man. “Once this part-time job is over, my brother will give you something amazing as a gift.”

[hmm? What are you talking about like that?]

“it’s nothing. I was saying that you have to be very sure about what you do. however… As agreed, Albabi… .”

[Cancer, cancer! I received the report and paid! Honesty and trust are my motto, so don’t worry! Regardless of the time, as long as you finish the work assigned today, your part-time salary will be paid right away! Can you see it over there? There are some shoes in there that I already left for you. These are all the latest models this year?]

At the place Hermes pointed with a proud look, winged shoes were lined up majestically like new cars waiting to be delivered.

‘Good.’ The first wing is cleared with this.’

A smile spread across Damdeok’s face.

“hello? Ah, hello, I contacted you after seeing the postal delivery part-time job posting.”

“hello. “Do you have any questions?”

“Ah, that… “Can we change the salary conditions instead of increasing the quota?”

“yes? which?”

“Instead of 100 Hermes listed as current salary… .」

Before applying for a part-time job, Damdeok contacted the person in charge of Hermes to discuss changing the conditions.

As a condition of increasing the quota, you will receive winged shoes instead of the original salary of 100 Hermes.

‘Winged shoes are too expensive in the shops of the gods.’

100 Hermes was not enough to buy even half of the pairs of shoes there.

Fortunately, the current season was the holiday season for the gods, so Hermes’ post office was suffering from a labor shortage, and thanks to this, it was possible to easily conclude the agreement on terms.

‘Because we decided to give you the latest shoes if you work all day.’

Of course, it was a scratched product that was difficult to sell to other gods, but that was something.

It was completely free.

‘Kkkk, I’m glad Hermes isn’t a tight-knit employer.’

There was nothing to worry about.

If I were to ask what would be a problem… .

“Hey, relax your eyes… .”

Next to him was Baekgureum, who was fiddling with the handle of his sword while looking at himself with the twin wicks turned on.

“… Think carefully. If you get winged shoes, you can use your sword skills more freely. “But are you really not going to do this part-time job?”

Baekgureum’s burning eyes hesitated for a moment at Damdeok’s coy tone.

“Are you going to let me wear them too?”

“Of course, man. “You usually wear new shoes by rotating them.”

“… … .”

Baekgureum seemed to be imagining something for a moment, but then he started laughing.

Anyway, this guy is the simplest guy in the world.

As White Cloud’s eyes were growing more and more excited as he looked at the winged shoes displayed on the other side, Hermes flew up into the air with great force.

[Okay, let’s leave the orientation here! There is a lot of mail today!]

* * *


With the sound of white clouds cheering, thick vines were cut down.

However, the tree vines quickly grow and writhe, blocking the path again.

“Aaaah! “Stop growing up!”

While Baekgureum gritted his teeth and swung his sword, Damdeok rolled his eyes and searched intently for something.

“brother! Find it quickly!! “My arm is going numb and I’m going to die!”

“Okay, man… I’m working really hard too. Ha, I’m sure it’s somewhere here… .”

Damdeok kept tilting his head as he looked at the letter in one hand.

The address written on the letter was as follows.

[In the forest north of Ardia, thirty-seven steps towards the east from the second largest willow tree.]

“Oh, what kind of address is this?!”

In the end, Damdeok let out a loud noise.

The recipient was said to be the acorn god who lives under the tree, but the address written was so crazy that it made me jump.

Also, the further you go into this damn forest, the more dense the trees and weeds become, and the thorny vines keep blocking the path… .

“They say there is nothing easy in this world… Ugh!”

Damdeok adjusted the bag on his shoulder again.

The weight of the bag full of letters was heavier than the weight of most training ground barbells.

“Nuch? “Did you get a letter from me?”

Just as Baekgureum was about to cut down Damdeok instead of the vine, a tiny god popped out from under his feet.

“oh!! Are you Acius, the god of acorns?!”

“Okay… .”

“Please sign here!!”

“This is a letter from someone… .”

“thank you!!”

Damdeok and Baekgureum quickly escaped from the forest.

I still had to go to hundreds of places to finish my quota today.



The next destination is Dionysus, the god of wine.

[Oh, I got a letter from my cute fiancées. Would you like to try the wine I made? This time it was amazing… .]

“Please sign my name!!”

[Oh, yeah. here. Then, you guys, try the wine I made… .]

“good bye!!”

Next is Ares, the god of war.

[uh? Who is this! You bastard, you haven’t contacted me since that sparring… !]

“Please sign my name!!”

[Huh? Oh yeah. Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, so let’s talk about the newly developed training… .]

“Next time!! good bye!!”

[…] … .]

Next are the hearth goddess Hestia, the river god Achelous, the grain goddess Demeter, the moon goddess Artemis, the god of leaves, the god of stones, the god of sand and pebbles, the god of streams, and so on… .

As I was handing out letters one by one to the gods living and creating havens all over Olympus, the sun was already setting.

* * *

“Heoheok heoheok.”


Damdeok and Baekgureum were able to straighten their backs only after taking several deep breaths.

The summit of a very high mountain.

From the top of Caucasus Mountain, the two were looking out over the world of Olympus.

“The view is killer.”


“Is this the last time?”

“uh. last.”

Their eyes slowly turned to the last letter.

The owner of the letter written on the front.

[To Prometheus, the god of prophecy, chained to the cliffs of Mount Caucasus.]


Damdeok took a deep breath.

If you turn your head, you can see the sheer cliff, and somewhere there was the last customer.

“If we just deliver this, we will get . “To be exact, they are shoes with wings, but whatever.”

“okay. brother. let’s go!”

It was when Damdeok and Baekgureum took a solemn step forward.

– Wow!

The sound of an eagle pierced the sky.

Suddenly an ominous thought crossed my mind.

The reason why Prometheus is chained to such a rugged mountain cliff… .

“Ac, run!!”

“W-what! “Why are you doing that!”

“Stop talking nonsense and run! “I don’t want to see you in trouble!!”

Baekgureum started running along with Damdeok’s sudden sprint.

And the sight we encountered.

– Wow!

Sigh! Sigh!


A depression in the middle of a cliff.

There, Prometheus was with his arms and legs tied and his chest being eaten by an eagle.

“Wow, crazy… “Have you seen such a crazy eagle?”

When Baekgureum jumped up and tried to attack the eagle, Damdeok quickly stopped him.

“Arthur. “If you don’t have the confidence to win a fight with Zeus.”

“what? “What are you talking about?”

“Read some books usually, man.”

As far as he knew, the person responsible for inflicting such a terrible punishment on Prometheus was Zeus, the highest god of Olympus.

‘I think it was probably because he gave fire as a gift to humans.’

Looking at things like that, Zeus, that nobleman also seems to have quite the temperament of an old man.

‘Whoa, that’s a big deal. I don’t know when that punishment will end. But watching this as it is is also hard work.’

The book said that the punishment would continue until the liver was eaten, but not even the ribs were exposed yet.

Besides, wouldn’t it be funny to watch such a terrible scene, and then to awkwardly hand over the letter when it’s over?

‘ha. As expected, I should have handed it over quickly and left instead of just looking at the scenery… .’

Work became a nuisance.

In any case, this part-time job will not end until the last letter is delivered safely.

‘I can’t help it.’

Damdeok, who was watching the eagle with squinting eyes, made eye contact with Prometheus, who was screaming.


The moment I hurriedly averted my gaze, I heard a clear notification sound in my ear.


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]

[Would you like to view memories of Ep. 1,002?]


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