I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 201

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#201. To our own world (complete)

Ding dong ding dong-.

The recess bell rings.

The classroom became noisy.

Damdeok was sitting by the window with a smile on his face.


A white cloud with white hair suddenly appeared.

A young face.

The name tag had the numbers 5th grade, class 3 written in large letters.

“Are you here again? Anyway, the middle school here is too close to the elementary school.”

“lol. You already went to elementary school once! “It’s not fun because you know everything!”

“You’re laughing. Man, you should make good use of this precious time. Now there is no talent, skill or anything else in the world. “If you and I don’t study, we’ll be completely unemployed?”

“Why am I unemployed! “When I grow up, I’m going to become a kendo instructor!”

“Do you think it’s awkward? Yes… .”

“Giggle, no, but Chaos seems to be going back to the past on his own… . “To be honest, I didn’t want a time before dungeons appeared.”

“What? You say you’re full after giving something back like this. So how can we all go and live in a future where everything has been devastated?”

“Ahh! it hurts! “It hurts bro!”

Damdeok is placed in a headlock while sitting on the window. Baekgureum desperately tries to shake off that hand.

The sight of those two was quite noisy, but the children in the classroom didn’t really pay any attention.

Rumors had long since spread that the two were brothers.

Like other middle school students, the classroom was lively and noisy.

“Hey, Jiho! “Please level up my character properly today as well!”

“Go to max level today!!”

“Giggle. “That’s right, that’s right~.”

A familiar voice comes from a corner of the classroom.

Damdeok, who was working hard to apply a headlock, glanced in that direction.

It’s not as big as Baekgureum, but you can see Cheonjungak with a much younger face.

His gang was holding on to a timid child in the class and cheering him on to level up his game.

“That’s right, Jiho!”

“This guy’s game is amazing!”

“Hey! I did it again! As expected, Jiho! Control is killing me?!”

Hearing the children’s cries, Damdeok gently released the headlock on their neck.

“Kek! Keck! “You did it too hard, bro!”

A world restored by Chaos.

There were no dungeons or gates here.

Of course, there were no superpowers such as talent or skills, much less an Iris Guild.

Cheon Jung-ak was now just the son of the owner of a small and medium-sized business.

“But he’s still the same, that guy.”

“huh? Ah, that brother. Why don’t you like it? Should I give you a hard beating?”

Baekgureum swung his fist.

He was the guy who had already defeated the 6th grade best at his elementary school and became the new best.

Damdeok chuckled.

After going through all those ridiculous things, it felt like a part of my peaceful daily life.

Still, isn’t this a common grabbing behavior among adolescent boys?

“still… . If it goes too far, it would be better to stop it, right? okay. “If you, who are still in elementary school, discipline me, that Cheonjungak guy would be really embarrassed, right?”

“Keu, is that so? “Actually, bare-knuckle fighting without any swords was fun.”

It must have been a scary conversation for anyone to hear, but Baek Gureum and Damdeok were giggling.

It was then.

“What are you two so happy about?”

Damdeok and Baekgureum, who were playing, turned their gazes at the same time.

Ju Soo-yul walks towards them, flipping his long black hair.

Wearing a neat school uniform, she was clearly a model student.

Damdeok shook his head.

“… … “No matter how much I look at it, I can’t get used to it.”

“I know. And wasn’t your sister originally from the martial arts world? “Why did you fall down here with us?”

“Where is the original origin? “We were all born in darkness together.”

dark. The original children born within Chaos.

Damdeok and Baekgureum thought about that for a moment and then fell silent.

“but… . “That too.”

Damdeok turned his gaze and looked out the window.

The sky was clear.

Looking at the considerably cooler air, I guess fall is coming.

It’s already been a month since I came back here.

Damdeok asked Ju Soo-yul without taking his eyes off the window.

“so? “How did you get the news?”

As soon as he cut down Gaia and swallowed the heart of Chaos, he was caught up in a black storm.

Later, I found out that not only he, but everyone around him was caught up in the black storm, and when he woke up, he found himself back in this place and back to his middle school self.

Thanks to this, I had to part ways without even saying hello to the rest of the group, and the good news was that I ended up in the same world as Jusoyul, Baekgureum, Pao, and Poppy.



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White Cloud grumbled quietly.

“Anyway. That guy called Chaos is a nuisance to the end.”

“Don’t think so much. I would have wanted to turn everything back. He must have been in a hurry too. Because it will disappear soon… .”

Damdeok smiled bitterly.

Baek Gu-reum muttered and closed his mouth, and Ju So-yul looked at Damdeok blankly.

“I get along well. “Baek White came back yesterday.”

At those words, Damdeok and Baekgureum’s eyes widened at the same time.

Chaos and Gaia disappeared.

The system also disappeared.

Now the gods are in the world of gods.

Humans had to live only in the human world.

It is no longer possible to cross dimensions like before, but there is only one thing.

Only Baek Seol could overcome it all.

“wow! “Of course, Snow White!”

The white clouds let out an exclamation.

Damdeok also didn’t hide his joy and blurted out something.

“Tch, that guy. “In the end, I went to you first, right?”

Jooyul also smiled softly.

“I’ve been with you a lot longer than you have.”

“Ah, yes, yes~.”

Between Damdeok, Baekgureum, and Jusoyul, there was a sense of peace that had never been felt before.

Ju Soo-yul laughed silently for a moment and then took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

It was a piece of paper containing the newsletter that Baekseol had given me.

“I went to Atlaum for the first time, and it seemed like Adele had given up on magic a long time ago and was focusing only on her acting career. He says he’s tired of magic or something… .”

“Kkkkk, what did you say about the Archmage?”

“I guess I’m busy being an actor because I’m not a popular star yet. “We have gone too far back in time.”

Baek Gu-reum giggles and says it’s a pity.

Damdeok also smiled happily.

Address continued reading the contents of the paper.

“Etin says that since the tribes have not yet dispersed, he will protect them so that it does not happen again.”

“That’s Etin.”

“Uh, ice brother, I admit it.”

Jooyul also smiled slightly and continued his next words.

“And Alui… .”

Baek Gu-reum looked back at Ju Ju-yul with curious eyes.

“Doesn’t that guy go back to his childhood and get bullied again?”

Baekgureum snorted in response to Damdeok’s worried question.

“what the! Is that guy that great? I’m probably the best from now on, compared to all the other demons! “I guess they’re playing together while doing this?”

“Alui is that you…?” .”

Soo-yul chuckled and continued speaking.

“A deal to become the devil.”

Phew! Damdeok burst out laughing.

“okay. As expected, Alui has not changed.”

“joy. “What about the devil?”

“Baekgureum, do you actually want to see Alui?”

“Fuck!! “I don’t want to see any of it!”

“Okay, okay. “You must be so young~.”

Damdeok ruffled Baekgureum’s hair and then looked at Jusoyul.

“Well, Xiaorang is a guy who is always happy, so there’s nothing to worry about. Pao runs a snack shop with Papi in front of the school, so it doesn’t matter. Then what’s left for her… . ah! Son Ogong! Is she doing well with him too?”

“She seems to be having a good time with the Huaguosan family. “It seems the Jade Emperor still considers it a nuisance.”

Damdeok giggled and laughed.

“He deserves it. Oh, then what about the leaf? “If you come back to this point, are you still the Fairy King?”

“No, I’m currently doing chores like maintaining the roots of the World Tree. “I heard it’s so hard that you curse Chaos every day?”


Damdeok and Baekgureum burst out laughing together.

“Wasn’t that guy royalty? What kind of chores are you doing? Wow, that’s funny.”

“Because the Fairy King elects the one with the strongest mana, mind, and body. Status doesn’t matter. And the Heavenly Demon… .”

As Jooyul trailed off, Damdeok and Baekgureum swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.

She had a power that no one could surpass, but she had to ascend to the position of Heavenly Demon and become a murderer who killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Just for my murdered little daughter.

Ju Soo-yul skimmed the paper and slowly opened his mouth.

“When the Heavenly Demon returned… . “That was before I even had children.”

Damdeok and Baekgureum’s mouths opened small at the same time.

“that… .”

“I mean… .”

“It means that we don’t have to repeat those mistakes anymore.”


“I knew that would happen.”

A pleasant smile escapes.

Everyone got their seats back.

Peaceful daily life.

It was something I had hoped for and hoped for.

“Good. very good. then… .”

Damdeok blurted out his words and looked at Ju Soo-yul.

Now there is only one person left.

“Ellia… .”

The atmosphere became heavy for a moment.

Even the white clouds that had been fussing were quiet for now.

Ju Soo-yul quietly shook his head.

“Elia is still… . “Baek White is looking for you.”

Addressul seemed somewhat lonely as she said that.

Children looking out the window.

Ju Soo-yul stood silently for a long time, looking at the children laughing and talking and kicking the ball without any worries.

“Your address rate… .”

As soon as Damdeok spoke, Ju Soo-yul turned around with a bright face.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“… what?”

“Other kids will be curious about you too. “From now on, Baekseol will serve as the post office, so please leave records without adding or subtracting.”

Damdeok smiled at the sight of Ju Soo-yul becoming brighter, unlike in his previous life.

“Hey! AC!”

“I-I’m sorry… .”

“Give it to me! “You can’t even do that!”

Cheonjungak and his gang are still playing games in the corner.

Damdeok walked in that direction and spoke to Jooyul.

“Is there any news? It’s everyone’s first time living normally, but they’re living hard. Please tell me it’s the same here. “I, Baek Gureum, Papi, Pao, and Ju Soo-yul are all doing well.”

Stand tall.

As Damdeok stops, a dark shadow falls on the game console the kids were playing with.

“… … what?”

Cheon Jung-ak stood up with his eyes raised.

Damdeok smiled as he looked back at Ju Soo-yul, who was still looking at him, ignoring such evil.

“Now I’m no longer untalented. “It’s a world where such words don’t even exist in the first place.”


Damdeok grabbed the game console.

And then he came back out with his arm around Jiho’s shoulder.

“Hey, Yu Damdeok. “What are you doing now?”

Cheonjungak huffed and said.

He was very different from before.

“You, you man. Just because you’re good at fighting and studying doesn’t mean you can’t just come forward like this!”

As Cheonjungak stuttered, Damdeok tilted his head.


“Ji, I became friends with Jiho first! “He’s my friend!”

Damdeok chuckled.

Without the Iris Guild or S-class talent, Cheonjungak was still rough and self-indulgent… . Surprisingly, it wasn’t the worst.

“Hey, where is such a self-indulgent friend? If you want to be friends with Jiho, please ask more politely. “The kid is scared.”

“profit… !”

Cheon Jung-ak’s face turned red at those words.

However, there was no way to swear or shout recklessly.

Just muttering quietly.

“I tried to do that too… . What should I do if my personality isn’t so friendly… .”

Damdeok was reminded of his previous lives by the man’s small-sounding words.

Perhaps Cheon Jung-ak also has a distorted desire to be recognized by his parents.

‘Elia… .’

For a moment, a thought crossed my mind that the previous Cheonjungak was similar to that guy who hated Gaia but struggled to be recognized.

‘I didn’t even think about that at the time.’

Damdeok smiled bitterly and spoke to Jiho in a bright voice.

“Now, Jiho, you too, express yourself clearly from next time. No matter how much your friend is, if he or she is rude, it’s okay to give him a few hits. Because you are old enough to do that. haha.”

Damdeok said that and loosened his arm from Jiho’s shoulder.

“but… .”

Jiho looks downcast and mutters softly.


When Damdeok asked Jiho, he stuttered and continued, as if he had shown great courage.

“I-I’m not good at things like fighting… . Not like that… . That’s right. The only thing we can do for the middle-aged children at our school is to be good at studying, playing sports, and fighting like you… . Because there’s only one guy like that. You’ll never understand… .”

Damdeok was taken aback by Jiho’s words.

“Hey, where does that sound come from? “We are all friends.”

But Jiho seemed to be even more moved by those words and started yelling.

“I am… . I’m not as good at anything as you are! “You have no talent!”

At the same time, Damdeok was quite embarrassed to see Jiho bursting into tears.

Cheon Jung-ak and the children were embarrassed to see Ji-ho like that.

They even whisper to each other that they should apologize.

Damdeok looked at Jiho silently.

“You have no talent… . under. “I never thought I would hear something like that until the world is like this now.”

“What a world like this… ?”

Jiho looked up at Damdeok with a tearful expression.

Damdeok looked down at that guy resolutely.

“Listen carefully. “There is no one without talent in the world today.”

“Oh my god… ?”

Not only Jiho, but also Cheonjungak and the children, who were hesitant, did not understand exactly what Damdeok was saying.

Only White Cloud and Ju Soo-yul, sitting on the window sill, were smiling faintly.

Damdeok said with a grin.

“okay. There is no one without talent in the world today. Do you think you’re good at nothing? “Do you think everyone else is good at one thing, but I’m mediocre at everything?”

Jiho sniffled and nodded.

Damdeok lowered his head and made eye contact with the guy.

“Absolutely not. Take a good look. If you can’t find it, look until you find it, man. I can say for sure… .”

Damdeok took a deep breath and looked at the guy again.

“There is no one without talent in the world today.”

At those firm words, Jiho’s whimpering suddenly stopped.

“Yeah man. Don’t cry. Are you good at games? That’s why that idiot Cheon Jung-ak wants to become friends. That’s one of your talents. “I mean, being good at games.”

“ah… .”

Jiho’s eyes became alive.

As soon as I looked at Damdeok with a look of great gratitude, Damdeok turned his head away feeling embarrassed.

‘You did it wrong again.’

With that thought in mind, Jooyul smiled as he watched Damdeok go back to the window sill and sit down.

Baek Gu-reum is next to him and makes fun of his older brother, saying that his talent is making famous quotes.

Damdeok pushed away the white clouds with his feet and looked out the window with a slightly heated face.

It was a time when the cool breeze felt pleasant.

“He gives famous quotes about middle school students.”

A familiar voice came from below.

Damdeok’s gaze slowly turned downward.

“Nowadays, there is no one without talent in the world… . okay? “Are you sure about that?”

Damdeok’s eyes grew incredibly wide.

The same was true for Baek Gureum and Ju Ju-yul next to him.

I can’t hear what the two of them are shouting.

Now, Damdeok was completely distracted by the owner of the voice coming from below.

“you… .”

The autumn wind blows.

Long silver hair flowed slowly.

The guy grins and looks up at Damdeok.

“But no matter how much I think about it, I don’t know what my talent is. “What happened to this?”

Elia. In her arms was Snow White, who had the appearance of a white cat.

“Why is there no answer? “Can you explain?”

Elia smiles and asks again.

Only then did Damdeok slowly close his open mouth.

The sound of Ju Ju-yul and Baek Gu-reum running is heard.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth slowly rose.

The eyes of a guy without any self-reproach, resentment, or regret.

Damdeok grinned as he met Elia’s clear eyes.

“As you wish.”

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