I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 168

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#168. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (7)


Son Goku snorted loudly.

Then, slowly sweep the damdeok up and down.

“Let’s do it right? what?”

“What do you ask when you know?”


In an instant, the black flames surrounding Damdeok’s body burn menacingly along the white sword.

was already firmly attached to Damdeok’s waist.

Son Goku looked at Damdeok like that and laughed as if he were dumbfounded.

“Kkeukkeuk, this guy is really funny.”


Damn it!

This time, Damdeok’s body began to be covered with pure white ice.

In an instant, the body was frozen like a natural armor.

Just looking at it, the rough black salt flowing over it didn’t look unusual.

Son Goku’s mouth, which was laughing, slowly closed.

“… … Hmm~ So you’re much stronger than those guys?”

Son Goku’s finger pointed to Cheon Tae-rang and Ju Ju-yul.

The two were quickly regaining their composure after Damdeok appeared.

“You should have shown up earlier. “It’s shameful to keep me waiting like this.”

“So did it go as planned? “Well, I guess he showed up here.”

As Cheon Tae-rang and Ju So-yul each muttered a word, Son Goku, who was watching, laughed bitterly.

The murderous look coming from the young face took the viewer’s breath away.

“Okay, okay, I get it now. Are you the main culprit of all this? Leader? boss? Something like that? Then it would have been you who told me to steal that . I’m thinking about what to do with that thing on my head… … .”


At that moment, Son Goku’s body jumped out in front of Damdeok’s nose.


Damdeok’s right hand, which caught the fist, is covered with even more dense ice.

Damn it!

“What? Isn’t it broken? “Even if it’s like this?”

Son Goku put more force into his fist. He even swung his other fist alternately.

Quang! Quang!

But the more it happened, the more Damdeok’s body became covered with thicker ice.

It feels like dealing with steel that gets harder the more you hit it.

“under! “He’s a guy who uses unusual techniques.”

Son Goku gritted his teeth and launched a melee attack a few more times, but when it seemed like Damdeok didn’t do much damage, he quickly backed away.

“Hmm… … .”

Son Goku opened his eyes slightly from a distance and carefully examined Damdeok.

I guess he was a strange guy.

Judging by the divine power that radiates from him, it is true that he is definitely a strong guy.

He would definitely have reached the level of the highest god.

But no matter how much it is, there is no one who can relax like that in a one-on-one situation.

At least that’s the case in this world.

‘But why is that guy so relaxed?’

Son Goku’s eyes became sharper.

Cheon Tae-rang and Ju Soo-yul, who were fighting just a moment ago, were also stronger than expected, but the more they exchanged attacks and defenses, the more the tension rose sharply, didn’t it?

‘But that guy… … .’

Of course, he hadn’t done his best yet, so he decided that if he pushed a little harder, he would soon lose his composure like the other guys.

But after a few more attacks, my thoughts completely changed.

‘He didn’t even counterattack, he just blocked my attack.’

There is something about the other person’s atmosphere that you can feel without having to put all your effort into it.

He doesn’t look intimidated at all in front of himself, who can be said to be the strongest person in this world.

Even when it is not enough to repel attacks, it looks like it is just leisurely defending itself.

Rather, he even appears to be observing what kind of attack he will launch next.

It was clear.

That guy was hiding his power right now.

And there is a possibility that that power will surpass one’s expectations… … .

“Is this the end?”

Damdeok’s words cut Son Goku out of his thoughts.

Son Goku’s youthful face suddenly hardened.

“Wow, that’s fun. “It’s very fun.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Because no one here acts like you. “As long as you don’t go crazy.”

“I don’t know what I did or how I did it, but anyway, you. People say he’s very strong here and there. Hmm, well, more than I thought… … .”

Instead of adding to his comment, Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and looked disappointed.

Goku’s mouth opened slightly.

It was a fresh provocation that was very shocking to him.



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‘That guy is one of the two…’ .’

Either you’re crazy or you’re crazy.

Or maybe he has some formidable talent.

A face that he did not want to remember suddenly appeared in Son Goku’s mind.

‘Could it be that he woke up and is planning something… ?’

He is the one who created this damn Marble Mountain Prison.

Also, he is the one who created the shackles called into the world.

Shakyamuni Buddha.

When Son Goku thought of that guy’s lukewarm face, he quickly gritted his teeth.

‘No, no. It’s been thousands of years since he fell into a sleep for training… .’

Goku shook his head vigorously.

If you think about it calmly, the chances of that happening were slim.

‘Sakyamuni Buddha still has a long way to go before he wakes up.’

Considering its temperament, it was clear that it would never appear in the world until it reached the 10,000 years it had promised itself.

Moreover, if Shakya Tathagata had really awakened, he would have been the first to notice it than anyone else.

This guy’s divine power is so beyond imagination that it can’t even be compared to that of the Jade Emperor.

‘Yeah, that can’t be happening. If that guy is causing this mess against me with someone behind him… … .’

Even so, it would be the Jade Emperor’s inspiration.

‘That old man isn’t scary at all.’

Isn’t this an old man who can’t do anything except confine himself within the barrier of the Five Elements Mountain?

He was worried that he might break the barrier and come out, so his only solution was to build an auxiliary barrier in the four directions near the rock and occasionally post part-time job postings as a guard.

‘This time, I hired someone useful, right?’

Son Goku suddenly relaxed with a more relaxed look on his face.

“Good good. If the old man shows this level of sincerity, I should also respond. But do you know that?”

Damdeok tilted his head silently.

Son Goku’s golden eyes slowly flashed, and the corners of his mouth turned up.

“I have bare hands. you are a weapon “Can’t you feel anything strange?”


Damdeok calmly swung his sword at Son Goku, who was once again right in front of him.

Son Goku hit the powerfully spreading sword energy with his forehead.

“Kkeukkeuk, little one… ! Have you never heard a rumor about this body? Yeo Eui-bong and Geun Du-un. “I mean, be thankful that I play with you without using any weapons!!”


Damdeok’s body began to push back little by little due to Son Goku’s incredible momentum.


Son Goku’s strength was truly incredible, to the point that Snow White, who could withstand any attack, was struggling in pain.

To make matters worse, beyond the barrier of the Five Elements Mountain, a black pole thumps! It was crashing into me… … .

“Kkeukkeuk, can you see that? If only comes into my hands, I can destroy this damn barrier? Before that, you’ll definitely have to make me a long orphan. Otherwise, I will throw you all into the depths of this Five Elements Mountain. Haha!!”

Son Goku said that and started swinging his hands and feet like crazy.


Quack! Pretzel Gwang!

Even though he was bare and without a weapon, Damdeok’s body was being pushed away helplessly.

“Kkeuk, where did the leisure from before go?! Take a close look. “This body hasn’t even used half of its strength yet!!”


Son Goku began to rampage in earnest.

If it touched any of his hands, feet, or tail, it would crumble into dust.

Like a god of destruction, Son Goku excitedly destroyed everything around him with his golden eyes flashing.

As if they were influenced by Son Goku’s power, the other monkeys who were a little away also began to go crazy with their eyes flashing.



“Wow, these crazy people are really crazy!!”

“brother! “Do something!”

“Okay, if you’ve executed the operation, try doing something. “You evil business owner!”

Despite the shouts of his colleagues, Damdeok’s eyes remained calm.

Like an eagle’s eye waiting for the right moment.

“Hey, calm down. “Why are you in another world all alone?”

“okay. Never let down your guard. In my view, that monkey has surpassed Asura. That too for a while… … .”

Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang quickly approached and stood with their backs to Damdeok.

Meanwhile, Son Goku’s attacks were coming from all directions, but since the three of them were together, it was easier to defend.

The problem was that as Son Goku’s movements became faster, Yeo Eui-bong’s movements to break the barrier from above also became faster.

“Hey, Yu Damdeok.”

Ju Soo-yul called Damdeok once again.

It was an urgent voice, different from usual.

“Why are you so dazed? So what is the next plan? Whatever it is, you’d better proceed quickly. As you can see, if that falls into his hands, there is no chance for us to win.”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes are still pounding! I looked at Yeo Eui-bong, who was pounding the barrier indiscriminately.

The barrier of the Five Elements Mountain was created by Shakyamuni Buddha, so it will not be easily broken.

But it’s already been thousands of years since he fell asleep.

The barrier was in a weakened state, and to make matters worse, it was further weakened by the external situation of the war of the gods.

“… … As you probably know now that she has recovered all of her past life memories, Shakya Tathagata’s barrier was always shattered around this time. “You remember, right?”

Ju Soo-yul once again made Damdeok aware of the situation.

The reason the Jade Emperor gave the announcement to Damdeok, the highest god, is probably because the barrier of the Five Elements Mountain is unstable and cannot be entrusted to any god.

However, Damdeok still did not respond to Jusoyul’s words.

I was just quietly following Son Goku’s movements with my eyes.

“Are you listening to me now? The barrier will soon be broken! Before that, I had to subdue that guy and make him a long orphan… … .”

Ju Soo-yul’s eyes, who were speaking rapidly, widened for a moment.

Damdeok, who had been able to defend against Son Goku’s attacks well until now, accepted the attack for a split second.


Son Goku’s right hand, which pierced Damdeok’s left shoulder, was reflected in Ju Ju-yul’s eyes.

“… … !!”

Ju Soo-yul’s body stood still.

It wasn’t because I was surprised.

It was strange.

It feels strange, as if Damdeok intentionally allowed the attack.

Son Goku, who carried out the attack, was also silently looking at Damdeok, as if he had sensed something strange.

“What are you… ?”

Damdeok grinned and squeezed Son Goku’s right arm, which had pierced his shoulder, even harder.


“It’s difficult to allow an attack that doesn’t kill you. “Every single one of them was fatally injured.”

At those words, Son Goku cursed harshly and muttered.

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about… ? “Aren’t you going to let go of this?”

“Kuk, no, no, no. “How did you get this chance?”

“I was so excited because I wanted to die. I think it’s a ploy to keep me trapped like this and fill the long orphanage. “Even if I got it wrong, I got it wrong for a long time.”

Do you think you can keep your head still?

Son Goku lightly twisted his hands and tried to tear Damdeok’s body apart.

But for some reason, the arm doesn’t budge.

“… … ?”

“Don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things. “Because you’ve already been caught.”

“This can’t be…” . This can’t be happening… ?”

Son Goku burned Hwaan Geumjeong even more with an expression of nonsense.


However, no matter how much his eyes flashed gold and he tried with all his might, Goku’s arm did not budge.

“Oh my @#$%!! “What on earth did you do?!”

Son Goku, who was in a fever, swore harshly and screamed at Yeo Eui-bong.

“Yeouibong!!! Come over here right now and flatten this guy!! Yeouibong!!!”

Everyone covered their ears as Son Goku shouted at them to leave.

However, Damdeokman was still smiling and was pulling Son Goku’s arm closer to himself.

Kkuguguk… !!

“I told you not to struggle. You did that earlier, right? “You haven’t even used half of your strength yet?”

Goku gritted his teeth.

The distance was too close.

My eyes automatically went to on Damdeok’s waist.

“Do you think you can make me a long orphan just because you’re like this?”

Son Goku let out a bitter laugh.

It wasn’t just bravado.

No matter how close the distance was, he would have tried anything if he had caught Gingora first, but now both of Damdeok’s hands were being used to hold Son Goku’s arms.

If even one of these hands relaxes, Son Goku will tear Damdeok’s body apart.

There was no way Damdeok didn’t know that.

“Try it. Whatever it is, I’ll tear it to pieces as soon as I see a crack… !!”

Son Goku gritted his teeth and flashed his eyes towards Yeouibong.

“Yeouibong!!! “Come here now!!!”

At his cry, Yeo Eui-bong slammed into the barrier with all his might, as if squeezing the last of his strength.


Finally, when Yeouibong broke the barrier, Son Goku roughly pulled his right hand from Damdeok’s shoulder and stepped back.


“no… !!”

“this… !!”

Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang simultaneously stretched out their hands toward the falling Yeouibong, but Yeouibong changed direction at an incomparably fast speed and landed in Son Goku’s hand.


The corners of Son Goku’s mouth curled up.

Damdeok was holding his shoulder, where blood was pouring out, and was lowering his head.

“Kkeukkeuk, it’s the end. Baby, why are you standing like that? “Are you finally scared now?”

Son Goku sneered and swung his baton.

It was then.

Damdeok’s body, which had been quietly lowering its head, began to shake little by little.

Son Goku’s face hardened as he held the female baton.

Damdeok slowly recovered and held a very familiar weapon in his hand.

“Uh, how… … .”

Son Goku looked at Damdeok in disbelief.

In his hand was a female baton identical to his own.


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