I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 169

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#169. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (8)


Damdeok turned the Yeouibong in a familiar manner.

The same movement as Son Goku just before.

Son Goku just looked at the situation as if it was absurd.

Damdeok looked at him and spun around.

“why? “Is there a law that says only you can have this weapon?”

Every time Damdeok moved, blood gushed from his wounded shoulder, but fortunately, the bleeding was slowly stopping thanks to Apollo’s self-healing power.

“Hold on a little.”

In addition, the wound was healing quickly thanks to Ju Soo-yul’s healing skills that quickly arrived.

“You savage monkey.”


Until Cheontaerang joined, standing next to Damdeok.

Son Goku’s face became increasingly crumpled.

“Where did this bastard do such a stupid trick… !”

“creation? Ah, are you talking about this Yeoui-bong?”

Damdeok spun the fan as if to show off, recalling the situation from a moment ago.

“How is it?”

Damdeok was proposing final negotiations to the Jade Emperor.

Since he could fulfill to Son Goku, he asked the Jade Emperor to give him all the support he could give.

“truly… Truly, as you said, if I could fill Son Goku with , I wouldn’t want anything more. But like I said, didn’t you say that would be difficult?”

Even the Jade Emperor, who at first reacted harshly by saying it was nonsense, was in awe of Damdeok’s continued confident words and actions.

The moment a look of anticipation crossed the face of the Jade Emperor,

Damdeok did not miss that golden opportunity.

“If I fail, I will give up all my reputation.”

An unconventional proposal.

The Jade Emperor’s eyebrows twitched.

Damdeok drove the wedge straight in.

“You also have to swear an oath on the system.”

An oath that must be kept unconditionally in the name of Gaia, who created the system.

At that time, the Jade Emperor’s heart began to move little by little.

“Truly, then, can’t I give you whatever support you need?”

“Oh, anything?”

“okay. Anything. “If you can really control that cocky stone monkey, Jim will never care about anything that happens in the future.”

“great. So you don’t mind if I team up with him?”

At those words, the Jade Emperor looked at Damdeok with a bewildered expression.

Everyone around me had the same reaction.

Although Son Goku was a troublemaker, he was a very important monkey in this worldview.

When, by chance, the Jade Emperor was defeated by another being, and the position of the Great God of this world became vacant, the only guardian god-like being who could protect this world at that time was Son Goku.

Son Goku was like a double-edged sword to the Jade Emperor.

A foreigner who keeps begging to hand over such a person.

Moreover, there is a foreign god who goes one step further and is said to be teaming up with Son Goku.

‘… … .’

The Jade Emperor burst into laughter as he watched Damdeok waiting for his words with bright eyes.

Everyone looked at their captain in the sudden situation.

Aside from Son Goku’s mishap, handing him over was a problem on a different level.

However, the Jade Emperor gave an unexpected answer.

「… … okay! I don’t care whether you eat that stone monkey roasted or boiled. As long as you fill in !”

The Jade Emperor’s eyes flashed more fiercely than usual as he said that.

Damdeok looked into his eyes for a moment and nodded tentatively.

“great! “So now all that’s left is salary negotiation.”

「Salary negotiation… ?」

“Ah~ Just because you can accomplish such a difficult task doesn’t mean there won’t be any support, right? Isn’t the salary of the guardian of the Five Elements Mountain too low? “Wouldn’t it be better if we narrowly missed the golden opportunity to tame Son Goku?”

At Damdeok’s words, the smile spread even more on the Jade Emperor’s face.

Seeing that, Damdeok grinned and drove in the wedge.

“How and to what extent are you able to do this?”

“Hmm… … .」

The Jade Emperor was lost in thought for a moment.

A foreign god who suddenly invades the temple of the Jade Emperor and boldly negotiates.

All the other battle gods were timidly expressing their dissatisfaction by twitching their lips and wagging their eyebrows, but the people involved, the Jade Emperor and Damdeok, were looking at each other without any problem.

The Jade Emperor, who was lost in his own thoughts for a moment, opened his mouth heavily.

「… … good night. “I will give you all the support I can.”

The value of the Jade Emperor’s name that Damdeok received was much more than the sum of all his part-time salaries.

“… … “Where did you get that?”

Damdeok’s recollection was interrupted by Son Goku’s calm voice.

He was glaring at Damdeok, who was holding the same Yeouibong as himself, and Damdeok was skillfully swinging the Yeouibong without avoiding Son Goku’s eyes.

Boom- boom-.

“how is it? Do you like it? I especially bought the SS level skill in martial arts. haha.”



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The value of the Jade Emperor’s name was greater than expected.

As expected, as he was the leader of this worldview, his name was quite valuable.

‘I bought Son Goku’s Yeoui-bong at a very expensive price at the Gods’ Store and also stocked up on all his other abilities.’

A smile naturally spread across Damdeok’s lips.

There was no shopping more enjoyable than this.

“I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I flexed a lot. “Hehe.”

Seeing Damdeok’s Yeouibong moving brilliantly again, Son Goku slowly moved the Yeouibong as if he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Even so, what you’re doing is just imitating.”

“Imitating? “Do you know what happened to your eyes?”

Damdeok laughed as if it was ridiculous.

It’s not imitation.

Anyone could see that what Damdeok was holding was the same female baton that Son Goku was holding.

“Aha, I guess you want to say this is a fake, but I’m really sorry, but this is real. “It’s a genuine product guaranteed by the Gods’ Store?”

Son Goku gritted his teeth at Damdeok’s confident remarks.

“Don’t be ridiculous! “It’s just a counterfeit made by damned Hephaestus anyway!”

“No? Have you ever used the Gods’ Store properly? Of course, there are fakes out there, but if you pay a high price, you can get the real thing… … .”

“Shut up! Only lower-class gods use stores like the gods! Grow up, Yeo Uibong!”


The Yeouibong in Son Goku’s hand quickly shot towards Damdeok.

Damdeok’s eyes, which had been grinning, suddenly became harsh and he took a firm stance.

[Spirit (SS) talent is on display!]

[Skill Bongcheon Attack (棒天猛攻) is activated!]

Against Son Goku’s huge Yeouibong, Damdeok’s Yeouibong began to pour down like a shower of rain.

Boom! Tukwakwakwaang!!

“… … !!”

Dozens of Yeouibong pouring in front of your eyes. In reality, it was only one, but Damdeok’s Yeouibong, which moved so fast, looked threatening, as if dozens of spears were stabbing at the same time.

Embarrassed, Son Goku quickly turned his body and swung the huge female baton strongly.


A storm was strong enough to destroy Damdeok’s Bongcheon Attack skill at once.

“Even if you have a female baton, what can you do?!”

“This body has never lost a battle!!”

Goku’s eyes sparkled golden once again. With Son Goku’s angry cry, the huge Yeouibong fell heavily towards Damdeok’s head.


“damage… !!”

“Avoid… !!”

Ju So-yul and Cheon Tae-rang shouted at the same time, but it was already too late to avoid them.

But for some reason, Damdeok just leisurely looked at the huge bong coming to crush him.


As Son Goku’s eyes burned even more golden, strong light poured out from Damdeok’s body.

[Sakyamuni Buddha’s authority is activated!]

“what?! Geumgangbulgogi?!”

At the same time as Son Goku wrinkled his face, the huge Yeouibong collided with Damdeok’s head.


Along with a loud noise that shook the heavens and earth, thick smoke covered the entire area.

“Tsk… … .”

Son Goku looks straight ahead with a chewed-up face, with Yeouibong, which has already returned to its original size, wrapped around his shoulder.

“Wow, that’s fascinating. I feel like my senses are completely blocked. “You don’t feel any pain at all.”

Through the hazy smoke, a figure shakes, and then Damdeok is seen standing up, turning his shoulders.

Goku’s eyebrows twitched.

“Sakyamuni Buddha’s Diamond Buddha ingot cannot be purchased for its name value… ?”

“Ah, that’s right. But there are special cases in the world, right?”

“… … I guess that old man helped me. I can’t believe you gave that much power to a foreign god whose name you don’t even know. Even in his old age, he seems to be holding on tightly.”

“Well, think about it however you want.”

Damdeok called Baekseol, who was inside the armor.

Son Goku looked at that and became wary.

“What else are you going to do?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Originally, I thought it would be difficult to handle the Yeouibong, so I put my sword away for a while, but it turns out that handling the Yeouibong is easier than I thought. Then there is no reason not to use the sword.”

That was a clear provocation.

In Damdeok’s right hand is a sword.

A female baton was held in the left hand.

There was even a transparent strap on the back of Hercules’ armor to secure the club, so Damdeok was able to hang the baton on his back and take it out at will.

“Now, let’s continue what we were doing?”

Son Goku’s reason, which he had been holding in well, was cut off by Damdeok’s provocation with his chin twitching.

“I’m going to kill this bastard [email protected]#$%!!!”

While Son Goku’s right hand stretched the female pole, his left hand plucked out a handful of hair from the back of his head and fluttered it in the air.

Puff! Puff poop! Puff puff poop!

“I’ll kill you!!”

“I’ll kill you!!”

“I’ll kill you!!”

In an instant, Son Goku’s clones appeared everywhere and rushed towards Damdeok with their swords raised.

“and. “This is a scene you only see in cartoons.”

At the same time as Damdeok let out an exclamation, Jusoyul and Cheontaerang simultaneously rushed towards Son Goku’s clones.

“We’ll take care of the self-immolations.”

“Us.” “These are enough for me alone.”

Plop! Bub bub bub!

Son Goku’s clones fought well, but they were no match for Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang.

However, because their speed and baton skills were impressive, it seemed like it would take some time to take them all down.

“It’s just a matter of time over there.”

Damdeok grinned as he struck away the attacking Yeouibong.

“joy! “You have faithful subordinates!”

Son Goku stabs the bouncing Yeouibong straight into Damdeok’s head.

At the same time, Excalibur, held in Damdeok’s right hand, sharply cuts into Son Goku’s gap.

Shhh! Wedge!

Quang! Kwagwaang!

Damdeok and Son Goku’s brilliant battle continued continuously.

Son Goku, who was gradually increasing his speed, once again pulled out a handful of hair and scattered it in the air.

It was ten times more than before.

The corners of Son Goku’s mouth rose crookedly.

“you. Have you ever heard of humane tactics?”

“Isn’t ‘inhae tactics’ a term used for people? “You guys are monkeys, right?”

In response to Damdeok’s provocation again, Son Goku raised his other hand and pulled out the hair again.

This time it was twice as much as before.

“… … “Aren’t you going to lose your hair?”

In response to Damdeok’s question, Son Goku wordlessly scattered a large amount of fur in the air.

Hairs spread out in all directions like dandelion seeds.

“I will kill you all at once.”

Puff! Puff poop! Puff puff poop!

“I’ll kill you!!”

“I’ll kill you!!”

“I’ll kill you!!”

As a group of monkeys came out, as black as a swarm of ants, Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang stopped for a moment.

“Why do you bother to scratch and make flakes…” ?”

“Humans have always been generous… .”

Damdeok, who received the resentful looks from the two, smiled strangely.

“It’s a good tactic. An eye for an eye. “Did you say this?”


The golden, brilliant store of the gods appeared before Damdeok’s eyes.

A place full of dazzling abilities and items.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth rose brighter than ever.

“God still has 120,000 worth of name value left.”


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