I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 163

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#163. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (2)

“Hidden part-time job?”

“what is that?”

“Is there something like that?”

The group looked at Damdeok one by one.

An expression that doesn’t know what everything is.

Among them, only Ju Soo-yul had a face that seemed to know something.

“How did you achieve the hidden part-time job requirements? “Wasn’t it originally only possible to get a job after finishing your part-time job as the Jade Emperor?”

In response to her question, Damdeok lifted his index finger and waved it left and right and clicked his tongue.

“No. No. “Life doesn’t always go as planned.”

Ju Soo-yul chuckled at Damdeok’s sudden gesture.

“Why are you laughing?”

“no. Kukkuk. “It’s just because I’ve been acting like you for the first time in a while.”

“Am I down? what is that.”

“no. “Keep talking.”

“hey… … . you really.”

Damdeok was about to say something more, but scratched his head and thought about something again.

What we need now is speed.

Other than that, it was good.

Damdeok rolled his eyes for a moment and then opened his mouth solemnly.

“Anyway, everyone listen carefully. This is an operation that will be the opportunity of a lifetime… … .”

At Damdeok’s serious voice, everyone’s heads gathered in the center.

* * *

“Is it because the operation orders were given too quickly? “I’m completely out of my mind.”

Adele Sharon grumbled and waded through grass as tall as a person.


A soft light emanated from her hand.

Detection type magic.

Adele’s fingertips trembled and she immediately looked back.

Ju Soo-yul, who was quietly making his way, turned to face her.

“why? “Not here either?”

“huh. “I think it was definitely this way before, but it’s really strange.”

Adele Sharon bit her lip.

If you look around, all you see is huge grass and trees.

How on earth can you find a monkey in a jungle like this with no visibility?

Adele let out a deep sigh without realizing it.

“Ugh, anyway, that guy is an evil business owner. Whenever I get the chance, I go to great lengths to manipulate people! “Even the forest north of Atlaum wasn’t this dense!”

“Where is the forest north of Atlaum? “There are many places in the world that I don’t know about.”

“Ahh! It’s a surprise!”

Cheon Tae-rang suddenly came close from behind, making Adele Sharon feel embarrassed and take a step back.

“Ah, are you surprised?”

Cheon Taerang lightly raised his hand and asked the question again.

“So where on earth is this place called Atlaum…” … .”

But for some reason, Adele slowly walked away from Cheon Tae-rang, sweating profusely.

A question mark appeared on Cheon Tae-rang’s face.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Ahaha. no. It’s great to be on a team with Taerang. If you walk too close, I’ll be… … .”

Taerang Cheon did not exactly understand what Adele Sharon meant.

“… … Are you saying you don’t like this position?”

Adele Sharon hurriedly waved her hand as Cheon Tae-rang’s face darkened rapidly.

“no. no. What I’m saying is that when she gets close, the mana flow fluctuates violently… . Is it because you are so energetic? Haha, anyway, I’m not that good at detection magic. So, if you could just go a little further away… .”

As Adele Sharon said that while looking closely, Ju Soo-yul settled the situation.

“We have to hurry. You know that our role is the most important right now, right? “We need to find Jecheon Daeseong quickly here so the team over there will also have a good time.”

Adele Sharon also hurriedly responded to Ju Soo-yul’s words.

“sure. sure. Whether it’s Jecheon Daeseong or Son Goku, we need to find him quickly. yes. we. No, my detection magic!”

Adele Sharon shouted, raising her softly shining hands to the sky.

“No, I was just curious after hearing the name Atlaum for the first time… … . okay. “It is done.”

In the end, Cheon Taerang gave up his curiosity and followed in silence.

Because making too much of a fuss could ruin the operation, Damdeok had asked Adele Sharon, who had the ability to detect quietly, to find Son Goku.

Therefore, Ju Ju-yul and Cheon Tae-rang, who possess brilliant skills, had no choice but to follow behind in silence until Adele found Jecheon Daeseong.


Adele Sharon, who had been wading through the huge grass while using detection magic for a while, asked.

“But Soyul. “Is this really a good operation?”


“No, that’s right. Even if we find that Jecheon Daeseong or something like the evil business owner said, what if he sees us as enemies? I heard he’s really strong? “You said even the gods can’t win?”

Addressing Adele’s worried question, Jooyul shook his head slightly.

“That’s true, but the Five Elements Mountain was created by Shakya Tathagata himself, so you won’t be able to escape. but… … .”

“but… … ?”



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As Ju Soo-yul’s words became blurred, Adele Sharon opened her round eyes and stared at her, as if she was even more curious.

Cheon Tae-rang must have been curious as well, so he silently leaned forward.

“I guess it will only be when the team over there comes together well.”

“That means… ?”

“Please explain a little more simply.”

Ju Soo-yul’s body, which was cutting grass, suddenly stopped.

“Jecheon Daeseong does not mess with those who are weaker than him. But it would be a different story when he messed with his family, the monkeys living in Huagua.”

“ah… .”

As soon as she heard those words, Adele Sharon looked anxious.

It was because the faces of the team members who went to Mt. Huaguo came to mind.

“But why did you send those two guys? … Oh, I’m anxious. “I think they’re going to cause an accident!”

Soo-yul also nodded in agreement.

“The captain said so. Is there anything we can do? I can’t help it. “I can only hope they don’t have any accidents.”

After saying that, Ju Soo-yul started cutting the grass again in silence.

But Adele Sharon still looked anxious.

“Oh, I don’t feel good… . I don’t feel good… .”

* * *



White Cloud and Alui stared at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

“That’s shit.”

“It’s a monkey version.”

Their eyes turned to one of the deep peaks of Huagu Mountain in the distance.

A place where sheer rock walls create a spectacular view. Surrounded by a fortress-like wall, monkeys with brown fur were enjoying their daily lives.

Monkeys training under a waterfall falling between rock walls.

Monkeys bathing in the valley water flowing below.

Monkeys climbing trees on pine trees standing firmly on a cliff.

Monkeys moving trees and stones to build their own mountain house.

Monkeys cooking in a boiling furnace, etc.

Even if you roughly count them, the number could have been thousands, or even tens of thousands.

“What is the monkey board? Is now the time to play with words?”

White Cloud scolded him, but Alui didn’t even listen and just pulled out his sword.


“Enough of useless talk, let’s quickly find out if it’s or something. “Master said that only then can the operation begin.”

Watching Alui’s black wings slowly unfold, Baekgureum’s face turned into a shit-chewing look.

For some reason, it felt like that guy was the only one who got all the cool stuff.

“okay. That’s right. however… … .”

Alui, who was about to fly, stopped flapping his wings and looked back at the white clouds.

Baekgureum still had a pouty face.

“Are you really going to fly alone? “You fly and search, and I run and search?”

“What if you don’t have wings?”


Baekgureum was so dumbfounded that he snorted with a face that threatened to kill him.

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve been scolded for not having wings!”

Alui’s brows narrowed.

“What on earth do you mean? “I’m not scolding you, but the plan from the beginning was to find the long orphan you hid in the cave while I flew in and drew attention!”

“You said that on your own, I never agreed to that!”

Alui’s face hardened at those words.

“So childishly… . “Do you even say something like that about something this important?”

“I’m doing this because it’s important.”

In fact, the reason White Cloud was acting like this wasn’t because he was jealous of Alui’s wings.

I didn’t know when Alui suggested the strategy earlier, but when I came here in person, there were more monkeys than I expected, and the trees growing between the cliffs seemed like they would be fatal to flying.

“I don’t know how good your flying skills are, but there’s a high chance you’ll get caught.”

Baekgureum said that, but Alui was already angry with his actions and arguing over everything.

“Are you risking my flying skills? I am the 5th prince of the demon world. “Flying is something that demons learn from the time they are toddlers.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a demon or something. “An operation with a high probability of failure cannot be carried out.”

“Hmph, it’s not the strategy that’s the problem, it’s probably the problem in your head that only thinks about starting a fight over everything.”

Baekgureum’s face became increasingly grim due to his heated tone.

“Well, this bastard saw his real brother’s face and tried to tolerate it… !”

“What are you going to do if you don’t hold back? “I’ve endured a lot, but I can’t endure it any longer.”

As the gentle Alui unleashed his murderous spirit, the white clouds also raised Achilles’ sword and shield.

“What? Let’s try this, shall we?”

The momentum of the two became more intense towards each other.

“I don’t want to waste any more time. I’m sorry, but I will knock you out here and steal by myself. “I will kindly tell Master that the operation almost failed because of your foolish behavior.”

White Cloud also twitched his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth at Alui’s rare provocation.

“joy! You always pretended to be calm and quiet, but now that no one is around, you’re showing your true colors?! good! “I also feel more comfortable sneaking in quietly and bringing it back to you rather than foolishly flying away and getting caught!”

“okay? That’s good. “Of the two, the winner can bring .”

“Oh, okay! Afterwards, you helped me too, so there’s nothing else to say?!”

“Don’t do that to yourself.”

As Alui slowly spreads his black wings and rises into the air, the white cloud also encounters his sword and shield menacingly and cries! Cough! made a sound

“Come here. Come here!!”

“An empty cart is always noisy.”

At the same time Alui’s eyes sparkled, White Cloud’s body split the air like lightning.

The two bodies slipped into the forest at a speed that an average person could not keep up with.


Kwasik! Absolutely!

Every time Alui’s sword was swung, dust flew around, and every time White Cloud’s sword and shield extended, nearby trees crumbled.

“hey! Be gentle! “If you get caught, it’s over!”

“You take care of yourself!”

“Ah, this bastard is real!!”

Quang! Kwaaaang!


Neither side was able to overpower the other right away, and their bodies gradually pushed deeper into the forest.

“Hey, are you really not watching anymore? No crying? The person who loses will be called hyung from now on. uh?!”

“Do not be ridiculous. Don’t make such foolish bets… !”

“Kkeuk, you’re probably scared that you’ll lose!”

Alui swung his sword without saying a word, and White Cloud grinned and bounced the sword away with his shield.


At the same time, Baekgureum poured out the flame slash skill he had learned from Damdeok and instantly went behind Alui.

“… … !!”

Alui, who was embarrassed as his vision was momentarily obscured by the flames, hurriedly hurled his right foot backwards.


A smile spread across Alui’s face along with a cheerful sound.

However, the feeling of hitting was different from what I expected.

‘what… These soft furs that brush against your ankles… ?’

“hey… !!”

At the same time as White Cloud’s cry came from above, Alui’s pupils dilated as he saw the creature he had kicked.

-Ukki… … .

On the floor, a Huaguashan monkey was rolling around, clutching its stomach.

The gazes of dozens of Huagu Mountain monkeys who were picking fruit around him were fiercely focused on Alui.

“… … ah.”

For a moment, Alui stopped on the spot and spoke softly, and Baekgureum instantly grabbed Alui by the back of his head.



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