I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 162

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#162. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (1)

Damdeok frowned slightly as his vision brightened.

A bluish message appears before my eyes without fail.

[(Short-term) Urgent rescue of Marble Mountain guardians!]

Employer: Jade Emperor

Spiritual Power: Advanced God or higher

Experience: Previous security guard experience

Job Description: Protecting the Five Elements Mountain until the end of the War of the Gods.

Business hours: time negotiable

Salary: 1000 Jade Emperor (paid on the day)

A word from the boss: Go! Especially that stone monkey! You must never be allowed to go out!

“The boss is the Jade Emperor? But why are you so angry? .”

Damdeok licked his lips and scratched his head.

‘It’s the Five Elements Mountain… … .’

Several memories from my past life appear in my mind at the same time.

Soon, a smile appeared on Damdeok’s lips.

‘It’s good to have my memories back. That guy’s face comes to mind so vividly.’

It was obvious that it would probably be more noisy than any other part-time job, but he was still the most welcome of the guardians.

‘Was he the 77th born among the children of the beginning? .’

Like Damdeok, he was born in the latter half of the year, but his presence was particularly unique.

But there was something more important than reuniting with that guy right now.

“… … “You really got out of there, right?”

Damdeok put away his idle thoughts and looked around carefully.

Just a moment ago, I was trapped in pitch-black darkness… … .


The sound of birds chirping and the flowers blooming in the wide fields swaying in the wind.

“The sky is so blue.”

I tilted my head back and looked at the sky.

It was a bright blue sky with floating clouds.

Small butterflies flutter as the breeze blows.

Damdeok stopped for a moment and looked at the peaceful daily life in the meadow.

And then ha! And a deep sigh came out.

“… … “Now the whole world has been turned upside down, and there is no other place like Mureung Island.”

Of course, now that he had regained all his memories, Damdeok knew for sure why this place was peaceful.

“… … Does the Taoist worldview not participate in war in this life?”

Damdeok muttered like that, pushing Geomshin’s five senses to their limit.

As expected, there is no sign of anything up to a radius of several kilometers.

It was clearly said that this was a peace zone.

“True, Taoist gods are always like this.”


Damdeok moved forward, grazing the blades of grass.

was clearly an action waged by the gods of Greek mythology.

Chaos and Gaia.

It was a war that grew out of control as everyone was caught up in the huge fight between the two.

“It’s something that can’t be helped. “As Greek mythology is the most famous among people, the Olympian gods have a different level of influence than other myths.”

So to speak, it was a myth of myths.

A race that cannot be surpassed except in Norse mythology, where it is second in command.

Among all, the 2nd generation Olympian gods, who overthrew the 1st generation Titans and took the top spot, could be said to be the strongest of the strongest.

The gods wanted to become widely known by being even slightly connected to the Olympian gods, and naturally the world began to be redefined around Greek mythology.

That was a story from long ago.

However, there were gods who lived far away from all such changes… .

“Taoist gods always like to hang out with each other… … .”

The memories of my past life are so vast that this is it! It is difficult to say exactly, but roughly 1,790 times out of 1,800, the ones who did not attend were the gods of Taoist mythology.

As Damdeok continued walking through the meadow, he thought of a person who could be said to be a symbol of Taoist mythology.

“Jade Emperor… … . “That guy is still a terrible doggo.”

The old Jade Emperor in my memory.

The old man, who at first glance seemed like a mountain spirit, was a god with a very old-fashioned temperament.

“You can tell just by looking at the way he yells ‘Go!’ at the boss’s words and only talks about himself.”

Damdeok diligently touched the system window, remembering the Jade Emperor’s kinky face.

“… … “This place.”

“Are you here?”

Starting with the address rate that first appears,

“… … What… ?”

Cheon Tae-rang narrows his eyes, waving a blood-soaked coat.

“Ugh!! Seed! what!! What!!”

Baekgureum swung his sword beautifully in the air, but fell on his butt.

“Wow, Master, it’s been a while.”

Alui hopes for Damdeok with his eyes wide open.



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And Pao in Poppy’s arms

Lastly, Adele Sharon, whose blonde hair was caked with sweat.

“Huh. Huh. You evil business owner… … .”

“Uh, okay. “It’s nice to see everyone like this again in a different way.”

Damdeok grinned.

After regaining my memories, I saw even more welcoming faces.

The second child of the beginning. Adele Sharon.

Baekgureum, the 5th child of the beginning.

Alui, the 12th child of the beginning.

Cheon Tae-rang, the 33rd child of the beginning.

The 48th primordial child, Pao.

As I was looking around at everyone with something in my heart, a sharp voice caught my ear.

“what? nice to meet you? Nice to meet you?! “I thought you were looking for someone, but are you happy to see me now???”

Adele Sharon blinked and pointed at her miserable appearance.

“Don’t you know how hot the caster will get if you use fireball endlessly? I was sweating so much that I had heat rashes all over my body. how is it? “If you’re so happy to see me, would you get along with me and have a campfire in the fireball pit?!”

Damdeok laughed and gestured at the harsh words of Adele Sharon.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Baekgureum jumped up and ran towards Damdeok.

“brother! Wait a minute! no way… Surely this place… … .”

A peaceful meadow with birds chirping and butterflies roaming the flower fields under a blue sky.

Baekgureum, who was quickly looking around at the scene, suddenly stopped and covered his mouth.

“What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Damdeok looked at him curiously.

“heaven? … … We all became gods and came to heaven… … ?”

Baekgureum’s emotional voice came out from between his closed mouth.

Alui, who was watching from the side, frowned deeply.

“Wow, this is really fun.”

Immediately Baekgureum’s emotional expression became as ferocious as a wild beast.

“what? You bastard. Then what is it? “Where am I?”

Allui only snorted, as if he was used to Baekureum’s attitude.

“I don’t know. Even so, it would just be in another dimension. What is heaven? And why are you blaming me for calling me out in the first place?”

“You complained, you idiot! The whole dimension is a war zone right now, but where is this peaceful dimension? “One hundred percent, no, two hundred percent heaven!”

“Wow, really ignorant… . How would you have lived if you weren’t even good at swordsmanship… … .”

“Mr. Lee, this bastard until the end… !”

Taking advantage of Baekgureum and Alui’s bickering, the rest of their colleagues also chimed in.

“Hmm, this is my first time seeing this place. A place like this… … .”

“older brother! What on earth is going on? Our military had already wiped out all the monsters on the beach… … !”

“Did it end so quickly? “You don’t need Pao anymore?”

Damdeok didn’t want to waste any more time, so he summarized the current situation in one sentence.

“Elia stopped the battlefield of the gods.”



“what… ?”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

“To be more precise, it would have stopped time on the battlefield. So, the space inside the Pacific Gate has been stopped.”

Everyone looked at Damdeok with an expression asking if that made sense.

At least Cheon Tae-rang, who was closest to the gate, began to nod.

“indeed. I also remember this seat. Suddenly, the silver-haired girl unleashed a strange martial skill. It was more severe than the martial arts of all four factions combined. No one can emit such evil energy… .”

“Not martial arts, but power.”

Damdeok kindly corrected me.

However, Cheon Tae-rang said, ‘It’s either that or that,’ and fell into agony alone.

Passing by Cheon Tae-rang, Ju Soo-yul asked quietly this time.

“… … How did you get out so quickly? must be a power that cannot be easily solved.”

“Well, it wasn’t that difficult. Because I just used the system using my mind’s eye. Well, Mother, Gaia may have helped.”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

“It’s actually a good thing that it ended up like this, right?”

Ju Soo-yul nodded quietly.

Anyway, since the situation was like this, I could guess what Damdeok’s next move would be.

A smile appeared at the corner of Sooyul’s mouth.

“Really, you have been… since long ago.” … .”

“Ah, that’s enough. No more talking about old times. “No one other than us can understand anyway.”

At Damdeok’s words, question marks appeared on the faces of the companions.

“What again?”

“There is such a thing. anyway! “From now on, everyone listen carefully as I tell you about our real goal.”

Damdeok clapped his hands and called for attention.

The group reluctantly gathered in a circle, but perhaps because they had little understanding of the situation, they each expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Soyul always talked as if she knew everything, and now the evil business owner is like that too.”

“So, you two are a gang… .”

“older brother! “I’m the secretary, so you have to tell me everything!”

“Pao is one with Papi, so you have to tell me!”

“Hmm, of course I have to report everything to this office… . “You’re arrogant.”

The group was ready to listen to what they had to say even though they were grumbling like that.

Damdeok opened his mouth with a satisfied expression.

“Now, we’re going back to our part-time jobs.”

Damdeok talks about going to work part-time with a more serious expression than ever.

Everyone’s faces were filled with bewilderment.


“It’s a part-time job in these times… ?”

“brother… . The East Coast doesn’t have any real muddy fields like that… .”

“A part-time job? “Is there a crazy scene that has been announced just now?”

Damdeok spoke even more forcefully.

“There is a crazy scene that has been announced right now. It will be on a different level from any part-time jobs you have done so far. The reward will be good as well. So what I mean is… … Does this mean you have to do it unconditionally?”

Everyone just gaped at Damdeok’s resolute words and could not refute anything.

Ju Soo-yul chuckled alone.

“You ascended to the position of supreme god and then went to work part-time again…” .”

Damdeok also laughed at those words.

“The higher up you are, the more you have to set an example. is not it?”

“okay. “It’s just you.”

As they listened to their conversation, the expressions on the companions’ faces became increasingly strange.

“So you’re really going to get a part-time job?”

“What kind of part-time job do you have in such a peaceful place?” .”

“So, what kind of part-time job is that?”

“What do you mean it’s going to be on a different level from what I’ve done so far…?” .”

“Ah, I feel uneasy when he talks like that… .”

Each of the companions looked at Damdeok with curious faces.

Perhaps excited by the thought that the end is now in sight, Ju Soo-yul answered on his behalf.

“A part-time job offered by the Jade Emperor. Right?”

But Damdeok gave an unexpected answer.

“Half right and half wrong.”


Ju Soo-yul looked at Damdeok as if there was no way that could happen.

“I have another part-time job other than the notice posted by the Jade Emperor… … ?”

“Cancer, yes.”

At Damdeok’s words, Jooyul carefully examined his system.

But no matter how I looked, I couldn’t find any part-time jobs worth doing here other than the one offered by the Jade Emperor.

“what… . no way… .”

Damdeok grinned as he looked at the message that appeared before his eyes.

“The name is, eat pheasant and eat its eggs.”

[Hidden part-time job occurs!]

[ has requested a customized part-time job!]


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