I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 119

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#119. Prelude to War (1)

Coo coo coo coo coo.

Jo Yoon-hee looked up from combing the yard.

A small vibration sound continues from before.

Normally, she would have been surprised and thought there was an earthquake or a gate, but Jo Yoon-hee was calm.

“Damdeok told me to get some rest… .”

I just look inside the house and sigh.

Even though he was a son who never showed that he was having a hard time, Damdeok had been lying down and sleeping for the past few days.

Of course, Pao, who came with her, tickled Jo Yoon-hee’s heart like a cute little kid, and Papi also played a great role as a member of the military family by helping out with housework, but Damdeok stayed indoors for three days and just slept, so as a mother, I was very worried.

‘But I was worried for no reason.’

Jo Yoon-hee’s eyes became sad.

It would have been nice if I had just slept the whole time.

Suddenly, it was Damdeok, who had been confining himself in the underground air-raid shelter since this morning and continuing his training.

Of course, if it was a training session, it was with Baek Cloud, who was delighted.

“Ugh, that bomb shelter was made for mom~ or for the guys’ training. Anyway, when will they be able to relax at home? .”

Jo Yoon-hee shook her head.

I could see Pao giggling while watching TV through the floor-to-ceiling window. Next to him, Poppy was seen wearing an apron and pushing a vacuum cleaner.

A smile spread across Jo Yoon-hee’s lips.

“Still, it’s good to see that the family is growing.”

Jo Yoon-hee, who was looking at the scene happily, felt a slight vibration under her feet again.

Coo coo coo coo coo.

“… What kind of training are you doing? Just break it, break it.”

Jo Yoon-hee tried to distract herself and walked into the house.

“I need to hang out the laundry. “The sun is really nice today~”

Although the vibrations continued to echo beneath her feet, it was truly a peaceful afternoon for Jo Yoon-hee.

* * *


As soon as Damdeok swung his sword with all his might, the white sword energy extended straight ahead.

[ skill is activated!]


An icy road suddenly appeared inside the large air-raid shelter.


The white cloud was scared and threw its body to the side.

Since Achilles’ armor was sticking to him, it was clear that the owner of that armor set was White Cloud.


Damdeok quietly lowered his sword.

A cold air emanated from the sword covered with ice attribute mana.

“Oh brother! Are you going to kill me?! “Are you making a campaign just because I gave you better equipment?”

Damdeok nodded seriously at Baekgureum’s shout.

of course.

It’s definitely worth campaigning for.

How expensive is that weapon set?

‘When I looked at the gods’ store, I found out that it was a whopping 100 torr.’

A whopping 100 torr!

When I did the dungeon toil for my first part-time job, I received 12 torr, which was an amount that I had to do more than 8 times to earn.

‘Anyway, it’s difficult to become rich by working part-time… .’

The price was not enough to buy the power, but it was still enough to buy 8 talents.

It was enough to make a splash.

Damdeok raised his sword again.

“So you have an obligation to do your best in training with me.”

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

Skills pouring in one after another.

[Activate the skill!]

[Activate the skill!]


Baekgureum brilliantly caught the spreading flames, and also skillfully avoided the wave slash skill that came after him.

[First priest Baek Gureum activates the skill!]

[First Priest Baek Gureum activates the skill!]

These were truly flexible movements.

Although his skill level was still low, Baekgureum knew how to use his own unique sword technique.

It is about bringing out the potential of the skill with 200 percent efficiency.

This guy was saying that a genius is a genius.

A smile spread at the corner of Damdeok’s mouth.

“also. It’s pretty good. Then where… “I wonder if close combat has increased a bit?”


Damdeok’s body seemed to lean forward and was shot out like a bullet.

The distance between the two narrowed in an instant.

Damdeok swung his sword like a storm towards Baekgureum and at the same time threw punches and kicks irregularly.



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Papad! Pot!

Crack! fault!

We made our own plans and launched an attack, but the results were surprising.

‘You blocked everything, right?’

In the past, the guy who would have frowned because it was too hard to keep up with him was able to block all the attacks without changing his expression.

‘I now know that I can just let go of things that I feel I can’t stop.’

In the past, I was busy recklessly clashing with people and attacking them with anger.

My useless pride has also decreased a lot.

White Cloud’s battle had become very efficient.

Truly an outstanding skill.


Damdeok grinned and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Is it pretty? Sigh! “Then let’s finish this quickly!”

Damdeok’s wind sprint skill began to accelerate even more.

At a faster speed than usual, Baekgureum’s eyes shook slightly.


Damdeok mercilessly inserted his skills into the small gap of the guy whose mentality was shaken.

[Activate the skill!]

Hiss! Quang!

Baekgureum’s body was pushed backwards with a strong bursting sound.

Smoke rises from his crossed arms.

‘I blocked it again. boy.’

Damdeok straightened his posture with a satisfied expression.

“Do you like Achilles’ armor? “Even if you get hit by a dwarf hammer punch, you’re fine and not crushed, right?”

Baekgureum frowned and shook his arms.

“Brother, tell me honestly. “You’re trying to kill me now, right?”

Damdeok asked, putting his sword around his shoulder.


“… … .”

The white clouds were silent.

Damdeok giggled and put away his sword.

After running for four hours since morning, I felt a little sore.

“I need to get some rest now.”

As soon as Damdeok said that, Baekseol instantly changed back to her original form and started running towards the chicken placed on the table in the corner.

It wasn’t just chicken.

The table was filled with a special meal prepared by Jo Yoon-hee.

“Let’s eat some food and then continue.”

Damdeok lightly gestured to Baekgureum and walked towards the table.

Even though the guy was grumbling, he put his sword away and followed him.

“Have your skills improved a lot?”

Damdeok said as he tore a piece of soft bread and dipped it into chicken soup.

Baekgureum replied arrogantly, tearing off a chicken leg.

“of course. “Now I don’t have much time left to defeat my brother.”

“Kkkkk, haven’t you given up yet?”

“Why are you giving up? Never give up. I will become the world’s greatest swordsman. “If you’re scared, don’t use a sword and change your class to a martial artist.”

“Hey, man. Even though I’m a swordsman, how can I turn into a martial artist? “You give up~ Or is it okay to be second in swordsmanship?”

“Ugh! it’s annoying!”


Baekgureum was nervously tearing at the chicken leg.

Damdeok giggled and added some advice.

“Don’t do that, try using a shield. Do you know by any chance? Since you have the perfect one-handed sword constitution, your combat power will be even higher than now, right?”

Damdeok said as he looked at the “Shield of Achilles” that was left hanging behind Baekgureum’s back.

You walk around with Achilles’ shield hanging like a shell like that.

I don’t know, but it was clear that Achilles, the original owner, and Hephaestus, the creator, would be very upset when they saw it.

“it’s okay. “What kind of shield does a man fight with?”

Baekgureum answered bluntly.

Ugh. The young guy already has such a macho temperament… .

Damdeok clicked his tongue and said, ‘A real man is a strong man! Then he started giving a sermon on ‘What is a really strong man like?’

Baekgureum looked at Damdeok with an annoyed look on his face, and Baekseol started moving around the entire table and deboning the chickens neatly.

Damdeok and Baekgureum were having a war of words about a strong man, and Baekseol was patting his chubby stomach.


An ominous sound echoed throughout the shelter.

The movements of Damdeok and Baekgureum, who were discussing with great enthusiasm, stopped at the same time.

Beep- Beep- Beep-

The alarm sounds continuously.

White Cloud’s surprised eyes returned to their original state.

“Oh, surprise me. “This is the sound of a disaster text message.”

With the guy muttering, Damdeok picked up the cell phone that was lying face down on the table and looked at the screen.

Beep- Beep-

[Earthquake warning]

– A magnitude 3.2 earthquake occurred 3km off the east coast.

“Hey, it was an earthquake. Well, if the gate exploded, it wouldn’t be this sound. It’s louder. Noisy in all directions… .”

Baekgureum quickly came to the side, glanced at the disaster text message, and then returned to his original position.

Damdeok responded by lowering the sound of the disaster warning sound.

“What are you talking about as if you are losing your temper? “Are you hoping for a gate road?”

White Cloud said angrily.

“No, because the barrel gate doesn’t open these days. “To be honest, I’m not feeling well.”

“That’s ridiculous. That’s good for citizens. And it’s only been three days since the gate opened.”

The reason Damdeok was able to sleep for three days to recover was because the gate did not explode.

“No, bro! It’s been three days! Dozens of them were popping up across the country every day, but they suddenly stopped!”

To be honest, it was a slightly uncomfortable situation.

As the War of the Gods got closer, the gate became more powerful, and things large and small continued to appear sporadically… .

‘It’s like the calm before the storm.’

Even though it was quiet, it was too quiet.

A gate that does not appear suddenly.

There hasn’t been any contact yet from the address… .

‘I feel uneasy about something… .’

As Damdeok thought those thoughts and made a serious expression, Baekgureum looked at him and continued speaking.

“Okay, what do you think? If the gate doesn’t appear, it’s good like you said. Even if he shows up, my brother and I can just go and blow it up!”

In response to the brightly spoken words, Damdeok nodded slightly.

“yes. But this time, when the gate appears, I’ll have to approach it a little differently.”

So far, I’ve been so focused on destroying the gate that I haven’t been able to think about the other side.

“What are you talking about?”

White Cloud asks curiously.

Damdeok said with a grin.

“I’m trying to capture people I can communicate with there and get some information.”

There was too little information about the War of the Gods.

Not only did they know exactly when the war would break out, but also how big it was, what their true intentions were for starting the war, how many troops they had under their command, etc.

‘There is too little information we know.’

The address rate was hidden and given only in a limited way, so I had no choice but to find out the necessary information myself.

“But then what do you do? There are no gates being created at all. “If you want to capture someone, you can’t capture them?”

Yes, I mean!

They say dog ​​poop can’t be used in medicine.

The gate that was so frequently seen was completely extinct for three days.

Even though I looked closely at the news, I couldn’t find any news that the gate had been opened in Korea.

‘Still, a few small gates are occasionally found overseas.’

Should I send this overseas?

Has Leo Lux returned to America? I’ll destroy the gate, so should I talk to the association and ask them to let me in?

It was a time when Damdeok was feeling frustrated and thinking about all sorts of things.


A strange sound came from the front, a little away from the table.



Damdeok and Baekgureum’s eyes simultaneously focused on the direction from which the sound was heard.



I thought the sound of cutting through the air was getting harsher, and then, in the middle of nowhere, it crashed! Cracks began to appear.

“Mr. Geez!”

Baekgureum and Damdeok jumped up.

what. That can’t be… Is it a gate?

For a moment, my head went blank.

Was there a gate inside the bomb shelter?

Actually, a gate is originally the concept of a door that penetrates a dimension, but it may have been foolish to think that it would be safe to hide underground.

‘There’s a mother right above me… .’

It was time for Damdeok to worry about that.

A pounding sound began to be heard from inside the forming gate.

“hey! Are you really going to leave?! “I told you to wait above!”

“You idiot! “You have to be the first to go out and make a contribution to get a lot of name value!”

“Ugh, I really don’t know? If you go out and meet a strong person… .”

“Crazy guy! “Are you a lesser god and afraid of humans?!”

The pounding sound got closer and closer.

Lesser god?

You must have said he was a low-level god now?

The corner of Damdeok’s mouth went up slyly.

Eventually, when the two impatient guys appeared outside the gate,



Each of them had a blue blade thrust into their neck.

The flashing blade of Achilles,

Pure white Excalibur blade.

Damdeok’s face was brighter than ever.

“Come on. “Is this your first time in a bomb shelter?”


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