I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 120

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#120. Prelude to War (2)

“Now, just one truth. Tell the two. one!”

“Only the truth!!”



Inside the bomb shelter, the sound of cheers echoed widely.

The two lesser gods were lying on their stomachs, doing push-ups, and Damdeok was sitting cross-legged on their backs.

“Do it literally a thousand times.”


“Well, a thousand times…”

“I will not?”

Damdeok’s eyes turned cold.

[ title effect is activated!]

[The momentum of ‘fear’ is rising!]

“Ugh… .”

The faces of the two lesser gods turned pale.

It was unlucky for me to meet a mid-level god as soon as I got out of the gate… .

The divine power they could feel was divine power, but because the force coming out was so great, they were unable to even resist, and were just subdued.

Is that all?

The white-haired boy standing next to the intermediate god was no slouch either.

‘What kind of person is that!’

A person who was clearly human, but radiated an energy that went beyond that.

The white cloud murmured as it touched Achilles’ sword.

“You guys. If you don’t want to do push-ups, you don’t have to do them. Rather than just one-sided training where I only attack that guy, I also want to try training where I can beat him up a bit, right? So take it easy. huh? “If you don’t want to do that, you can play with me.”

Achilles’ sword blade shone menacingly along with White Cloud’s sparkling eyes.



The two lesser gods began doing push-ups at lightning speed.

The god of crock pots and the god of eaves.

Although they were both low-level gods, they were still captains who led their subordinates.

Area 2,301 vanguard unit comprised of monsters and lowest-level gods.

Since they were the two with the highest name value in a unit filled with only chaff, it was natural for them to become arrogant without realizing how high they were in the sky.

But according to the frog in the well, it was as miserable as always.

The god of the eaves gritted his teeth and whispered.

“That’s why I told you not to leave now!”

“Ugh, so loud! “What can I do when I’ve already been caught!”

“You said you can absolutely defeat humans?!”

“The guy on top of us right now isn’t human?!”

“That white guy over there is a human child!”

“Then you fight first!”

Damdeok frowned at the two’s bickering.

“I can hear everything~ I can hear everything. Don’t talk nonsense and just keep doing what you’re doing. Or maybe… .”

As the black flame fluttered from Damdeok’s hand, both of their complexions turned pale.

“Oh, no!”

“Gee, I’m doing it now!”



The lesser gods hurriedly do push-ups again. Only then did Damdeok close his eyes with a relaxed expression.

His body, with his legs crossed, kept tilting due to the jagged movements of the lesser gods.

“Hey, do it with commands, not numbers. And so that they do not shake, they move in the same direction in a horizontal position. It keeps leaning to one side. From now on, we will add more each time it tilts.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Now, start again! one!”

“Only the truth!!”


“I’m talking!!”

It’s been a while since the sad voices echoed through the shelter.

“Huh… Huh… .”

“A thousand times… ! Do it, you did it… !”

Still, God is God, and the lesser gods who achieved 1,000 push-ups with Damdeok on them lay down and roared.

His flushed face was completely covered in sweat.

The lesser gods calmed down a little and secretly noticed Damdeok.

“… “Can we go back now?”

“… “Is it over?”

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth turned up evilly.

“no? What are you talking about. “Is this really the beginning?”

The real beginning… ? What I just said was a warm-up… ?

The faces of the two lesser gods were twisted in despair.

“Come on, move quickly!”



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From then on, Damdeok’s useless and one-sided instructions continued.

Photographing the gate and returning on a first-come, first-served basis, jumping rabbits to and from the shelter, organizing huge containers of delivery boxes, cleaning the floor of the shelter with wet wipes, etc.

Questions arose as to why he was asking me to do something like this, but when I looked at Damdeok’s quietly sparkling eyes, a shiver ran down my spine and I didn’t dare confront him.

In the end, it wasn’t long before the lesser gods were lying down on the floor.

“haha. Please stop now… !”

“I can’t do this anymore!”

Damdeok looked at the two with a hmm and smiled.

“okay. Well, this is enough.”

In fact, everything they had done so far was to drain the divine power of the lesser gods.

‘It’s the characteristic of gods that they use their divine power without realizing it when their stamina runs out.’

Even if the opponents are lesser gods than you, you never know what kind of power they might have.

‘If you use strange powers while you are careless… .’

You and Baekgureum might be fine, but your mother was up here.

‘Rather than starting a fight carelessly, it’s best to just relax and watch.’

They said they succeeded in overpowering them, but getting the answer they wanted from them was another problem.

‘It’s obvious that I’ll say I don’t know to most questions.’

But now that his strength has been weakened, will he have the guts to tell them they don’t know him?

Damdeok was planning to start playing this game from now on.

Come on.

Damdeok brought a chair from the table and sat down in front of them.

The lower gods lying face down met Damdeok’s high gaze.

“good. I’ll let you rest as much as you want from now on. instead… .”

The horse’s tail becomes blurred.

What else?

The eyes of the lesser gods wavered uneasily.

“From now on, you will have to answer everything I ask without any lies.”

Baekgureum nodded as if he understood Damdeok’s intentions and blocked their escape route.

The lesser gods were suddenly surrounded like sandwiches. Damdeok stretched out his fingers and showed ‘3’.

“Just 3 seconds. “If you don’t answer within 3 seconds, or if it looks like you’re lying, your hair will be blown off.”


The sound of the lesser gods falling asleep rang out.

Such a devil!

They said that the gods outside are selfish bastards who only care about themselves, and they were right.

In fact, when I first came out of the gate and encountered Damdeok, I decided that it was impossible to run away from this monster.

But what if you are so weak now?


‘There is no way now.’

As Damdeok intended, the lesser gods had completely lost their will to fight.

“ah! I’m just saying this just in case, but it would be better not to think nonsense. Because I have the power to know whether you are lying or not. Okay, from now on… .”

Damdeok quickly leaned against the back of the chair. Then, with an arrogant expression on her face, she asked her first question.

“Who is your boss?”

* * *

“therefore… In order to regain their name and divine power, the forgotten gods have created something called a gate and have been playing around here and there, right? “Do you want to make a name for yourself?”

“Wow, this is an act of indulgence. “In our own way, we are trying to preserve the meaning of existence.”

“Since I can’t do good deeds, should I make my name known by doing evil deeds?”

The two lesser gods remained silent at Damdeok’s sarcasm.

“By collecting the value of the name, they become strong, start a war among the gods, kill all the original gods, and forgetful gods take their place again…” The plan is neat and simple. So when does the war of the gods happen?”

“Well, lesser gods like us don’t know that.”

“do you want to die?”

“Jeez, it’s true! I know how to attack, but I really don’t know when to attack… !”

The god of the crock pot was in a hurry and made an excuse, but when he realized his mistake, he covered his mouth.

“Hey, you crazy… !”

The god of the eaves struck the side with a puck, but it was already too late.

“You don’t know when to attack, but you know how to attack?”

Damdeok looked straight at him and asked.

The god of crock pot only hesitated. The god at the eaves just bows his head.

Damdeok let out a long sigh.

Anyway, neither humans nor gods listen to what is said, even if it is good.

“Listen carefully. From now on, if I don’t blow everything I know… .”

Damdeok took out a cube from his waistband.

“Do you guys know what this is?”


As an unusual energy leaked from the cube, the lesser gods shook their heads violently in fear.

“If you’re trapped here. I can’t feel anything – no sunlight, no air, no heat, no cold. It’s literally a completely enclosed space. Now, here’s the problem! “What was this cube really used for?”

The lesser gods were very nervous and just slowly shook their heads.

Damdeok raised the corners of his mouth and quietly uttered one word.

“… “Torture chamber.”

As the terrible words flowed out, the bodies of the two lesser gods trembled.

Damdeok fiddled with the cube and spoke darkly.

“If I lock you in here and beat you up, the screams will never escape or something…” .”

And then I glanced at the two guys.

“How should I tell the rest of the story here?”

Damdeok leisurely raised the corners of his mouth, and the faces of the two lesser gods were becoming completely tearful.

* * *


In the middle of Jongno.

People’s attention was focused on one place.

Damdeok glanced at the white clouds next to him and muttered quietly.

“Hey, can’t you take off that armor? Or you can do it in transparency mode like me!”

“Why, bro, am I embarrassed?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“… But is it okay to keep them locked up in a cube like that? “If you run away, it’s over.”

“Don’t talk back! men and horses!”

Damdeok shouted and glanced at the message.

[Poppy: There is nothing wrong with the cube, bro! I will continue to protect it!]

After the interrogation of the lesser gods was over, they were locked in a cube.

“I tied it up tightly with Pao’s bandages, and Poppy is guarding it tightly, so there’s no need to worry about it escaping.”

“Well then, I’m glad! But I don’t think there’s really anything special about God. “I can’t believe you spent such a long time preparing for war just to raise your reputation.”

“Just barely. “For them, finding a name may be all that matters.”

What does name value mean to the gods?

It is used as an ability, a right, a value, and a symbol itself.

‘It’s not much different from humans chasing money.’

They were also similar in the fact that they were both slaves of desire.

“Anyway, it’s a big deal, bro. “If what they say is true, we will be far behind in the numbers.”

“yes. “There are far more forgotten gods than there are gods remembered by humans.”

When I heard it in person, it was a huge number.

The difference in power was so great that it could be called a one-sided massacre party of forgotten gods rather than a war of the gods.

‘It’s a fight I’m no match for in the first place.’


“A huge gate appears in the middle of the Pacific… .”

The way the war of gods took place was more terrible than expected.

The Pacific Ocean, the entire wide sea, turns into a gate, and all the forgotten gods and monsters come out at once.

They say that jumping out through the Pacific and infiltrating all dimensions simultaneously is the prelude to war… .

‘Maybe it’s close to the end of the world.’

It was a terrible thing to even imagine.

Baekgureum grumbled next to him, probably thinking the same thing.

“Why did they come to the Pacific Ocean in the first place, saying it was a war between gods?”

“They say this is the default world. All other dimensions were created through the beliefs of people in this world, so it would not be strange if they collapsed at any time. “It’s not stable enough to fight a war there.”

“Even if I listen to it again, I still don’t know what it means… .”

“Then just move on. Anyway, all the gods we know are going to clash head-on in the Pacific. Then the whole world will be devastated.”

Stand tall.

Baekgureum’s feet stopped.

It wasn’t because I was surprised by Damdeok’s words.

As they talked, the two soon arrived in front of a building.

“So why did you ask me to come here?”

The sky-high height of the building.

Korea Hunter Association main building.

Damdeok, dressed neatly in a suit for the first time in a while, adjusted his tie.

“We must definitely prepare for war here too.”


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