I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 114

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#114. Fourth Guardian, Pao (2)

Mang (亡).

It was the first word that came to Poppy’s mind.

‘Why is the boss here… ?’

Poppy’s shaking gaze looked straight ahead.

Damdeok and Baekgureum standing in front of the wide open door,

And standing tall in front of them was a large male god.

black jackal head,

Sturdy physique.

Even the reddish hair sticking out on his forearms.

It was definitely true.

The male god was Seth, one of the nine main gods of Pyramid Egypt and the president of the Pyramid Delivery Company.

‘No, why is the boss popping out here? why!!’

Poppy screamed silently.

The moment when all the employees cheered when they heard the news that the boss was going on vacation still lingers vividly in my ears… !

Through the faint auditory hallucinations, another sound was heard.

The sound of future courier life going awry… .

‘not good. This is a very bad situation.’

Set’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Poppy, who was fidgeting.

What caught his eye was,

[Pyramid Delivery]

It was the blue vest worn by Poppy, Damdeok, and Baekgureum.

Set’s head moves very slowly,

It was tilted crookedly.

[…] What are you doing here now?]

A deep but quite nervous voice.

It was a voice that perfectly suited his reputation as an evil god.

[…] The 444th floor is definitely off-limits, right?]

His eyes became cold.

“Well, that…” So, boss, that’s what you’re saying… .”

Poppy started fidgeting and stuttering.

The evil god Seth.

His notoriety was so great that among the Egyptian gods, there was no one he didn’t know about.

‘In the past, there was even a god who was beaten to death after delivering a wrong parcel… !’

Poppy closed her eyes tightly.

The current situation was a serious violation of the rules, incomparable to the misdelivery of a parcel.

If you didn’t want to get hit and die, you had to come up with some excuse.

Should I say I took the wrong route?

Or do you just say you did something wrong?

Poppy’s embarrassed eyes began to wander here and there, with nowhere to go.

Cold sweat was running down my back.

‘I can’t help it. Let’s pray! ‘Just empty it no matter what!’

After thinking like that, Poppy bent her waist to 90 degrees and shouted.

“I’m sorry! Wow, I took the wrong route! I tried to leave right away, but the maze suddenly changed… ! I’m leaving right now! If you just turn a blind eye just once… .”

But Set was adamant.

[Nonsense. How could you have taken a wrong turn in a place that even had a warning sign posted at the entrance? You know, right? Anyone who violates the rules will be subject to summary punishment.]

“B-but… !”

It was at that time that Poppy tried to protest with as pitiful an expression as possible.

Damdeok, who was watching, calmly opened his mouth.

“however… .”

Set’s gaze glanced at Damdeok.

Without fear, open the door to the stone room you are in! The person who opened it.

Actually, if he wanted to apologize, this guy should have done it first… .

‘What was the first word of the guy who kept his mouth shut and just stared?’

He didn’t even step back when he saw himself.

Set looked down at Damdeok indifferently.

Seeing that there was a human child next to him, he looked like a guy with a screw missing from his head.

‘Are you an intermediate rookie? For a guy who works part-time as a courier, his physical strength is high.’

But it was a bit unusual.

Even though he is a mid-level god, how can he be so sane even though he is spewing out such a subtle murderous spirit?

Even if you don’t tremble like Poppy, it’s normal to at least look nervous like the human child next to you… .

Set, who was staring at Damdeok, spoke bluntly.

[…] Do you have any excuses left? If you’re going to make an excuse, you’d better come up with a more plausible one… .]

Damdeok interrupted Set.

“No, that’s not an excuse… “I know this is an off-limits area, but I was wondering if it only applies to middle and low-level gods.”

Although Set squirmed for a moment at the interruption, he persevered.

[…] This applies to all Egyptian gods. If it is a human child, it is something that should not be allowed in.]

As Set said that and glared at White Cloud, the guy flinched and held his sword tightly.



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Damdeok chuckled and tilted his head.

“The Egyptian gods are all evil… “But why are you here?”

It was an unexpected provocation.

In an instant, the air inside the stone room froze.

“Tongue, bro… it’s crazy?”

Baekgureum took a step back, looking at Damdeok and Set alternately with wide-open eyes.

“Uh… Hey, over there… .”

Poppy was in a state of complete confusion and lost control.

[what… ?]

Set was also in a ridiculous state due to the cute provocation of an intermediate god he had never experienced before.

Are you making a fuss with me now?

Or just a fool?

Set’s brow furrowed.

What is your place in Egyptian mythology?

At one time, he rose to the position of the main god, and wasn’t he a rare evil god who tore Osiris, the previous main god, to pieces and killed him?

At least inside the pyramid!

No, not in the world of Egyptian mythology!

No one could despise him except Horus.

however… what? Why am I here?


Set pushed his face right in front of Damdeok.

[you… Your arrogance is sky-high.]


A tremendous force emanated from Set.


[Facing a terrible fear!]

[The first title effect of is activated!]

[Resists the status abnormality ‘Fear’!]

[The target’s divine status is too high, so the title effect is nullified!]


[Facing a terrible fear!]

System windows appear before Damdeok’s eyes.

Damdeok’s body flinched for a moment due to the tremendous force, but he soon gritted his teeth and held on.


[The second title effect of is activated!]

[Exuding the momentum of ‘fear’!]

Damdeok’s momentum and the momentum emanating from Set clashed violently.

A tense battle with no one backing down.

Damdeok bit his lower lip so hard that he tasted blood.

‘It may be a fight that is impossible for my physical strength, but… !’

With only the momentum of a mid-level god, it was obvious that he had no chance of winning against a set of top rookies. but… .

‘What if this isn’t just my momentum?’


[Medusa’s ‘fear’ filled the space!]

[The terrible fear is diluted!]

[Get used to fear resistance!]

[Fear resistance evolves to another level!]

Damdeok’s counterattack operation was successful.


It was a title he received from directly seeing the face of the legendary Medusa.

No matter how great the opponent is, he will not be able to win against the fear of Medusa.

‘Because Medusa’s curse can make even the gods harden with fear.’

The story of Athena scaring the gods with the “Shield of the Aegis” was already famous in the world of gods.

‘Going to Gorgon Island and meeting Medusa was a godsend.’

Of course, that didn’t completely suppress the momentum of the set, and it still gave me shivers… .

‘It’s bearable.’

Damdeok smiled leisurely on purpose.

In an instant, Set’s expression turned grim.

“Ugh… Tongue, brother… Well, stop… .”

Poppy, who was behind her, was foaming at the mouth and was on the verge of fainting.

‘This brother…’ Should I cut my losses?’

Baekgureum is also looking at Damdeok with a very stiff look.

Set also couldn’t understand this situation.

‘Was he a person with fear resistance?’

Even though he didn’t give his all, he still showed off his own strong momentum, but the guy in front of him didn’t seem to have suffered much damage.

‘Or this… ‘Are you crazy?’

Set seriously thought so.

Even among the gods, there were sometimes crazy ones.

And most of those people were the highest gods and upper-class gods, and they were invisible Anhamu people.


That was Set’s hasty decision.

Damdeok is much more than he expected… .

He was crazy on the Great level.

“I have a question.”

Damdeok said.

A pure question without any malice.

Poppy and Baekgureum have given up on being surprised anymore.

[…] what? Are you going to ask me a question in this situation?]

“yes. Maybe not… Is that okay?”

I was on the verge of laughing.

Is it possible to be like this without fear?

‘Are you really going to kill that brat with a screw in his head?’

Earlier, I threatened Poppy with a summary sentence and scared him as if I would kill him right away, but in fact, I was planning to charge him with trespassing later and send him away quietly today.

But doesn’t the young chick in front of you go too far?

‘Arrogant guy.’

Set’s red hand twitched, unable to bear the violence.

A distance that could immediately crush your head.

‘This guy, I can kill him as much as I want if I want to. but… .’

His hand, which had been twitching convulsively, soon became quiet.


Set’s gaze went to the back of the room, to the far corner.

Several coffins surrounded by golden decorations.

Today was the day of sacrifice.

A day to gather together all the pharaohs and lead the resurrection of Osiris.

This 444th floor was the floor of the altar built for the resurrection of Osiris.

Finally, today, I was able to find all the sacrifices and perform a sacrifice… .

‘Hehe, if I killed someone on a day like today, that guy would say something really bad.’


He was a very unscrupulous man who repeatedly threatened to kill Osiris if he did not help him resurrect his father, Osiris, according to a prophecy.

‘Anyway, this guy or that guy… !’

Set’s face crumpled.

“Don’t kill needlessly.”

After Horus ruled, I couldn’t bear the pain of following and following his creed.

But what can you do?

The owner of this pyramid is now that guy… .

‘after. It’s my arm.’

Damdeok was still looking at the set with sparkling eyes.

“… Mr. Set? “Can I ask you a question?”

Set waved his hand as if he was annoyed.

[it’s okay. Questions are not accepted. Everyone go back now. To exit the maze, just keep going through the door on the right until you reach the entrance.]

Set just said that and turned around.

People who don’t deliver delivery services and just joke around here.

Part of me wants to kill them all, but… .

I was annoyed.

‘This guy looks like an ordinary dog-headed guard. If I meet this guy later, I will definitely kill him.’

Set glanced at Damdeok and turned around.

It was then.


As soon as the set turned around, a sound was heard hitting the ground from behind,

Soon, a warm touch was placed on Set’s head.

The eyes of not only those involved in the set, but also Baekoreum and Poppy were filled with astonishment.

‘Well… .’

‘crazy… .’

Poppy and Baekgureum thought so at the same time.

flutter flutter-

Hermes shoes that flap their wings.

Damdeok was stroking Set’s head with a serious expression.

Pat pat-

[The characteristic ‘Opening Decree’ is activated!]

[The target’s divinity is too high to activate ‘Opening Order’!]

[Attribute activation is cancelled!]

“… ah? “It doesn’t work either.”

As Damdeok scratched his head in embarrassment,

[This bastard!!]

Set’s exploded hand struck Damdeok’s body violently.



The excited set didn’t know.

The moment Damdeok was hit, he deliberately turned his body diagonally behind him… .



Damdeok was hit so hard that it hurt, but as intended, he was thrown into the far corner of the room where the set was.

Thanks to this, all the coffins gathered there were opened, turned over, and their contents spilled out, causing quite a stir.

“Ugh. damn… After all, it was too unreasonable to subjugate the Supreme God as the opening decree.”

Damdeok stood up with difficulty.

If it weren’t for the physical defense option of the Hercules Lion Armor, I would have been seriously injured.

All of this is unreasonable.

Damdeok knew very well that that was a seriously unreasonable number.

Nevertheless, the reason he continued his foolish behavior was… .

From the beginning, I tried it with the thought, ‘If there is an opening decree, it’s good, if not, it’s not!’

What I was patting just now was a kind of gambling.


To be more precise… .

“It was bait.”

A bait to get over here at once.

From the first time the door opened and he encountered Set, Damdeok acted after thoroughly calculating everything.

‘If it wasn’t for the hint that Ju Soo-yul gave me, it would have been difficult to act like this.’

Please note that Seth is stuck under the current ruler, Horus’s order not to kill.

Still, I was so nervous that the guy’s hand would pierce my body… .

“ha. It’s tough, it’s tough.”

Damdeok sighed and looked at the coffins that were in chaos because of him.

Among the scattered coffins,

I saw a mummy curled up and radiating a unique energy.


The fourth guardian mentioned by Jooyul.

[This bastard… ! Killing is prohibited and I will kill you right away!]

An excited set was approaching from afar, pounding away.

At the same time, Pao’s tightly closed eyes slowly opened.

“Well, it’s so hard to meet you.”

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth quirked up.


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