I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 115

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#115. Fourth Guardian, Pao (3)

“… … ?”

Damdeok glanced at Pao, who was staring at him with his eyes closed.

The height is cuter than expected.

Small, child-like physique and short limbs.


Chestnut-colored hair was sticking out from between the half-flowing bandages.

The guy’s eyes were bulging.

“you… “Who is ?”

A young voice.

At least seven years old?

‘The address rate was told in advance, but… ‘Seeing you in person, you’re younger than I thought.’

There were a lot of things I wanted to ask, but right now was not the time to talk leisurely.


Before we knew it, a dark shadow was falling over Damdeok and Pao’s heads.

[This annoying bastard… .]

Set looked down at Damdeok with grim eyes.

He was very annoyed.

‘There’s no reason this damn bastard is stuck here.’

Didn’t all the golden crowns that sealed the Pharaoh fall over?

“… Ugh.”

“… “Ugh.”

Because of this, the pharaohs of all generations were waking up one by one.

Offerings for the resurrection of Osiris.

Those who should have quietly completed the ceremony in the coffin are alive and moving even before Osiris’ coffin arrives.

There has never been a more annoying situation.

[I assure you, you will have to die more painfully than anyone else… !!]


At the same time, Set gritted his teeth and shouted,

Feeling threatened, Damdeok’s body shot out quickly.


[ skill is activated!]

Damdeok picked up Pao and flew to the other side in an instant.

Set’s hand followed him roughly, but Damdeok escaped by a narrow margin.



They ran away so loudly that even the coffins that were still intact fell over… .

“Ugh… ?”

“Well… ?”

The number of pharaohs waking up increased.


Deeper wrinkles appeared between Set’s eyebrows.

Even as that damned bastard ran away, he created more work.

Set’s eyes scanned the mummies indifferently.


What kind of being are they?

Puppets created by the Egyptian gods to automatically receive name value from humans.

When the gods allow the to use ‘magic power’, the use it to perform miracles on the common people and exclaim, ‘All these miracles are because they were chosen by the gods!’

In this way, the Egyptian gods were able to steadily increase their physical strength while playing and eating within this pyramid.

The Egyptian gods, who had been using such expedient methods for thousands of years to increase their name value, never dreamed that among the pharaohs there would be someone who could freely manipulate magical power.

However, a talent born after thousands of years.

A pharaoh who absorbed the magic lent by the gods and grew his size several times.

That’s it… .

“Everyone gathered, right? From now on, don’t leave me.”

Damdeok and the group gathered in one corner of the room, as far away from the set as possible.

And there is little Mira hanging on Damdeok’s side.


Set’s frown narrowed.

‘Other guys have a terrible amount of magic power, but this guy is different.’

The rest of the mummies were just sub dishes, and the main dish was that little one.

Among the pharaohs to be sacrificed, he will be the most useful.

Set snapped his fingers and glared fiercely at Damdeok.

[…] okay. On one hand, I feel grateful for this. Now, even if I rip you to pieces and kill you, Horus will never be able to say that bullshit about ‘no killing’.]


It was an instant.

A horrible feeling of death filled the room, so much so that it took my breath away.

The other pharaohs, who were staggering to their feet, were suddenly slowed down by Set’s deadly force.

“Ugh… .”



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“That… .”

The mummies were in a state where they could not even make the sounds they were making properly.

On the other hand, little Pao spoke very clearly.

“this guy! Now put me down!”

The chirping voice of a child.

“this guy? “Why are your words so short?”

“This is outrageous! “I am the 12th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt!”

“what the.”

Damdeok found the kid pretending to be solemn funny, but he put him down for now.

Now was not the time to be like this.

The killing spirit was becoming more and more intense.

The only ones who were fine were ‘Pao’ and ‘himself’, but the complexions of Poppy and Baekoreum next to them were changing rapidly.

“Ugh. Tongue, brother… .”

Poppy looked terrified, but White Cloud was different.

Even though the guy was trembling, he was holding his sword straight up.

For an instant, White Cloud’s eyes, glaring at Set, sparkled with blue light.

[First priest Baekgureum endures a terrible fear!]

[First priest White Cloud’s fear resistance increases!]

[The skill is created for the first priest Baek Gureum!]

Once the skill was created, the guy’s expression became a little more relaxed.

He created a skill with his bare body, without any equipment or elixir.

‘A genius is a genius.’

Damdeok nodded in satisfaction,

“What are you going to do, bro? Run away? Or fight?!”

Baekgureum, full of confidence, shouted like that.

Damdeok muttered as he polished his sword.

“no. Why are we running away? “There is only one person.”

[Use the skill!]

[Summon all the wolves you have tamed so far!]

– Crrrrr… !

– Crrrrr… !

– Crrrrr… !

Deadly hounds, ice wolves, sun wolves, and even the ‘dog-headed intermediate god’ guard we saw on the first floor earlier.

“Hmph! “Set?!”

“You take the lead. From now on, you are the boss of the wolves.”

“Ugh… .”

The dog-headed guard had a frightened face, but since he was subject to the opening decree, he had no choice but to follow orders.

Even though he looks like that, he is a mid-level god.

‘Enough to lead an army of hundreds of wolves.’

Damdeok’s troops filled the stone chamber. The majesty seemed quite convincing, but the set only snorted.

There was no hesitation in his steps.

Just straight up.

He was walking straight towards Damdeok.

[Is this all? Sing more. I, too, will run wild as much as I want for the first time in a long time.]

Damn it.


With each step he took, the slabs on the floor began to crack.

A tremendous feeling of intimidation.

Pao, who was staring at the sight, blinked! Raised her right arm.

“Set, the vile evil spirit… ! “I will never forgive you for using the Pharaohs to enrich the gods!”

It was hard to believe that these words came from the mouth of a small child.


Pao scolded with a cute face and stretched his raised right arm forward as hard as he could.


The thick gold bracelet on his wrist shone brightly.

The golden light was so strong that not only Damdeok, but also White Cloud and Poppy behind him, and even the face of Set who was approaching began to shine brightly like the moon.

‘Pharaoh’s bracelet!’

Damdeok cried out in joy.

It is said that among the pharaohs of all time, the only one who can fully handle it is .

And its purpose is… !

Suddenly, a bustling noise started coming from somewhere.

Soon after,

– Woooo!

– Woooo!

Mummies pouring in from somewhere.

All the mummies on the 444th floor were constantly coming into the room where Pao was.

[Following the wolves, this time it’s Mira.]

Set waved his hand with a laughable face.


Bub bub bub!

– Gaekgaeng!

– Break it!



Even with a light swing of the hand, the wolves and mummies were torn apart like pieces of tissue paper.


Still, while Pao’s golden bracelet was flashing, the mummies were constantly coming back to life, blocking Set’s path.

Nevertheless, it was only a matter of time before he arrived in front of Damdeok and his group.

“That kind of monster… !”

Damdeok stopped Baekgureum who was about to jump out as if he thought it wouldn’t work.

“wait. “Our side isn’t over yet.”

[Use the skill!]

[Summon ‘Cerberus’, the sentinel of Hell!]


With the sound of heaven and earth shaking,

– Crrrrrrr… !!

Cerberus, a three-headed monster, has been summoned.

An overwhelming difference in size compared to ordinary wolves. I could see the entire room between his legs.

Although it was enormous, the hellish heat radiated by the three giant heads was powerful enough to strike back even Set’s intense murderous energy.

So much so that not only White Cloud but also Poppy’s expression became much more relaxed.


‘Ugh. ‘It takes too much spiritual power to summon this guy.’

Damdeok tasted like death.

That was the whole reason why I tried not to call this guy if possible.

‘But I can’t help it now.’

Cerberus was the hidden card of this battle.

Damdeok looked straight ahead with a satisfied smile.

As expected, Set, who had been attacking without hesitation, suddenly stopped and just glared at Cerberus.

Did you stop because you were afraid of Cerberus?


If Set, the highest god, truly attacks, he will be able to wipe out not only Cerberus but also everyone here.


‘What kind of being is Cerberus?’

Think about it.

Cerberus is a symbolic being in the Olympus world.

A symbol of the underworld.

‘Meddling with him is the same as messing with his master, Hades.’

Damdeok knew that fact very well.

For Set, attacking Cerberus is a very burdensome task.

If done wrong, it could turn the entire Olympus into an enemy.

‘If we put Cerberus in front, Set will never be able to attack us easily.’

Damdeok started talking with a smile on his face.

“Hey, why don’t we just go our separate ways at this point? I just need to take this guy, Pao. “The rest of the pharaohs won’t even touch us, so just let us go.”

Damdeok’s sudden informal speech made Set’s face fall! Crumpled.

[…] How dare you talk like that? Are you really crazy?]

Damdeok responded with a puzzled expression.

“Then what… How should I say it? Should I beg the guy who is coming to kill me, ‘Oh, teacher, please save me!’?”

The set is popping! I ground my teeth.

He couldn’t hold back any longer and threw himself away.

[I’ll rip that arrogant mouth off!!!]

The mummies and wolves in front bounced around like bowling pins.

However, the fast-approaching set had to slow down due to the appearance of Cerberus.

– Crrrrr!! Cough!! Wow!!

Set’s body was completely pushed back by the ferocious attack of the three heads of Cerberus.

[Ugh… ! This big-headed bastard!]

Even though he said that, Set couldn’t bear to fight back.

All I could do was curse and step back.

He rushed towards Damdeok several more times, but it was impossible to break through Cerberus’ stubborn defense without making any attacks.

‘As expected, it’s worth it to put all your energy into it.’

That was when Damdeok nodded.

[These idiots!! Do you know what the situation is like now?! Come back quickly!!]

Suddenly, Set looked into the air and became impatient, and soon the maze, which had been quiet before, began to move quickly.

Coo coo coo coo coo!!

‘this. Was it that guy who was controlling the maze?’

What on earth are you trying to do?

To separate us from Cerberus?

“Everyone stick close to Cerberus!”

With Damdeok’s shout, everyone gathered under Cerberus’ ship.

Coo coo coo coo coo!!

However, contrary to expectations, what changed was not the room Damdeok is currently in.

The structure of the surrounding rooms was changing rapidly.

Coo coo coo coo coo!


Coo coo coo coo!


Four more doors appeared in all directions, north, south, east and west.

Four doors open at the same time as Set laughs evilly.

Jump up!

Jump up!

Jump up!

Jump up!

God with the head of an eagle,


God with the head of a dog,


goddess with the head of a cat,


God with the head of a crocodile,


Behind each one, numerous middle and high-level gods can be seen.

Truly a great army.

North, south, east and west, the situation was completely surrounded.

There is silence for a moment,

“brother… ?”

“older brother… ?”

– Kiing… ?

Baekgureum, Poppy, and even Cerberus looked back at Damdeok.

Damdeok swallowed his saliva once and shouted with the most serious expression he had ever seen.

“… “Everything pops!”


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