I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 109

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#109. Pyramid Courier (2)

The entrance to the huge pyramid, Teotihuacan, was located in the north, south, east and west.

“Isn’t the line huge?”

Damdeok frowned at the brightly shining sun and looked at the line at the entrance.

There was an endless procession of gods trying to get inside.

“At what time will we go with this… ?”

In response to Baekgureum’s words, Damdeok tapped him on the shoulder without saying a word.

“I only trust you, brother.”

Damdeok walked ahead with long strides. The long line was blatantly ignored.


“Cutting in line?”

The gods who were standing in line were glaring at Damdeok and Baekgureum, and then when they saw the words ‘Pyramid Delivery’ written on the blue vests, they slowly began to make way for them.

“I’m a god who works as a courier.”

“You’re having a hard time in this heat.”

“Get out of the way. “Get out of the way.”

It was a story I had already heard from Poppy. It is said that courier workers can enter anywhere inside the pyramid without being asked.


As soon as the rugged-looking entrance guard saw Damdeok and Baekgureum’s blue vests, he clearly shouted for them to pass.

“Did you see it? “The blue vest is a free pass here~”

Damdeok, with a somewhat excited look on his face, tapped Baekgureum’s side once and took the lead.

“ah… okay… That would be nice, bro… .”

Baekgureum was still complaining about Gao not living because of the blue vest, but Damdeok wasn’t even listening.


The sound of footsteps echoes.

Narrow hallway.

It was a dark hallway, with only a handful of sunlight coming through the small cracks in the walls.

Just when I felt like the claustrophobia-inducing stuffiness would continue for quite a long time, I saw an entrance of light in the distance, and soon, an open view of the interior unfolded before my eyes.

“and… “Killing me?”

An exclamation of exclamation came out of Damdeok’s mouth without me knowing.

The same was true for White Cloud, who continued to be sullen.

“wow… !”

The inside of the pyramid was much more spacious and comfortable than expected, and above all… It was so gorgeous!

“Now, take your pick! pick! “Just for today!”

“Oasis Fruit Cactus Juice is on special sale!”

“A mysterious elixir highly praised by Horus!”

Brilliant merchants lined up on both sides.

Each person seemed to be busy buying and selling unique items and equipment.

That wasn’t all.

“Come and taste the grilled sand monster~”

“Roasted freshly caught, sturdy camel~”

I also saw some unique food that made my mouth water.

“I mean~ The power I gained this time through part-time work~”

“I’m selling a part-time job strategy book about Greek mythology~”

“Fairy King’s herbs~ There are different classes!”

There were a lot of storytellers, strategy books, and mysterious potions that drew on their own experiences.

‘It’s a completely different world than when you see it from the outside.’

It was no wonder that Damdeok and Baekgureum’s eyes rolled back.

“You can go anywhere in downtown Seoul…” Hey, hey!”

Damdeok grabbed Baekgureum by the neck as he rushed into the restaurant, drooling.

“This bastard. I can’t stand that bird… .”

“Oh brother! This is what we do for a living anyway, so just take a bite of that… .”

“no. Don’t do anything useless. “Our goal today is to be as inconspicuous as possible.”

Damdeok, who resolutely suppressed Baekgureum, walked quickly.

“Let’s see.” If it’s as Poppy told me, here… .”

Go straight ahead from the east entrance, turn right at store 16, go straight again, turn left at store 235, and turn around towards the bathroom… .

Although it may seem complicated in words, the road was actually not that difficult.

The first floor of the pyramid was divided into sections like a well-organized new city.


“Uh… I want to eat that… .”

We arrived at our destination, forcefully dragging Baekgureum, who was still unconscious.

A sign that says ‘Area A’.

A spiral staircase continues endlessly above it.

Guards with murderous eyes were standing on both sides of the entrance to the stairs.

‘It looks just like the stone statues from Egyptian murals.’

One had the head of a bird, the other the head of a dog, and each was holding a large spear tightly in its right hand.

Judging by the divine power flowing out, it looks like there will be quite a fight.

Intermediate god level?

Let’s approach them,



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The dog-headed guard spoke in a loud voice.

“Is it a delivery service? “It’s late.”

The bird-headed guard also gruffly helped.

“Out of all the delivery guys today, you were the latest. “You don’t know what kind of customers are here in Area A, do you?”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders at the guards’ threatening attitude.

‘How should I know what kind of customers are in Area A?’

I do not know.

‘I don’t even want to know.’

All he had to do was find the fourth guardian.

The dog-headed guard’s face was subtly distorted.

“anyway… With a stupid expression on his face. it’s okay. “Hurry in and carry your luggage.”

He doesn’t speak rudely, but he obediently lets him in.

‘As expected, the blue vest of the free pass.’

is a mess.

I thought about giving that rude Jodong-ari a slap, but I barely held back.

“… “Then excuse me.”

Damdeok was exercising patience while thinking about the fourth guardian.

“okay. “Move quickly, quickly. If you don’t want to be caught by the higher-ups, you’ll have to jump on foot.”

Just as I was about to pass the screaming guards and go up the stairs,

“Ah, wait a minute.”

The dog-headed guard tapped Baekgureum on the back of the head with the tip of his spear.

“You’re human, right? “Humans are prohibited from entering except for the Pharaoh.”


It even sends a signal to come down with a chin gesture.

It was an insulting act.

Baekgureum’s face suddenly became cold.

Before the guy could draw his sword, Damdeok stepped forward first.

“… Hey, this is my priest. “Is there a rule that says humans can’t enter this area?”

When I asked Poppy, she clearly said it didn’t matter, but why are they blocking it?

There was a hint of irritation in Damdeok’s voice, but the guards didn’t notice at all.

“of course. This is not a place where anyone can enter. Well, if you really want to go in, there’s no way, right?”

The spinning shape was enough to tell what it wanted.

“… “Kickback money?”

The dog-headed guard was furious.

“Kickback money. It means showing sincerity. Sincerity! “It’s like a kind of security deposit that guarantees that a human kid won’t go in and cause an accident.”

“If it’s a deposit, will it be returned?”

“what? This kid… “If you’re going to give it back, why are we taking it?”

“And why do you keep speaking informally? The gatekeepers are those who follow the divine instructions of Horus. “Be polite!”

The guards glared at Damdeok with grim faces.

It was ready to rush at any chance.

‘I decided not to notice… .’

Damdeok decided to accommodate them for now.

“… You need people to get the job done quickly. Besides, this child is a priest subordinate to me, so no accident will occur. “I promise.”

I even spoke politely and calmly asked for understanding, but it was no use.

“Ah, that’s enough. It’s already too late. “I’m both upset, so come down, you two, come down, you bastards.”

At the same time, the way he messed around was just like a bully’s. Damdeok’s impression comes naturally! I frowned.

“What a bitch… .”



The guards’ heads tilted.

I didn’t understand Korean swear words.

“What is a dog… ?”

“What do you mean… ?”

Damdeok thought it was a mistake to hear the guards’ puzzled questions.

‘You have to pass quietly. quietly… .’

Damdeok, who had engraved the character ‘Patience’ in his heart again, smiled.

“It means guards with the heads of dogs and birds. In short, dog… Yes, that’s right. You bitches. haha.”

The guards had a suspicious look on their faces, but they seemed to have calmed down significantly after adding the word ‘nim’.

Still, there was no change in his attitude of asking for bribes… .

Baekgureum, who was watching, placed his hand on the sword and asked.

“Brother, how? Shall we handle it?”

“it’s okay… They say we should move on quietly. “How many times do you say it?”

I was just about to end it by paying a few pennies, but a dog-headed guard suddenly rushed at me.

“I was in a really bad mood today! “Just spend that money on yourself!”

When the guy’s stupid face came closer, Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

I thought of a way to handle it quietly.

Ugh- Quang! Crash! Craddangtang!

In the blink of an eye, the dog-headed guard flew to the other side and landed there, kicking up dust.

Damdeok clapped his hands with a cool expression. He shook it off and gestured to the white clouds.

“let’s go. It’s good to save money, right? “We have nothing to do with this anymore.”

The bird-headed guard, who was looking at Damdeok and his trapped comrade alternately, shouted as if he was overcome by evil.

“Huh? hey! you! Don’t move there! “How dare you touch the gatekeeper?!”

He swung his spear in a threatening manner and screamed.

“stop!! I told you to stop!! If you move any further, you will be sentenced to death?!”

“Ah, bro. It’s annoying too. “Let’s just kill it.”

Baekgureum drew his sword, but Damdeok only waved his hand.

“Leave it alone. “Let’s just be quiet, pretend it doesn’t exist, and move on.”

“Stand here you bastards!!”

It was the moment when the bird-headed guard launched himself at Damdeok on the stairs.

The dog-headed guard who had fallen down instantly rolled over, holding his shoulder.

“Aaaah! Come on! “Zach!”

“Krrrrr… !”

“Ugh! “Let go of this!!”

[The trait ‘Opening Order’ has been activated!]

[Number of groups following you: 202.]

“Ugh, you bitches… It’s so noisy it’s killing me. We didn’t do anything. “They’re fighting among themselves~”

Watching Damdeok climbing the stairs with both ears covered, Baekgureum followed behind him with his mouth slightly open.

* * *


“who are you?”

“The delivery has arrived~”

“Leave it behind.”

Damdeok hesitated for a moment.

The same was true for the white clouds next to me.

Their eyes met slowly.

Leave this behind… ?

Damdeok’s gaze glanced downward.

A chain held tightly.

What followed from that was… .

– Crumbling! Kyao! Kyaoooo!

The lion-shaped monster mercilessly attempted to bite Damdeok’s thigh while wearing a muzzle.

White Cloud swallowed his saliva and asked.

“… “Isn’t there a cage or something?”

“Yes, none.”

There was nothing like that in the first place because it was moved by tying it to a stake on the lawn inside the cube.

I have to hand it over to the owner with the chain intact… .

Damdeok calmed his voice once again.


“Ah, sir. You have to receive this delivery yourself. Could you please open the door for a moment… .”

Jump up!

“Oh really! I told you to just leave it alone! please!”

“Sign… .”

“Here you go! That’s it!”


Paper flutters in the empty hallway.

Damdeok smiled awkwardly, hahaha, and picked up the paper.

From then on, the situation remained the same.


“The delivery has arrived~”

“Oh, wait a minute~”

I said it would only be a moment, but even after waiting for 10 minutes, it didn’t come out.

How long is just a moment?

Thirty minutes? one hour?

So, when I knock on the door again, he gets angry and asks why I’m urging him on like this.

Still, I persevered and headed to the next floor.


“The delivery has arrived~”

“What are you doing now? “Please leave it at the door.”

So, if you leave it at the door, a few hours later,

[Poppy: Brother, I heard there was a complaint from customer number 135 on the 97th floor. It’s an expensive item, so what if I just leave it in front of the door? .]

I’m pissed.

They said just leave it and leave it?

“Damn Egyptian gods… .”

Slowly, we began to reach our breaking point.

Where the hell is the fourth guardian?

I tried to go around each floor and look for suspicious places, but the interior of the pyramid was so large, and the further up you went, the only space there was for the gods, so it wasn’t easy to find.

“I have to find it quickly to get out of here… .”

At first, the inside of the pyramid was fascinating and fun, but as time went by, my desire to escape became more and more intense.

“haha. Damn stairs!”

“Hey, hey, why isn’t there an elevator?”

Damdeok and Baekgureum’s heavy breathing echoed down the stairs.

No, if you’re going to follow Korea’s delivery system, shouldn’t you have also taken into account that elevators are essential in high-rise buildings?

Thanks to , the trouble of carrying luggage up the stairs was reduced, but the hellish height of the pyramid was definitely not easy.

If it weren’t for the wind blowing in through the windows lining the spiral staircase, I would have probably lied down a long time ago.

“after. it’s okay. “This floor is the final delivery location for the first cube.”

“Oh, it’s really tough…” “Hyung, what floor is this?”

“333rd floor. “We are now halfway done.”

The sound of the wind beyond the window was at an unusually high level.

‘It’s a big deal. I climbed this far but couldn’t find the suspicious room.’

If Juso-yul said, the only way to find the fourth guardian was to search the pyramid like teeth.

His secret room changes every day like a maze, and the gods inside the pyramid barely know him, so they literally have no choice but to search for him through hard work… .

‘But this is too severe. So, what time of year do you look for it?’

It was a search for a needle in the desert.

As Damdeok was deep in thought, Baekgureum looked around the hallway and grumbled.

“No, you can’t find it if you look for a suspicious room. The rooms all look the same? There were two torches on either side of the large stone door, and a stone statue with his own face instead of a door plate… Everything is the same! tighten!”

It was like that.

Egyptian gods had very little personality.

I don’t know what it was like inside where they lived, but at least the outside entrances were all the same, as if they were taken from a photo.

“In other words, if it’s not set up like that, it’s a suspicious room.”

Damdeok said that and began to carefully walk around the 333rd floor.

It was then.

“Ah, I was really scared! “You actually saw the Sphinx halfway through the open gap?!”

“Kkkk, why did you say you wanted to see her again? “If you ask the Sphinx, he will tell you where she is right away~?”

“okay. “The Sphinx knows everything about the Pyramids.”

“I was trying to help us get in because you were scared~ Too bad.”

High-ranking gods with animal heads passed by Damdeok and chatted among themselves.

“it’s crazy? “If you get a question wrong, you’ll get eaten!”

“You just have to answer the question correctly, right?”

“ha ha ha! “He is like that too!”

“You acted like you would do anything earlier, but the cactus god is a coward.”

“You bastards! “If you’re so confident, why don’t you guys go in first?!”

As soon as the voice went away, Damdeok and Baekgureum’s steps stopped.


You want to tell me everything about the pyramids?

As if I was possessed, I approached the hallway they came from and saw,

“and… “That door looks really suspicious, bro.”

In the far corner, in a gloomy place without sunlight, I saw a huge door without the usual stone statues or torches.

‘There are no other doors around here.’

Instead, there are murals scattered throughout the hallway.

At the center,

A monster with the head of a human, the body of a lion, and the tail of a snake.


Damdeok was already getting close to the huge door.


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