I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 108

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#108. Pyramid Courier (1)


As soon as the pure white vision cleared, someone jerked! I grabbed his arm and dragged him.

“hey! There’s no time to zone out! “There’s a backlog of work right now!”


Damdeok was dragged away unexpectedly.

The surrounding scenery naturally came into view.

“One, two!”

“One, two hey!”

Inside a huge stone structure.

‘The roof is completely open… .’

That wasn’t all. The interior is shabby, with only holes here and there or poorly broken walls.

Inside, everyone seemed to be busy loading, unloading, and sorting large and small luggage.

‘It’s a typical logistics warehouse.’

It was somehow so similar to the human world that it became bittersweet.

The only obvious difference was that instead of loading and unloading trucks, the luggage was loaded into something like a large box, and instead of a conveyor belt, the luggage was coming up through a pure white portal.

Except for those two things, the mechanical commands given to exert strength and the desolate atmosphere of the scene without any conversation to save stamina were surprisingly similar.

Anyway, the world of gods or the world of humans… .

Damdeok finished scanning the surroundings with a look that said he wasn’t that surprised anymore.

‘I don’t see my employer Seth… .’

Perhaps this man who is dragging him is a gunner(?) or something like that.

This was the part where I could see that the system was working in a sloppy manner.

“I’m really busy, so why did you make the place where new recruits are summoned so far away!”

The man presumed to be the shooter grumbled like that, then suddenly stopped and looked back at Damdeok.

“I’m your partner today! Even if you are a partner, once the loading and unloading is done, you each go to the delivery. Let’s not hold each other back in the beginning, okay? got it? Let’s do well?”

The man wriggled his dark eyebrows with particular force when he said, ‘Let’s do well?’

With his dark skin and large physique, his attitude was quite threatening, but Damdeok didn’t mind at all.

‘Judging from the perceived divine power… ‘He looks like a low-level god?’


The strength of the guy who was gripping my wrist with all his might felt weak.

“Hey, why aren’t you answering? You have to answer quickly. I guess it starts with mental education… hmm?”

The man who was rolling his eyes and cracking his neck suddenly comes closer and takes a closer look at Damdeok.

“… Are you by any chance a mid-level god?”

“okay. why?”

The man’s eyes widened at Damdeok’s answer.

Then he took a few steps back with a puzzled look on his face and looked Damdeok up and down.

“Lord, why is a mid-level god here…?” ?”

“why? “Can’t intermediate gods come here?”

The question was a bit strange.

Should mid-level gods not have this part-time job?

The man waved his hand at Damdeok’s puzzled expression.

“No, no, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. no… yo. this… , Wow! Originally, this was a place where only low-ranking gods frequented… I’ve never seen an intermediate god before… yo. this.”

A sudden courtesy.

I could definitely sense a hint of anxiety in his gaze.

Perhaps the man in front of me had quite high spiritual power even among low-class gods, and he must have treated the newcomers carelessly.

Damdeok pretended not to know and asked.

“Why don’t intermediate gods come here?”

“… The intensity of labor is low, but the compensation is ridiculously high. Even though the pay is random, all they do is always throw one ridiculous item at you. For example, something like a discarded package?”

Ah, is that what the random reward meant?

Discarded parcel.


The god Seth was a truly evil employer.

Since the purpose of coming here was to find the fourth guardian, I did not pay attention to the random salary.

When Damdeok laughed softly, the man who was watching continued speaking with a chuckle.

“Of course, since it is a random reward, there are times when you hit the jackpot. “All the lesser gods here, including me, came expecting that jackpot.”

“Jackpot? “You become a god and use words that only humans would use.”

“Well, anyway, our gods have no reason to exist without the trust of humans, right? We must learn something from each other. Anyway, sometimes during random pay, God’s Noble Phantasm comes out as discarded. There may be some flaws, but it’s something that a low-level god’s divine power can’t even think about, so it’s definitely a jackpot, right?”

The man spoke in a whisper that did not fit his size.

From the way he spoke, it seemed like he was quite expecting a random paycheck.

“Hehe, besides. “This place pays on a quota basis, so the more you deliver, the higher your chances of winning, right?”

“So what you’re saying is, would you like me, a mid-level rookie, to use my strength and deliver a lot?”

“The score system is calculated by adding up the partners… lol. Aren’t good things good? “Wouldn’t it be great if you could get one too?”

He’s a funny guy.

My brother is twice as big as me… .

However, since this was a part-time job chosen to avoid arousing suspicion, I also planned to do my best.

‘It would be a hundred times better than loading and unloading when I was untalented.’

“good. “Let’s try our best.”

“Are you serious?! Thank you!”



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The man seemed to be in a better mood and bowed in a loud voice.

“My name is Papi! “Please take care of me, brother!”

I was nodding my head when I saw his attitude change in an instant.

A shout was heard from afar.

“there!! what are you doing!! Don’t you move quickly?!”

“Hic, I’m the supervisor. That guy is a high-ranking god, so if he gets caught wrong, he won’t even get a bone. Let’s go quickly! older brother.”

Poppy quickly moved with Damdeok.

* * *


A desperate sound rings out.

A place where pure white portals form a straight path like a conveyor belt.

At the end of the line, there was a huge container box with its mouth wide open, and Damdeok was silently loading it.


A strange sound echoes again.

Poppy, who was lifting a large stone, was screaming as if she was screaming.

The rock was almost as tall as me, so I could see Poppy stumbling despite her size.

“Hehehehehehe. older brother! “Wrap one more stone!”

Papi took a deep breath and handed the large stone to Damdeok.


Unlike Poppy, who is staggering, Damdeok relatively stably takes the stone and lands inside the container box! and put it down.

“Whew. “It’s really heavy.”

If the human world had loading and unloading trucks, the divine world had these container boxes.

A huge space that is several times, or even dozens, times larger than the size of an ordinary 1-ton truck.

The inside of the container was extremely spacious and lush, as if it contained a small meadow.

They put grass down to reduce the impact of the delivery or something… .

‘The official name is Horus’ Cube, right?’

Cube of Horus.

It is the treasure of the sun god in Egyptian mythology, and when all the luggage is loaded and the door is closed, this huge box is compressed to the size of the palm of one’s hand.

‘You won’t feel any weight at all, so just hold it in your hand and go to the delivery location.’

How groundbreaking is this.

It was such a groundbreaking item that when brought into the human world, countless workers somersaulted with joy for three nights and four days.

“Aaaah! older brother! “This one is really heavy!”

Damdeok raised his head at Poppy’s urgent voice.

Poppy was seen moving the small pond, whining.

My mouth fell open.

“omg… To think of ordering something like that via courier… .”

Even though it was a small pond, its width and height were well over 4 meters.

Perhaps because it is the world of gods, the scale of the delivery was so special.

The most annoying delivery in the human world is rice, fruit boxes, and pickled cabbage, but here… !


The feeling of embracing the pond with both hands… .

“damn! Instead of ordering something like this to be delivered, go and see it! Go! What are you doing with your strength? $%^#···!!”

A swear word came out.

Never without spiritual power wrapped around your arms and legs! It was an unacceptable weight.

Damdeok thought as he put down the pond carefully, sweating, in case the water in the pond would overflow.

‘As expected, it’s a good thing I didn’t call him out now.’

White clouds.

I thought about working together after being called by God, but when I arrived, I found that the delivery items were unusual.

All of the gym equipment, such as dumbbells and bars made of large stones, were reflective, and some gods ordered sand-colored stones in large quantities to create small ponds or even bathhouses like before.

On one side, a huge amount of unidentifiable spices were contained in something that looked like a huge Coca-Cola bottle, and everything was huge… .

‘It’s hard for a hundred clouds to lift this much weight.’

He is still a guy who can only use circle 1 mana.

Swordsmanship and martial arts have improved noticeably, but if you put in effort like this ignorantly, it’s another story.

‘I’ll split up with Poppy in a little while and call you when I go to deliver.’

From then on, the search for the fourth guardian will begin in earnest.

“Aaaah! older brother!”

As soon as I was lost in thought, I was handed the next piece of luggage again.

This time it was an elephant statue.

It’s also life-size… .

“Ugh! Damn it!!”

Who on earth is this bastard who applied the human world’s delivery system to the divine world?

For the first time on this day, Damdeok hurled all sorts of curses and curses at this god’s beggar part-time job system.

* * *

“then! older brother! Good luck! “I’ll see you later!”

Poppy bowed her large upper body and bowed.

“Uh, okay~”

When Damdeok waved his hand, Poppy smiled and entered the pyramid, wondering what was so good about it.

There was a cube hanging around his waist.

“I have two… .”

Damdeok looked at the cube hanging on his waist.

He treated me like an older brother so politely because he was a mid-level god, but in the end, I had to bring one for Poppy and two for myself.

‘Well, I had to bring two because I had to search the entire floor anyway.’

Pyramid Courier’s delivery cube is divided into two.

Cube from the 1st floor to the 333rd floor.

Cube from the 334th floor to the 666th floor.

‘It’s the 666th floor… .’

Damdeok lifted his head.

There was a magnificent pyramid before my eyes.

So much so that even if I tilt my head back, I can’t see the end… .

‘Everyone lives together like that. Anyway, they are a very closed group.’

Mascot in the Egyptian mythological worldview.

Like the Temple of Olympus in Greek mythology, Egyptian gods are said to live together in a huge pyramid.

“wow… Bro, it’s my first time coming to Egypt. I… “It’s so high from the middle that you can’t see it?”

Baekgureum, who had been called by God, let out an exclamation next to him.

“This is not Egypt. It’s a new world. It’s a new world. Strictly speaking, it is a different dimension from Earth.”

Damdeok said that and took out a vest.

A blue uniform with [Pyramid Delivery] written in white letters on the back.

It was said that wearing this uniform was required to move around the inside of the pyramid.

Baekgureum’s eyes widened.

“… “Why is it written in Korean?”

“… “I heard that our country’s delivery system is the best, so we copied it.”

This is what Poppy told me while I was working earlier.

‘I heard you paid attention to even useless details.’

Anyway, if you wanted to move around safely inside that huge pyramid, you had to wear a vest.

When Damdeok was wearing a vest with a disapproving look on his face, Baekgureum, who was looking at him blankly, exclaimed, “Fuha!” I burst out laughing.

“Puhaha! Bro, are you wearing that to work? Phew! Puhaha!”

A guy who makes a lot of noise.

Damdeok looked at the guy with wide-open eyes.


I admit it.

Honestly, this uniform is so ugly. If you want to follow along, you have to follow along properly. If you just follow the letters sloppily… .


Is this really something to laugh at?

Damdeok, who was expressionlessly looking at Baekgureum, who was laughing heartily, took out something from his waistband.

“aha… Ahaha… ?”

Baekgureum immediately stiffened when he saw the item in Damdeok’s hand.

[Pyramid Delivery]

Damdeok took out an extra blue vest and smiled.

“You have to wear it too.”


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