Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 450

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Episode 451

The name of the world where Sardonyx lived was [Rendel], and it was a planet not much different from Earth.

However, while on Earth only a few hunters are born with characteristics and the power of mana, Rendel had a large population of magic users, so mana emissions were much higher.

This is natural as it is a planet where many races live together, from wizards to dragons and elves.

However, the discharged mana stops moving in a specific air layer. It takes a lot of time to disappear, so if the amount emitted is higher than the amount evaporated, a transparent film is formed.

“It just happens every 600 years. “It’s definitely not a short time, even for a dragon.”

Sardonyx’s red hair blew in the strong wind.

“Rendel’s people are on the day of a thousand days… … “It is commonly called the day when the sky opened.”

Blonda lowered her head as she looked at Sardonyx’s back. A lord of the Red clan who is more beautiful than any dragon and stronger than any dragon.

“… that’s right. “It’s today.”

Sardonyx smiled excitedly. Soon the sun will set and night will come, and two moons will rise.

This means that unclaimed mana was filling up in the atmosphere, and it was the best condition for the dragon, the owner of mana, to attack.

“No matter how dragon you are, dimension-transfer magic is taboo.”

Blonda aimed her jewel-encrusted staff at Sardonyx. It was an ancient artifact with the symbol stone of the flame spirit Ignis embedded in it.

However, no matter how ancient the artifact is, Blonda cannot stop Sardonyx.

The reason Sardonyx did not use the artifacts that were laid out countless times in rares was because there was no need to do so.

“Blonda. sorry. “The clan’s honor and the position of Lord mean nothing to me now.”

“But rules are rules. If you break the taboo and use the mana in the stratum to travel between dimensions. “It would be as unbalanced as that empty space.”

Sardonyx just waited for night to come. There was nothing Blonda could do alone.

Sardonyx was like a bomb.

“No matter what you say. I’m leaving. And Taru… … I will find it. No matter what dimension you are in, what space you are in, what time you are… … .”

Compared to the death of a loved one and the emotional turmoil that made it incomplete, the power it possessed was much stronger than before.

Even the warriors who called themselves dragon slayers never challenged Sardonyx.

Originally the genius of her clan, she was now transcending her species. Even the dragon race was not enough to estimate the limits of Sardonyx.

Sardonyx is currently in its prime.

No matter who the enemy was, they were able to clean up this Rendel without even a trace.

“I didn’t think words would make sense. So I asked for help.”

However, Blonda also had a loss.


Someone who came to the cave placed a cane on the dry dirt.

“This is our first meeting since the Hechling days. Mr. Sardonyx. I am Ikandar of the Blue clan. “I don’t know if you remember.”

Blue dragon elder.

heart of the sea. Ikandar.

“Haha, if you break the taboo, you’ll be no different from the Black clan. “No matter how much you do, I can’t tolerate it.”

Herald of the Green Dragon.

green teeth. Shapiro.

“As this is an issue outside the scope of the Red Clan, we will have no choice but to resolve it in the end.”

Gold Dragon, the problem solver of the mountains.

Golden hourglass. Powerful people from various clans, including Babylon, gathered in one place for just one person.

It was rare for dragons, who were highly ostracized among their clans, to unite like this.

“It was a long-standing tradition of the Red clan that geniuses were bright. Of course, I don’t want the tradition to be preserved like this… … .”

Green Dragon Shapiro looks like a young man, but he has been the Lord of the Green Clan since before he was born. He is a living witness who has observed the history of the Red Clan for a long time.

To him, Sardonyx was just a young dragon full of blood.

“Stop now. “Are you planning on putting Rendell in danger just because of one human?”

The only problem is that even with Shapiro, Sardonyx can never be defeated. Sardonyx slowly looked at the faces of the dragons blocking him and then softly opened his mouth.

“Blonda. “Is this the Sentai Lord’s idea?”

Sardonyx’s red eyes changed to look like lizard’s eyes and turned yellow. Blonda felt eerie.

When I had a plan in mind, I thought I could sufficiently suppress it, but now my hands were shaking due to Sardonyx’s momentum.

“But that’s why you only brought three elders?”

Red mana bloomed and slowly coiled around like a snake coiling itself. The pressure of that mana felt like condensing a huge mountain into a piece of paper.

It was transparent, like an invisible wall, but it felt very intimidating.

‘It’s such a pressure that it’s hard to breathe…’ … .’

Thanks to this, Blonda trembled just standing in front of Sardonyx. However, the elders who had experienced hardships began to use sealing magic one by one.

“We plan to seal you away for about a thousand years.”

“okay. “That’s enough time to forget someone.”

“Reflect and repent for trying to break the taboo.”

Green Dragon Shapiro created space. It was an alien space that would trap Sardonyx and cut it off from the outside world for 1,000 years.

Gold Dragon Babylon has cut off time. However, he could not seal the clan’s lord, Sardonyx, for a thousand years, so he controlled the time flow of the barrier.

1,000 years of time in the barrier.

Soon a year in reality.


As the golden sphere distorted space and released waves, Ikandar fired thousands of ropes made of water at Sardonyx.

Sigh! Crack!

Ikandar’s rope pierced through the armor-like mana and dug towards Sardonyx.

“Kkekkeul, this is a rope made especially for you. To prevent this, it would have been better to use iron armor instead of mana.”

A monster called Beliordon, which lives deep in the deep sea, spews out a special liquid when threatened.

Its effect is to permeate body fluids and change them into completely different ingredients, an ability that evolved to melt and eat monsters with thick carapaces to withstand the water pressure of the deep sea.

Ikandar’s rope had similar efficacy to the body fluid.


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The only difference was that it attached to the opponent’s mana and changed it into a completely different mana.


The rope eventually melted the Auror shield into sticky material and completely captured the opponent inside. Ikandar’s strategy worked.

“Gotcha! “Good job, old man!”

“Ikandar! “Get Sardonyx out of the Aurors!”

Shapiro shouts joy.

Babylon shouts to bring out Sardonyx in order to imprison him.

“I understand! “Prepare the seal right now!”

Ikandar used his telekinesis to pull the rope violently for the final blow.

Ttuk! Tap, tap, tap!

The rope dragged the opponent out of the barrier with the sound of something being crushed.

“This… … .”

However, Shapiro, who was delighted, looked to the side with a pale expression when he checked the face of ‘someone’ who was in the barrier.


Ikandar, a magic caster, also noticed the strange thing. It was Blonda, not Sardonyx, who was held by his own rope.

“How on earth!”

That brief moment that even the elders couldn’t notice. How could he swap himself with Blonda while using the Auror Shield?

“Coordinate calculation in this short time! And how did you knock Blonda unconscious?”

Sardonyx answered Babylon’s astonished question with an insensitive expression.

“Rather, what I cannot understand is you. To me, your methods are the height of inefficiency.”

Instead of explaining, Sardonyx stuck his hand into the air and picked some fruit from the tree. There was something strange about Sardonyx’s behavior.

When using warp magic, there was no calculation process that even dragons had to go through.

“Why do we need to calculate coordinate values? Wherever I go, I don’t do coordinate calculations. “Because I have already memorized all the values ​​according to my location and distance.”

No one dared to open their mouths to Sardonyx’s method, which no one could have imagined.

“And the same goes for space magic. You divide the equation into 4 parts. Mana manifestation, coordinate calculation, space formation, and finally stabilization.”

The elders were so entranced by Sardonyx’s explanation that they even forgot about the battle.

“But I manifest mana and form space. “It’s possible with just two operations.”

Sardonyx’s logic was as follows.

There is no need to calculate for yourself. Even without calculating, if you memorize all the result values ​​according to the calculation formula, you can immediately implement the desired answer without ignoring the calculation procedure.

“It would be simple if you imaged the calculation formula according to the size and shape of mana from the beginning. … … Oh, is this difficult for you?”

That was not in the category of ‘normal’.

“What should I do? This isn’t even an in-depth course for me. “How about this, for example?”

Sardonyx smiled and stretched out his hand toward the sphere created by Babylon.

“You didn’t touch the intrinsic value of this spatial barrier or time, but you applied acceleration magic during the stabilization phase, right?”

Is it possible to know the creation and principles of magic just by looking at it or feeling it?

“How did you… … .”

Babylon took a step back and collapsed. The elders felt despair. This was a new kind of despair I had never felt before.

“Because extinction is so common, I’ll show you something fun.”

The genius of the Red clan was truly kind. The elders were clearly told why the powerful Black clan had not been able to touch the Red clan until now.

“Some magic has stages where it can be reconstructed. In the case of this barrier, it is the stabilization stage. ruler… … “What would happen if we reversed the steps of the acceleration magic in the space barrier?”

Babylon’s barrier became a black sphere, like a black hole. This was not a sealing barrier, but a powerful force that could erase all beings it touched from the world.

“A world without Taru is not the world I want.”

Sardonyx warned.

“So don’t stop me. “I am willing to erase a world without regrets for Taru’s sake.”

It was a declaration to everyone in Rendel, including Blonda and the elders.

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