Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 449

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Episode 450

The dragon’s lair was both a home and a symbol of power. Competing with each other to see how many goods were piled up in rares and what artifacts and facilities were equipped was an extremely natural daily routine for dragons, the symbol of desire.

‘I thought it wasn’t an ordinary cave, but it was like this… .’

However, the rare words of the old man, Clank, who identified himself as the Sentai Dragon Lord, were close to art that surpassed a certain level.

A huge golden bath.

A modern hot spring that never cools down using geothermal heat and magic scrolls.

In modern times, if there was a screen, there was projection magic. With a single gesture of Clank’s hand, the natural scenery, including the sea and mountains, could be changed as if changing channels.

“You look surprised. But it’s still early. Clank’s rare is more than twenty times the size we just saw.”

“It’s an old man’s hobby. “You could say that I captured the nature I saw through spatial magic.”

Soon, Shin Yu-seong was able to understand what the two people had said.

Like a modern-day botanical garden, the lush vegetation inside the cave seemed to have copied the forest ecosystem.

“Amazing! “There’s a forest inside the cave!”

Dragons have precious offspring.

At most, one hatchling would be born in the entire clan every thousand years, and the growth rate was so fast that seeing a child was a very precious experience.

Perhaps because of that, Layton and Clank smiled happily as Velvet looked around the rare in wonder.

“You seem surprised. “I’ve been with humans so far, so I wouldn’t have had a chance to see the dragon’s lair.”

“Kkekekeul, if it’s him, he could make an even bigger rare for you. “He can even move islands or seas.”

“Kya, kyahang! I don’t know, but it’s amazing! I want Velvet to be a place with lots of pretty stones! A lake or a river!”

“hmm! I can make that much too. No problem! “I can make as many as you want.”

If you look at this, dragons are no different from humans. Velvet and Clank were like grandfather and granddaughter.

‘Rare…’ … .’

Come to think of it, Velvet kept decorating her study and room whenever she had time. There were times when she would pick up rocks, and she even brought doll clothes for the slide, as if she had gotten them as a gift from somewhere.

Thanks to this, there were a lot of things to clean up, making cleaning difficult for Sumire, but if you think about it, it was a dragon’s instinct.

The personal space in the club room was too narrow for Velvet, who wanted to have a cozy and spacious space.

“Rare was with humans, so it couldn’t have been helped. “Rather than that, let’s go to Red Atelier quickly.”

“Red Atelier. Okay, now it’s time to go. Flame. “Did Blonda send it to Lord?”

“Already gone. You must have had a hard time calming down the crazy Lord? Dimensional travel and all… … “That’s really not true.”

“Don’t worry. “If the stranger who came today meets Rod, his condition will definitely improve.”

After speaking with the red-haired boy Flame, Clank led Velvet and Shin Yu-seong beyond the Mana Curtain.

“This is our proud Red Atelier.”

The scenery that unfolded beyond the curtain was simply a huge palace. Fountains and chandeliers made of gold. A statue of Sardonyx made of ruby.

“omg! “A cave is a palace!”

Velvet looked around with her eyes widened at the strange sight. But this magic was not just space magic. It was the culmination of magic that only dragons could do.

“Red Atelier is a square where clans meet.”

“Dragons have different rare locations. “If anything happens, we’ll meet here at Red Atelier.”

Shin Yu-seong’s complexion turned blue as he heard Clank and Layton’s explanations.

Creating an arbitrary dimension, binding multiple spaces to it, and operating a warp system is a high-dimensional technology that humanity cannot even imitate.

‘Hunter and humanity have not even completely conquered the Warp yet… … . Dragons have this kind of technology… … .’

The Red Atelier system I just saw was a mysterious technology that I had never read about in the tower’s records.

“Seeing how surprised you are, I guess you have insight into magic. I understand. Because it is too high-level magic for humans. “It’s surprising.”

It’s no wonder Flame shrugs his shoulders and looks proud. The Red clan, who had been waiting for a long time, happily welcomed Shin Yu-seong and Velvet when they arrived.

“That kid is it!”

“It really looks just like it did in your hatchling days, Lord!”

“Is the man next to you the man you said you met in the human world?”

“oh… … . “I think I understand Lord’s feelings.”

What they all have in common is that they all have red hair like velvet. All of them were handsome and beautiful and had enormous mana that could not be compared to that of humans.

“But is this guy really right? “If you’re not sure, you’re in big trouble.”

“Of course. “You have colored hair, a reputation for beauty, and you even have a hatchling with you?”

“I see. “How many hatchlings have you had?”

The red-haired girls, who look like twins, look like teenagers on the outside, but are already over 3,000 years old. An age that seems distant to humans.

Nevertheless, seeing hatchlings in person was a rare experience. What a special experience this is in the boring life of a dragon.

“Do you want to live with your sisters?”

“I’ll give you a lot of gold and silver treasures~ Since you’re a dragon, you like gold coins too, right?”

As the two twins patted her head and loved her, Velvet clung to Shin Yu-seong’s leg.

“Wow, eye patch. “Velvet will live with her dad.”

“How can it be that even this part resembles you, Lord?”

“I know. “I really nailed it.”

Nevertheless, the twins look just as cute as velvet. But the chat ended here. Squadron Lord Clank cleared his throat as all the witnesses gathered, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Okay then… … “I think it’s time to talk about the issue that depends on the future of the Red clan.”

As the speech began, the friendly atmosphere was gone. In reality, the Red clan was in crisis.

“The curse that is currently placed on you Lord… … “It’s a story about a clan’s prophecy.”

After 30 years of conflict with the Black clan over the Dragon Mountains, Lord Sardonyx was unable to maintain his sanity because he had made a promise to meet Taru.

As it is, the foundation of the clan is shaking. If the Black clan took advantage of the current gap, they had to consider not only the loss of the Dragon Mountain Range but also the annihilation of the clan.

“Then it seems the rumor was true. Lord, he made a promise with his words… … .”

“You even say it’s a promise to reunite with a dead human?”

“I knew you were a very emotional person for a dragon. To make such an unreasonable promise… … .”

As if promised, the eyes of the Red clan focused on Shin Yu-seong.

“But didn’t you say that the person you liked was dead?”


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“Did you forget the prophecy?”

When Clank made a gesture in response to Flame’s question, the tombstone placed in the corner of the atelier emitted light.

But it was a language that not even Pocket could understand. It was a proverb that only a dragon could interpret.

“It is engraved in dragon language, so I will read it myself.”

“no! Velvet wants to read! “Velvet can read!”

However, Clank’s eyes widened in surprise at Velvet’s bold declaration.

“You can read sayings? But wouldn’t you have continued to live with humans?”

And Shin Yu-seong was also surprised. Even if Velvet is a genius, how can she know idioms that she never had the chance to learn?

“Let the Bone Dragon teach you!”

The culprit was the Bone Dragon that Sumire had once summoned. Even though he was undead, he had memories of when he was alive, so he seemed to have taught him dragon phrases when he had time.

“ruler! Read!”

Thanks to this, the atmosphere at the atelier has already become like a school art festival or talent show. Velvet placed her finger on the tombstone and began to read each word seriously.

“A customer who has gone beyond dimensions comes with hot eggs…” … Come together!”

“That’s right! Good read! A wanderer from across dimensions will come with an egg of flame! “You are such a genius!”

“I guess this is all right! “About 90%!”

“Oh my, the newborn dragon is good at reading diction! I guess a genius is a genius. “Then~ whose bloodline is this?”

Dragons and humans are not that different in that adults get excited about a child’s antics.

“The guest who ran away saves the family in difficult times! Together!”

When Velvet raised both hands and said that she had finished reading, Clank clapped his hands together and added an explanation.

“okay! yes! The wanderer of the dimension will save the family from the dragon of destruction! Dimensional guidance will save the world, with three poets! “That was a good read!”

Velvet’s interpretation was a bit compressed and modified, but the Red clan seemed to be satisfied.

“How amazing. No matter how smart a hatchling is, it usually takes 10 years to read idioms… … .”

“That’s right. “It’s not the average brain that reads only the explanations given by others.”

“The amount of mana you have is extraordinary, and with training, you could become the next Lord, right?”

“I really think so~ If I want to impress the next Lord, should I fill the rare with gold coins?”

Layton and the twins seemed to like Velvet’s cleverness. Velvet was definitely an unusual talent to be evaluated at this level, even among the smartest dragons.

‘Today, always… … It reminds me of what Velvet said.’

[Kyahang! Velvet is a genius! It’s a genius dragon!]

It seemed like that wasn’t just something he said. Velvet was a genius with hair that was particularly unique among dragons that resembled Sardonyx.

From the Red clan’s point of view, it was natural to be surprised to see the child emitting breath and reading dragon prophecy not long after birth. That’s because it’s 10 years too early for a newborn dragon.

“I don’t know if I’m really a dimensional wanderer. “I want to meet Velvet and Sardonyx.”

Shin Yu-seong, wearing a black dragon robe to increase his mana even a little, came out and spoke confidently. The amount of mana itself was ridiculous to the dragons, but they could tell that Shin Yu-seong was an extraordinary human being.

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” … . It is our wish for you to meet Lord. but… … “We are worried about what happens next.”

“A human being who asks directly. What do you plan to do after meeting Lord? Are you really planning to return to the dimension you came from?”

As Clant and Flame stepped forward, Shin Yu-seong took a step back. Her beautiful twin rested her chin in the same position and smiled.

“If you plan on taking our clan’s hatchling with you.”

“We also have a lot to talk about.”

Layton, a sturdy man, approached Shin Yu-seong.

“Compared to the black dragons, we are friendly to Gan, but if the clan is involved, it is a different story. Moreover, if it is Lord, he has no choice but to do it for Him.”

Their opinions were very clear.

Shin Yu-seong is free to meet Sardonyx, but he may not be able to return to his original dimension.

“It’s the same with this child. If you are not qualified, then of course our clan will take care of the Red clan’s hatchlings. Do you understand what I mean?”

And if Shin Yu-seong wanted to take Velvet, in the worst case scenario, he could have taken Velvet for the sake of Sardonyx and the clan.

As Squadron Lord Clank’s explanation ended, the two twins of the Red clan smiled.

“You can come as you please.”

“The fact that it’s going means it’s not like that.”

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