Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 389

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Chapter 390

None of the witches of calamity chose the life of a witch from the beginning. Although she was born as a human, a witch is only born when she experiences transcendence.

The probability is one in hundreds of millions.

No, the odds were perhaps even more extreme. Instead, the witch enjoys her near-eternal life, glimpses of her primordial records, the Akashic Records, and knowledge that humans would never dare reach.

Thanks to this, Lewis came into contact with the season of winter, Laplace came into contact with death, and Morgan came into contact with the world of the unconscious.

That’s what transcendence is.

It was a forbidden area that ordinary humans could never invade.

“Why, again…” … Is something like you standing proudly in front of you? “Why don’t you give up and get frustrated?”

Through repeated dreams, Ha-yoon Shin saw numbers in the hundreds and thousands and saw answers in the tens. He gained the truth through Morgan’s power.

However, there was no future in which he would be defeated by Shin Yu-seong in so many simulations amidst so many variables.

“To an ordinary human subject! “Among them, there are defective products with F-class characteristics!”

Shin Hayun no longer thought about the future. He scattered glass hearts on the altar to disperse and lure Gaon’s party.

It was right for Shin Hayun to fight while keeping in mind the mana he possessed.

However, Shin Hayun created a purple magic circle again.

“… … This time I’ll make you forget everything. “Your name and appearance will not be intact, so your friends will never be able to find you.”


Humans store memories in the brain.

Dreams are a phenomenon that occurs when the brain processes memories.

So, what happens if we overlay meaningless memories instead of the real memories that need to be sorted out through that phenomenon?

And what if the amount is hundreds or thousands of times larger than the original?

Perhaps that person will forget the place where he was born, the world he lived in, and his precious people.

Or perhaps even worse, you might forget how to speak or even think.

Light of oblivion

The light Morgan created was the light of hell. Hell is coming to the living with the name of oblivion, which is scarier than death.


A purple light engulfed Shin Yusung.

However, Shin Yu-seong just stared with a nonchalant expression and did not use his mana or counterattack.

“It’s over now. … … I won. yes?”

If you were really sure of victory, you wouldn’t have asked this. He must have looked relaxed and dignified and defenseless like always.

However, Shin Hayun’s eyes, which tilted her head, were filled with fear towards Shin Yuseong.

I was asking myself what to do next if it didn’t work this time.

“… … Those eyes. These are the eyes of someone who has already been defeated. “Just like me back then.”

As expected, Shin Yu-seong did not forget himself. He casually talked about old memories.

“why… … .”

Unlike in the past, it was Shin Hayoon who despaired this time. Shin Hayun denies reality and can no longer forget his words.

“Shin Yu-seong has already embraced all of his painful memories. So he can no longer be torn apart, and he can no longer be forgotten.”

Laplace appeared through space and spoke to Shin Hayun.

“… … Let’s go back. “Morgan.”

Morgan. Laplace called Shin Hayun, who was in despair, by the name Morgan. He looked at me with pity, as if he were looking at his frustrated younger brother, and told him to give up now.

“Don’t you already know? “This opportunity is also your loss.”

“shut up… … . I, with the memories of a witch, am barely a human… … “You lost?”

“Didn’t I tell you? They say witches can’t defeat humans. “You don’t know, you’re a loner.”

Hayun Shin shouted at Laplace.

“You, at best, give a fake, boastful sermon… … .”

“It’s fake. It’s not wrong. but… … “I don’t really like the idea of ​​being fake.”

Laplace remembered someone’s face and smiled cheerfully, raising the corners of his mouth slightly.

Laplace admitted. Maybe the reason I have these soft thoughts is because I interacted with Sumire for too long.

“A bond is an emotion that only humans can have… … . “The fact that I, a witch, understand human emotions is proof that I have taken after Sumire without even realizing it.”

The moment Sumire gained her favor, she was no longer Laplace, the Witch of Plague. She was ‘something’ between Laplace and Sumire.

“okay. So, as a witch, I can make these choices.”

It was a really fun entertainment.

Sumire built a castle in the land of her heart and lived a peaceful life. He sometimes watched and cheered for Sumire, and was able to learn what makes humans human.


Laplace turned his hand into a spirit body and stabbed it into his left chest. He then took something of his from where the heart would be.

“S-Stop it! “What are you trying to do?”

What Laplace took out of his chest was a glass figurine as red as a heart.

“Of course, I thought it would be a sombre color similar to mine. It’s red. Just like a human… … .”

Laplace smiled with satisfaction.


No, Laplace did not stop laughing, but shouted loudly with a very happy face.

“Please cherish the emotions you can feel because you are human! Caring for others with your warm heart. “Achieve it somehow with your passionate love!”

The witch Laplace gave advice to Sumire, who resembled her as a mother rather than a sidekick.

“Human time is short, so please be honest! It’s okay to smile when you’re happy, and cry when you’re sad. “Human life is precious because it cannot be perfect.”

Laplace, the plague witch.

After saying those words, the being who was not Sumire proudly held out the glasswork he had taken from his heart. The beautiful crimson glass began to pull mana from Shin Hayun’s body like a black hole.

“profit! If you do something like this, you too! It won’t be perfect! why!”

As Hayun Shin said, Laplace’s body gradually became blurred and began to be absorbed into the glass.

“Yeah… … I am already satisfied. “There is no more room.”


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Morgan’s aura, which had lost its fuel as Velvet’s red mana flowed out, lost its light. Laplace sealed Velvet’s mana in his own heart on behalf of Dragon Heart.

“So even if the price is true extinction… … . “I can laugh happily.”

Laplace’s body became blurred.

The heart that absorbed mana became even more red.

‘It’s really the end.’

Even though his existence was blurred, Laplace did not go against its power and closed his eyes peacefully.

After all, what memories are there to organize in the life you got as a bonus?

The only thing I regretted was that I couldn’t see Sumire’s face.

‘Now it’s goodbye. ‘My child.’

The waves pass by.

The sound passes by.

[…] … Thank you always. Laplace.]

A story I once heard suddenly popped into my head.

[- Once again, what does that mean? You are the one who has my side. It’s natural to be concerned.]

The question of that day also comes to mind.

[Well, sometimes I get curious. Why was Laplace called the plague witch?]

A good kid who is different from himself.

[ah! I definitely don’t want to blame Laplace! just… … That’s what I thought… … .]

Children who are so different, but actually so similar.

[The reason Laplace and I had a high assimilation rate was… … Couldn’t there be another reason? I mean.]

[- … … for example?]

Laplace sighed one last time, recalling the conversation of that day in which he answered firmly.

[I also hurt someone because of my abilities… … . That wasn’t the result I wanted. So, I wonder if Laplace actually has a misunderstanding… … .]

[- No, that doesn’t happen. … … I spread the plague with my own will.]

If I had known it would be like this.

If I had known that we would break up so suddenly.

[-So even if that moment comes again. I definitely plan to make the same choice.]

‘I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to tell my story at least once.’

The glass in my hand becomes heavy.

Gradually, the memory became creaky.

‘if… … ‘If I tell you my story, what should I do?’

okay. If you say it seriously, the child will burst into tears for no reason, so let’s tell it like a fairy tale.

“… … “Shin Yu-seong.”

Laplace staggered. What Laplace used when creating the heart was not simply mana, but the power of a witch itself.

So I couldn’t even imagine how miserable I would look now when I closed my eyes.

‘It’s hard to lift this light glass.’

So Laplace stretched out his hand toward Shin Yu-seong. He then handed over his own heart containing Velvet’s mana.

“This is a gift for you. Sumire… … Please take care of me.”

Then Laplace took a deep breath and summoned mana. The purple bird created by Laplace was turned into a children’s book.

“And this. It’s a gift for Sumire. Hehe, I hope you enjoy reading it with Velvet… … .”


Laplace turned into sand and disappeared without even leaving a last word. All that is left for Shin Yu-seong is a storybook and a glass containing Velvet’s mana.

“why-! Not me, but a human being! “Even though we’re both witches!”

Shin Hayun, who lost the mana in her body, struggled and cried out.

“Just because of trash like you!”

Unable to use Morgan’s power, Shin Hayun ultimately relied on telekinesis.


An intangible telekinetic power attacked Shin Yu-seong. It was an enormous force that could even crush a building, but it was meaningless.

Shin Yu-seong cut off the foundation of his telekinetic power through mana resonance. Although telekinesis is an intangible force, the mana that forms its basis naturally existed.

“stop. “I can already see it.”

Shin Yu-seong could see that mana. The meaningless trait of ‘enhanced concentration’, which was only an F grade, eventually awakened Shin Yu-seong’s extrasensory abilities.

Shin Yu-seong could see the flow. I could see the waves.

And I was able to cut off that flow and wave. Shin Hayun’s S-class trait, telekinesis, was a match that could never be defeated.

“Oh, how, how can it all not work! Why! A defective product like you has that kind of power!”

Shin Hayun screamed hoarsely, but nothing changed. Shin Yu-seong twisted the telekinesis aimed at him and slowly approached Shin Hay-yun.

Shin Ha-yoon, who always reigned over others, broke into a cold sweat and cursed Shin Yu-seong in a voice full of despair.

The older sister he was afraid of understood everything in the world only through the logic of power, so she was such a weak being without power.

“Die, die! “Die!”

It looked like a child throwing a tantrum. There was no need for strength to deal with Shin Hayun, who had already collapsed.


Shin Yu-seong touched Shin Hay-yun’s forehead with an insensitive expression. The mana that was injected into Shin Hayun through her previous movements would seep into her body through her skin.

And foreign mana will simply block the flow of mana that originally filled the body.

“ah… … .”

Shin Hayun, who was randomly reaching out for Shin Yuseong, realized that her body was no longer producing mana. These are the words of a hunter who relies only on mana and traits.

“I, I… … .”

Of course, with the witch’s knowledge, if she had time, she could drain Shin Yu-seong’s mana that had seeped into her body, but right now, Shin Hay-yun could only mutter like a broken toy.

“why… … .”

“… … “Because my sister is always alone and no one trusts her.”

The miserable defeat of Shin Hayun, who was the most feared person to Shin Yuseong. The moment when the end of a long, bad relationship approaches.


The sword, accelerating and accelerating so fast that even Shin Yooseong could not react, pierced Shin Hayun’s body.


It literally went right through me.


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