Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 390

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Chapter 391

Shin Hayun’s body was pierced by a sword in front of her eyes. Ryujin’s attack, which had added speed due to his characteristics, had the power to instantly kill even a level 5 monster.


However, it was not Shin Hayun’s blood that was scattered along with the terrible sound. What flowed from Shin Hayun’s body, riding the beautiful silver moon sword, was pitch-black mana.

“Haha, crane! “Wow!”

Shin Hayun was so painful that the process was so painful that she could not even breathe and was panting miserably.

When Shin Yu-seong, who could no longer watch, tried to move his body, Ryu-jin coldly warned him.

“… … If you move any further, I will kill this woman.”

Shin Yu-seong, who had a keen sense, was able to distinguish between bravado and real life. Ryujin’s warning was definitely not a bluff.

The voice, which was unwavering in its own beliefs, was so sharp that it seemed as if it would cut Shin Hayun down at any moment.

“Why do you do this?”

Shin Yu-seong knew that Ryu Jin had joined Rebellion, but he could never understand why he put a sword in Shin Hay-yun’s body.

“I heard you are an enemy. You’re not happy. “Does this mean we are still blood relatives?”


Ryu Jin coldly sneered and pulled the silver moon sword from Shin Hayun’s body. Ryu Jin’s Silver Moon Sword absorbed the black mana from Shin Hayun’s body without leaving a single trace. He took what he wanted from Shin Hayun’s body, just like the day he drove a dagger into the body of Roja, a level 7 hunter.

“… … Rest assured. I have no intention of killing you. “All Nameless wants is the witch’s energy.”

Until now, Ryujin had been waiting for Shin Hayun to become defenseless. And the result is this. Shin Hayun lost all her witch powers and lay her head on the ground in agony.

Ryu Jin left without regret, leaving behind the collapsed Shin Hayun.

Cause and effect retribution.

Hayoon Shin got back what he did to Velvet.

“… … It’s miserable. sister.”

Shin Yooseong looked down at Shin Hayun. Shin Hayun had no strength to raise his body and was face down in the dirt. It was truly miserable. That was not the image of Gaon’s chairman and successor to the Sinnoh family.

He was the loser that Shin Hayoon always laughed at.

“Huh, huh! Now… … . To me, ha. My sister… … “Are you calling me?”

Even though she lost everything, Shin Hayun did not beg for mercy from Shin Yuseong. She just laughed inexplicably at the fact that Shin Yu-seong called her sister.

“You won. Now me… … What do you want to do? The association will also act according to your words… … “They could treat you like a criminal and put you in jail.”

Shin Hayun seemed to have already made up her mind. As she said, she assumed the worst of the worst and gave in to the winner, Shin Yu-seong.

“Or, yes… … Do you want to beat me until I break free?”

He entrusted his treatment to Shin Yu-seong. It’s natural. Because that is the law of the fittest, and the right of the strong to dispose of the weak as they please was always what Shin Hayun said.

“I can’t even use mana right now… … I can’t even resist. I can no longer beat you… … I don’t even think about it… … . okay… … Yes, do whatever you want.”

I’m tired now.

Shin Hayun closed her eyes after saying those words. He did not even rebel, leaving all his fate to Shin Yu-seong. He just buried his face in the dirt and took deep breaths.

fault. fault. ride. Tadada-

Rain poured from the sky.

As if they had been waiting for this moment, the sea and sky turned upside down and poured down like a torrent.

“that is… … “Is it everything?”

The positions of the two changed.

The frightened child became a boy, and the older sister, who had been a fearful being, collapsed in a miserable state.

“Okay, that’s it. No more, what… … “Do you need an answer?”

Shin Hayun lost all purpose.

He lost his goal as Morgan and also lost his pride as Shin Hayun, the successor to the Sinnoh family.

Now I can no longer think of what to do or why to live.

It all felt meaningless now. I closed my eyes like this and never wanted to open them again.

“… … The day my sister stole Mana. Velvet must have felt the same pain.”

Therefore, Shin Hayun could hardly sympathize with Shin Yuseong’s words.

“But Velvet was worried about Orca at the last minute.”

Despite Shin Yu-seong’s voice interrogating him, he just smiled slightly and moved his head helplessly.

“Sorry, even though I said that… … I don’t feel anything. No guilt, no sadness. just… … “I’m just helpless.”

This was not meant to provoke Shin Yu-seong, the winner. I really didn’t feel any emotions.

As Laplace said, if you could cherish someone, if you could love someone, wouldn’t it have been a little different?

Did he defeat Shin Yu-seong?

“… … Yooseong-ah. How can you show affection to a lizard or a toy? Why do we share the same blood and grow up in the same family? … . “Is it just you that are different?”

Shin Ha-yoon laughed, saying something I don’t know whether it was self-deprecating or sarcastic. Although his hair and clothes got wet from the rain, Shin Hayun did not move at all.


Shin Hayun grabbed his hand.

To be honest, I was a loser. Even though he repeated boring and painful memories and was given new opportunities, he couldn’t really grasp anything.

It would have been better if I hadn’t become a witch. It would have been nice if there were no memories of Morgan. It would be nice if she had not been reincarnated.

“… … “It’s up to you to choose what you want to be.”

Shin Hayun felt that Shin Yoosung’s voice was emotionless and cold. Nevertheless, I got a glimpse of her feelings that she was unable to hide.

Is this the human power and sublimity that Laplace spoke of? Are you a ‘difference’ that can never be imitated?

“… … okay?”

This is a fact that has been ignored for hundreds or thousands of years. These were things that were laughed at even before they were called witches, and they were values ​​that I never wanted to acknowledge.

However, Shin Hayun, who had reached the true end, ended up spitting out her true feelings without realizing it.

“really… … I’m jealous… … .”

At this point, I had no choice but to admit it. This was an inferiority complex toward something I did not have. The basis of endless hostility toward seemingly happy humans was ugly jealousy.

In the end, the reason he says that strength is everything is probably because it’s the only thing he has. okay. He didn’t have to fool himself.

He also tried to separate his colleagues from Shin Yu-seong. He also ridiculed Shin Yoo-seong’s relationship, who created his own family, calling it a play of house.

‘okay. It’s probably the same reason.’


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Those are things that Shin Hayoon will never be able to feel. It was a value that the witch named Morgan did not know until the moment she was killed by the warrior’s sword.

So there is nothing to feel unfair about.

“at last… … . You were right… … .”

As her body grew colder, Shin Hayun took a deep breath. He looked so creepy that it didn’t seem like his simple physical pain would be the end.

Thump- Coogung!

The entire Sky Island swayed helplessly as if there had been an earthquake. It was because the driving force was lost.

Of course, most of those on Sky Island were hunters, so it wasn’t a life-threatening danger, but if they fell into the sea like this, they couldn’t be safe.

“for a moment.”

So, in a situation where they had to escape from Sky Island as quickly as possible, Shin Hayun stopped Shin Yuseong.


Shin Hayun, who was unable to lie down properly, struggled to raise her head and smiled leisurely at Shin Yuseong.

“This is not an apology… … Think of it as compensation. huh. It’s like an award for beating my older sister for the first time… … . Something like that.”

Shin Hayun clasped both hands in the pouring rain. Sky Island, which was falling towards the sea, soon moved towards land at a stable speed.

“no way… … .”

What Shin Hayun was using right now was not mana. Shin Hayun was paying his life force in exchange for his mana.

“Nothing to be surprised. It’s only a few months at most… … . “I’m already sick of life anyway.”

“entire. “Have you given up?”

“Even if you ask me that… … . I don’t know the answer either. just… … Should I say I don’t want anything anymore?”

Is it because I used not only mana but also life force? The sound of rain that Shin Hayun heard in her ears became increasingly blurred. The moment when even death was endured.


Hayoon Shin heard a familiar voice and felt someone lifting her body.

“… … “It’s you.”

Even with her eyes closed, Shin Hayun recognized Lee Hyuk’s voice. Shin Hayun opened her eyes, although her eyelids were heavy. He was covered in dirt and wondered what kind of expression Lee Hyuk would make as he looked at him.

I knew they would laugh at my appearance, but they didn’t. If I had to pick one, Shin Hayoon felt that Lee Hyuk’s expression was close to crying.

A face that is difficult to tell whether it is angry or sad. Because of the pouring rain, I couldn’t tell whether it was tears or rain running down my face.

“I lost.”

“know… … .”

Lee Hyuk turned around and faced Shin Yu-seong while holding him in his arms. The intimidation of Shin Yu-seong that Lee Hyuk felt was like that of a reaper. He was a monster that even Shin Hayun could not defeat, and he knew that he was an opponent that someone like him could never defeat.

In the end, the method Lee Hyuk chose was an earnest request. While holding the messed up Shin Hayun, he lowered her head and desperately asked for a favor.

“… … Let me go now. You will never appear before me again. I will pay for any crime. So now Hayun is in the hospital… … .”

Shin Hayun could hardly understand Lee Hyuk’s actions. Why would he sell his pride for a body that even Shin Hayoon himself does not value?

Why did you come looking for me when you could just run away? Shin Hayun could never understand.

Now I have no goals or power. So, it’s just a rotten rope that doesn’t do any good even if it looks good, so why… … .

“Please, please.”

Lee Hyuk lowered his head, throwing away all his pride. That was an action only for Shin Hayun.

“… … “To my sister.”

Is it because of Lee Hyuk’s request?

Or is it your own choice?

“I guess there was at least one person.”

Shin Yu-seong turned around. Now that the bad relationship has come to an end. Shin Hayun’s treatment was at the hands of Shin Yuseong, but he did not choose revenge.

Shin Yu-seong knew how futile the emotions stained with anger were.

And above all.

“A person who cares for his sister.”

Because I couldn’t get my hands dirty when I had to hug Velvet.


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