Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 133

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Episode 133

‘Now that I think about it, if I go there.’

Why does he have to wear a clown mask? I suddenly became curious about the face hidden under that mask. Helmut placed his hand on Fasho’s mask.

“W-what are you doing!”

He shouted in horror. Unexpectedly, this is the biggest reaction Fasho has ever seen. But there was no way he could resist him. Helmut cut off the ring that held the mask in place with the tip of his sword. The mask came off easily.


The unmasked face was white and smooth. There wasn’t a single scar or wound on her. It’s not so ugly that it makes you frown. only… … The facial features were too plain and blurry. The eyes were as small as buttonholes, the nose was low, and the lips were thin and long. It has a strange appearance because it is too flat and without curves to be a human face.

“… … what?”

Helmut, agitated for a moment, put the mask back on his face. For some reason, the more I keep looking at it, the more I feel uncomfortable. I feel like I’m looking at something like a sticky egg.

“It would be better to use it.”

Fasho’s body trembled. Since the handsome guy was talking, his blows were even worse. How dare a young bastard humiliate him like this! But the young cub was holding his lifeline now. Helmut looked down at him lying on the floor and continued to ask questions.

“What is the size of the group called Hawkeye?”

“It’s an elite few. I don’t know the total number of people. “There must be about a dozen people.”

“How many people are there as skilled as you?”

“There are five in Hawkeye, including me.”

‘Five people is quite a lot. ‘That’ll be tricky.’

Although it was not a situation to attack with a sword right away, Helmut, who was thinking of something similar, frowned. Fasho continued.

“It means that there are five people I confirmed. I don’t know the exact number either. We have no contact with each other except when we are on a mission together. “I just follow instructions from my superiors.”

“What if it’s the upper part?”

“Head of Hawkeye. “I called him Master Talon.”

“You mean you don’t know your real name.”

I thought I could hear something, but everything this assassin said was vague. He doesn’t know much. He’s a cheap-talking guy who wants to save his life like this, so he probably didn’t even try to tell the group he belonged to. Thanks to this, the timing for torture rarely came up.

“What is the relationship between Black Hawk and Hawkeye?”

“Hawkeye is the eye of a hawk. He also takes on the role of enforcer in Black Hawk.”

“Where is Black Hawk’s base? “Where are the leaders gathered?”

“I don’t know that either. “I received a separate mission and obtained information about you from the Black Hawk branch.”

“So how do you contact them?”

“If you make a call at a designated location, someone will come.”

“Are they in touch with your superiors?”

“You will be contacted, but they won’t know where you are. “I will use magical means.”

“Then you are useless. “You don’t know anything, so you have nothing to tell me.”

Helmut aimed his sword closely at Fasho’s neck. His expression was cold. What he said was vague, and it is unclear whether he was telling the truth. He may have just been hiding it by pretending to tell it.

No matter what happened to the sprout of darkness, whoever was left behind had to be killed now. My judgment suddenly changed. Fasho’s voice became urgent as he realized that the postponement was over.

“If you let me live, I can finish this mission with my authority!”

Helmut pointed out kindly.

“Like I said, how can I believe what you say?”

The blood stopped flowing from my hand, as if I had gently stopped it. If you leave it like this, you won’t die from excessive bleeding. She dies right away.

“Yes, buddy. Let me tell you about your friend! That guy… … .”

“I’m not curious.”

What does Asuka care anyway? Helmut raised his sword. If you hit it down, it’s over. But then, a voice suddenly interrupted him from behind.

“for a moment.”

A profound sound. It was a voice full of power and impossible to ignore. It wasn’t shouted, it was spoken. It was close range. It sent shivers down my spine.

“Wait a minute, there boy. “Please stop and take a look.”

There was tension. Death flashed through Helmut’s eyes.

‘There is no more presence than this assassin.’

That means he is more capable than Fasho. Helmut looked back. A distance of about 30 steps. It was close.

The unknown person wearing a hood who had just appeared was not very large. But this threatening and powerful force emanating from him. The body automatically goes into alert mode.

“Talon… … sir.”

Helmut’s eyes widened when he heard the words that flowed from Fasho’s mouth along with a groan. His mind sank as if he had been doused with cold water.

“Are you the head of Hawkeye?”

“I had a bad feeling, so I came in person. “This is what happened in the end.”

The tone was polite and gentle. I felt that this was a tone that did not suit a group called Hawkeye.

‘He is strong.’

Helmut admitted. Not only is the energy felt great, but there are no flaws visible even in the standing posture. The fact that you cannot understand something just by looking at it means that it is strong enough to be hidden. Helmut spent a lot of Vis saving Dino and chasing down and subduing Fasho. It wasn’t in perfect condition to fight against someone like this.

It’s not impossible to win. However, it was an opponent with whom victory could not be guaranteed. Even if I fight with all my might… … There was a strong feeling that victory or defeat could not be determined. Helmut suddenly realized. This man in front of him was the strongest among those he had met since leaving the Forest of Pahe.

“Give me back my men. “You pay the price.”

The other person spoke leisurely. I have no intention of opening a fight right now. Helmut, who figured out that fact, said:

“That guy is cheap-mouthed and thinks about his own safety rather than the safety of the organization. “It’s useless to keep him alive.”

At the academy, I learned that people like that should not be allowed near me. But Talon gently countered.

“That’s the norm, not here at Hawkeye. There are thousands and thousands of people who are wanted or who have committed a crime and cannot show their faces and work outside. However, people tend to fulfill their usefulness in their respective places. If you handle it properly. Since there is a manpower shortage, it is not a situation to cover such matters. “There are few people with that level of skill.”

It was interesting logic. But it wasn’t the time to focus on that. Talon asked.

“Isn’t that enough for you to vent your anger?”

“It’s not enough.”

It was a failure, but if it had succeeded, Helmut would have found the bodies of Asuka, Andro, and James when he returned to the camp. When I think of that situation, I have murderous intent.

“If it’s not enough, I’ll make up for it. “In a different way.”

He speaks softly as if he is willing to make a deal, but he is not an easy person. If he doesn’t get his way, he will enter into force.



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‘I should have killed him a long time ago.’

The person named Fasho at your feet is incapable of fighting and cannot join you. But he seems useless as a hostage. Talon’s eyes were emotionless. Even if Fasho dies, he will only feel sad and not worry much about it.

“How are you going to fill it?”

“I will compensate you. Money, information, anything. “Tell me.”

Talon spread out his hands. As if he would listen to anything.

Helmut was conflicted.

Here, kill Fasho and fight Talon. It’s not that far from the camp, so if you use Vis and fight loudly, the instructors will soon find you here.

However, the problem came after that. Two instructors and one professor. Would this help? Helmut roughly guessed their skills. The academy faculty were experts in teaching, but did not have great skills. In terms of skills, Instructors Alan and Patricia are inferior to Fasho. Professor Dwayne is a wizard, so it is difficult to gauge his skills, but in general, wizards have lower combat abilities than swordsmen.

‘If I’m taken hostage.’

Rather, it becomes a hindrance. And this person cannot be dealt with by continental swordsmanship. If I were to give it my all, I would have to use Darian’s sword skills, but revealing it to this guy or to the academy faculty would be problematic.

‘The problem is that even if you learn it, you can’t use it.’

Helmut’s brow twitched. He knew what the best decision was. The problem was that it was the opposite of what his heart wanted. Helmut, who had put his murderous intentions to rest, let out a compromise.

“I need it all. “Money and information.”

Even if Talon chose to fight like this without paying anything, Helmut was in a situation where he had to avoid fighting. But the other person doesn’t know that. First of all, I plan to tear off what needs to be torn down.

“He’s a greedy guy. But it’s good. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Talon took something out of his pocket and threw it toward the floor. Tudung! There was a heavy sound. It was a money bag. A gold coin shined through the slightly open entrance.

“It will be around 300,000 marks. “Let’s check it out.”

Are these clothes with a space expansion spell? Helmut moved cautiously. I was wondering if there was a trap, so I deliberately touched it with the tip of my sword and opened the pocket. Looking at the size, I think the amount he said was correct. But carrying it was a problem.

“Those clothes. There is a space expansion spell on, right? Give me those clothes too. “What will they think if I take this bag of money with me?”

In exchange for money, he released an assassin who put his friends in danger. He was not surprised to receive criticism. It was not a problem that could be solved by evenly distributing the money received.

Talon responded to the continued requests without saying anything. He took off his hooded cloak and threw it on the floor.


Only then did Helmut look at his face and narrowed his eyes.

“Camp manager? “How did you hide your energy?”

He seemed weak back then. It’s like if you run in and break his neck, he’ll die. However, unlike back then, Talon was not only full of energy but also looked young and strong like any other person. It’s a strange phenomenon.

“Camouflage is my specialty, so it’s hard to explain. “Is there anything else you want?”

Talon had a smile on his gentle face. He has a friendly look, but if the guy looked like that, he wouldn’t have been able to become one of Hawkeye. He was also suspicious of being overly obedient. Helmut dragged the cloak and money Talon gave him in front of me. Fasho was still on the floor, just staring at him. I thought that if I didn’t act hastily, my life could be saved.

First of all, I gained wealth. Next was information. Helmut asked interrogatively.

“How are you going to give me the information?”

“Black Hawk also buys and sells information. It won’t be difficult. There is a crystal ball inside the cloak. If you use vis it will work. When you want information, contact it through it. But only 3 times. If I have any information, even national secret information, I will let you know. Confidentiality is guaranteed to the client. The deadline is 10 years.”

Helmut checked the crystal ball in his cloak pocket and immediately opened his mouth.

“Number 5.”

“You’re greedy. A cloak with a space expansion spell worth 300,000 marks. There are three pieces of information provided. Do you think it’s enough compensation? Of course, there will be no retaliation. From now on, Black Hawk will not accept any requests regarding you. “Isn’t that enough?”

The bargaining immediately failed. Talon came out surprisingly decisively.

‘That’s it.’

It’s unfortunate, but you have to know how to step back. Helmut declared.

“Okay, the deal is done.”

Fasho was behind him. Helmut glanced at him. I feel a bit regretful about sending it away as is. He kicked Fasho hard one last time again. puck! Fasho groaned.


It is a level of inspection that can embody the service. You won’t die at this rate. He was lucky to have survived here. Helmut issued a warning with his murderous eyes.

“Take him. “If you catch my eye again, I will kill you.”

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