Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 132

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Episode 132

“I knew you were coming so I ran over there. “Just a little while ago.”

Asuka, who was holding her stomach, added triumphantly as she pointed to the direction where Fasho had run away.

“He’s bleeding. “I cut my arm off!”

I guess the method I used worked well. Looking closely, I saw that everyone except Andro was seriously injured. In actual combat, I think Andro’s skills were probably the best. Helmut made a misunderstanding that was unfair to Asuka.

A short note of encouragement fell from his mouth.

“You did well.”

It was a calm tone, as if to say thank you for your hard work. The moment I heard those words, a deep sense of relief fell upon the three boys who had fought against Fasho here.

‘It’s over.’

“I track him down. If you leave it alive, it will be a pain in the ass. “You stay here.”

There was little chance that Fasho would beat Helmut and come back this way.

At that moment, I felt the presence of several people running towards me from the side of the road. It was a familiar sight. It seems that the instructors have moved using magic.

‘I guess I can just leave these guys to them.’

“Asuka! Helmut! Dino! James! Andro!”

A sense of crisis was evident in the voices running towards the team members, calling their names at the top of their lungs. It was Instructor Patricia’s voice.

“Instructor, it’s here!”

Andro shouted, waving his hands. Helmut looked at them for a moment, then immediately kicked the ground.


Fasho was running through the forest. There was no time to properly stop the bleeding in his arm. He tied it roughly with cloth. For now, he just has to run and put as much distance between himself and the camp as possible. He has no time to do anything special.

Fasho completely gave up fighting Helmut at this point. No matter what his condition is, the situation here is not good. Fighting in this state with the vivid smell of blood was extremely unfavorable for Fasho. He cannot attempt assassination, which is his specialty. You won’t be able to hide yourself from a guy with such excellent senses.

‘He will definitely come after me.’

Fasho instinctively knew that fact. The opponent’s poison must have risen to the point where it has risen. He should have quickly murdered his friends and left the scene, but what he thought was a leisurely time soon became a candle about to go out.

The reason Fasho failed is simple. Not because the opponent was strong, but because he let his guard down.

‘You’re so excited.’

If we had put all our effort into embodying Vis from the beginning, it would have ended quickly. It’s been a long time since I was presented with an interesting game. Normally, you wouldn’t even be able to touch them just because they belong to Baden’s Academy, but they are gentle-skinned, friendly young boys. Meeting them, who are energetic and have a promising future, gave him a special sense of excitement.

The reason Fasho is excited is because he is also human. A human being who gives in to desire! I tried to enjoy it by cutting and scratching it here and there with words or a dagger, but the excitement got too much.

‘Especially that sissy commoner.’

He gritted his teeth as he thought of Asuka. He was the smallest and most insignificant of the three. But he was quite good. Although he did not go so far as to shape Vis, he was adept at strengthening his muscles and putting them on his sword.

That alone is an extraordinary achievement considering his age. An achievement difficult to achieve for commoners who are less likely to receive systematic education from an early age. No matter how talented they are, how can a commoner develop such skills regardless of their poor physical condition and environment?

Fasho’s eyes narrowed as he thought about that. Just now, I felt an uncomfortable sensation. It was only later that he recalled the sensation that he had ignored while fighting. Fasho pictured in his mind Asuka’s swordsmanship that he had witnessed. What was he like when the three of them fought and when he fought alone?

Fasho, who had to memorize the characteristics of the target, remembered many of the characteristics of swordsmanship. There was only one sword technique that came to mind. But if that guess is correct, that guy.

‘Could it be that guy…? … .’

If what he realized was true, it was lucky for him that Fasho didn’t kill Asuka today. It was also fortunate for the Black Hawks. He realized it, even if it was too late.

His heart cooled, he took a deep breath. Lack of information almost caused a disaster.

‘I must report this to my superiors.’

At that time he would also have to report on his failures, which would be offset by what Fasho had learned.

Even as he was thinking, he was steadily moving away from the camp. Fasho had long legs and quick feet. Any decent guy will not be able to catch up with the one who set off a few minutes ago.

If it’s a decent guy.

At that time, I felt a cold sensation. Fasho threw his body to the side without even looking back. puck! Something long flew down and landed where he was. No, rather than being hit, it broke because it couldn’t overcome the impact. It was by no means something that came by accident. Fasho corrected his balance and looked around. His heart seemed to freeze.

‘Have we caught up, where are we?’

His gaze naturally went up. I saw a figure standing on a tree. A boy with eerie black eyes, holding a bow and looking down at him, like a reaper. With a certain premonition, my heart was beating wildly.

It was a premonition of death.

“You’re the first person in Black Hawk to avoid that. “I’ll praise you.”

A drowsy voice rang out in the darkness. Fasho recalled the five corpses I had been informed of. They all died after being pierced by tree branches. Was it this way?

Helmut spoke in a calm tone.

“I am the hunter, you are the hunted.”

Now the situation has completely reversed. There were no more traps, no hostages, or anything to fool around with. The only means Fasho could use against him was his body.

“It smells bloody. Asuka cut your shoulder? “I want to be free from the pain quickly.”

Helmut’s eyes flashed strangely.

“But you won’t die easily. “Because of you, I’m a little angry.”

Since leaving the Forest of Pahe, all the enemies I have encountered have been bugs. This one was a particularly annoying bug. Mosquitoes sneak in while you sleep, suck your blood, and then disappear.

To Helmut, Fasho was like a mosquito. Because of that, he was even more motivated to kill. Helmut wanted to kill Fasho. Intensely too. A fierce smile appeared on Helmut’s lips.

“Show me your skills. “Don’t let me get bored!”

Helmut jumped from the tree and hit Fasho like a meteor. Fasho drew his dagger. But he lost a lot of blood. One of his arms was completely paralyzed. His body movements also slowed down significantly. What he chose was avoidance. The first blow tore through the spot where Fasho was standing. Shhh!

The sword strike that cut through the air was powerful. The gray vis on the sword visually overwhelmed Fasho. I know that he is an opponent who can embody Vis, but Helmut’s Vis that I actually saw was terrifying.

‘The service is stable. That means it’s in almost perfect condition.’

His plan didn’t work. Fasho realized it. If that thing isn’t intact, Helmut’s skills will be better than he expected.

The offensive continued without a break. I dodged the second hit, but I couldn’t avoid the third hit that came at me diagonally. Flame-like red vis bloomed in one hand. We have to at least get out of the way. But the moment I hit back, kyaaang! A tremendous amount of pressure hit my healthy right arm. It was a force that his viswa strength could not withstand.

Fasho missed the dagger. Tung, ride. The sound of the dagger being thrown out of his grasp and rolling around sounded exactly like the sound of his neck rolling on the floor. Although there are still weapons left in his body, there is nothing to block the sword loaded with vis. He’ll try to memorize things and it won’t work. Helmut could not see any gaps. Despair swelled. A huge and overwhelming darkness was approaching.

Helmut, who had stopped attacking, tilted his head slightly.

“Your weapon is gone?”

Jet black eyes looked straight at him. His eyes were as cold as the abyss, emotionless, as if no appeal would work.

It would be difficult not to feel fear in this situation. But sometimes, finding a way to survive can save your life. Fasho raised his hands and got down on his knees. One of Helmut’s eyebrows rose upward at his unexpected action. Fasho pretended to be nonchalant and moved his mouth.


Helmut, dumbfounded, walked away and kicked him in the stomach. puck! This was exactly the area where Asuka was kicked. Blood foam spurted from Fasho’s mouth as he fell sideways.

“Ugh! “You said you were a student at the swordsmanship department. Is it okay to treat someone who has surrendered like this?”



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“This is not sparring.”

Helmut kicked him again. puck! This time it was the leg side.


It felt like a sledgehammer had been struck. My face was distorted in pain. However, Fasho desperately tried to keep his head in that situation. The wicked only cares for his own life. The same was true for Fasho.

“If you save me, I will never chase you again!”

“If I die anyway, I won’t be able to chase you. “That would be such a loss for me.”

Helmut spoke lightly and stepped on Fasho’s wrist. Quack! The flat palm was forced open. When he lightly aimed the tip of his sword and struck down, all four of his fingers except his thumb were cut off. This is Dino’s responsibility.

The floor quickly became soaked with blood. Because of the pain from earlier, it barely hurt when my finger was cut by the sharp blade. Fasho, whose life was in danger, cried out in horror.

“Hehehe. I am just one of Hawkeye. If I don’t go back, Hawkeye’s other guys will come after you next. “It won’t be just one person then.”

“Who cares? You die here, and all your companions die too. Then it becomes clean.”

The tone of voice was that there was no problem. But he just didn’t show it, and in fact Helmut also flinched at those words.

‘It seems like the level is getting higher and higher. It was easy before, but you had a bit of trouble starting with this guy, right?

If more than 3 people like this come, I think it will be a bit of a pain. No, to make sure, they may come together as a group regardless of whether they are level 1 or level 2 skilled. Then he will be difficult to deal with even on his own. If he grabs everyone around him, including his friends, or even threatens Ethan… … . Now that he had broken his own rule of not touching nobles, the opponent could be as mean and vicious as he wanted.

‘But I don’t want to let this guy live. There is no guarantee that he will keep his word even if he is spared.’

No matter how I thought about it, I had to kill him. It was never just because Helmut wanted to kill him. Even thinking about the common sense I learned at the academy, this guy feels like death. He must have committed so many crimes that he deserves the death penalty. He’s the kind of guy who escapes prison before the death penalty is handed down, so he’ll have to make sure he gets executed.

But there was a reason it took. sprout of darkness. Even so, it had already reacted to demonic energy earlier. It has become sensitive and is still squirming slightly.

Once Helmut had caught Fasho, he turned to finding out everything he could find out. I am also willing to try new ways of conversation. How can torture make people spit out information? It is not too late to make a decision after hearing enough information. This guy is no brat and he cares for his life so he doesn’t seem to have any intention of committing suicide.

“What happened to the stolen horse?”

This was the first question Helmut asked. He showed affection for my first horse. white. I didn’t even get to ride the guy I gave it a name, but I lost it. That guy also received it in return for a request. He was an expensive guy, so it was also a financial loss.

Fasho answered obediently.

“All the horses are tied up east of here, in front of the cave. “They were all useful words, so I just stole them instead of killing them.”

Unexpectedly, upon confirming that White was alive, Helmut’s mood improved slightly. If it was a cave, it was not far from here. Seeing that he was running away so hard, I guess he was thinking of jumping on his horse. He was such a thrifty guy that he even thought of selling someone else’s horse.

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