Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 112

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Episode 112

“Oh, Area?”

“100 laps of the playground. “No matter how bad your memory is, you haven’t already forgotten, right?”

“Area, uh, about that. If you reduce the number of times… … “Why not?”

Xian lowered his voice servilely. The hands automatically came together as if praying.

“Class will end around 5 PM, so we can start then. You can do more than 15 laps in an hour, right? Then it will take about 7 hours. Of course you shouldn’t use magic.”

As Alea spoke in an obnoxiously light manner, Cian’s face gradually turned blue.

“No, Area. “You can do 100 laps in one day.”

Even for a swordsman undergraduate student, spinning 100 laps is a difficult task. Among the second years, Helmut was probably the only one who could do it without any trouble.

“If we were going to split it up, I would have said something like 10 laps for 10 days. “I wouldn’t say 100 laps.”

Area maintained a cool-headed attitude, as if not even the tip of a needle would go into it. Unless it was clearly stated, it could be interpreted either way.

However, between Xian and Area, Area is the one that has the right to decide on the interpretation.

‘Should I ignore it and just jump out?’

But I was afraid of the consequences. Area will never leave him alone. Xian naturally became humble.

“Area, the brilliant and merciful head of the Magic Faculty!”

“I’ll let you use some stamina recovery magic.”

“Hey, Asuka! Helmut! Please say something. If I keep doing this, I’m going to collapse and die! “You won’t be able to see me starting next week!”

Helmut and Asuka clearly pretended not to notice. Asuka, who was particularly prone to being stabbed, even avoided eye contact.

“Now we have to go to lunch and take afternoon classes! “I’ll just go.”

The only thing left in front of Xian was Area, standing there radiating cold air. He added with a refreshing look on his face.

“If you feel like you’re going to die, I’ll divide it up like you said and fill it up. Of course, I don’t think so.”

No matter what happens, I can see the will to make Sian complete the betting task. In this way, Xian’s fate was decided.


In the afternoon after finishing all classes that day, Sian walked around the playground sweating profusely.

Since I didn’t have enough stamina to even run a few laps, I got tired of using magic to restore my stamina.

He walked around the playground at a slow pace.

Area watched for a while and disappeared, threatening to do it properly and saying that she would monitor it with magic.

When it was getting completely dark, Helmut stopped by the playground.

‘As a party to the bet, you also have a duty to make sure that Xian is doing the right thing.’

Because Alea said so.

Greta Academy is brightly lit from dusk to dawn. It was for the students who stayed at the academy to study until late at night.

Of course, there were places where the light could not reach. Playground.

However, there is enough external light to see the person with the naked eye.

Helmut looked at Inyoung running around the playground from afar. His eyes could easily see through the darkness.

The physique and appearance are unmistakable. But it felt strange.

Rather than a person, it feels like a disparate lump of something. Helmut knew what that feeling was.

‘Spirit of darkness.’

Since Area can be monitored through magic from afar, it seems like a substitute has been set up. The magician’s tricks were really convenient sometimes.

‘It’s really similar to the real thing.’

Except that it’s spinning around the playground at an unnaturally constant speed. If you look at it from a distance, you might be fooled.

It seemed like he didn’t have the acting skills to pretend to be tired from the dark spirit.

‘You can just pretend not to know about this.’

Helmut turned his back. The plan was to tell Area that Sian was fulfilling his bet.


“Oh my, it’s Saksin! Look at my legs. It’s shaking. “It’s hard to even stand properly.”

The next morning, when we met in front of the dormitory, Sian was very angry.

Due to a severe lack of exercise, he seemed to have lost some cheek fat overnight.

It was later said that he let the dark spirit run around the playground on his behalf, but he really had to run at first when Area was watching.

Asuka asked curiously.

“So really, it’s been 7 hours?”

He had a look on his face that seemed befitting of a swordsman’s school, wondering why it took him 7 hours to walk 100 laps around the playground. So it was very disgusting.

Sian awakened the violence within himself. But his opponent’s physical ability was too good to reveal that. So much so that he easily overpowers this side.

Xian gritted his teeth and glared at Asuka, who wasn’t even showing her nose.

“Yes, you would have seen it if you had come! “If you had any conscience, you should have at least handed me a towel to wipe off my sweat!”

“A towel. They make all kinds of tickling noises. “You are not a knight before a campaign.”

“Or you could have told Area that you would go halfway!”

“There was a way like that too.”

Asuka shrugged her shoulders.

“It probably wouldn’t have worked on Area anyway. “That guy was so anxious to make you suffer no matter what.”

“So you put me through all this trouble, but you just stretched out your legs and slept well?”

“Even if I stand there guarding, nothing will change.”

“Then don’t you just feel like doing something for me now?”

Asuka snorted. But contrary to his reaction, he spoke obediently.

“OK got it. When the holidays come, let’s go to the beer restaurant we went to last time. “I can buy it.”

He is the deputy head of the swordsmanship department. In addition, I avoided suspension, which I used to receive once a semester. Asuka’s pocket money has increased and she feels much better these days.

As guessed, he seemed to be the child of a fairly wealthy family. He was able to provide unrivaled support to the academy’s nobles.



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“Okay, I’m buying it from Helmut too.”

“That guy has better grades and more money than me. Should I buy him?”

“Because you lost?”

Asuka frowned.

“Oh yeah. “Please empty my pockets until you both explode!”

“I don’t have anything to buy for Area.”

Xian cut with a look of resentment on his face. Asuka firmly agreed.

“I have no intention of buying it for that bastard either.”

That’s how the plan for drinking on the holiday was confirmed.


When the morning swordsmanship class began, instructor Alan called my name and handed out report cards in envelopes.

The students who received their report cards had a long conversation. Helmut’s practical score was perfect. I thought it was natural, but everyone held their tongues.


“This is my first time seeing a report card like this.”

It was quite difficult to get a perfect score on the practical exam. A person with a perfect score only comes out once every few years.

Asuka also lost a few points in her attitude score. Instead, he seemed to have received close to perfect scores on the liberal arts test and the written swordsmanship test.

“Tsk, why did my attitude score get lowered?”

Everyone who heard his mumbling looked at Asuka as if she really didn’t know that. I thought he was such a shameless guy.

“Everyone pay attention!”

After a while, Instructor Alan spoke forcefully.

“There is an announcement today, so listen carefully.”

For a moment, there was a commotion. Is that what you want to talk about? Everyone looked at Instructor Alan with expectant eyes.

“It looks like the rumor has already spread, so some people may have heard it. Second-year students in the swordsmanship department are going on a hunting outing next week as a department event. Starting Monday, a five-day group trip is scheduled to take place in the forests near Baden. Since we have to camp, we may have to live in discomfort for a few days, but it will be an opportunity to make good memories with our classmates.”

Instructor Alan looked around at the students and continued.

“You have to ride a horse, so if anyone brings their own horse, they can ride it. If not, they can apply to rent one from the academy.”

Helmut’s horse was at Kudrow Mansion. However, he seemed to have a separate stable at the academy and take care of the students’ horses. There are some guys who go out of Baden on holidays.

However, Helmut, who was being targeted by Black Hawk, refrained from going out of Baden.

You won’t lose in a fight, but troublesome situations may arise while you are at the academy.

‘That guy must be sore because he’s only in the stable.’

It was a good opportunity.

“We will post the supplies on the bulletin board tomorrow. First, write down the names of the people you want to form a group with. After seeing that, I will arbitrarily organize the group. Please keep in mind that it may not necessarily be reflected perfectly. “If there is anyone who says that I’m dead and won’t be able to go even if I wake up, talk to me privately, ideal!”

After Instructor Alan finished speaking, an expectant conversation took place among the second-year swordsmanship students.

“Hey, have you ever camped?”

“Our territory is in the mountains. “I’ve done it sometimes.”

“okay? “I grew up in the capital and have never done it before.”

“Didn’t you have to camp at least once on the way to Baden?”

“I came to the village because I heard that security was not good.”

“what? “This guy is a complete idiot.”

“How did you get into the swordsmanship department? “It’s an award that should have gone into the academic department.”

“People from the capital don’t have much to do with things like camping. so do i.”

“Look at these guys. “It has grown really nicely.”

The students from Geomga clicked their tongues. Among the nobles, those from the sword family have experienced all kinds of training, so camping is no stranger to them.

However, not all swordsman students were from a sword school.

There were quite a few cases where someone talented in swordsmanship was born into a family that was far from a swordsman.

Several students who had never experienced camping or hunting expressed their curiosity.

“What’s camping like? “Will it be fun?”

“Nothing special. “If you’re unlucky, you might step on someone’s poop when you go to pee.”

“So, before you pack it up, you have to dig it in the ground, pack it up, and bury it. “It’s very important.”

“There are many cases where people dig in similar locations because they all think the same, so no matter how late it is, before you dig, check carefully to see if someone else has already found a cheap spot.”

“That’s right, if you don’t dig well, you will fail. A very dirty and disgusting situation will arise? “It smells really bad.”

“If there are a lot of people, you can just think of it as a poop field. “You have to go a little further.”

“In that sense, dig with a shovel, not with your hands. There is a separate thing called a camping shovel, and that is for that purpose. “Have one ready.”

“And when night falls, don’t get out of your sleeping bag. “I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot.”

“If you sleep with your face exposed, it gets swollen and swells like a lump. “It’s hard to even recognize who it is.”

The faces of the guys who had never experienced camping became increasingly distorted as they listened.

“What are you guys really saying?”

“Well, it’s true.”

“I’m telling you kindly because I don’t think you guys know much.”

Some people were excited and made exaggerated noises.

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