Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 111

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Episode 111

Chapter 8: Hunting Picnic

A week after the midterm exam, some people smiled and others shed tears in front of the bulletin board where the test scores were announced.

And someone held their head and sighed.

“Oh, no way! “Please, someone tell me this is a dream!”

The second-year magic students looked at him strangely as he sat on the floor like the protagonist of a tragedy.

“what? What’s wrong with you? “Is it because of your rank?”

“Do you have a reason to do that? “My grades are the same this year as last year.”

“Are you kidding me about second place?”

“Okay, second seat again this time. Sian, you are amazing too. “How is it that you always end up second?”

“This time, I thought my grades would drop because I played around a bit, but I managed to get the second place. “Is it because there isn’t much of a difference in points with third place?”

“But where is the second seat? “The head position is always occupied by that person over there.”

Area was standing where someone pointed. It looks like he came to check his grades on the bulletin board.

The outcome may have been decided for him. The clear writing on the white paper was dazzling.

1st place Area, 100 points. 2nd place: Xian, 93.2 points. 3rd place Ellis, 92.8 points.

The score was converted to a perfect score of 100. Posting rankings and grades was Greta Academy’s policy to encourage competition.

There were many nobles in the academy who cared about honor. If you post grades so blatantly, everyone will grit their teeth and study.

Ranks were calculated separately for each faculty. Because scoring is based on completely different criteria.

“You are shining again today, as expected from Area.”

“I wonder if this is the chief’s halo.”

The female students were whispering among themselves. After checking her grades, Area looked at her dead-faced Cyan and raised the corners of her mouth.

What Area was trying to check was not her own grades. Despite the cold smile, cheers erupted from those around him.

Everyone seemed to think that Area was smiling because she was happy. But Sian knew she was laughed at and asked with her sullen face.

“Here, is there anyone who thinks Alea is really unlucky?”

The students around me were shocked.

“Only you would think that.”

“Watch your mouth. Then you will be buried on the academy grounds.”


Xian closed his mouth. It’s unfair and unfair, but that’s what power is.

The greatest genius in the history of the Faculty of Magic. Plus, her appearance is so beautiful that it makes my eyes wander.

Aside from his personality, Area, who possessed intelligence, looks, and skills, had the only flaw in him: he was from a commoner background.

However, since no one knew about Area’s past, many people implicitly assumed that he was from a noble family.

He is rich enough to buy things at a luxury store in Baden without hesitation, and his manner and manner of speech are noble and elegant.

Even if he wasn’t a noble, there was no problem as long as he was a wizard.

A magician as great as Area would want to take her from any country. A title of nobility naturally follows.

Female students adore him, and male students find him difficult. In reality, Area treats them all like nothing but trash beneath her feet.

The only one who felt unfair in that reality was Sian.

‘That’s a person with a complete personality breakdown.’

Arrogant and inconsiderate. However, Xian himself knew that this was an assessment that could only be made after hanging out with Area. Because last year’s Area never let go.

“Ha, playground, playground.”

Sian muttered the word as if it were cursed.

‘You won’t look at Area, right?’

I’m sure it will. With a gloomy expression, Xian vowed to hit Asuka in the back as soon as she appeared.

The magic department students who finished class first were followed by the swordsmanship department students.

The bulletin boards were separated by grade so it was easy to see.

“Helmut. “Look at the bulletin board.”

Someone checked first and made a fuss. It was difficult to check the contents as the large swordsman students were covering their heads with their guilty heads.

Helmut was able to check the rankings only after the guys in front of the bulletin board had retreated.

1st place Helmut 98.2 points, 2nd place Asuka 97.2 points, 3rd place Andro 92.1 points.

‘I got a little low on the written exam.’

Anyway, it’s first place. Seeing my name at the top was more satisfying than I expected.

It was Helmut’s first time experiencing competition. He dug in the forest, because he had no one who could compete with him.

‘I’m only one point behind Asuka.’

Both Asuka and Helmut have swordsmanship skills that are beyond the level of their grade. Just because she says Helmut has the upper hand doesn’t mean she can’t cut Asuka’s points. She would have made up the difference in practical skills with her written score.

It was a part that made it clear why Asuka was always so confident.

‘It’s pretty good.’

Helmut slightly raised his evaluation of Asuka, whom he thought was a troublemaker. Because of his presence, Helmut was able to prepare for the exam with appropriate tension.

Asuka, who is short, pushed past the guys from the swordsmanship department and dug in to check her name on the bulletin board. He scratched the bridge of his nose.

“Hey, what is the difference of 1 point?”

“That means you did well on the test.”

“It feels worse to lose narrowly. “It’s unfortunate and annoying.”

“Do you feel worse than me?”

A hand suddenly appeared out of thin air and tried to hit the back of Asuka’s head. But Asuka reflexively grabbed his hand and broke it.


Sian screamed. Asuka only let go of his hand after checking on his opponent.

“what? Was it a stealth spell? “He appears using magic in vain.”



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There is no way this kind of surprise attack would work on Asuka, who has outstanding reaction speed. Xian frowned and sternly scolded.

“ouch! You almost broke my wrist. “Is it okay to be violent to a friend like this?”

Asuka raised her eyebrows after hearing the argument.

“You’ve never seen me get really violent, have you?”

When I say this, it’s usually Xi’an who retreats. But this time was different.

“Are you in a position to say something like that now? If you have a conscience, you can’t do that. “Nothing.”

Asuka realized something and closed her mouth as if stung. But she didn’t last long. He immediately spoke bluntly.

“Good. They say you must be lacking in exercise and your stomach is full because of late-night snacks. “Isn’t it good to go to the playground and train your body thanks to me?”

“They said he was the crazy dog ​​of the swordsmanship department, you bastard! “Even a dog has a better conscience than you!”

“What is he saying now? “Has someone knelt down and begged me to bet?”

“I would have been upset if I hadn’t talked to you, but you talk so well!”

While the two were bickering, the second-year students in the swordsmanship department shared their thoughts about the results announcement.

“Suddenly, the scores for first and second places increased significantly. “Last year, we were only a few points away from third place.”

“Two out of the top three students are transfer students.”

“3rd place is Andro, right? “Isn’t this guy the quieter one among the transfer students?”

“Oh, right.”

At that time, attention was drawn to Andro, who appeared at that moment. Helmut took first place, Asuka took second place. The top two rankings were almost decided, but everyone was wondering who would take third place.

And Andro became the main character of the place.

“Hey, Andro! “I saw you again.”

“I was lucky, I did better on the test than I thought.”

Andro responded humbly. In fact, second-year students in the swordsmanship department automatically had no choice but to be humble. Because there were monsters named Helmut and Askar in the same grade.

“Well, luck is also a skill.”

“Everyone worked hard on this midterm exam, right?”

“I don’t know anything else, but I wonder why Asuka didn’t get first place.”

“Wouldn’t it be difficult if a crazy dog ​​became the top student in our grade?”

Asuka, who was arguing with Xian, glared in the direction where my nickname was mentioned.

“Someone just barked!”

There was silence for a moment.

“Other than converted grades, where can I check detailed grades?”

When Helmut spoke to another classmate, it was only then that the silence broke. No matter how bad Asuka’s temperament is, Helmut is ranked higher in the swordsmanship department.

The classmate who received the question looked surprised before answering.

“Detailed report cards will be handed out in class tomorrow.”

“I guess the exam is over, I guess I’ll have some free time for a while.”

“You already have some spare time. “You must have been playing all over the holiday.”

“Well, that’s true, but it’s still good to loosen up.”

“Ah, Helmut. “Did you hear the news?”

When someone spoke, Helmut shook his head.


“I heard someone talking with the instructors, and it looks like they are going on a hunting outing in conjunction with training this time. There’s a big forest next to Baden. I guess we’ll camp and hunt there. “Maybe more than three days?”

One person let out a sigh.

“There are no monsters there. “Friendly.”

“You’re talking like a monster. “If you were in charge of the academy, would you take a group of second-year students, not even upper-year students, and go hunting for monsters?”

“Is there anything special about calling it a monster? “When I saw who caught it, it looked like a rather fierce animal.”

“They often appear near our territory, right? “If you see a living monster, you won’t say things like that.”

Helmut suddenly remembered the monkey monster he had met when he was carrying out a request for the Face Mercenaries.

That guy could probably wipe out half of the second year students in the swordsmanship department in an instant.

Someone spoke to him as he was lost in his thoughts.

“Helmut, are you confident in hunting?”


I’ve done it a lot in Pahe’s Forest. What’s different is that the target of the hunt is not an ordinary animal, but a monster.

“oh? The answer is clear. “I guess you’ve done some hunting.”

“Good. If I’m in the same group as you, I won’t have to worry about starving. “If we go, we will probably act in groups.”

“Why are you starving? “I will give you basic food.”

“I guess I should eat roasted potatoes without meat.”

“Add some corn too.”

The chat continued continuously. Helmut, who escaped alone, pondered what he had heard.

‘It’s a hunting picnic… … .’

The forest was a familiar place to him. He had dreamed of getting out of there, but now that he was stuck in the academy, his thoughts changed.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

“What are you camping for, Mr. Ai? I can’t sleep when my back hurts.”

Asuka, who had overheard, approached and grumbled. As if the two had somehow ended their argument, Sian also walked towards Helmut.

“That sounds fun. I want to go too, but the professors at the magic department are inactive. “I will never host that type of event.”

“You have a lot of women. What are you going to do if you go out camping and some perverts use stealth magic to spy on you going to the bathroom? “I saw earlier that it was a perfect spell to use.”

“… … What are you talking about? Well, it’s not an impossible story. Even in the magic department, there is always one idiot.”

At that time, a cold voice was heard from the other side.

“Sian, come out to the playground after class later.”

Area was standing with her arms crossed. Looks like he hasn’t gone yet. Xian was hot.

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