Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 107

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Episode 107

Charlotte bowed politely.

“I never thought I’d see you here.”

“Did you also order toast exclusively for the swordsmanship department?”


Asuka felt a sense of disconnect. No matter how you look at her, she has a slender body that doesn’t look much different from ordinary girls and has the face of a noble lady. She doesn’t seem to have room for that big thing.

“Can I eat it all?”

“Why do you think I can’t eat it all? I am also a swordsmanship major. “I’m hungry after training for a long time.”

“A first-year junior in the swordsmanship department? “The one who asked Helmut for a spar?”

Alea’s eyes scanned them as she asked softly. He shows uncharacteristic interest. Especially to Charlotte. She is a beautiful girl with a calm aura for someone her age. Her eyes were fierce, scanning her up and down as if she was observing her.

“Isn’t it pretty? “There are rumors that a beautiful girl has entered the swordsmanship department.”

Xian whispered in a low voice and rested his chin. Asuka asked, scanning the faces of the other two guys.

“Rather than that, is it okay for you to hang out with the guys late at night?”

The two were turning their heads away as if they didn’t want to talk to each other.

“I am the only female student in the first year of the swordsmanship department, but if you worry about that, you won’t be able to hang out with anyone.”

Charlotte answered confidently. When you see her hanging out with nobles, she appears to be the daughter of an aristocratic family, but when you see her doing things again, that’s not the case.

Asuka, speechless, stood up and said goodbye.

“Well, we were just about to go. Bye.”

“Yes, senior. “It was nice to meet you, Helmut.”

Helmut stood up and nodded. Area stood up and grabbed her wallet.

“I’m calculating them one by one first.”

Each person did their own calculations. Nobles would take turns shooting, or one particularly rich person would take the lead, but this group of commoners had a slightly different approach.

Area, the richest person, had no intention of buying anything from these guys. I had the intention of buying at least one, but having two was a problem.

Before leaving the store, Area stopped in front of Charlotte and gave her a look.

“Did you say Charlotte?”

“yes yes!”

“I am Area. “You know me, right?”

It was an arrogant tone that said people who don’t know are idiots. As her purple eyes focused on me, Charlotte’s cheeks heated up.

“No, of course. I know. “Area senior from the Magic Faculty.”

It is not unusual to suddenly stutter.

“I knew it.”

Area responded lightly and passed by. She had no idea what she was talking about, but no one could point it out.

Charlotte pressed down her heated cheeks while her two classmates looked at her with disapproval.

‘What should I do, Area is talking to me!’

It was exactly that expression. Even Charlotte was no exception in front of Area.

Asuka looked like she had been bitten by a bug. Xian’s expression also became depressed. The only one who was indifferent was Helmut. No, he was feeling something too.

‘Was what Area said right? Trying to reach him with my legs… … .’

While misunderstanding.

“I realized one thing.”

After paying and leaving the store, Xian said with a serious face.

“None of us will ever get a girlfriend as long as Area is with us.”

Asuka confirmed in a short silence. Helmut had no idea.

Just having a few friends is enough to bother you. Isn’t a girlfriend something that makes life more tiring and steals time?

Sian grabbed Areea’s shoulder. No, she tried to hold on, but Area quickly shook her off. Very coldly. Xian suggested without hesitation.

“In that sense, don’t you want to wear a mask?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“The head of the mystical magic department wearing a mask! That’s cool. “It could instill fantasy in academy students!”

Area made a shocked expression. No matter how much he does it, his sanity will be questioned if he does something like that.

“You used it. A mysterious spirit wizard wearing a mask would also be fine.”

“okay? is it. Well, I think that would be pretty cool too. Become a spirit wizard with a mysterious atmosphere and take down female students from the academy… … .”

“I can’t listen to it because the level is low.”

Area suddenly turned her back. Asuka also spat out with a pitiful expression.

“If you wear a mask or something, don’t even think about talking to me again.”

“Aren’t you guys doing too much? Helmut! What do you think?”

Xian’s eyes sparkled as if he was looking at his only sympathizer. However, Helmut, who was indifferent to everything, reacted after much thought. In a bad way.

“… … “It’s your freedom, but I don’t think I’ll want to talk to you.”

After Helmut turned his back, Sian became tearful.

Before he knew it, his three friends, Area, Asuka, and Helmut, were walking toward the academy, leaving him behind. He shouted at the top of his voice.

“No, I was joking, but it’s too much. “Friends, come together!”

That’s how the day went.


The first test Helmut faced during the midterm exam was the swordsmanship test.

The sparring with the first graders took place twice over three days. Evaluation is conducted with three or more instructors in attendance.

In the two sparrings, the evaluators were different. There are three instructors, including Patricia, and three instructors, including Alan.

Two sparring sessions and two opponents. It’s the same as during the transfer exam. Considering how one-sided the results were, it was surprising that we had to take the test in sparring again.

‘It’s strange that sparring is excluded from the exam just because of me.’



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Sparring is an appropriate way to evaluate skills. Because it is difficult for students and instructors to meet one by one.

If it had been a tournament system, it would have been unfair because the unlucky guy would be eliminated quickly even if he had good skills, but for now, there is no major problem.

Helmut summarized it simply.

The sparring will begin soon. In front of him was Charlotte.

“Please take care of me, senior.”

Helmut gently held Charlotte’s outstretched hand and then let go.

It’s not often that Charlotte offers to shake hands. It means respecting the other person.

And it also meant that she was going to give it her all.

“It’s a pity that we can’t compete with the real sword.”

“Are you confident that you will win if you fight with a real sword?”

“You are always there. “No matter who the opponent is.”

Charlotte showed a challenging look in her eyes. He has the mindset of a swordsman who fights without thinking about defeat. It was also a mindset that allowed me to always pursue the best.

But to Helmut, it sounded ridiculously arrogant. He raised his eyebrows.

It didn’t matter whether it was related to himself or the area issue.

“Then I will break your confidence.”

He preferred to let the weak figure out the topic. Weak and stupid are the worst.

Needless to say, that’s exactly what Charlotte looked like in Helmut’s eyes.

It would be nice to step on it a little. His eyes darkened eerily.

“One, two, three!”

At the same time as the instructor shouted, Helmut moved.

Finish it as quickly and mercilessly as possible. That was his intention. But things didn’t go as easily as planned.


Perfect! Charlotte, who barely managed to block Helmut’s sword, narrowed her eyes. I blocked it, but it was so powerful that my wrists felt numb.

She was accustomed to attacking in any situation.

However, this attack was meant to be ignored, and if there had been even the slightest hesitation, they would have had to admit defeat.

The separation took place without any time to catch our breath. His sword, which had been aimed at his shoulder, was intercepted and pierced through his chest like an arrow.

If you block it, the wooden sword will break. If you try to dodge left or right, it will change course.

‘Then down!’

Charlotte lowered her body as if she was sitting down. He goes right down to the floor and then digs up. There aren’t many people who can properly counter this blow.

Helmut seemed to have given up an opening. A sword that cuts through the air, and Charlotte’s sword stabs from bottom to top. If it had been a real sword, it would have pierced my heart.

But the next moment.

puck! Something hit my wrist. I felt tremendous pain in my bent wrist. The wooden sword slipped out of my grasp.

Charlotte’s eyes widened. The sound of her wooden sword flying away and hitting the floor was heard. Thump, thud.

Helmut looked down at her boredly. Black eyes that feel distant. she muttered in her unrealistic voice.

“I am… … “I lost.”

Helmut shook his head. The attack method just now was quite interesting. So I finished it without much pain.

Charlotte wrapped her arms around his wrists. Because of his short-term attack, I only felt pain for a moment, but my muscles were not damaged.

“for a moment!”

The three instructors in charge of grading stood up. One of them was Patricia, an instructor in charge of first and second year classes. She was frowning between her eyebrows.

“Gentlemen, now.”

“This is true.”

“Is there a problem this time too?”

Helmut asked out of curiosity. He finished it in a hurry because he didn’t mention the rule that there had to be 3 attacks, but maybe he finished too quickly too.

Black efficiency must be pursued. Since it was a test, I naturally gained strength and became faithful to the teachings.

“Does this have to be the third time?”

“No, that’s enough as is.”

“It was good that I just repelled the attack, but there is one thing.”

“The method… … .”

The way Helmut blocked her wooden sword was simple. Rather than forcefully twisting her wooden sword down, I used my free leg to force my hand and accurately kicked her wrist.

Although sparring is fought with wooden swords, it is assumed that one is holding a real sword. If it was a real sword, your leg could have been cut.

However, I couldn’t find fault with it. Helmut’s foot avoided his wooden sword and kicked Charlotte’s wrist precisely.

In any case, there was no contact with the wooden sword.

“Well, I guess there’s no problem.”

A conclusion was reached among the instructors. Instructor Patricia approached Helmut and Charlotte alone.

Patricia, who saw Charlotte in shock and unable to get up, nagged Helmut.

“Gentlemen, you have to help the injured junior get up. “That’s manners.”

Isn’t it okay to just wake up yourself? Are you waiting for me to reach out now?

As soon as Helmut laid eyes on Charlotte, she immediately stood up.

“it’s okay. “You can stand up.”

The way he was clenching his teeth made me feel like he had absolutely no desire for help from Helmut.

Instructor Patricia tapped her shoulder.

“I’ll just leave now, thank you for your hard work.”

The opponent is a sophomore, and the sophomore senior is the likely opponent. There is nothing to be upset about.

However, it was difficult for someone who always won to accept their defeat.

Charlotte immediately turned her back. The shock hit me late.

‘I can’t believe I lost, so one-sided!’

During Asuka, I tried to take my time, but this time I couldn’t even resist.

Her pride, which was expected to be the top freshman, was completely crushed.

‘I have to go to the training room quickly.’

Charlotte bit her lip. The only thing that could restore her self-esteem was training and effort.

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