Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 108

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Episode 108

Instructor Patricia was worried.

‘I shouldn’t be so disappointed.’

Charlotte was an excellent and diligent student whom the instructors cherished.

Compared to the inhuman genius Helmut and the mad dog Asuka before her, she was very cute and affectionate.

‘As expected, it was too much to attach it to Helmut.’

I couldn’t help it. You have to be at least as good as Charlotte to put it on Helmut.

Compared to applicants during the transfer exam, Charlotte showed a bit of resistance.

“Can I go too?”

Instructor Patricia caught Helmut as he was about to leave.

“Sir, please come here for a moment.”

Helmut asked indifferently.

“Do you have something to say?”

I was half hoping to finish the business quickly. Helmut had to go prepare for his written exam.

I’m definitely confident in my swordsmanship skills, but I’m not so sure about that.

Even though Area gave me a passing grade, I don’t know what variables there will be in the actual test.

What instructor Patricia said at that time was enough to get Helmut on his nerves.

“You look more handsome every day.”

The tone was more serious than a joke. His expression was also serious. Helmut was embarrassed. He only looked in the mirror to see if there was any foreign matter on his face.

Instructor Patricia continued.

“His skills are in proportion to his face, and he also has sincerity. You are a really good student. “To the point where I feel proud as an instructor.”

‘What is this sudden praise?’

“I know how outstanding your skills are. But other grade instructors don’t know. I always felt sad about that. Then this great opportunity came!”

Instructor Patricia clapped her hands sadly.

“You are really impatient. “Don’t you want to show off your cool side in front of these instructors?”

“Why should I do that?”

“… … Well, you’ve been working hard for half of the first semester. Everyone wants to see your famous swordsmanship. “Look at those sad expressions.”

She pointed to the instructors behind me. Instead of feeling regretful, the instructors thought, ‘How did it end so quickly?’ In other words, they look like they are struggling, asking, ‘How should I evaluate this?’

Patricia didn’t want to take her second-year midterm through sparring. At least she wanted the second and third graders to spar.

But it didn’t go as planned. Due to the department’s schedule, it was a matter decided at a general meeting.

Helmut glanced at them and asked curiously.

“So, does this mean that I should take my time to show off my swordsmanship in front of a weak opponent?”

“… … No, that’s not necessarily true.”

‘This guy is too direct.’

“It’s because I feel sorry. “The other instructors can’t properly see the skills of our great soldiers.”

That being said, it was rare to see Instructor Patricia properly. Because every time she saw him, Helmut always ended the sparring overwhelmingly.

“Well, I guess it has roughly the same meaning. “I understand.”

Humans often package what they want to say in a plausible way.

The reason Instructor Patricia can’t say it out loud is because Helmut’s score is perfect no matter what.

Ultimately, what she is talking about is consideration for others. His sparring partner. These are the poor juniors who had to face defeat without even having a chance to show their properly honed swordsmanship. In the end, the intention is similar to that of the transfer exam.

Helmut decided to do as she wished.

This side won’t show Darian’s sword skills, so just using the common sword skills will suffice. It’s a little annoying, but it’s nothing bad.

“My next sparring will probably take a little longer.”

“Sir, do you know how much I care about you?”

“… … “I’ll just go now.”

After looking at Instructor Patricia, who was acting like a burden, with a strange look, Helmut bowed and turned his back.

The calculation was that through this, if he got involved with Asuka, or if something happened because of Asuka, Instructor Patricia would turn a blind eye.


“How was the test?”

Asuka, with a wooden sword on the back of her neck, approached waving at the entrance to the exam room.

Helmut’s sparring was caught early in the morning. Asuka sparred in front of other instructors a few minutes before Helmut. So he deserved to be met here.

“so so.”

“Your opponent was Charlotte, right? He was pretty cool. “How long did it take?”

Of course he would have won, but he said it would have been a bit difficult.

Helmut thought for a moment. I think it was probably seconds, but I couldn’t count it.

“1 min.”


“I think it lasted less than a minute, but it was over quickly.”

Asuka, who froze for a moment, glared at him with wide eyes.

“Do you know that you were incredibly unlucky just now? “I thought it was Area.”

“I just answered the question.”

“Do you look like your roommate? “Really, why did I encounter these things?”

Helmut headed to the dormitory with a grumbling Asuka.

The written exam is designed to be taken at the end of the practical exam period.

After having a quick lunch together, they headed straight to the study room. Now I am used to studying in the study room.

Although he did not relax when he studied alone, he seemed to be able to concentrate better when he studied together with other people who were willing to study.



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There is a moderate amount of tension. It goes without saying, especially when there is an enthusiastic Area in the same room.

Xian spoke harshly, saying that missing out on first place was something he could never tolerate, even if it would cost Alea to bite her tongue and die.

Helmut completely agreed with his opinion. Area, who always calls Xian second and third, will go crazy if someone hears such a thing.

Helmut was also working hard to keep Area from running 100 laps around the playground.

If that happens, be generous… … I was worried.

Asuka was the weakest-willed of the four, but worked quite hard due to the influence of her friends.

As a genius, he was always first in practical skills before Helmut appeared, so there was nothing to worry about.

Among them, Sian was the one who behaved like the most ordinary student.

“Ah, I failed the test.”

Xian lamented and hurried into the study room. Helmut and Asuka, who had just opened their textbooks, looked at him.

Xian collapsed in his chair and hit his head on the desk.

“Ahhhh, I can’t believe I ended up like this. “This is all because of you guys.”

“If I had studied while looking for a late-night restaurant, I would have done well on the test.”

Asuka sneered at the topic that she was also shooting around with. There was no comforting kindness from anyone in this room.

The only person who had such kindness was in a position to receive comfort.

Xian looked extremely frustrated. Helmut asked.

“Did you not write the answer sheet?”

“No, I wrote all the essays, but among the 50 multiple-choice questions… … .”

“Out of 50 questions?”

As Asuka responded, Xian put his hand in her hair and violently shook it out.

“You got two questions wrong! “Ugh!”

“This bastard is also talking nonsense.”

Asuka closed the textbook with a shocked expression on her face.

If all questions had the same score, you would get 96 out of 100.

So why are you making such a fuss with a face that looks like you’re about to die? Xian muttered.

“It’s because you don’t know how big a deal it is for our department to get two questions wrong. I’m going to be pushed out of the top 10. Amidst all the disdain, you won’t even be able to hear the sound of a car seat anymore. Xian, an inferior student! I was in second place! Maybe that will make you want to hang yourself… … .”

Perhaps the subject hidden in those words is area. But then the door burst open, and a soft voice was heard.

“I don’t think that will happen, but I heard that the questions on this ‘Magic and Culture’ test were a bit difficult. “The exam room is a sea of ​​tears.”

“What, really?”

“Okay, since you got more than 8 questions wrong on average, you probably didn’t do badly on the test.”

“What are your scores?”

“Of course I get full marks.”

Xian’s eyes, filled with anticipation, died. Area added coldly as she sat down.

“Oh, of course, the presentation is based on multiple choice. “I don’t know the results of the essay test yet, but I’m sure no one got a better score than me.”

It was a natural tone of voice. And that was also the natural reality. Sian muttered gloomily, resting his chin on the desk.

“… … I’d rather not talk to you during exam period. “Because it feels like I’m hitting rock bottom.”

“Even though you’ve been the second president for 10,000 years, there’s no reason to compare yourself to me again, right? “There is no comparison anyway.”

“Area, you!”

Xian lifted his head. He looked agitated, which was not typical for the calm Xian.

Even before the midterm exams started, I was complaining that I was going to miss out on the second place position, and it wasn’t for nothing that I was complaining. He was also quite stressed.

However, as soon as the cold gaze fell on Xian, he calmed down.

“done. “I’d rather die than get sick.”

‘This guy also recognizes the strong.’

Helmut thought. Those around him had an eye for recognizing others compared to the average level of the human world.

Asuka seemed to feel sorry for Xian, who was always suffering, and came forward to offer comfort.

“Hey, Sian. That guy will probably get one or two questions wrong on the upcoming exam. You can do well on future exams. “You can either be second-ranking or chief, give it a shot.”

It wasn’t a consolation, it felt like he was laying the groundwork because he was expected to be second in line.

Sian spoke in a subdued voice.

“It’s because you don’t know. Area, that guy didn’t just get a perfect score on the entrance exam! “That monster, he got perfect scores in all subjects for two consecutive semesters last year.”

“Oh yeah… … .”

‘What’s with all this?’

Asuka looked at Area with strange eyes, as if looking at something similar to a monster.

Area just opened the book without raising an eyebrow.

The study room soon became quiet. It was the perfect silence, suitable for exam period.


The second sparring in the midterm exam ended slightly later than the first sparring. However, it seemed more blatant than before that he was ‘watching’.

The opponent I had to spar with this time was someone I had never faced last week and was a bit inferior to Charlotte.

When the test was over, instructor Ethan gave him a happy look. He seemed to be in a good mood.

If Helmut wins first semester, it will be a good gift for his guardian, Instructor Ethan.

A ward’s excellent grades are directly related to the ward’s honor.

‘Now the most difficult test remains.’

Putting his undergraduate exams aside, Helmut thought. In fact, the undergraduate exam, especially the practical part, which accounted for the highest score, was the easiest for him. The problem is that liberal arts subjects are the most difficult.

‘He’s the top student in the department… … .’

Helmut wondered how he would feel if he occupied the position that Area gave so much meaning to.

Perhaps you will find out how it feels soon.

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