Hard Carry Support Chapter 405-406-407-408

Caidrial’s Intent (1), Caidrial’s Intent (2), Caidrial’s Intent (3) and Caidrial’s Intent (4)

After the unstable world collapsed, Hyun returned to a space like the universe.

The world, which was made by attaching fragments of time, disappeared the moment I closed and opened my eyes, and it felt like everything was an illusion.

[You have cleared the final awakening quest: Transcendence!]

[You have obtained the last fragment of chaos!]

The message in the quest window was the only evidence that another world existed.

“Good job, my lord. You too, Xanthier.”

“What are you doing now?”

“I must do my part. As a priest who serves chaos, I will always watch over my lord in the nick of time.”

Chrono said goodbye.

self. Right after that, her eyes started to turn black, and after a while, her pupils disappeared.

In an instant, Chrono was transformed into a creepy-looking ghost statue.


On the way back to the original world, Ain suddenly asked.

Feeling Hyun’s feelings through fairy tales.

“It was just luck… ?”


“You don’t have to hide… . in front of me.”

“It was just frustrating for a moment. And now I’m fine.”

quiet for a while.

After walking for a while, Ain asked again.

“What happened to Louise?”

“Louise… .”

Hyun immediately understood Ain’s question.

He was asking about Louise of the disappeared world.

“I changed the time axis of the soul.”

“… ?”

“To put it simply, you will have the same memories as Louise in the original world.”

“Um… I don’t know.”

Ain, who tilted his head, immediately stopped thinking.

Anyway, that’s not what’s important now.

“Don’t think too much of Louise.”

“huh… ?」

“Because I am by your side now.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

A faint smile finally broke out at the corner of Hyun’s mouth.

I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Ain would sometimes say something comforting to himself.

Even during the quest for about a month, if Ain wasn’t by my side, it probably wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it is now.

Maybe I gave up halfway through.

That’s why this quest was sober and difficult to do.


“It’s finally over.”

The first thing that greeted Hyun after leaving the room of awakening was Genie’s whisper.

Because they were isolated from the outside world during the quest, an enormous amount of reports were piled up in the Shade Guild.

I feel like I would have to sit at my desk for an hour and wrap my head around just reviewing the big stuff.

Hyun decided to put off what he had to do for later.

The aftereffects of completing this quest were greater than expected.

I can’t forget the last look of Louise who met my eyes in my head.

“Do you have Louise?”

Hyun immediately activated the voice magic tool.

It was to call Louise who was staying in the border city.

I don’t know what I want to say by calling him, but I just wanted to see his face.

“Isn’t it too late!”

“Sorry, how did this happen?”

“Well, I’ll forgive you for contacting me first, but what have you been so busy with?”

“That makes sense… .”

Hyun shared a rather long relationship with Louise.

For some reason, I felt that I wanted to tell the story of her experiences in another world.

“Another country… It doesn’t feel real.”

After hearing all the stories, Louise covered her chin and fell into thought.

“But if you are forgiven in the end, isn’t it a good thing?”

“okay… ?”

“I must have come to understand what you mean now. If I had been truly malicious, I would not have said anything about forgiving you.”

“Um… .”

Hyun blurted out his backstory.

It was because the atmosphere had become as if he was confessing his mistake to Louise for no reason.

So I decided to change the topic.

“Louise, are you trying to become a devil?”

“Yes… ?”

“I felt this time, but it seems that awakening to darkness is not what you really want.”

Louise was always alone, but always wanted to be with someone.

After giving the Illusion Fairy as a gift, I was always having conversations with that monster that were close to talking to myself.

On the other hand, darkness, which is transcendental, is lonely.

Even everyday life was treated as an oracle, so it was clear that chatting like now would be impossible.

When Hyun said what he felt, Louise waved her hand and answered.

“No, it’s not! Didn’t I promise to make you a king? Someday I will definitely become the Great Devil… !”

“No, never mind me.”

Hyun cut off Louise’s words.

“Tell me what you feel.”

“… … .”

“Wanting to go to reality has nothing to do with becoming the Great Devil.”

In the midst of the silence, Louise glanced around.

Looking at the direction of his gaze, it seemed that he was looking at Ain’s eyes.

“actually… .”

“in fact?”

“… Hyun, anything other than being with you doesn’t matter.”

It had been a while since Louise let out a crawling voice.

Hyun always took her to a world beyond her imagination, and that was Louise’s only pleasure since childhood.

“You should have said it that way.”

Hearing the answer he wanted, Hyun smiled deeply.

To be the king of Assrian?

It was possible without Louise’s help.

Didn’t he rise to the top of the world once during Asura’s time and once before?

I’ve done it twice, so there’s nothing I can’t do a third time.

“The real world. I will definitely take you.”

“… Really?”

“huh. Ain also allowed it.”

“What? really?!”

“That’s right.”

Louise’s eyes turned bright.

From that appearance, Hyun looked like Louise from before.

Louise, who had been asking to take her with a teary face.

‘By the way, what was Caidrial thinking?’

Most of it became clear after going back to the past, but there were still some questions.

What was the reason Caidrial erased Louise’s memory?

Reverse playback of past events reveals that she did not intend to cause Louise any pain.

Louise also did not appear hostile to Caidrial.

What happened between the two… No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t figure it out.

Louise also lost her memory a long time ago and can’t even remember anything from her childhood, so there’s no point in asking.

‘It would be nice if I could meet deception just once.’

Deception was obviously trying to protect Louise.

The proof is that he desperately stopped him when he tried to kill him.

At that time, I consumed too much influence and couldn’t take care of Louise after that.

Why did the deceit that cared for Louise so deliberately endanger her?

Was it really necessary to leave it alone until it was saved?

If there is a chance to meet Caidrial again, Hyun thought he would definitely want to ask about it.

Shouldn’t have asked in the career choice room.

No, at that time it hadn’t happened yet, so I couldn’t think of future events.

‘uh… ? wait for a sec… .’

Hyeon raised his head at the sudden thought.

‘Am I stupid? Why didn’t I think of that?’

There is only one chance per account to open a hidden route in the Class Selection Room.

When I tried to create a second character before, there were no NPCs, so I subconsciously thought there was no way to meet Caidrial.

But what if a user with a new account accesses Assrian?

Aren’t new users able to name Caidrial and create her?

Then it was clear that I would be able to ask any question I wanted… !

“We could have met at any time!”

“huh… ? Go, what is it all of a sudden?”

“Sorry, Louise. I’ll explain in detail later!”

Hyun’s heart began to pound.

The moment I started looking for a way to get new users.

I received some surprising news from Salon.

“Angel in the career selection room? Do I still have that?”

“I beg your pardon?!”

To Hyun, who was surprised, Salon responded with a rather questionable response.

“How could you make the NPC in the room disappear?”

“of course! No, more than that, Salon, turn on the broadcast first!”

“What’s going on… ?”

“Because I have something to say to that NPC!”

So Hyun decided to meet Cadrial through Salon.

Even as the NFM logo appeared and disappeared, the excitement of the strings did not go away.

What should I say? Will you answer me if I ask?

The moment you enter the career selection room with so much anticipation.

“Welcome, beings beyond dimensions!”

A sonorous voice echoed throughout the room.

The female NPC with brilliant wings is unmistakably an angel.

‘Eh… ?’

However, Hyun, who was watching Salon’s broadcasting screen, had no choice but to ask questions.

‘What happened?’

Hyun stared at the screen.

However, no matter how he looked at it, the angel in front of him was not the face he knew.

‘It’s not Caydrial… ?’

Even this angel didn’t even have the crystal wings that only royal ranks or higher have.

The plain-shaped wings without any patterns are definitely those of the ‘Servant’.

Even in the midst of raising a question mark in an unexpected situation, Salon was diligently calling the angel’s name according to the string’s instructions.


“Choose a weapon that appeals to you. Depending on your choice, you can become a knight protecting your comrades, a priest supporting you from the rear, or a knight sweeping the battlefield.”

“Cadrial… . Hey, Cadrial.”

“Welcome, beings beyond dimensions!”

“No, don’t pretend. Because I know all about you.”

“Wait, Salon.”

Hyun stopped Salon from arguing with NPCs.

A more precise picture of the situation was needed.

“Is this guy right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The angel who appeared when Salon first started the game was also this guy.”

“Well, I don’t remember because I chose a thief without thinking… . Ugh, wait a minute.”

Having said that, Salon rummaged through the capsule storage.

Fortunately, he made a recording of every play from the beginning and saved it personally.

“Oh, I found it! Can you send me the old video?”

“yes. Exactly!」

After a while.

A video recorded on XX/XX/XXXX was transmitted to Hyun’s capsule.

That date is obviously the opening day of Asrian.

‘What happened… .’

Hyeon’s face, as he hurriedly checked the video, was engulfed in doubt.

On the day he changed his job as a thief, the angel who appeared in front of Salon’s eyes was Kerel… No, it wasn’t Caidrial.

An ordinary angel with no special features.

‘no way… !’

Hyun quickly started browsing YouTube.

There were countless users who recorded their play from the opening day of Assrian.

I started reviewing their play one by one.

It didn’t take long to realize the shocking truth.

Also the first video I checked.

“welcome! A being from another world!”

Also the next video.

“welcome! Existence beyond the dimension!”

In the next, next, next video, Caidrial never appeared.

It didn’t even seem like they were first-generation artificial intelligence.

Presumably a programmed NPC you can’t even interact with properly.

The appearance was not significantly different from the angel who appeared on the screen of Salon.

‘Can this be… ?’

Hyun felt goosebumps all over his body.

Because the early recordings were erased, he began to doubt whether it was true that he had met Caidrial in the career selection room before.

I shook my head again.

Of course we met! Otherwise, is there any way to get a job as a supporter and a melee mage?

Yes, Hyun realized an important fact belatedly.

You and Ain are the only users who encounter Caidrial in the job selection room!


“Oh, I have something urgent to do!”

After getting out of the capsule, Seohyun called Ain.

It was because she was the only user who met Caidrial in the job selection room besides herself.

“Uh huh? Gee, now… ?”

Ain’s eyelids fluttered at the sudden voice.

Ain was taking a nap while Seohyun was doing some experiments with Salon.

“I don’t mind anytime… .”

“Ain, have you ever recorded a video before?!”

“What, what video?! I hope you saw… ?!”

Ain is startled and grabs the phone next to the bed.

It was a suspicious reaction to anyone, but Hyun was so shaken by the fact that he just realized that he didn’t even notice it.

“A record of early Assrian play!”


“You know when Asrian first started. Are you sure you met Caidrial?”

“Yes, yes!”

Ain, who noticed that the video Hyun said was different from what he thought, let out an awkward smile and relaxed his hand holding the phone.

“Hyun told me the way. Thanks to you, I was able to get the job I wanted.”

“Are there any recordings from that time?”

“I’ll look for it!”

“no… are you okay.”

Seohyun stopped Ain from getting up from bed.

I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t in a hurry, but I also had the authority to access the Ain Capsule’s recording archive.

‘As expected, it was erased.’

Seohyun, who was manipulating the capsule interlocking program with her smartphone, licked her lips in disappointment.

Asrian’s play videos take up a very large capacity, so recordings other than the last few months are automatically deleted.

After realizing the importance of recording, he ordered Ain to leave a video separately, but before that, Ain didn’t particularly care about that.

The videos of the early play must have disappeared a long time ago.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to ask myself.’

Seohyun decided to reveal the past based on Ain’s memories.

“It’s important. Please tell me in as much detail as possible what happened at that time.”

“Did you meet Caydrial?”

“okay. The entire process from creating an ID to choosing a job.”

“Um, it’s a long time ago, so it’s vague… .”

Ain looked up into the sky and frowned.

“Oh right! I remembered one!”

“Like what?”

“I forgot his name, what? So I tried to ask Hyun again. I remembered up to Kei, but I couldn’t remember the name after that.”

“what… ?”

Hyeon’s mouth fell open at the completely unexpected story.

“Then you didn’t tell me the name Cadrial?”

“Right, that’s it!”

I got information that I had never known before.

Until now, he thought that revealing Caidrial’s true name was the key to Hidden Peace.

However, at the time, Ain obtained the Hidden Peace even though he could not even remember the name Caidrial properly.

“wait for a sec… .”

Seohyun raised her hand for a moment.

Does that mean, then, that the information he had worked so hard to find out was completely wrong?

I explained to Ain how to choose a hidden job for 30 minutes.

After a while, Seohyun sighed and shook her head.

Now is not the time to correct mistakes.

The priority was to find out what happened to Ain.

“If you didn’t tell me your true name, how did you meet Caidrial?”

“Did he find out?”

“… ?”

“Since I’m not doing anything and moaning, it opens up a new space for me.”

Ain said that Caidrial opened the hidden job room without any ‘conditions’.

“But somehow it wasn’t the devil’s form.”

“I explained everything to you that you would be disguised as an angel!”

“… Did you?”

Moreover, it is said that Caidrial at that time did not reveal the true face of the devil.

He disguised himself as an angel until the end, and opened the hidden room even though he did not tell him his true name.

Looking at Ain with a shy smile, Seohyun pressed her head.

Knowing new facts makes my head more complicated.

Ain’s job selection process was completely different from his own.

‘Deceiver… .’

Seohyun’s mind flashed.

I belatedly remembered a title Ain had.

Was that title related to the situation at the time?

At that time, I need to look into the conversation between Ain and Ki-Man in detail.

“Even if it’s a small thing, it’s fine. If you remember anything, tell me everything!”

“Um… .”

However, no matter how much time passed, Ain could not recall anything more.

In a way, it was natural that I couldn’t remember perfectly the conversation that had passed by inadvertently in the past.

“Sorry, I can’t think of anything!”

“Well, it was already a long time ago. Well, never mind.”

“Yeah, but if I remember, I’ll tell you right away!”

In the end, Seohyun was unable to uncover the inside story of the incident.

Why did Cadrial only appear in front of herself and Ajin?

It probably wasn’t because he was a user of the previous game, Asura Online.

If it was for such a simple reason, everyone in the regressor guild would have had a hidden job.

However, according to the information I found out, most of the guild members’ jobs were high-level jobs in the general category.

A few of them had hidden jobs, but all of them were obtainable through specific quests in the game.

In other words, even before the game started, there were only two users holding a hidden job, himself and Ahin.

Is it a mere coincidence that only two of the hundreds of millions of users were selected by chance?

Of course not.

‘no way… .’

The only possibility passed through Seohyun’s head.

Wouldn’t the transcendentalists called archangels or demons remember what happened in the previous work?

After thinking about that for a while, Seohyun shook her head slowly.

The odds of that happening are slim.

truth and light. There is no way that the two archangels you see face to face the most won’t recognize you.

However, judging from the experience of playing Asrian, they didn’t seem to remember the ‘old’ selves.

The proof is that he never came in contact with me until he grew up to a certain extent.

After the Iluna event, the only contact with the existence that he called the archangel was to face the truth.

In the previous work, they were obsessed with themselves to the point of being annoying.

‘I really don’t know this time.’

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with a clear answer.

Seohyun decided to reconsider this incident when the opportunity arises.

I decided to ask him when I meet Caidrial one day.


Louise did not return to the temple after that.

It was thanks to the end of the war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom, and less work to do as a priestess.

Hyun did not stop Louise from staying in the border city.

Rather, he accepted all her foolishness.

The transcendental awakening quest that had been going on for a month shook Hyun’s heart that much.

Even while they couldn’t see each other, Hyun could feel that his relationship with Louise had grown stronger.

“Louis, is there anything else you want to eat?”

Hyun remembered Louise’s eyes shining at the street vendors in the past.

Before, I put a limit on my pocket money because I was afraid I would get spoiled, but now it seems like I can listen to anything.

It was because I desperately realized that the present is more important than the past or the future.

“Are you going to turn me into a pig? I already ate two meals!”

“Because he’s a transcendent, can’t he get rid of satiety?”

“Hmph, you seem to think of me as a god. There are things that are impossible for me too.”

A smirk erupted from the corner of Hyungwon’s mouth.

The way Louise brought snacks to her mouth while saying that was very cute.

“Anyway, it’s time to eat! Let’s do something else now.”

“What, is there anything you want to do?”

“Not now… There are things I want to do later.”

“When later?”

“When I followed you to ‘reality’.”

Louise’s eyes then looked at him, and Hyun suddenly felt a throb in one side of his chest.

This is why Louise from another world, who was reaching out to take her away, appeared overlapping for a moment.

“Of course, going to another world itself is exciting. If you’re by my side, I’ll be happy no matter what happens. but… Among them, there is something in particular that I want to do.”

“Like what?”

“There are only two… .”

Hmmm, Louise cleared her throat while looking back at Ain next to her.

Since Ain always followed Hyeon around, there were few opportunities to be alone with Hyeon.

“Huh, why are you looking at me?”

Ain interrupted the conversation.

Louise had captured the sight of her glancing at her with terrifying reaction speed.

“No, nothing… ! This body is just… !”

“Well, a little bit is fine.”

In an instant, Louise’s eyes, which had been shaken in bewilderment, became round.

It was because I never expected that such words would come out of Ain’s mouth.

“Well, since it’s a robot, it won’t be able to do anything strange… .”

“… .”

While Louise looked at her in surprise, Ain stuttered shyly.

“It’s not that I don’t know your situation… It’s because I’m getting special attention thanks to Hyun.”

Those words were the contents of the conversation with Hyeon, and at the same time, they were also the thoughts that Ain had in his heart.

Louise, who had been listening quietly, opened her mouth slowly after a while.

“It is said that a woman’s state of mind changes due to a certain event… ?”

“Day… ? uh, what happened?”

“stop. What nonsense are you talking about?”

Hyun quickly cut off the topic.

It was because it seemed that Ain’s runaway would continue if left alone.

However, Louise looked at Hyun, who was averting her gaze, and questioned as if something was wrong.

“Is there any reason not to say something? Sometimes I seem to have completely forgotten, but now I am older than you.”

“No, I know… !”

Hyun hurriedly stopped Louise’s words.

Even so, it was too awkward for Louise to have such a topic come out of her mouth.

“Big, big, now that we’ve played enough, let’s go hunting again.”

“Huh, that’s good too. I’ll show you my skills that I couldn’t show last time!”

“No, Louise, you are just watching. Because the level is too different, I don’t get experience points.”

“that… !”

The most peaceful days have passed since I started Assrian.

I didn’t get caught up in a huge event like the main quest like before, but I liked that.

Asrian’s main quest means that the history of the world will change. Now that everything is going well, a special incident is just an unnecessary excommunication.

‘Level 400 isn’t too far off.’

Cleared the final awakening quest and collected all pieces of chaos.

Even if you can’t fully handle this power yet, things will change when you reach level 400.

After completing the 4th job advancement, it is only a matter of time before he becomes the king of Assrian.

In another 2-3 years, you will be able to rise to the top of the world.

At the same time as keeping his promise to Chairman Kwon Dae-ho of stabilizing the world, he will be able to prepare a ‘real body’ for Louise.

Time passed like an arrow, and again many events passed in the world.

The forces of harmony spread from the Empire to the Nation of Darkness.

Even in the Holy Kingdom, the antipathy towards harmony began to fade little by little.

Even if they do not settle down, if they can take root, it will be a matter of time before the entire earth is colored with the idea of ​​harmony.

The problem is the sky!

The forces of truth and light were still much stronger in the sky ruled by heavenly beings.

Right after completing the final awakening quest, if Hyun hadn’t cleared a huge quest, the forces of harmony would probably have lost their place in the sky.

‘Still no news.’

Even as time passed, Hyeon could not meet Gi-man.

In fact, I was certain that we would meet in some way sooner or later.

Because Gi-gi has not yet kept his promise to hand over the name of ‘Harmony’ to him.

But, contrary to expectations, why does it not show up like this?

Months passed again like that, and the thought of deception was naturally forgotten in Hyun’s mind.

It was because there were many things to prepare before the 400th level, the last 4th job change quest.

Hyun didn’t realize it at all because all his attention was focused elsewhere.

Ruthia… . No, the fact that Caidrial continued to watch his progress even after that.


An unknown space with black shadows.

A mysterious woman was looking at the sky full of red air.

Her true identity is Lutia, whom Hyun has been waiting for for years! No, it would be more accurate to say deception or Caidrial.

Deception is hidden in the invisible place, so Caidrial can look up at the ground from anywhere.

Even in one sitting, she could realize the reason the world went on, and even feel the passage of time in seconds.

“Today is the third year.”

Caidrial looked back at the silhouette beside him and said.

The name of the man with the black wings is Dizonial.

He was a Servant-class demon and an errand boy of deceit.

“Has everything been aligned?”

“Don’t you know that without asking me?”

“I just want to hear it again.”

“… okay.”

D’Johnial nodded at Cadrial’s murmur.

He hadn’t understood the meaning before, but now he could.

What the hell is the ‘causation’ that the owner always puts in his mouth?

It must mean a relationship between two people.

“The day the chaos was complete was all set.”

“Good news.”

“There will be no deviations in the future.”

“That’s great too.”

The corners of Caidrial’s mouth drew a slight arc.

It was the face that expressed the greatest satisfaction as her.

“great job. Dizonial. As of today, the errands are over.”

“My lord… .”

At Caidrial’s words of satisfaction, Dijonial prostrated himself and paid homage to his master.

“Now go back to your estate and rest. Until I call you again someday.”

“By order. I’ll be waiting for you.”


With those words, the shadow of Dizonial disappeared.

Amidst the reverberation of magic, Caidrial looked at the setting black sun and recalled the events of the distant past.

It was a memory that I wanted to forget the most, but it was also a memory that I absolutely must not forget.

The memory of a transcendental person is incomparably vivid to that of a human being.

As if it had just been experienced, Caidrial’s consciousness was retracing that nightmarish day.

Yes, the sky at that time was also stained with blood like this.

Even though it’s not a symmetrical world where red energy exists, it’s the demon realm.

“… … .”

Caydrial, lost in flashbacks, suddenly noticed that he was biting his front teeth as if they were about to break.

It’s because it reminded me of the times when the sea of ​​monsters’ corpses and the cries of perishing souls rang in my ears.

XX Month XX Day XXXX.

An air raid was conducted from the heavens toward the demon world.

The day when a festival took place in the sky and the abyss fell into deep despair.

It is the ‘past’ that has already happened, and the ‘future’ event that has not yet happened.

An event that is both the past and the future at the same time, what the heck do you mean?

The reason why that statement sounds like a contradiction is because it does not take into account that the world’s time has been turned back once.

No one knows the inhabitants of Asrian, but all the so-called users know.

The fact that there existed a previous world called ‘Asura Online’ before this world.

That’s right, Caidrial was recalling the memories of Asura’s days.

“Louiseral… .”

Suddenly, Caidrial muttered to himself.

The word that no one in the world knows is the true name of the darkness in Asura’s days, and the name of a companion who has been together for an eternity.

It was thanks to his sacrifice that he was able to return with his memories.

“It’s too bad you can’t see this world.”

Looking back, it was a lucky streak.

No, it wouldn’t be strange to replace it with the word ‘impossible’.


After recognizing that opportunity, Caidrial took every means possible.

The gap between the sky and the abyss is truly overwhelming.

Although it is the greatest evil, a handful of power that can be exercised as ‘deceit’ is far from enough to change history.

The same history just repeats itself… How can I create a miracle?

At the time, Caidrial’s artificial intelligence had been replaced with the second generation for testing.

And the second-generation artificial intelligence that was replaced gave her the closest answer among many possibilities like stars.

The only way to achieve maximum impact with minimum force. The key was in one user.

A user named ‘Hyun’… !

‘Is it possible?’

However, this plan had to be supported by numerous preconditions.

Caidrial considered several variables.

Will he really stand on the side of the abyss?

Of course not.

Most players prefer perforation to abyss.

Even more so, Hyun is a user who has already been to the end of the sky.

It’s much easier to go down the same road again, so there’s no advantage to choosing the abyss.

Even if you force him into the abyss, he will eventually return to the sky.

It was impossible to lure them into the abyss by giving them preferential treatment.

Archangels in the sky look down on all events taking place on earth.

If you find traces of the devil, of course you will have no choice but to be interested, and if you find out that the deceiver is interested in a user, it is clear that he will be taken away from him.

On earth, the arena of human activity, demons will never be able to match the influence of angels.

In summary, he has to draw the strings into the abyss using only limited power to avoid the eyes of the sky.

‘It’s probably the only way.’

Nevertheless, Caidrial devoted all of himself to prepare a plan that was close to impossible.

Both the sky and the abyss must be deceived.

Of course, you have to lie to the present. To be dyed in the abyss without even noticing.

Thus, the vague plan gradually began to take shape.

One thing I had to do was leave it to chance.

‘Can I really meet Hyun?’

The one that meets the string the fastest.

If that premise is not established, all plans are in vain.

For example, there was a possibility that he would not come to this world.

That’s why, when he faced Hyun in the job selection room, Caidrial almost exploded in a frenzy with so much joy.

What a pleasure! It was an exhilarating feeling, as if my whole body was melting in flames.

“welcome. Existence beyond the dimension.”

Of course, without expressing it outwardly, Caidrial continued his plan.

The first step was to give him a job that would have a big impact later on.

He never asks to stand on the side of the abyss.

Again, in order for this plan to succeed, the fact that he was helping Hyun as well as Cheon Gong had to be hidden.

You won’t believe anything anyway, so it’s better to show the most ‘deceptive’ side here.

“Ahahaha, that job might be surprisingly good, so try hard from now on!”

After giving Hyun the job of a supporter like that.

“Ha ha ha, a ha ha ha!”

Even after returning to the Pandemonium, Caidrial couldn’t stop laughing.

Caidrial laughed madly, to the point where tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

Maybe it was tears of joy.

Caydrial, who had burst into madness for a while, came to her senses after a while.

We have just taken our first steps, but we still have a long way to go.

“Now it begins.”

The second step was to create a link between Hyun and the second darkness.

Caidrial understood that humans are animals that are attracted to and driven by fate.

Hyun should not recognize Louise as a ‘devil’.

Because he was a human who lived in the sky, he might have preconceived notions about the abyss.

So, using the ability of ‘deceit’, he attached angel wings to Louise.

Even using the chaos ability he borrowed for a short time, he hid the fact that Louise was a devil even more tightly.

I hope that this fact will not be discovered until the relationship continues.

“Is it because darkness is darkness? He really resembles Louis Gerald… .”

In one place in the celestial realm, Caidrial smiled pitifully as he faced Louise.

It was an expression that Hyun couldn’t see from the angle of the event video he saw in the Ice Thorn Dungeon.

“Are you saying goodbye here? ?”

“that’s right. From now on, your name will be Louise.”

Should parenting be called parenting? The years spent protecting Louise from the gaze of the heavens were by no means short.

Caidrial tried to hide his feelings and answered Louise’s question.

After a brief pause, Louise hesitated and opened her mouth.

“Can I remember what happened with you again when everything is over?”

“huh. perhaps… .”

Cadrial smiled lightly while trying to hide the cruel fact.

In order to connect with a new relationship, the old relationship must be erased.

It was like losing all the memories Louise had built up over the years.

Caidrial put his hand on Louise’s head without saying a word, and Louise eventually burst into tears.

But that’s for a while.

Soon after, the memory of Caidrial completely disappeared from Louise’s head.

After parting like that, Caidrial bit her lip and smiled bitterly.

Because I knew that the memories erased by rearranging the time of the soul with the power of chaos could never come back.

What happened next went relatively smoothly.

As planned, Caidrial summoned Hyeon to the Temple of Twilight and taught him ‘Prayer’ to induce a chance encounter with Louise.

Even when he was being chased by the masked people, he held his breath and watched.

Only when you don’t step forward will a bond between the two arise.

The same goes for Iluna.

He made the shuttle that Hyun was riding in crash near the city where Louise was staying.

Even in the Dark Lands, Scotanatos was never allowed to step out to help the Dark.

Louise must always be saved by the hand of ‘Hyeon’.

The relationship that has been connected like that will not be easily broken.

In this way, the two of them shared more memories than those made by themselves and Louise, and became more than just NPCs and users.

Hyun had completely settled in the ‘Abyss’ without even realizing it.

The relationship did not end there.

Sky Bridge, Border City, Carinta Island, even the Temple of Light… .

The more crises Hyun and Louise face together, the closer their relationship becomes. It was more than just a relationship.

In the process, the ability of Hyun, which Caidrial confirmed, was truly formidable.

It would be impossible for any user to shake the history of the world like this with his own power.

And ‘Final Awakening Quest’.

At the end of that quest, all causalities were met.

Just as Louise always looks at Hyun, Hyun will never abandon Louise.

Then there will be only despair left on the road ahead of Heaven.

They will soon taste the same pain that you have gone through.

“ha ha ha… .”

A laugh broke out at the corner of Caidrial’s mouth as he escaped from the flashback.

The laugh soon turned into a laugh mixed with wind, and then transformed into a madman again.


The sudden release of power generated a huge wind nearby.

Caidrial laughed madly.

It was a laugh mixed with revenge, relief, guilt, and many other emotions.

It was that moment when only laughter filled the space where only she existed.

Cadrial, who suddenly stopped laughing, stared into the air and spat out words to himself.

“come out. You voyeur addict bastard.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Caidrial’s shadow began to linger.


Eventually, the girl holding the scythe slowly rose from the shadows.

Caidrial asked, raising the corner of his mouth as if he knew that.

“How did you get close?”

“Because I am always beside chaos. The power of chaos you borrowed is no exception.”

“Heh, excuses.”

Chrono did not respond to Caidrial’s words.

Instead, he pointed his scythe at her and began to speak.

“And all beings other than my lord must pay the price for using that power.”

“How much?”

“Let’s see. Twice to find the ID, and once to rewind the time of the soul.”

“… … .”

“You used the power of chaos a total of three times.”

Boo Woo-.

While the huge scythe emits a purple light, Chrono spoke as if informing Caedrial for the last time.

“You will pay for the amount of power you used.”

“Ha, it must be quite painful, right?”

But there was no fear on Caidrial’s face when he asked.

“Well, I will not go to the eternal world and will reincarnate in this world three times.”

“Um… . I hope it’s not just a turtle.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. A self like you would definitely be a human.”

“That is very fortunate.”

Caidrial, who answered lightly, quietly spread his arms.

Even the Great Devil cannot borrow the power of chaos carelessly.

I knew it would be like this anyway.

But I was neither afraid nor sad. Rather, it was a strange feeling of anticipation.

It was because I thought that a normal human life would be quite okay.

In a way, it must have been thanks to Hyun and Louise.

Yes, the two beings belonging to different worlds building a bond… It was beyond thought.

It wouldn’t hurt to live a similar life a few times.

I can’t remember, but I mean.

‘I’ll keep my promise… .’

If the transcendental person to whom humans prayed disappears, that sympathy goes to another being closest to them.

If this side disappears, the name of harmony will pass on to him by itself, even if you don’t go looking for it yourself.

‘Please take good care of me until the end.’

Leaving behind a final message, whether to the present, Louise, or both, Caidrial quietly closed her eyes.


The moment all the sounds stopped, a purple scythe split the space.


A long time ago.

When Ain was just starting Assrian on Hyun’s recommendation.

In the class selection room, she comes face-to-face with an NPC angel.

It was a beautiful angel with very splendid crystal wings.

“welcome. The existence of another world… . this.”

The moment he saw Ain’s face, the angel’s eyebrows narrowed as he greeted him formally.

As if something unexpected had happened.

‘Girl… ?’

Did I come to the wrong place?

no, that wouldn’t be the case.

Could it be that this child was a werewolf with him… ?

The angel, who tried to calm his nervous heart, asked Ain to improvise.

“Adventurer, please tell me your name.”


“… !”

“huh? But wasn’t the ID setting finished earlier?”

Ain tilted his head for a moment, but soon stopped thinking.

Because that’s not what’s important now.

In order to follow Hyun’s instructions, I had to remember the name of a demon he had given me.

“What was it? Cady R? What is K? Kerkeal… ?”

“… … .”

Caidrial shook his head as he saw Ain muttering words similar to his name.

Yes, if this girl is that wolf… Maybe you forgot your own name.

Moving according to her instincts, she might choose a job by touching one of the objects in the room at the moment she is at a loss.

Don’t miss today’s opportunity!

Caidrial recalled a meaningful smile and opened his mouth.

“You know my name… ? How did you know?”

“Oh, something was right! I’m not sure which one was right… .”

“Whoops, I can’t help it. I have no choice but to give privileges to users who know my name… !”


The moment the walls opened on both sides to reveal a hidden space, Ain’s eyes sparkled.

A statue of a wolf located behind the throne, where the supporter’s pieces used to be.

While Ain couldn’t take his eyes off the statue, Caidrial’s words continued.

“It’s better not to pick that job.”

“huh? why… ?”

“Because a man named Hyun chose a similar instrument first. If you choose next, you will have to become his attendant for the rest of your life and follow him around?”

“forever… during.”

Ain’s eyes began to shake.

I don’t need to tell you what profession she will choose.

‘To think of yourself as a servant. What are you really thinking… .’

Caidrial laughed bitterly inwardly.

What kind of existence is Hyun to her, so that she makes such a choice without hesitation?

Is it similar to the feelings she feels for Louiser Al?

It was a moment when I was strangely envious of being able to have such blind emotions.

“Yes, serve your master diligently.”

Caidrial then reached out and gave her a title before Ain disappeared.

[The title, Deceiver has been obtained!]

‘Please help… .’

Hyun’s job, which is like the seed of chaos, he could never touch, but he was able to give the attendant some perks.

A title imbued with the power of deception will surely come in handy someday.


‘I remembered… !’

Ain had a dream.

Can memories from more than three years be so vivid?

What happened in the career choice room. And the conversation with Cadrial, which I thought I had forgotten, was floating in my head.

“Hyun, wake up, hurry up.”

Ain woke up and shook Seohyun, who was still lying on the blanket.

It was to tell me what I had seen and heard in my dreams before I forgot them.

However, Seohyun only muttered in a voice that was still not awake from sleep.

“Ah, sorry. I’m so tired this morning… Bear with this.”

Seohyun, still drunk, turned over on her bed.


Seeing this, Ain decided not to wake Hyun.

Now that I think about it again, can’t I record my memories on my phone?

After manipulating the phone for a while, Ain closed his eyes again.

While feeling the warmth of a very close place.

For that reason, it was near noon when Seohyun heard about Caidrial.

“really? Caidrial called you servant from then on?”


Seohyun was able to listen closely to the situation in the past.

Ain said that Caidrial actively helped him.

Even though I couldn’t tell you my true name, I opened a hidden route and even kindly guided me on what job to choose.

“The attendant and the master… .”

Seohyun, who had been fiddling with her chin, nodded.

This made a few things clear.

First, Caidrial had memories of the previous game.

It was because in Asura Online, only when he knew the relationship between himself and Ain could he be given a related job called ‘servant and master’.

And the second is that Caidrial really tried to help him.

If he had planned to kill him later, he wouldn’t have needed to pay so much attention to Ain.

‘perhaps… .’

And one question that hasn’t been addressed before.

Why did she, the deceit, stand by and stand by the crisis of Louise, the darkness? Seohyun seemed to know the reason now.

‘He wanted me to save Louise.’

In the final awakening quest, Caidrial appeared when Louise was really in danger of dying.

‘Yes, if you wanted a relationship between me and Louise to happen… .’

Seohyun recalled the conversation with Chrono again.

When asked why the Iluna event was skipped, she replied ‘because it’s not needed in this world’.

It would make sense if Iluna’s uproar was an event to strengthen the relationship between herself and Louise.

Because the meeting was the worst. The incident to form a relationship with Louise must not have happened.

Of course, all of this is speculation, so Seohyun decided to ask her about everything when she met Cadrial one day.

His whereabouts are unclear right now, but when he reaches level 400 sooner or later, he will have no choice but to come and meet him.

It was when Seohyun was making plans for the future that Ain’s cry was heard.

“Hyun, look at this!”

Ain looked back at Seohyun and shouted.

The night sky of Asrian was reflected on the screen of the mobile phone in her hand.

“what? meteor… ?”

“It’s a live screen! Look what’s happening now! Do you know what event it is?”

“no. Let’s log in right now!”


[Connect to Assrian!]

Hyeon appeared in the border city.

Hyun, who appeared in the border city, looked up at the sky first.

Not only that, but everyone in the city was fixating their eyes on the night sky.

‘What is this… !’

A scene in which an uncountable number of shooting stars fall from the sky to the ground.

Even considering that he was an Assrian, Hyun was speechless at the unrealistic appearance.

Ain, who was watching the sky together, had a completely stunned expression.

“Ah, you are here too!”


Hyun, who came to his senses at the sound of Louise’s voice, turned around and asked.

“What is going on?”

“I don’t know exactly, but I don’t think it will be a good thing. Falling stars in astrology mean… .”

right at that moment.


Messages began to flow into Hyun’s log window.

[Innumerable strings of souls are looking at you!]

[You can’t handle that power until you learn empathy!]

‘A string of souls?’

Hyun held his breath.

I didn’t know it before, but now I can understand the meaning to some extent.

The string of the soul is like a passage through which empathy moves.

As many as the number of people praying, the direction of the string is directed toward oneself.

however… Countless souls… ?

There is only one attendant in Solitary Road, and even if you don’t have an empathy skill, there won’t be any problem in activating the skills?

‘no way… .’

Caidrial’s face flashed in Hyeon’s mind.

She had promised to hand over the name of harmony to her.

Was it really possible to change the direction of prayer?

“Hyun, me, a quest suddenly popped up!”

At that moment, Ain’s urgent voice broke through Hyun’s complex thoughts, and Hyun’s eyes widened beyond measure when he checked the screenshot sent from Ain.

Because the message was much more meaningful than his own.

[Main Quest: Black Sky]

-One of the pillars supporting the universe fell into a long sleep. Having dealt with the powers of chaos, you deserve it.

– For a moment the deceit was gone from the world, but her will never went away.

-‘Deceiver’ F. Will you dye this world into the abyss in your place?

(Reward: Deception can no longer give you anything.)

Main quest that first appeared after the Temple of Light.

However, Hyun was more interested in the content than the fact that he received the quest.

‘Caydrial… disappeared?’

I re-read it several times thinking I might have read it wrong.

However, the message Ain received clearly stated that deception no longer exists in this world.

I thought we would definitely meet someday, but what the hell happened?

Hyun could only stand still and blink his eyes.


After the incident, Hyun immediately went to the Nation of Darkness.

It was to meet Papi in the Temple of Harmony.

Louise doesn’t seem to know anything, but with the thought that a celestial who has lived for hundreds of years might know something.

The temple of the Nation of Darkness had also grown in size to the point of being comparable to the Great Temple of Lookingham.

“I was looking at the sky last night too.”

Poppy already knew about the meteor rain.

“It must have been because the deception was gone.”

“You can’t guess why either?”

“That’s right. I don’t know much about astrology… .”

“I know a little bit.”

It was Ceseri who answered Hyeon’s question.

Perhaps because of the added mysterious atmosphere, Seseri didn’t seem awkward with the position of head of the new temple.

“Meteors are hundreds of light years… Some fly for thousands or tens of thousands of light years and cannot change direction along the way.”

“what does it mean?”

“It means that fate is predetermined from the beginning. That great devil… You must have known your own destiny.”

“He said he would disappear… ?”

“I think so.”

“Since when?”

“From the beginning. Ever since he existed in this world.”

“… … .”

Hyun was lost in thought.

The ‘beginning’ that Ceseri refers to would not include the days of Asura.

In other words, it should be said that Caidrial has drawn all the pictures in his head from the moment he returned to today.

‘Right, even then.’

If you think about it, Caidrial taught Ain various things in the Demon Realm.

In addition to simple battles, how to strategize, deal with forces and subordinates, and command armies.

It was more like training a successor than training.

perhaps… Wasn’t the reason why he gave Ain the title of deceiver because he knew his future fate?

‘I knew this would happen… .’

Thinking so, Hyeon was overcome with a strange feeling.

unknown emptiness.

With Cadrial disappearing, he finally got the name of harmony.

It’s obviously beneficial to you, but why aren’t you happy?

It didn’t take long to realize why.

He had been waiting for Cadrial to come.

‘Suddenly like this.’

All the ill feelings I harbored at the beginning have long since disappeared.

Although the method was unusual, Cadrial’s actions were ultimately intended to help him.

He fought alongside himself in an invisible place and led him on the road to the king.

He wasn’t a colleague like Louise, but the mere fact that Caidrial existed somewhere in the world made her feel so reassured.

[Main Quest: Black Sky]

– For a moment the deceit was gone from the world, but her will never went away.

-‘Deceiver’ F. Will you dye this world into the abyss in your place?

(Reward: Deception can no longer give you anything.)

Hyun stared at the quest window.

Perhaps because of the relationship between the servant and the master, Hyun was able to share the quest with her despite it being the main quest.

under… It had been a long time since he had burst into laughter.

Cadrial. The archdeacon of deceit.

He was, and still is, a really annoying guy.

And that wasn’t bad.

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