Hard Carry Support Chapter 401-402-403-404

Louise in Another World (1), Louise in Another World (2), Louise in Another World (3) and Louise in Another World (4)

“In the land of darkness, the lord will meet her again.”

“Like today?”

“maybe… .”

Hyun made a smile on his face.

It was because he could roughly guess why Chrono was slurring.

The last piece is near the sky, and in order to get to it, you’ll need to work hard enough to obstruct the Great Demon of the Abyss.

It meant that he had no choice but to stand at the antagonistic point of Louise from now on.

“But even in the Dark Lands she will not die. Just like today.”

“That is very reassuring.”

“I have quite a bit of time left until then, so I will try to see if there is another way.”

“after… okay.”

Hyun answered and stood up from his seat.

The sun rises and sets slowly.

When the surrounding scenery no longer changes. “To the village.” he muttered.

The only thing I liked about this world was the ability to teleport to nearby cities with a simple command.

That is, if there are no special restrictions.

Then Hyun visited a temple in the empire.

It was to report his performance.

“Ah, you are here!”

After going through some procedures, Hyun was able to face the young high priest.

He already knew everything about what had happened and what this side was doing.

“Thanks to you, I escaped the devil’s wrath!”

“Isn’t that a failure?”

If he couldn’t kill Louise, wouldn’t the mission have failed in the end?

Hyun thought so, but the high priest shook his head and replied that it was not.

“no! Thanks to you, we were able to discover the demon behind it! I almost got into trouble, that a demon had infiltrated the sky under the name of Lutia.”

‘ah… Is it like that?’

Hyun nodded.

Was it a big achievement just to find out the existence of Cadrial behind Louise?

However, listening to the high priest’s words, it seemed that no one in the sky had yet reached the fact that the two women were ‘deception’ and ‘darkness’.

However, compared to the past, I know a lot more, so I will find out more information in the future.

“The Bishop is waiting for you.”


“Yes, you are the hero of the sky!”

‘Hero of the sky… .’

Hyun repeated the high priest’s words several times.

The hero of the sky is not the first time I’ve heard of this title.

NPCs used to call themselves that way back in Asura Online.

But I never thought being called a hero would be so bitter. It was definitely the first time I felt like this.

“You are that adventurer. Instead, I want you to come before me.”


“That’s right. The archangel gave an oracle to find you.”

“The Archangel… .”

After meeting the bishop, everything was a breeze.

It was quite surprising to hear that the two archangels, ‘Truth’ and ‘Light’, gave an oracle at the same time.

He didn’t even get rid of the darkness, he thought he would send a love call as an oracle for himself who failed in his assassination.

Was it so meaningful to uncover the existence behind it?

Perhaps the Archangels knew the true identities of Louise and Lutia.

I don’t want to use excessive force, so I didn’t put all the information in the oracle.

Hyun looked at the status window.

The following message appeared in his status window, which had reached level 100 just by attempting to assassinate Louise this time.


[Job Quest]

<Supporters only shine when they coexist with others!>

-I’ve never been with someone stronger than you! Here’s your chance to prove yourself!

– Get full recognition from NPCs of level 100 or higher!

– The more you receive recognition from powerful NPCs, the stronger your strength will be awakened! That’s right, isn’t it one way to be recognized as an ‘angel’ who is relatively kind to humans?

[Reward: 1 of the top supporter jobs, 1 awakening skill point]


The same sentence as you saw before.

Memories of the old days of trying to be recognized by the Imperial Knight Commander flashed through my head for a moment.

I did all sorts of things, but in the end I chose Louise.

However, Louise did not exist in the options right now.

‘It’s an angel’s recognition… .’

Yes, now we have to choose between ‘truth’ and ‘light’.

“Which one do you think is better?”

Hyun looked at Chrono, who was quietly silent next to him, and asked.

“You’d better choose the light.”

“The reason is?”

“The truth will look into the master’s heart. It’s because it gets tricky when you get caught with useless faults.”

Chrono’s answer was close to the correct answer.

Because the truth reads the mind… You’ll have to go back to an earlier time every time something goes wrong.

But in an unstable world, you can’t turn back time infinitely, so the truth is the most dangerous choice.


“… After all, I can’t choose the light.”

After thinking for a while, Hyun muttered softly.

Light tried to kill Louise several times.

The disgusting things done to the Temple of Light in the meantime were still vivid in my memory.

Also, even if this isn’t real history, I can’t believe that the feelings NPCs feel aren’t real either.

To side with them and conspire to kill Louise together… I couldn’t even imagine.

The truth, on the other hand, was relatively less objectionable.

It was because the forces of truth were hostile to deception and had little interest in darkness.

There was also a warm memory of being helped by Letty, a follower of truth, so if you had to choose, the truth was the best option.

After thinking about it, Hyun looked up quietly.

“I will choose the truth.”

“According to the will of the lord.”

“Chrono, record the time now.”

“i get it.”


As Chrono’s scythe struck the front, a cobweb-like incontinence began to be drawn in the air.

[I erased the previous time and recorded the current time.]

As Hyun stared at the message in front of him, Chrono reminded him of something to be careful about once again.

“If the gap between cause and effect becomes too large, records are meaningless.”

“I know. It means that it is difficult to turn back the time when too much time passes or when a big incident occurs.”

Face to face with the truth that started like that.

As expected, clearing your head was no easy feat.

Hyun was able to safely end the conversation with the truth only after turning back time five times.

[congratulations! You have cleared the previous job quest!]

After the face-to-face meeting, Hyun, who confirmed his job title, shed a smile.

Silent Lier.

A silent liar, there is probably no word that more adequately describes who he is now.

After Ain finished the job change quest and changed his job to Elemental Berserker.

Asking Chrono to record the time, Hyun tried to organize his plan for a while.

‘Is the next land of darkness?’

According to Chrono, he is lacking in fame right now.

It was necessary to set up a larger ball to reach the vicinity of the sky.

In other words, in order to achieve the feat of defeating the devil’s will once again, he inevitably had to face Louise.

Time again began to pass quickly.

Since there was no event for Iluna, Hyun and Ain focused only on growth.

Even though time was stopped for a while to sleep or adjust a new skill tree, it only took three days for the actual months of history to flow by.

and sooner or later

The time I didn’t want to come was right around the corner.

“You’re here. You son of a bitch!”

Louise, whom I met in the land of darkness, was 15 years old.

She looked at the strings and gritted her teeth.

Seeing that she still remembers the face she briefly passed five years ago, it seemed that the incident at that time remained as a trauma to her.

I thought I was lucky with a sad heart.

Even after going through that, Louise still seemed to be determined. Perhaps, as time goes on, she will become stronger.

“It won’t be easy. I won’t treat you as gently as today!”


A ‘black wind’ began to rise from Louise’s hand.

Hyun, who was watching this, was proud of Louise as she seemed to have grown well on her own.

“What, what, does my strength look ridiculous?!”

Hyun suddenly came to his senses at Louise’s cry.

It was only after he looked back on the situation that he realized that a small smile hung on his lips.

“No, it’s not funny.”

“… !”

“You know how much I practiced.”

In an instant, Louise’s eyes widened.

It seemed completely unexpected that the assassin would give such an answer to his words.

“It would have been better if I had taught you some.”

“Uh, what… !”

The opponent is clearly mocking himself.

Looking at the ‘black wind’ created with bloody effort, don’t you say that you could have taught better?

‘Are you laughing at my strength?’

For a moment, Louise’s mind went into confusion.

It was strange. For some reason, he didn’t feel resentful when he heard the assassin taunting him.

Is the reason why it sounds like the other person is praising his efforts because of his soft tone?

no… ! Couldn’t it be?!

Louise shook her head and came to her senses.

The existence in front of you is an assassin who has come to seek your own life! This was the enemy to fight and the opponent to defeat.

When I was burning my will to fight like that.

“Do what you normally practice.”

‘what… ?’

“I’ll take a look.”

Whoo! The assassin’s attack flew with a notice.

Louise’s spirit flashed back the moment she saw the toenails covered in bright red red flames.

Fain! Fain!

Louise evaded the enemy’s attack with a burst of air.

He learned the principle of moving by using reaction alone.

Of course, Louise from the same time period in the past. In other words, compared to Louise, who learned the movement of the strings directly, she was clumsy.

The situation where Ifrit’s claws were barely passing Louise’s body continued to be staged.

At some point, the battle continued like that.

Kuw, Louise groaned.

It was because he realized that his opponent was not attacking him properly.

“Are you playing with me?! I’d rather kill you cleanly!”


Hyeon made Louise shut up with one word.

To teach him as much as possible in a short amount of time, there was no time for idle chatter.

Apparently, the current Louise had neither subordinates nor colleagues.

If I went to heaven in this state, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Although he couldn’t be with the Louise of this world, it would be nice if he could provide a little help.

how long has it been like that

‘Already time… .’

Hyun looked back and clicked his tongue.

The NPCs in the sky passed by the monster army and were slowly approaching.

The achievement of ‘grabbing the feet of darkness’ has already been established.

Since I won’t be able to continue acting anymore, it’s time to say goodbye to Louise again.


[Illusion Sword Lv.2]

-Pierce the opponent with a non-existent sword, creating the illusion that they are wounded.

– This hallucination slowly fades over time.


Hyun checked the skill window once again.

At this moment, I thought it was really fortunate that I changed my job to Silent Liar.


At the same time as being stabbed by the sword, Louise’s eyes widened.

A long sword pierced his stomach and came out from behind.

It certainly looked like that in the eyes of everyone nearby, including Louise.

“darkness… Sir… !”

A skeleton hurriedly picked up the staggering Louise.

The one who serves the darkness. Scotanatos.

The moment he made eye contact with the skeleton peacock, Hyun felt the hair on his body stand on end.

It was never easy to face the wrath of loyal subjects that are revealed toward those who threaten their lord.

But that’s for a while.


Soon after, a shout came from behind, and Scotanatos picked up Louise and started running somewhere.

“Is he okay?”

“huh… At least I’ll come to my senses before I wake up.”

Hyeon looked at the ‘Sword of Illusion’ in his hand while answering Ain’s question.

The fact that meeting the next Louise was already burdensome made me smile bitterly.

After returning to the Empire, Hyun was able to hear the details of the events in the Dark Lands from the temple representative.

“What a great performance! Thanks to your mortal wounds to the darkness, I was able to bring the beings of the abyss that had been hidden in a veil to the surface.”

The priest announced the victory of Heaven and uttered passionate words about how great the achievements of Hyun were.

Unfortunately, it is said that the Sky Army failed to finish off the mortally wounded darkness.

Instead, they were able to obtain information from people who follow the darkness, including Vahmir and Scotanatos.

“It can’t be a big deal. To think that the heavenly man who was respected by everyone was a minion of the abyss… .”

Among them, there was one surprising news mixed in.

It was the fact that Mystia’s true identity was exposed through this war.

The news about Mistia came as a surprise to Hyun as well.

She seems to have been on the side of the abyss during this time as well.

However, Mystia is originally a person whose true identity should not be revealed.

Because she was supposed to be Louise’s guide to climb the sky bridge and the focal point for forming the forces of ‘Harmony’ on Carinta Island.

‘Has the future changed… ?’

Hyun’s heart skipped a beat again.

The sword of illusion deceived both ‘Heaven’ and ‘Abyss’.

It was possible to save Louise’s life by covering the eyes of the sky, but at the same time, it put Louise in danger because it alerted the abyss.

As a result, Louise was driven into a more desperate situation.

Once Lutia and Mystia’s identities were exposed, they would no longer be able to actively protect Louise.

Besides, there was a high possibility that Louise in this world would never meet Poppy.

The reason why Louise of the original world met Poppy was because of the story of a certain celestial being that she often told.

But if you don’t even know about Poppy’s existence, you can’t even think of asking him for help.

Like this, Deception, Duke, and even Mystia. The cards Louise carried were disappearing one by one as time passed.

‘It doesn’t look good.’

The next stage is the sky.

Louise must rescue her subordinates on Carinta Island, and then awaken in the Temple of Light.

But can he do it all alone, without any colleagues or helpers?

No, even climbing the sky bridge might be difficult.

And the fate of Louise who couldn’t go to the sky was death.

In this world where the forces of harmony do not exist, there is no place for Louise to set foot on the ground.


While another 5 years pass by.

Hyun asked Chrono a question in a low voice.

“When can I get the last piece?”

“that… It’s hard to say yet.”


“Revealing things in the distant future requires consuming too much transcendent power.”

I turned to Chrono at the unexpected answer I heard.

Recalling that angels and demons need ego or empathy to interfere in the world.

“Were you a demon?”

“Now it is.”

“now… ?”

Chrono smiled embarrassingly at Hyun’s questionable gaze.

Hyun decided to stop asking the question with that expression revealing the answer that he could not answer yet.

Anyway, it is certain that there is still a long way to go.


The next destination is a labyrinth.

Thanks to the heightened reputation in the meantime, Hyun was able to use the elevator that went down to the deepest.

While going downstairs like that, quite useful information came out of the manager’s mouth.

“Be careful, you will be fine. The rumors that are being heard in the labyrinth these days are so vicious.”

“… Please tell me in detail.”

“Well, there are rumors going around that a demon lives somewhere in the lower levels? Since they are being dispatched from the Holy Kingdom, it will be resolved soon.”

“The Holy Kingdom… Why in the Nation of Darkness?”

“Don’t those guys jump up when they hear the word devil? Even the higher up doesn’t want to invest the resources of the Nation of Darkness to solve this problem.”

‘Right… .’

Hyun realized why things were different.

In this world where users do not exist, the value of magic materials including magic stones is not very high.

From the perspective of the Nation of Darkness, the labyrinth where monsters naturally occur would be the same place as the Aemul Complex.

The Holy Kingdom said that they would investigate the labyrinth on their own, but there must be no reason to refuse.

From Louise’s point of view, a bigger crisis was imminent.

If she doesn’t notice this quickly, she’ll be cornered with no time to react.

“… … .”

Hyun got off the elevator.

They crossed the gateway and passed the intermediate base of the lower exploration team.

And after a long walk, we arrived at the 23rd basement floor.

At the place where the battle was fought with the Heretic Inquisitor ‘Karma’, Hyun was able to find the shadow of a woman sitting on a pillar.

“ah… You came too.”

Louise slowly turns her head this way.

Louise muttered in a hoarse voice.

It was as if he had been waiting for this side to arrive.

“For some reason, I remembered your face today… .”

Louise struggled to get up from her seat.

No matter what kind of suffering she had been through, her clothes were in tatters, and her legs supporting her body were shaking.

Suddenly, Hyun’s gaze stopped at one place.

In Louise’s hand was a ‘sword’ instead of a ‘spear’.

“Of course you came to cut my throat, right?”

“… … .”

“Take it if you want. I will not resist any longer.”

Hyun didn’t say anything.

He just stared at Louise.

Without even being aware of the fact that he was chewing on his inner lips.

While that awkward silence continued.

Louise spoke first.

“okay. It was that expression. Your strange expression still lingers in my head.”

“… ?”

“In the meantime, countless assassins have come to me. But there was no one like you. But, why are you looking at me with those eyes?”

“… .”

Hyun did not answer the question.

No, I couldn’t answer.

Even if I brought out the work of another world here, it was obvious that I would be treated like a madman.

No, it was more likely that he would be suspected of hiding a plot he would not know about.

Just when I thought so.

Suddenly, Louise started muttering to herself.

“I had a strange dream today.”

Words started without any context.

Hyun quietly accepted the words.

“What dream… ?”

“It was a ridiculously funny dream. To say you’re my colleague, isn’t that a really crazy dream?”

“… ?”

“I think we worked together in a place called the Shade Guild… No, it’s so stupid that I’m ashamed to say more, so I’ll have to stop here.”

‘… !’

At this time, Hyun could not hide his astonishment.

I looked back at Chrono with startled eyes.

She, who was following me translucently from the side, began to explain with a surprised expression.

“Dreams are connected to all worlds. It seems that the two unstable worlds are connected in some way.”

“It happens often… ?”

「No, it is a miraculous probability. It is something that can never happen.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, it seems that the relationship between the lord and her is not ordinary.”

Hearing Chrono’s words, Hyun’s heart pounded.

I never thought that Louise in this world would be able to recognize herself.

That’s why I haven’t been able to show what I’ve seen until now.

Pod! For the first time in front of Louise, Hyun asked as he dispelled the fairy tale.

in its original voice.

“Have you ever seen someone like this in your dreams?”

“… !”

At the same time, Hyun could see Louise’s eyes widening.

But before long, Louise squinted her eyes and shouted.

“You’ve finally revealed your true colors! Are you trying to trick me like that?”

“Yes, the dream you had today must have been magic cast secretly by you!”

“You guys aren’t enough to take my neck for trying to stay still, are you trying to break my heart as well… !”

Wow! The wind blew through the basement.

Louise, who was aiming her sword this way, had a face that looked like she was going to cry.

Hyun stopped walking.

He realized belatedly that he was approaching Louise without realizing it.

‘this… .’

Hyun regretted releasing the assimilation belatedly.

This is a completely different world.

Even if she talked about the world she knew, it wouldn’t mean anything to Louise now.

“now… Are you alone?”

“Ha, are you afraid that I will have friends? Don’t worry. I have always been alone!”

Louise sneered at the sudden question.

Even that was taken as a mockery of himself.

“What about Papi? Didn’t we meet?”

“Who else is that? Another assassin targeting me?”

From that reaction, Hyun was able to guess Louise’s situation.

Today’s Louise doesn’t have a single colleague.

Deception has also been revealed and his position has been narrowed, so he won’t be able to afford to help Louise.

Even the Iluna event was omitted, so Louise would not even have memories of spending time with Maria.

Shatin and Shatina. The two twin golems will sleep forever unless someone wakes them up.

Perhaps the two may have been completely annihilated in a war that was fought under worse conditions than before.

Hyun thought it was fortunate that he came to the labyrinth to meet Louise in advance.

In this state, it would be clear that she would be unable to do anything against the search party of the Holy Kingdom.

“… I know roughly what the situation is.”

Hyun met Louise’s stare at him and opened his mouth.

“Take this and go down to the 28th floor.”

Then, take an item from your inventory.

A taming magic stone that can tame monsters.

There aren’t many monsters that the item made with the 16th grade manastone wouldn’t work.

Of course, it won’t take long to tame it. It could be very useful for Louise now.

“The boss there… No, because the owner of the hierarchy can use recovery magic. It will be very helpful.”

Louise is still blinking her eyes, unable to comprehend the situation.

“If you don’t want to be discovered by the Holy Kingdom’s search party, you’ll have to leave the labyrinth within a month.”

The magic circles that exist throughout the labyrinth distort the space and block the connection with the outside world.

In other words, no one would notice what was going on here unless he and Louise opened their mouths.

Even if it is an archangel.

‘what… .’

Louise stared at the back of the assassin who was moving away.

I slowly lowered my gaze again.

What was left there was a jewel shining brilliantly in the dark.

Thump, thump, suddenly, Louise felt her heart jump hard.

This is why I felt like I had seen a similar scene several times in the long dream I had today.

“Chrono, record the time now.”

Meanwhile, Hyun, who had completely escaped the labyrinth, asked Chrono to do so.

“Are you really going to be okay? The odds of your master’s new plan succeeding seem absurdly low.”

“doesn’t care.”

Time once recorded cannot be reversed.

Hyun didn’t want to go back.

Even if the quest fails, what I don’t want to do is what I don’t want to do.

“i get it. Then according to the will of the lord… .”

[The current time has been recorded.]

[Frequent time warps are creating rifts in the unstable world! Be careful not to let the world collapse!]

After reading the message, Hyun sighed.

It was a sigh that naturally leaked out of relief, not because of helplessness.

Even though there is no plan to solve the crisis that will come.

Hyun didn’t leave the labyrinth right away and secretly followed Louise.

It felt like it would be easier to confirm that she went downstairs safely.

Seeing Louise staggering from exhaustion at any moment, Hyun wanted to help right away, but he tried hard to suppress his heart.

I just watched Louise take a break from afar.

I finally reached the 28th floor.

Hyun was able to breathe a sigh of relief only after Louise confirmed that she had encountered the boss she had defeated and even tamed him.

Illusion Fairy.

A monster in the form of a firefly that knows how to hide itself will be able to follow Louise unnoticed.

Whoops. The warm light wrapped around Louise’s tired body and soothed her.

Louise, who was wary of the light at first, soon caught her eye on the light that was hovering around her and reached out her hand.

Louise looks around the fireflies curiously.

Its appearance was similar to the Louise of the original world that Hyun knew.


Suddenly, I heard Ain’s voice in my ears.

Ain watched Louise with Hyeon and suddenly opened his mouth.

“Now I won’t blindly object.”


“You want to live in our house… Let’s accept her as a maid, whatever she wants.”

Hyun could see that he wasn’t the only one who felt a change of heart.

Louise, who was friendly even within the guild, got along well with Ain, who had the personality to reject others.

Even to Ain, Louise has more meaning than an ordinary NPC.

“Even if it’s a maid, cooking, cleaning… There’s nothing you don’t know how to do? 」

“doesn’t care. Better to do nothing than to do something strange.”

It remains to be seen if Louise will be able to pop out into reality.

It is said that it is technically impossible yet, and even if it is possible, it is not immediately realized.

According to the promise with Chairman Kwon Dae-ho, it was because the priority was to become the king of Assrian.

But if Louise could really live with her in real life… I think that would be fun in its own way too.

A smile came to Hyun’s lips for a moment at the pleasant thought.


Even after leaving the labyrinth, Hyun periodically pursued Louise.

In order to solidify the position of the perforation, it was necessary to continue to press the seeds of darkness even superficially.

Of course, I was actually helping her behind the scenes.

‘It’s fortunate.’

Hyun often watched Louise from afar.

Louise valued her first colleague and subordinate very much.

Seeing that she hugged her even when she was sleeping and didn’t let go, it seemed that the Illusion Fairy was giving her peace of mind.

Since it was a named boss on the 28th floor, it was natural for him to show great performance in battle.

In that way, thanks to Louise’s time, Hyun was able to safely complete the next mission by turning back time only three times.

Sending Louise up to the sky.

Using the fame he had accumulated in the sky, controlling the route of the sky bridge was not that difficult.

“It’s amazing. Fate is helping me. At one point I thought I was completely abandoned… .”

While climbing the sky bridge, Louise talked to her only subordinate.

The Illusion Fairy’s intelligence is not high enough to understand language.

In the end, it was nothing more than a self-talk, but Louise didn’t stop muttering.

To that extent, Louise might just be desperately wishing for someone to be by her side.

“Or, it’s the work of someone other than destiny.”

And when things were going too easy, Louise would occasionally turn around and look behind her.

As if you are looking for someone following you.

“… .”

However, Louise never found anyone.

Even if you don’t get any help, you always get out of a crisis with a chance of one in a million or one in ten million.

A series of situations in which you have no choice but to say that the goddess of luck has possessed your body.

Louise hugged the Illusion Fairy that lingered in her heart even more.

That’s right, everything has been going smoothly since I started working with this guy.

As if in a fantasy… .

‘It’s not as I thought… .’

However, Hyeon, who originally knew the history, could not watch it with ease.

Compared to Louise on the other side, Louise in this world is still in a hopeless situation.

The biggest blow was that many of the servants of darkness who had been sleeping on Carinta Island disappeared before they even met their masters.

In a world where the idea of ​​’harmony’ did not exist, it was only natural that all monsters found in the sky would be incinerated.

The more the situation worsened, Hyun had no choice but to support Louise even more behind the scenes.

One day that went on and on like that.

“There are people who doubt you.”

Hyun’s heart sank when the priest of the Great Temple came to visit him.

Hiding the thought that it was finally here, he asked as if pretending to be pretentious.

“yes… ? what does that mean… ?”

“You have always cornered the darkness, but you have never punished her. I wonder if that’s intentionally saving the darkness… .”


“Of course, this is only a minority opinion, but it cannot be ignored. I want you to prove your will to them.”

The Divine Trial started out of nowhere.

Numerous questions were thrown at him, and Hyun had to turn back time as many as five times to find the right answers to all of them.

“Ah, forgive me for having doubts about you… ! There will be no more doubters about your will.”

As a result, he was able to strengthen the position of Cheon-gong by deceiving the ‘Eye of Truth’, but the world became more unstable.

It meant that there were only a few chances left to turn back time.

Hyun asked quietly when he was alone with Chrono.

“Chrono, how many times will it be possible in the future?”

“It may differ depending on the length of time to return and the cause and effect, but… Based on my master’s experience so far, that’s about five times.”

“Five times… There’s still quite a bit left.”

However, the opportunity that was thought to be quite left disappeared in an instant.

The scene of secretly helping Louise was caught by the High Priestess and Truth, so she turned back time twice.

A crisis came to send Louise to the Temple of Light again, and she had to turn back two more times.

“My lord… This was the last one.”

Kurrureung! Right in the middle of the devastation of the celestials’ magic, Chrono muttered in a low voice.

“Isn’t there one more left?”

“I think the cause and effect we have to reverse is bigger than I thought… it’s my fault I should have expected this to happen… .」

“… no.”

Woo woo-. The translucent magic circle began to rotate while various magics exploded.

“Okay, return the time to the last place.”

The last chance was gone just like that.

Still, it was not in vain.

The next opportunity, with the help of fate, Hyun was able to safely send Louise to the top of the Temple of Light without raising suspicions of the sky.

It was a really lucky streak.

Making Louise reach the tower at the top of the temple while all the eyes of the celestials guarding the temple were diverted was something she would never do again.

The top of the Temple of Light, where there are no people.

Hyun met Louise again at the place where the petals fluttered.

This time, Hyun looked at Louise with his own face because he was using the ‘reversal’ in an assimilated state.

“You came again.”

Louise stared into Hyun’s eyes.

He knew from the beginning that it was no coincidence that he had come this far.

It is only a childhood delusion to wish for a series of ridiculous miracles to happen.

It must have been the help of someone invisible.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come back sometime.”

“… .”

“As expected, you don’t age at all. There are few beings in this world who do not age. It could be a celestial or a duke, but my intuition tells me otherwise.”

Louise looked at Hyun and asked a question.

“Are you an angel? Or is it the devil?”

Hyun looked up into the sky for a moment and replied.

“I used to be a demon… .”

“In the past… ?”

“But now it will be more like an angel.”

“I don’t know what you mean. A pun is a specification.”

“… .”

I couldn’t explain it to Louise in detail.

There was no time for that, and even if I explained it, you wouldn’t understand.

Hyun decided to leave this place slowly.

It would be better for the third person to be immersed in the place where Louise awakens.

“for a moment… Stop!”

The moment Hyun was about to leave, Louise’s urgent voice was heard.

“Are you going to disappear as you please like before?!”

“… … .”

“You must have been following me around unseen, right?”

Louise was clearly aware of the existence of the string.

Unless you’re an idiot, there’s no way you wouldn’t be aware of someone secretly helping you.

“I’ve been feeling it before.”

Suddenly, Louise began to speak, recalling her old memories.

For some, it was 12 years ago, but for others, it was only a few days ago.

“The day you tried to kill me. Your eyes weren’t those of an assassin. I’ll forgive you, so tell me. What were your thoughts when you swung the sword that day?”

Hyungwon didn’t respond to that and turned his head again.

“Joe, okay, then let’s do this! I won’t ask anything… Won’t you join me?”

Louise shouted again behind her back, but Hyun could not nod.

In this world, it was mutually beneficial that no relationship was formed between himself and Louise.

“That’s not allowed.”

“… !”

“Forget what happened in the past. I won’t appear in front of you from now on.”

Yes, after awakening in the Temple of Light, Louise will be level 400.

You will be able to cope with most dangers, so you will no longer need your own help.

‘To the village.’

Hyun triggered the command and returned to the nearby city.

At the end, Louise seemed to be shouting urgently, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

After clearing my mind, I called Chrono next to me.

“Chrono. Is that true?”

“Yeah, I don’t have to see her anymore. Your lord’s reputation within the sky is now sufficient.”

“I guess so.”

Hyun nodded.

He knows what he is called among NPCs.

‘Apostle of Order’.

As I followed the path Chrono taught me, I naturally came to be called that nickname.

If the person in the other world was the closest to ‘chaos’, the person in this world was the closest to ‘order’.

I also realized for myself why the third piece of chaos did not exist in the original world.

“Then let’s go collect the last piece.”

“… .”

“That goddamn ‘Piece of Order’.”

truth and deceit. Light and darkness are both clearly opposite attributes, but the relationship between order and chaos is not.

Depending on the gaze, order can become chaos, and there are cases where order is established in chaos.

With very little change, each has the opposite properties.

Lastly, the piece of order does not exist in the world of chaos.

Chrono’s words, ‘quests cannot be completed in the original world’, were probably in this context.

“Where is your next destination?”

“It is heaven.”

“That is good.”

Afterwards, a small sigh escaped Hyun’s mouth.

There is no possibility of meeting Louise in heaven.

The things that make your head complicated with useless thoughts will disappear.

Louise has safely completed her awakening.

Unlike in the original world, this time there was no ‘trap of light’, so Louise’s awakening was simple and quick.

Even the perforation NPCs didn’t seem to realize that Darkness had been to the Temple of Light until Louise returned safely from her awakening.

‘It’s finally coming to an end.’

The fact that he no longer had to meet Louise in this world made Hyun feel relieved and bitter.

‘Didn’t I say it’s better to take level 400 before going to heaven?’

I remembered Chrono’s words again.

All of Louise’s episodes are over, but the journey to find the final piece is still a bit off.

Another long time passed.

From Hyun and Ain’s point of view, it was about a week, but from the point of view of the residents of this world, two years was a long time.

As time passed, history began to move past the past and into the future.

However, the future unfolding in this world was quite different from what Hyun knew.

‘History has completely changed.’

There seemed to be no place for the abyss in this world.

There was no news of deception and darkness, and demons were subdued as soon as they were discovered.

‘Still, the war continues.’

Hyun let out an uncontrollable laugh.

It was because when the abyss disappeared, the sky was divided into the forces of light and truth and began to fight.

Because the values ​​of the two sides were so different, cases of claiming each other to be heretics frequently occurred.

Was it necessary to reject the abyss in this case?

No matter what, the world won’t be peaceful.

‘Well, there’s no need for me to care anymore.’

The Apostle of Order has the ability to straighten out the world’s chaos.

In other words, the only human who can mediate a war is himself.

However, Hyeon had no intention of getting involved in the war in the sky.

Whether this world is thrown into chaos by war or whether mankind perishes, it doesn’t matter at all.

All this side wants is to get a piece of order.

For that last goal, Hyun only focused on leveling up for a few days.

It is said that it takes about 2 years for a level 300 ranker to reach level 400.

However, time here passed 100 times faster, so Hyun and Ain were able to reach level 400 within a week.

‘It’s a bit unfortunate.’

A chance to know the future.

If you have enough time, you might be able to explore this world and discover the secrets hidden in Asrian… .

Thinking about that, Hyun immediately shook his head.

Anyway, the histories of the two worlds diverged a long time ago.

Even if new information is obtained, it is unlikely that it will be useful.

[congratulations! You have completed the 4th job change!]

After finally completing the 4th job change.

Hyun and Ain looked back on the path they had taken so far.

“Phew, today is finally the last day.”

“I think it’s been about a month, is that right?”

“that’s right.”

At Ain’s question, Hyun checked the time and affirmed.

one month… It seemed short, but it was a long time.

Converted by 100 times, 8 years and 2 months.

In addition, 15 years were skipped immediately after Louise’s awakening… .

However, time does not pass quickly when conducting quests or interacting with NPCs, so the actual time spent in this world is probably about 20 years.

A lot has really happened in the meantime.

First of all, Hyun has surpassed the status he reached in Asura Online.

Beyond being an apostle of order, being called the ‘right arm of order’ means that Hyun holds a position equal to that of an ‘angel’.

It was not an undeserved title because he could actually handle the ability of order.

The prefecture’s reputation had reached such a high level that even the emperor of the empire had to look up to it.

As he possessed power and power comparable to that of a god, the things he desired came to his hands as easily as in vain.

‘This is the end.’

A fragment of order hanging from the edge of the celestial world.

Hyun grabbed the jewel that glowed purple, and with that, the whole journey was over.


[Final Awakening Quest: Transcendence has been completed!]


<Order and chaos tend to change depending on the point of view, so in the past, humans in the sky and the abyss called them by their own names.>

<In the name of a celestial god or a demon god… .>

<The reason why it is called a god instead of a transcendental person is probably because it is neither an angel nor a demon.>


[You have obtained the third piece of Chaos (Order)!]

[A new ability has been unlocked!]


Hyun slowly opened his clenched hand.

The purple fragments had already been absorbed into the body.

It is said that the pieces of chaos skip time, so even if you return to the original world, this ability will remain.

There is nothing more to do in this world, so the only thing left to do is to leave.

“Master, will you return to the original world?”

“wait for a sec… .”

Hyun, who raised his hand, stopped Chrono from speaking.

“There is still one left.”

“huh? Even if you got the last shard?”


He looked back and said.

“I know you are there.”

“… … .”

“Look at me.”

Moments later, Louise crouched out from behind the pillar.

Hyeon smiled as if he knew that.

He knew that she had been following him for the past few days.

No, it might have been years for Louise, not days.

“What happened to those wings?”

Hyun made a puzzled expression.

Because she had crystal wings hanging from her shoulders.

It was a rare and rare sight to see the darkness, the symbol of the devil, wearing the wings of a royal angel.

“I asked someone I know. They say this is the only way for this body to step into the heavens.”

Is the person you know Lutia?

That’s right, since there is no devil other than deception that can create angel wings.

Huh, Hyun asked with a sigh.

“Anyway, why did you follow me all the way to heaven?”

“I heard it in a dream.”

“what… ?”

“You promised to take me anywhere.”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it?”

I couldn’t answer anything to Louise’s words that followed.

The dream of an unstable world leads to a different time.

And when Louise said she wanted to go to reality, she said she would grant her wish.

Could it be that those words reached our Louise as well… ?

“I’ve been thinking about your behavior for years. Why is the assassin who tried to kill me trying to save me again… ? No matter how much I thought about it, there was only one conclusion.”

“what… ?”

“You fell in love with me at first sight!”

“… .”

A suffocating silence came.

Louise, who had no way of knowing what everyone’s silence meant, continued after a beat.

“My hunches are often frighteningly accurate.”

“… … .”

“I have a hunch that I won’t be able to see you again after today. Right… ?”

In an instant, Hyun’s heart ached.

Louise’s face, as she spoke with a frown, looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

As you might have guessed, Louise’s state of mind was complicated.

Hyeon threatened her life, but at the same time he was the only one who reached out to her.

And over the course of 20 years, Louise became convinced that Hyun had an unavoidable situation.

“This is your last chance to be with me.”

However, you might end up breaking up without knowing why.

Louise had come to the heavens to meet Hyun.

“I don’t know where I’m going… Won’t you take me with you?”

“that… It’s impossible.”

“why… is it?”

Then, the moment when Louise began to slowly approach.

‘for a moment… This.’

Lightning struck Hyun’s head.

I once saw a scene similar to this.

Yes, the event video right after catching the bat named boss ‘Betty’ at the end of the Icethorn Cave!

Even there, the background Louise was standing in was heaven.

That video was also the scene that led to the misunderstanding that Louise was an angel for a while.

Hyun looked around again.

Could such a coincidence exist in the world?

The place where he stood in the vast heaven world was the same place where Louise and Cadrial appeared together.

[Soon the space collapses! Return to the original time with Chrono’s help!]

As the message flickered in front of his eyes, Hyun suddenly realized one truth.

In Assrian, purple has a very special meaning.

The world of chaos was always full of purple.

Also, it was only chaotic magic that had a purple effect.

But at the end of Icethorn Cave. Why was the jewel that activates the event video glowing in purple?

‘Time went the other way… .’

Come to think of it, everything about that event video was awkward.

Her gait and screams were different from the Louise she knew.

If all of that happened while playing the video backwards.

Louise didn’t back away from Caidrial… .

“Chrono, maybe… Has the same thing ever happened to you before?”

While staring at Louise slowly approaching, Hyun asked Chrono.

“that’s right. There were similar situations at other times.”

“One day, deception borrowed the power of chaos and used it. At that time, it was also to prevent the dark soul from disappearing.”

“Because only the power of chaos can adjust the time axis of ‘memories’… . No, it would be more accurate to call it the power of order in this world.”

“… … .”

Hyun searched the capsule storage and found a record of the past.

When the video of the event he had seen in the Ice Thorn Dungeon was played in reverse, the puzzles that had been unsolvable so far began to come together one by one.

At that time, Louise did not backtrack.

Rather, he was reaching out and approaching Caidrial.

Also, it was not a scream, but a pitiful cry.

The reason he was mistaken was because of the power of chaos.

It must be because the power of reversing time was replaying part of the video in reverse.

Before he knew it, Hyun was reaching out his hand to Louise’s head.

Just like Caidrial did in the past.

“I can’t take you… ”

“… !”

“But maybe another me can.”

If the world collapses soon, Louise’s soul here will also perish.

However, being alone until the end would have been too harsh for Louise.

“Would you like to follow me?”

[‘Hyeon’ is trying to turn back the time of the soul!]

[Do you want to accept? Y/N]

Hyun used the ability of chaos.

The ability to transfer Louise’s memories to another time period.

If he accepted, the Louise of this world would live the same life over and over again as the Louise she knew.

Including the ‘future’ that hasn’t happened yet.

“hyeon… Is that your name?”

“that’s right.”

“It’s just like what I saw in my dream.”

“… By the way, your memory will be erased now.”

“… is it? Does not matter.”

Louise pondered for a moment, then nodded nonchalantly.

“Because there is nothing worth remembering…”

“… .”

“I will follow you.”

Then, the moment Hyun activated the power of chaos, the world went dark.

Parching! Crystal’s wings were shattered, and the sun was dyed black.


At the same time, a thick demonic energy began to rage through Louise’s body.

‘ah… !’

Louise’s eyes widened.

It was because the memories of both sides overlapped in the unstable world on the verge of collapsing.

The reason Hyun attacked himself. And she also realized the reason why she followed and protected her.

Ah, so that’s what it was… . yes, the dream… It wasn’t!

Louise was quietly accepting the countless thoughts that flowed into her head.

Until the world she was in completely collapsed and disappeared.

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