Hard Carry Support Chapter 303-304

Shooter’s Value (1) and Shooter’s Value (2)

‘It’s not too late… !’

Ruiz, who moves with the reaction of the wind, is faster than any other user.

Ruiz, who narrowed the distance in an instant, was able to see the enemies in detail.

‘There were two of them!’

One in a robe.

And one in armor.

The one who drew the magic circle to open the tightly closed door was the robed wizard.

‘Is there no priest?’

Louise quickly grasped the situation.

The fact that there is no priest is the worst of the good news.

It means that no one notices the enormous magic that you possess.

The effect of transparency is still continuing.

Kill the wizard like this!

With that thought in mind, Louise stabbed the spear with all her might.


Shortly thereafter, the sound of metal piercing the eardrum rang out.

“There was a rat.”

‘… !’

Invisibility was released.

The face of Louise who grieved at this was revealed as it was.

It was another spear that deflected her spear.

The knight staying by her side sensed Louise’s presence and blocked the attack from the wizard.

“Oh, thank you, my party member! Did you block the attack for me?”

The wizard muttered awkwardly.

The spearman let out a fishy smile at his colleague’s reaction.

“Stop acting that doesn’t work.”

Glancing at Louise again, he continued.

“This woman is also a user. You know that our acting doesn’t work for real users, right?”

“It did… . Well, to be honest, the attack just wasn’t threatening at all.”

“Because he is a user, he must be able to risk his life recklessly like this.”

The wizard shook his head and glared at Louise.

The magic circle he was making had already disappeared.

Pachichichi! Instead, lightning began to flash in his hands.

“How dare you interfere with my work!”

The lightning series is famous as the most dangerous type of magic because it flies at the speed of light and its power is powerful.

As she watched the magic complete in an instant, a warning light went on in Louise’s head.

That casting must be stopped!

However, another guy is protecting the wizard, so how… ?!


It was at that moment that the gunshot rang out.

Before long, the body of the magician who was casting was thrown out in front of Louise’s eyes.

Hyun shot the wizard from afar with a shock-amplifying bullet.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Sheesh, what… .”

“How much damage is it?”

“It’s nothing. It’s not ticklish.”

“Right. It was at a level that didn’t matter even if I ignored it.”

The spearman, who had a serious expression for a moment, soon regained his smile.

He then turned his gaze in the direction the bullet had come from.

“Something just flew over there… I can’t see you.”

He carefully looked behind Louise, but couldn’t find Hyun, who had already concealed himself.

It was only natural that a human who was not a celestial and did not possess a skill such as clairvoyance could not see a distance hundreds of meters away.

He pointed his spear at Louise again and murmured.

“I will not forgive anyone who interferes with the oracle.”

“trust… ?”

The mage’s face frowned at Louise’s murmur.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Your job is to kill these guys.”

“yes… It was.”

“Let’s get it over with and open the door.”

From then on, the real battle began.

Can I do what Hyun taught me?

Could I make a mistake?

Those complicated thoughts disappeared from Louise’s head in an instant.

It was because, in the midst of countless attacks, Louise felt as if her body was moving on its own.

‘Ooh… !’

Pod! The knight’s hand flashed and at the same time he leaned back.

A gigantic long spear passed in front of my eyes.

Even while the bell ringing in his ears, he was not afraid of the opponent’s attack.

Rather, I used the recoil of leaning back to kick the guy’s chin.

It’s one of the skills I learned from Hyun.

Even at this moment, Louise was following the old teachings.

“Most of the melee classes are often restricted in their movement in the air.”

“Even if they have mobility, most of them cannot be used in the air.”

“If you float an opponent like that in the air, you can unilaterally attack at that moment.”

The goal was commendable enough.

Move as you practiced. It means that you will definitely remember what you have learned.

However, what was wrong was that the opponent was an NPC, not a user.

‘I can’t recall… ?!’

bang! Even though he was shocked enough to make a sound, the knight’s body trembled slightly.

The reason is that the impact of pushing through a blow is affected by ‘force’ and ‘weight’.

Louise’s strength is 302.

It was similar to or higher than most users, but by the standards of NPCs, it was not that high.

In particular, compared to the named NPC of the knight job, it was a shabby level.

“The way they move, the way they fight… . Players use a lot of catch techniques.”

The lancer frowned and stroked his chin.

Louise’s attack didn’t shock her, but it wasn’t without damage.

“I’ll finish it before it bothers me.”

“what… ? huh… !”

Louise opened her eyes.

The spearhead made of steel was bent like a whip and flying towards him.

Eventually, the moment when their windows collided with each other.

Whoa! A loud sound filled the space.

Unable to withstand the shock, Louise slipped about 5 meters.

Even after that, the trembling in his hands did not stop, so he gritted his teeth.

‘What kind of power is this… !’

An overwhelming difference in power that I hadn’t felt in practice.

However, the enemy’s attack was just the beginning.

‘danger… !’

Louise twisted her head, and an orb of magical power passed in front of her eyes.

This is the sorcerer’s attack.

The wizard, who was annoyed when the casting was constantly cut off due to shock amplification, began to use magic that did not require casting.

‘This is too dangerous!’


In the meantime, the spearman’s whip flew once again.

No, a blow strong enough to look like a whip!

‘If you stop this, it will be a big deal… !’

Just before their weapons collided.

Charleureuk! Louise shortened her spear.

The spearman’s spear emitted an intense wind noise and only cut through the air.

He couldn’t have predicted that the length of the spear would be shortened.

In the meantime, Louise regained her balance.

“Okay, we’ll see how long we can hold out.”

The lancer’s expression turned fierce.

It was because the goal of destroying the opponent’s posture and penetrating it at once went back to nothing.

Louise’s hand, on the other hand, continued to move in disarray.

Long spears constantly flying. And even the magic that the wizard behind him occasionally shoots.

Sometimes there were times when you couldn’t shed an opponent’s attack and had to receive it completely.

Whoa! Whenever their weapons collided, Louise’s body either slid for a long time or rose into the air.

<Stepping on the Air Lv.2>

– Instantly step on the air and leap!

(Mana consumption: 3% of maximum)

Fain! Just before hitting the ceiling, Louise spurred her in the air and got her into position.

If it hadn’t been for that skill that had been born since her last awakening, she would not have been able to even aim at herself as she was flying around like a feather swept away by a typhoon.

The frantic melee continued for a long time.

“Wow… !”

at some point.

Louise, who barely missed the opponent’s attack, groaned.

Even though it was only a slight touch, the pain and feeling of losing physical strength came through.

‘Avoided… Is it?’

Louise glanced back and doubted her eyes for a moment.

As if a huge serpent had passed by, there was a crater several meters deep at the bottom.

A skill used by a spearman. What is it that has such power?

Had it been hit correctly, it would have disappeared without a trace.

No, if Hyun hadn’t kept the wizard in check in the first place, he would have lost his life a long time ago.

Can I beat these people?

Louise worked hard to calm the doubts that had risen in her heart.

The reason Hyun sent himself alone must have been because he was sure that he would not be defeated in vain.

Suddenly, a laugh came out.

It was because he realized that he was more dependent on the judgment of the prefecture than on his own will.

Isn’t this blind faith without any logic?

But why is it that I don’t feel like that trust will be betrayed?


Whoa! The moment the metal sound resounded, Louise’s mouth exploded with a short breath.

It was at this moment that the lancer struck her weapon with all his might.

Ruiz, who was pinned to the wall as it were, let out another empty breath.

The impact was strong enough to cause cracks in the form of cobwebs to form on the wall, which was enough to take away her sanity.

‘Something yet to come… !’

Despite feeling a tingling sensation on her back, Louise opened her eyes straight.

With blurred vision, I saw the sight of countless attacks flying.

The spearman’s skill. An attack that stabs dozens of times in one second!

Louise’s eyes trembled right before dozens of holes were pierced in her body.

No, to be precise, it just seemed like her eyes were trembling because she was perceiving multiple things at the same time in a slowed down world.

time amplification.

A magic that instantly turns a human into a superhuman.

‘… !’

Louise’s spearhead was deflecting each and every attack that flew so fast that she could not see it.

Even the magic that flew in from the back of the window was bounced off one by one.


In the meantime, another gunshot was heard in the distance.

At the same time, Louise’s blood began to circulate rapidly.

Originally, humans feel a sense of incongruity in a slowed down world.

This is because the movements around them as well as their own movements are slow.

However, if the effect of biorhythm acceleration is added to the time amplification, the decelerated time returns to the original point.

‘I see.’

At the same time as feeling the sense of incongruity of time disappearing, Louise understood Hyun’s intentions.

The moment you are certain of an attack, your biggest weakness is revealed.

In the past, Hyeon explained that and asked himself several times to always be careful of the counter.

So, now is the time to counterattack when the opponent is sure of an attack.

‘This means that this is your only chance… !’

Louise made her own judgment in an accelerated accident.

The heart is closed with armor.

Then, the valid vital point is the neck!

You won’t die in one shot, so you’ll have to stab the same place multiple times.

Louise fixed her gaze on the opponent’s neck and clasped her hands tightly.


Then, suddenly, another gunshot was heard.

The reason why the rhythm of the gunshots fired three times in succession was interrupted was proof that Louise’s time had slowed down that much.

What was contained in the last bullet was the invisibility buff.

The moment Louise’s spear stretched, her figure was erased from the world.

Black Lancer’s Magic Wand (Unique)

– Body defect (piercing wound) can be triggered with 15% of maximum HP as damage.

A short gust of wind blew in succession.

An attack in the form of aiming only at the enemy’s throat with the spear blade while at the same time deflecting countless attacks with the spear.

The two buffs given by Hyun made feats impossible for humans possible.

At this moment, not only Louise but everyone watching her felt that their own time had stopped.

“… !”

The spearman did not raise his voice.

Because his neck was pierced in the 8th stab.

Attacking the exact same part and causing damage to the body is one of the most difficult of the user’s skills.

The stunned lancer’s face was scattered with light, and even when his time finally stopped completely, Louise did not realize her achievements.

With the spear stretched forward until the duration of all the buffs given by Hyun ended.

stopped like that


The wizard realized the situation and called out his colleague’s name.

“You dare… !”

He threw his magic at Louise.

The most powerful magic that can be activated immediately.


Wow! The magic that touched the spinning wind at the tip of the spear vanished in vain.

It wasn’t too difficult for Louise to deal with the wizard who was left alone.

Originally, a wizard was a job that had to be protected by colleagues in order to be active.

In particular, NPC wizards cannot escape from that category.

“this… This happened… ..”

Before long, the sorcerer with a hole in his abdomen knelt down and groaned.

I looked up at Louise.

“you… You are not a user… !”

At one point, her eyes shone brightly.

Although Louise did not confirm or deny the question, he opened and closed his hands several times as if he had realized something.

“The knights… I will come after you… .”

haha. The sorcerer, who burst into short fluff a few times, ended his life with those words.

Louise’s first real fight ended like that.

Louise scattered the black wind that was wrapped around her body.

The long spear was also shortened and tucked into the hem of his clothes.

It was when thoughts were wandering in my head that I heard a voice from within my soul.

“Great… You were active.”

“Shatin… ?”

Louise let out a wry smile at Shatin’s muttering that she suddenly heard.

「Ha, you are heartless. Didn’t you help me even though I was looking at you all the time?”

“sorry… Because the lord didn’t seem to want me to step out… .”

At Shatin’s muttering, Louise looked up into the air for a moment.

He understood what he meant and nodded his head.

「Well, if you suddenly jumped out, my true identity would have been known right away. The enemies must have used communication magic right away… . You are smarter than I thought.”

“… That’s not it.”

Shatin denied that.

Because his words didn’t mean that.

From the moment Louise was in danger, the only thought in Shatin’s mind was to save her.

Because protecting the lord is the duty of a servant.

Even so, the reason why he did not come forward was because the master’s thoughts were conveyed to the attendant whose souls were in contact.

Darkness wants to win with its own power.

For some reason, he wasn’t considering the possibility of his defeat at all.

Shatin could not step forward because he accepted Louise’s will as an order.

“My thoughts… I’m not as smart as you… .”

“I still don’t know what you mean.”

“Everything went well… It’s all thanks to the intelligence of the darkness… .”

“Hmm, who cares, what’s the point? It turned out to be the best result.”

Louise glanced back.

I saw Hyun and the woman from earlier slowly walking this way.

The fight on the other side seemed to be roughly over.

“Let’s go in first.”

While they were getting here, Louise decided to look at the door the wizard was trying to open.


As they approached, the huge stone gate opened by itself.

The inner background revealed at the same time.

The area beyond the gate was not as wide as the Terracotta Warriors of Skulls, nor as splendid as the Golem’s Palace.

It was just a room the size of a chapel in a small country temple.

A pentagram was drawn on the floor, and old statues were erected at each vertex.

“… at las.”

Louise soon realized that they were not statues.

The five skeletons holding elegant staffs are lich. These are the so-called kings of the undead.

“I found it… .”

Louise took out the magic stone from the center of the pentagram.

“Wake me up now.”

Mana circled Louise’s body once, split into five equal parts, and was absorbed into each lich.


Maggie, who was raging in the room, soon calmed down.

The liches moved their squirming bodies and bowed to Louise.

“darkness… second… See you… .”

“uh… reposal… Sir… .”

The five skeletons faced their owners again after 3,000 years.

The existence they served before might have been a different darkness than Louise.

However, darkness is the great devil that sustains the world. The name change did not change the essence.

Attendants, servants, or simple subordinates… the same for any position.

For them, darkness was a being who swore eternal allegiance.


a few hours ago.

A sudden commotion erupted in the Darkness Guild executive chat room.

The news that Mayday, the highest ranker in the guild, had met Hyeon.

-what? Accidentally hit the strings?

-What kind of situation is that! Is it similar to the Fias case last time?

-Can you turn on the broadcast on the guild channel right away?!

-No. I can’t turn it on now.

The owner of the last chat is Mayday.

At first glance, it sounds like there is a special circumstance, but the reason Mayday couldn’t turn on the broadcast was simple.

He only showed his high self-esteem to the guild members, so he can’t easily reveal his private parts.

Mayday didn’t want others to see him showing a servile side to Hyun and ripping off the quest.

-Mayday, this is more important than you think. How can you not turn on the broadcast?

-Mayday… ?

Only after the guild leader X-Large asked for it, Mayday reluctantly agreed.

Of course, at that time, all negotiations with the prefecture were over, and it was the point at which they even received the ‘Shade Quest’ to hunt the regressor guild members together.

After that, Mayday announced the achievements she had made to the guild chat.

– I succeeded in negotiating with Hyun. It’s about making a temporary alliance to attack the regressor guild.

– Is it really?

-As expected, Mayday is great!

Everyone, including X-Large, admired her report.

It was Mayday who first tried to make a deal with Hyun.

In exchange for handing over some of the things identified through Darkness’s information network, the deal is to receive information from the previous work.

Thanks to this, Darkness was able to not lag behind in information power even after the regressor’s full-scale activities.

And again, May Day brought about the fruit of a temporary alliance.

-But aren’t you overestimating the string too much?

At that time, a sentence suddenly came up in the guild chat.

As the size of the guild was greatly expanded, the Darkness Guild naturally created a position for a mid-level executive.

What was just said was one of those middle cadres.

-In the early days of Asrian, there was a big difference in growth according to intelligence, but that is not the case now.

-that’s right. In fact, Darkness is nothing short of Shade.

Similar remarks were added to the remarks.

In fact, those who were promoted to mid-level executives in a short period of time had one unspoken complaint.

The Darkness of being number one in the rankings seems to be paying attention to the Shade Guild.

It was this topic that sparked dissatisfaction in my heart.

-Including affiliated guilds, the power of Darkness exceeds 10,000. On the other hand, the number of Shade Guild members is less than ten.

A city of borders created by the Shade Guild.

Darkness even has the power to take it away.

At least, through coercive negotiations, the city’s profits were shared.

It’s not a moral method, but isn’t there a need for morality in Assrian’s politics?

– The Shade Guild is also making friendly forces through the VIP system. However, they are the ones who will leave in an instant if the foundation of the Shade Guild is shaken.

-I want you to remember that Asrian is a world where strength dominates everything.

Of course, that was not the opinion of all mid-level executives.

Those who refuted him, those who thought similarly but a little differently, and even the top executives joined in, and the guild chat quickly turned into chaos.

The turmoil subsided to some extent only after the chat authority was set to ‘Deputy Guild Leader’ or higher.

– Who said earlier that the world moves according to the domination of power? Knowing that, Darkness doesn’t act hastily.

In the quiet chat window, only X-Large’s chat came up.

– It seems that there are still many people who only know the information about the Shade Guild through rumors or figures.

-Yes, those who have risen to the executive ranks of Darkness should have more accurate information than others.

– Watch today’s broadcast. Maybe I won’t have to explain.

Since then, the chat authority was set to ‘top executive’ or higher, so the guild members under him could no longer speak their thoughts.

Just access the guild channel and watch Mayday’s broadcast.

The moment when they were able to grasp Hyun’s abilities, albeit slightly, came unexpectedly quickly.

‘I ran into it!’

‘Those are the regressor guild members!’

As soon as Mayday encounters the enemy, the battle begins.

There are a total of five members of the Regressor Guild.

He is a telekinesis who is strong against dueling for a wizard, but he is a wizard after all.

Even if there are only two or three people in the melee occupation group, a nightmare situation unfolds for Mayday.

-Isn’t it dangerous?

Reina, the deputy guild leader, shouted excitedly.

It was because he realized that among the enemies was Berard, whose face was quite well known.

Realizing belatedly that even Mayday’s ultimate cooldown hadn’t returned, I shook my head.

-Where did Hyun go?

As expected, May Day fell into crisis in an instant.

Berard, an executive member of the Regressors Guild, was dazzling.

He cut off more than half of Mayday’s health within seconds of the start of the battle.

‘I can’t stand it any longer.’

‘This is dead!’

Berard’s dagger aimed at Mayday’s back.

An attack from a complete blind spot!

In the next second, this fight will be over.

When everyone who watched the broadcast had a premonition of Mayday’s death.

Fain! The sound of air bursting came from somewhere.

“what… ? Something pushed me.”

“Did Mayday have this kind of skill?”

The regressor guild members who were fighting in the field could not understand the English language.

Because the distance suddenly widened the moment I was about to aim for May Day.

A skill that pushes enemies within the explosion range.

It was the moment when Hyun’s shock bullets were activated in the air.

‘no way… ?’

While regaining his posture, Berard’s mind twitched.

A skill I’ve seen before.

Yes, there was something like this in the video of Hyun fighting the apostles of the sky.

I think it was probably a skill using a ‘gun’.

Taang! Taang!

In the middle of my thoughts, a gunshot was heard from somewhere.

At the same time, Berard felt something hit him.

The body pushed aside once more.

‘Kuh… This!’

Berard quickly checked his lost stamina.

Not much damage… !

Even so, the reason why his expression was not good was because he knew who this skill belonged to.

‘Unless the user has the same skill… .’

I looked around and was convinced again.

Continued gunshots were coming from far away.

A sniper rifle to have this range.

There was only one organization making such a thing with the current technology.

‘It’s Hyun!’

Why is Hyun here?

For what reason did he intervene in the fight between them and Mayday?

Could it be that Shade and Darkness did not unite?

In order to grasp the detailed situation, an experiment was needed with sacrifice as collateral.

Berard gave orders to his fellow party members.

「Prolong the May Day battle for as long as possible. If you think you’re going to die, everyone runs away on their own.”

“I beg your pardon… ?”

I briefly explained to them who were confused because they did not know the reason.

“It seems that there is a prefecture nearby, so I don’t know what the purpose of approaching it is.”

Did they meet by chance or did they come to them knowingly?

As an executive of the regressor guild, Berard needed to grasp the detailed situation.

From then on, the full-fledged fight between the Regressor Guild and May Day began.

No, it was a two-to-five battle, including the unknown whereabouts.

‘… !’

Berard was surprised.

Even though his attack was perfectly hit, he couldn’t do any damage to Mayday.

Yes, Hyun also had the skill to put a shield on his teammates.

When I remembered that fact, it was not a question but a certainty that Hyun was helping Mayday.

and at some point

Fain! The sound of bursting air rang again.

“be careful!”

At the same time, Berard warned his colleagues.

If its posture is disturbed by shock, it becomes very vulnerable to defense.

A momentary gap is like a fatal weakness in the battle of rankers.

At that moment, if he was hit by Mayday’s powerful magic, there was a possibility that he would lose his life in one shot.

Unfortunately, though, Berard’s guess was completely wrong.


From hundreds of meters away, Hyun sang joy.

It was at the same time that he confirmed through his clairvoyance that three bullets hit Mayday’s torso.

The effects of the bullets are absorption bullets, shadow shields, and half bullets respectively!

It wasn’t three types of skills, but a combo that led to one.

‘Because there is some damage even in a collision.’

The absorption bullet that hit Mayday pulled nearby enemies with force.

Naturally, he had no choice but to collide with Mayday, who was at the center of the attraction.

At that moment, the effect of half bullets activated on all five people!

Although the damage of the collision is insignificant, this is also why it is strictly judged as an ‘attack’.

The reason why the shadow shield was overlaid was to rule out the possibility of Mayday being attacked at that moment.


‘The stun won’t come off!’

Some of the regressor guild members who possessed the ability to cancel abnormal conditions were astonished.

I already knew and prepared for the fact that Hyun’s skill had a stun machine.

But why doesn’t the stun release?

[Time has stopped!]

[All ‘activities’ will be suspended.]

They did not easily understand the messages that popped up on their status windows.

With time sealed, they had no choice but to wait for the magic of May Day to be completed.

‘Metal Edge!’

Kwajik! A huge, pointed pillar rose from the ground.

Sharp metal poles swept across the area where six people were tangled up.

The magic effect is a 3 second stun!

However, his attack magic could not do any damage to himself, so Mayday was fine even after being pierced by a metal thorn.

‘it’s okay! I’m done with this… !’

A mysterious magic circle began to be drawn under Mayday’s feet.

In Assrian, it is not uncommon for life and death to be decided by a difference of one second.

3 second timeout. There would be no need to explain what the fate of those with 3 seconds of stun would be.

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