Hard Carry Support Chapter 305-306-307

Strategy (1), Strategy (2) and Strategy (3)

‘… … .’

Chester passed the interview with the executives of Darkness not long ago.

While watching Mayday’s broadcast on the Guild Channel, he breathed out only after the battle was completely over.

Chester had never experienced a PK like this because he was in charge of Darkness’s administrative position.

The PK of the top rankers I saw for the first time was truly overwhelming.

‘I’ve heard a lot of stories. I never thought it would be this much.’

More than anything, what shocked me the most was Hyun, who suddenly disappeared from the broadcast screen.

I thought that the reason Hyun’s rumors spread exaggeratedly was because his performance in the previous work was great.

But in the end, users will be leveled up, and if more time passes than that, there will come a time when you can’t even utilize the information from the previous work.

That’s why Chester insisted on taking a hard line against Darkness, but after watching today’s broadcast, he had no choice but to reconsider his previous thoughts.

“How did you feel?”

X-Large, who was next to him, asked.

Chester said exactly what he felt.

“It sure is great… . At the same time that Hyun’s existence became known, the atmosphere of the Regressor Guild changed 180 degrees.”

In Chester’s eyes, they were more conscious of the strings than anyone else in Darkness.

No, it looked like he was afraid.

Such a reaction from those who were regarded as the biggest stumbling block to Darkness.

At this point, Chester thought that they might know the shape of the strings he didn’t know.

X-Large also nodded.

“I was also unexpected.”

“yes… ?”

“The idea of ​​using a sniper rifle is great, but the optimized controls and skill utilization are ridiculous… More than anything.”

I paused for a while and asked a question.

“Just the existence of the string changed the aspect of the battle. Can you understand what I mean?”

“I think I know.”

Chester nodded quietly.

The guild leader is always breathing among top rankers. In other words, synergy was emphasized.

In particular, because a magician ranker like Mayday is like a strategic weapon, if her strength is added, she can even decide the outcome of the war.

“To deal with five people, including Berard, you will need three top Darkness executives. Right?”


After quickly considering the level and skills of the enemies, Chester agreed.

“Hyun’s performance was only shooting a few times from a distance. But that alone created the effect of two rankers similar to Mayday.”

“… … .”

“That’s the chemical reaction that top rankers have.”

At X-Large’s words, Chester put on a complex expression.

He knew that Hyun was a greater user than he thought, but it was because he did not seem to have the power to overwhelm Darkness.

“It still seems difficult to accept.”

“I don’t see any reason to rate Shade so highly.”

“The grounds?”

“No matter how great the synergy is, it will disappear when a tidal wave strikes.”

Even if the power of Hyun is excellent, it is like a faint firefly in front of the huge force called Darkness.

Understanding Chester’s meaning, X-Large gave a subtle smile.

That’s a reasonable enough reason. Looking at the current scene, he couldn’t blame the guild members for thinking that way.

“Then let’s keep watching the broadcast.”

X-Large sat on the sofa in the private room.

He turned his gaze to the screen and spoke.

“Because you might see something more interesting.”


Hyun, who arrived by Louise’s side, held his breath.

It was because the sight of the darkness waking his subordinates seemed like a sacred ceremony, so he didn’t want to interfere.

Mayday also kept them away from Louise’s vicinity.

Eventually, when Magi stopped, Hyun assimilated into Louise and asked.

“it’s over?”

“okay… .”

Louise patted her chest and said.

“Everyone is here. I allowed it because I wanted to stay by your side.”

“In your soul?”

“Yes, I woke up after a long time, so I should rest for a while.”

‘Does a rich have that kind of ability?’

I thought that only Shatin had such an ability, but could an ordinary monster be able to do the same thing?

“There is a difference between those who merely serve the darkness and those who serve the darkness… .”

Shatin answered Hyun’s curiosity.

“Master and servant are bound by a covenant of souls. They must have been no ordinary monsters either.”

According to the explanation, not all monsters can stay in Louise’s soul.

It’s because the five liches are special monsters that made a contract with darkness long ago.

It was a bit difficult, but Hyun decided to just accept it.

In any case, there is nothing wrong with the number of subordinates led by Louise increasing.

“Hyun, what is this statue? uh… Are you moving?!”

Upon exiting the door, Mayday was startled.

Thanks to the fairy tale and twist, Louise was not seen, but Shatin was exposed to Mayday’s gaze.

“My subordinate.”

“Really… ?”

“no… I only… .”

Before Shatin could say anything, Hyeon covered her words.

“Aren’t ‘my’ subordinates right now?”

“… That’s right.”

“Look, right?”

“oh my god… .”

Hyun added a word to Mayday, who couldn’t hide his surprise.

“You can also keep it in your inventory.”

“Inventory… ?”

“Yes, can I show you?”

Pod! Soon after, Shatin also disappeared into Louise’s soul, and Mayday’s eyes widened.

Not even a doll, but being able to carry a golem with an ego in your inventory… . Are there still many things I don’t know about Asrian?

Mayday vowed to focus more on information gathering.

After such a brief happening.

Hyun focused on the original plan again.

<Main Quest: End of Hibernation>

-Those who served the darkness are asleep nearby.

The main quest has not been updated yet.

It meant that more of Louise’s men were asleep somewhere in the ruins.

‘Should I find it myself from now on?’

Hyun narrowed his eyes.

I have already looked around all the places marked on the map given by the NPC young man.

There was only one place where there was success. The only place where Louise got the 5 Liches.

In order to find more of Louise’s subordinates, you won’t be able to rely solely on maps from now on.

‘It’s an aisle.’

Pod! While running, the color of the magic light changed.

‘Is this the 10th district from here?’

new zone.

Hyun recalled the regularity of the map he discovered earlier.

The size of each zone is similar, but the number of passages gradually decreases.

After all, there was only one passage from the twelfth to the thirteenth district.

This meant that the higher the numbering of the district, the easier it was to get lost, unless regularity was found.

‘From now on, it will be difficult to move on to the next area. There is a high possibility that the Regressor Guild is staying in this area!’

Hyun’s expectations were exactly right.

It hasn’t been long since the color of the lantern has changed. The group came under a sudden attack.


Hyeon’s mind was awakened by a roar that shook the earth.

“Be careful, enemies nearby!”

“Where did the attack come from?!”

Hyun quickly looked around.

A huge corridor 20 meters wide.

There’s nowhere to hide, no enemies to be found nearby.


When the skill was activated, the field of view became clear.

It was at that moment that Hyun’s pupils dilated.

Taang! Hyeon reflexively pulled out his gun and fired something.

At the same time that a shock bullet exploded in the air, something veered into the sky and scraped the ceiling.


It rained huge rocks.

The two women, still unsure of the reason, shouted.

「Wh, what is it… !”

“What the hell is going on?!”

“It’s an arrow.”

Hyun informed everyone of the identity of the attack he saw.

“arrow… ? What arrows fly like cannons! Oh, no way!”

Hyun received Mayday’s words that seemed to have come to mind.

“Divine Bombardment. It’s the 2nd job advancement skill of the archer class.”

Hyun maintained his clairvoyance and looked at the end of the hallway.

The moment I fired the shock bullet, I caught a glimpse of the silhouette of a woman holding a bow wriggling from 2 to 300 meters away.

His face was hard to see because it was covered in darkness, but his true identity was probably… .


In Hyun’s mind, a face from Asura’s days popped into his mind.

In the past, she was active as an archer-type job, and she was also a skilled player who consistently ranked in the top 5 in the rankings.

In fact, Hyeon had fought her in the Dark Land before.

Because he died so easily, I thought he couldn’t perform well in Asrian, but it didn’t seem like an easy opponent.

‘Before, fighting cowardly was his specialty.’

The messy wreckage was restored over time.

Until then, Hyun had been watching the distance with his clairvoyance activated, but her silhouette never appeared again.

“Is that the archer, Po Se-ryeong?”

“that’s right.”

Hyun nodded at Mayday’s sudden question.

As expected, she seemed knowledgeable about other rankers.

“You’re the ace of the Regressor Guild! Let’s go catch him right now!”

“No wait… .”

Hyun stopped Mayday.

It was because I couldn’t understand the opponent’s intentions yet.

‘But why did you attack me just now?’

She must have known that one or two shots of holy bombardment would not do much damage.

It was hard to see that the attack just now was intended to inflict damage on our side.

Rather, she drew attention and exposed her approximate position.

Why would you take the risk?

To lure us in? Or to tie your feet… ?

It took a while for Hyun to finish thinking.

“… I think we need to get out of here quickly.”

Mayday asked in response to that murmur.

“Aren’t you going to catch me? If you leave it alone, it will definitely be annoying!”

“I’m not going.”

“Why… ?”

“I don’t think I have time for that right now.”

Hyun shook his head quietly.

The Regressor Guild was cooperating with an unknown NPC force.

If Pose-ryeong’s attack was an inducement, it was clear that she would be with the NPCs.

Or, if the intention was to tie their feet…

“Someone might come after us soon.”

Before long, they will be tracked down by NPCs who have figured out their location.



Thunder struck all over the ruins.

It was the sound that could be heard whenever the divine power contained in the arrow scraped the walls and floor.

“Can I really leave that out?”

Mayday expressed concern about the existence of the Porcelain.

The bombardment did not stop even after 10 minutes had passed.

“If I keep ignoring it, I think something big will happen… ”

Those words represented Hyun’s feelings now.

The damage is low compared to the sweeping range, but if the arrow hits it properly or allows multiple attacks, the damage becomes fatal.

‘It must be following us!’

It was now clear that he was being pursued by the regressor guild.

The problem is that you can’t go to catch the opponent who is chasing you.

The arrow was flying hundreds of meters away, turning twice.

It’s too far away and I can’t pinpoint its exact location.

Even if you were lucky enough to find it, there was no guarantee that the members of the regressor’s guild would be able to defeat it at once.

because i used it once. That combo from last time won’t be easily defeated.

If time was delayed like that, there was no doubt that NPCs from all over the ruins would flock to it.

‘How are you following me?’

Hyun actively used the map of the historic site to evade Pose-ryeong.

I tried going back to Area 9 and using another passage in Area 10.

The reason why I couldn’t easily get rid of the pursuit even if I did that was probably because I was using a skill.

‘How can I get rid of them?’

Hyun recalled the principles of tracking skills possessed by archer-type classes.

Most of them follow the recent ‘traces’.

As long as there was no skill to erase traces, the way to evade tracking was very simple.

Moving faster than them!

Traces do not remain forever, so as the distance between them gradually increases, the pursuit will naturally stop.

Long ago, when Louise was only ten years old.

Even then, she was able to achieve the same speed as a level 200 rogue.

Ruiz has grown over ten more years since then.

‘Walk of the wind’ has evolved into ‘black wind’, and the skill proficiency has also been raised.

As a result, the current Louise was able to manipulate the wind freely enough to create a whirlwind at the tip of her spear.

‘Speed ​​is second to none.’

Hyun was convinced that there was no player faster than Louise.

Even the ace of the regressor’s guild would not be able to catch up with Louise, who ran with all her heart.

So, after a little more time like this, the pursuit of the enemies will gradually disappear.

“Wait… !”

There was just one problem.

“If you run like that, I can’t keep up!”

“ah… .”

“I was overdoing it until now… !”

Hyun had no choice but to slow down again at Mayday’s complaint coming from behind.

Yes, she is also a user. It was natural that he couldn’t keep up with Louise.

‘Yes, let’s do that.’

Right now, I can’t wait for May Day.

Hyun immediately brought out an alternative that flashed in his head.

“We part here.”


Hyun added a word to Mayday, who was confused because he did not know the reason.

“It’s hard to chase when it’s divided into two.”

It took Mayday some time to understand.

Soon, her face turned pale.

‘You’re going to use me as bait… ?’

For a moment, Mayday had a hard time managing her expression.

Having been with Hyun so far, Mayday was also able to notice the situation of the ruins to some extent.

The fact that there are more dangerous guys roaming around here than the Regressor Guild!

‘There’s no way I can run away.’

he is a wizard,

Thanks to the floating magic, I can move a little faster than other mages, but that’s all.

What if I fell alone into this state?

Before I get very far, I’ll be caught up by those dangerous guys!

The reason why he couldn’t complain to Hyun or beg him servilely was because he knew that many guild members were watching his broadcast.

For that reason, Mayday can’t do this or that.

However, Hyun did not intend to simply throw away Mayday’s life as bait.



“I’m sorry, but I want to ask your subordinates for help. Are you okay?」

“Your will is correct. Do whatever you want.”

Louise obediently complied with the request.

Hyun was also not ignorant of Mayday’s position.

As a wizard, it is difficult for her to survive here alone.

They would soon be killed by the regressor guild and the NPCs that accompany them to destroy all beings in the ruins.

It wasn’t good either for himself or Louise.

This is because the longer Mayday draws the scattered eyes, the less eyes are directed towards Louise.

Yes, it was important to hold on ‘long’.

“Name… I support… ..”

A skeleton in an old-fashioned outfit jumped out of the air and knelt down.

Hyun attached one of those lice to Mayday.

“Hyun, this is… .”

Mayday looked at Hyun and Richie alternately and asked.

“Is this one of Hyun’s subordinates too… ?”

“that’s right. I’ll lend you a moment.”


As Richie beckoned, Mayday’s body was stained with red energy.

Magic that accelerates the body for a certain period of time.

It wouldn’t have much effect on Louise, who moved with the reaction of the wind, but it would have a pretty good effect on Mayday.

‘… rich!’

Mayday immediately figured out the identity of the skeleton that Hyun took out.

The existence called the king of all undead, the lich.

The strength emanating from that atmosphere was not something that could be easily hidden.

‘How many subordinates do you have?’

Mayday expressed her gratitude to Hyun, but felt bewildered.

To lend such a top-notch monster obediently?

How could that be?

Come to think of it, no one knows what Hyun’s 2nd job advancement is.

He’s not a necromancer since he’s not reviving a corpse.

So is it a summoner?

But the spearmanship was amazing… Yes, that must be Ain’s ability, right? Some of Hyun’s strength comes from being with Ain.

The reason Mayday could only think that way was that she still hadn’t figured out Louise’s existence.

“I will instruct you to follow your orders. Please save him.”

“Ah yes!”

“Because it is different from normal summons, it cannot be resurrected.”

“… !”

Mayday’s eyes widened at the ensuing conversation.

I didn’t know that Hyun’s decision to ‘lend a subordinate’ was so unconventional.

It’s not just an undead, it’s a lich, giving away valuable power that can’t even be revived.

It was a decision that could not be easily made by any user.

Mayday couldn’t help but admire Hyun’s boldness inwardly.

“Then I will ask you again.”

Hyun added a new sentence to the Shade Quest issued to Mayday.

-Catch the eyes of the regressor guild and disperse them.

In an emergency, there was no time to set up compensation again.

However, Hyun vowed to give back a reward that would not be regrettable even if he played an active part to a certain extent.

Because this was an important moment for Louise.

“From now on, let’s keep in touch by whispering.”


From then on, Hyun began to pick up speed in earnest.

No, he left his body to Louise.

Louise is used to this method of movement, which she has been dealing with for over ten years, so when she is just running, she can’t get her speed.

Fain! Fain!

Like that, whenever the wind blew, the surrounding scenery was quickly passing by.


Hyun constantly gave Louise directions.

To the inner zone!

It was because the place where it was difficult to find the way made it easy to evade the enemies.

‘As expected, they’re chasing this way.’

Koo Goo Goo! Thunder struck from behind.

It was the sound of arrows and divine bombardment destroying surrounding landmarks.

However, if the sound fades from someday, it must mean that the distance with the other person is getting farther away.

and after a while

“Louis, do you feel anything?”

When the roar from behind completely stopped, Hyun asked Louise.

It was to figure out the location of his subordinates who were supposed to be sleeping somewhere in the ruins.

To that question, Louise answered in a pitiful voice.

“Some souls are disappearing… I can feel it.”


“I don’t know… Empathy is sealed, so I can’t figure out more details that I can’t see.”

This is what Louise meant.

Feeling the spirits around you and figuring out where they are are two different things.

However, it is said that only the fact that dozens of souls have disappeared so far is known.

“They… Can’t we all be saved?”

Then Louise muttered in a trembling voice.

For a moment, Hyun held his breath for a moment at the sensation conveyed through the fairy tale.


“As expected, that’s right.”

Louise suppressed her emotions.

Hyun did not conclude that even the forced request to save Papi was ‘impossible’.

If he said that, he probably had no choice.


Hyun didn’t want to ignore her request either.

Even so, the reason why there is no choice now.

“We have to get rid of the guys who are chasing us first.”

“huh? Wasn’t the chase over… ?”

“Not yet.”

Hyun often looked around.

Historic Site 11th District.

The width of the road was many times greater than before, with nearby corridors ranging from at least 50 meters wide to hundreds of meters wide.

At that point, the expression hall would be more appropriate than a hallway.

Thanks to the widened view, Hyun was able to notice the beings following him from behind.

“There are still some left.”

“Still? Users said they couldn’t keep up with this body?”

“that’s right. That’s probably not the user… .”


There was no one else who could match Louise’s speed.

“Besides, we’re getting closer little by little.”

“what… ?!”

Louise’s voice hardened at Hyun’s explanation.

Because she thought the chase was completely over when the arrow stopped.

“I can’t run faster than now… !”

“I know.”

Hyun checked the situation again.

District 11 is so vast that there’s no place to hide.

It was a foregone conclusion that they would encounter pursuers before reaching the ‘passage’ to the next area.

‘Can we win if we fight?’

The two NPCs Louise dealt with.

How many people can she and Louise deal with with a similar level?

Hyun made a rough calculation.

up to four people.

If it’s more than that, it’s hard to guarantee victory even if you mobilize all of Louise’s men, including Shatin and Richie.

And bad hunches always came true.

Hyun immediately shouted as he saw the silhouettes attacking from all sides.


Right after Hyun used ‘Time Boost’.

Louise could see countless attacks flying towards her in the slowed world.

The first thing that flew in was a large, sharp needle.

Silent memorization is the most difficult attack to counter as it escapes human cognition.


They bounced off Louise’s spear, which was wrapped in the wind.

‘behind… ?’

The moment she felt the horror, Louise lowered her head as hard as she could.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her back.

A flash of light that instantly draws a half moon! Ambush aiming for the back without warning!

Human reaction kinetics An attack that could not be avoided even after dying 100 times and waking up was aimed at Louise.

Even Hyun or Ain would have no choice but to be attacked by surprise like this.

Louise was able to react to such an attack because she witnessed a shadow being drawn on the floor.

‘It’s coming from the front… !’

However, the enemy’s attack was not over yet.

Louise’s pupils reflected a large greatsword.

The one approaching from the front is a female knight with a more muscular body than most men.

Her greatsword had the momentum to erase Louise entirely.

‘I can’t stop this!’

Louise had a hunch that she could not repel that attack.

A greatsword that flies with the sound of tearing the air.

If you tried to block it with a spear, your arms would fall off, or your arms would break in two.

But it’s too late to avoid it! Then how… ?


Louise’s body moved before her head.

Suddenly, a black wind blew through the window.

In the next moment, the engagement of the spearhead rotating like a drill and the greatsword made a strange metal sound.

Then there was a deafening roar.


Louise let out a gasp at the shock that went through her entire body.

Even my eyesight shook.

With narrow eyes, I could barely grasp the situation.

A huge pit was dug in the place where the huge sword had been slammed down, like a meteorite had fallen.

[My right arm was paralyzed by the intense shock!]

[You cannot move that body part for 30 seconds!]

Louise couldn’t see it, but even such a message appeared on Hyun’s log window.

Even though it was almost perfectly missed, it could not offset the impact.

Hyun’s perception caught up with Louise’s thinking only after the series of events had ended.

As the roar echoed through the cavity, the woman who had last slashed Louise with her greatsword muttered in surprise.

“It’s amazing, I never thought there would be a human who could take my surprise attack.”

“… … .”

“Are you not human?”

Hyun was silent at the female knight’s question.

Things weren’t too good to answer her words.

“It must be the minion of darkness, or the second darkness.”

‘second… ?’

“Okay, I definitely remembered your face.”

Even while Louise and the knight muttered, Hyun quietly looked around and counted the number of enemies.

A total of six people in total.

It was 1.5 times more than the four people who thought it was the Maginot Line.

But if that was all, he wouldn’t have made such a desperate expression.

“Good thing. I can make up for the shame of the family.”

Hyun could see the identity of the female knight who appeared in front of him at a glance.

There’s no way I can’t remember this famous guy.

Masianne. Neizer.

The eldest daughter of the Neizer family, and one of the five great knights of the Holy Kingdom.

She was also the older sister of Shakron Neizer, who was killed by her.

“Gather the entire army here. I will not make the same mistake as my brother.”

“I take your orders.”

Soon, someone started chanting incantations at Masianne’s command.

At the sight of the magic circle flashing and sending orders, Hyun couldn’t hide the burning feeling in his throat.

“Please, give the order down!”

“Darkness… 」

“Name… .”

Several voices echoed in Hyun’s head.

It was the shouts of Shatin and the Riches, who intuited Louise’s crisis.

“Not now… !”

“why… .”

“I don’t know about this body, but it’s no good anyway!”

Their clamor was barely suppressed by Louise, following Hyun’s instructions.

Even at this moment, Hyun was getting as much information as possible from the opponent.

The enemies still haven’t figured out Louise’s identity.

If you see him muttering the words of a minion or a second darkness, there is no doubt.

But what if it is known that Louise has a monster inside?

It’s like giving them a chance to correct their misjudgment.

‘It’s not like the war situation is changing.’

The most important thing was the fact that Louise’s men did not have the strength to stand against Masianne.

Shatin is a name close to level 400, but the circuit is broken and cannot produce the original power.

Liches are monsters in the early 300s, not even named.

It was impossible to deal with the knights led by the 5 knights representing the Holy Kingdom.

“Louis, do you have a scroll?”

“Yes… all.”

The first thing Hyun thought of was a return scroll that could return to the private room immediately after use.

But it was the last bastion.

<Main Quest: End of Hibernation>

-Those who served the darkness are asleep nearby.

Leaving this place now meant giving up all the remaining men in the ruins.

Also, it was hung up to the main quest.

A quest that has always shook the world, worthy of the name Main.

Everything has been successful so far, so I don’t know what will happen if I fail.

Will Louise be able to achieve her next awakening?

No, will the next opportunity come?

The reason Hyun couldn’t tell Louise to use the return scroll was because the aftermath was completely unpredictable.

“What are you thinking so hard about?”

The commander of the knights, Masianne, looked at Hyun’s nervous expression and asked.

“Are you still trying to figure out how to get out?”

“Huh, then I can’t be more vigilant.”

“… … ”

“No matter how hard I try, it is useless. As time goes by, all of your numbers will be sealed.”

Fortunately, is Masianne a very prudent personality?

Thanks to this, Hyun was able to buy time to think.

The only bad thing was that, as she said, time was not on her side.

Masianne gathered the knights near her.

If they gather soon, the already bad situation will become even more desperate.

Can invisibility fool Masianne’s eyes?

No, not even one of her men can be fooled!

The reason why he is still now is probably because he is not doing anything.

‘ah… ?’

Hyun was taken aback.

Suddenly, I feel the sensation of biting my lips.


I could tell that Louise was shuddering with guilt.

She cared for those who served her like her own children.

Because beings connected by the string of souls have no choice but to have a bond that goes beyond blood.

However, after today, all the subordinates waiting for her would disappear, so it would be natural for her emotions to fluctuate.

“hyeon… .”

It’s been a while since Louise opened her mouth.

She spat out her voice.

“still… It seems my strength is far short.”

“what… ?”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.”


“I will never forget this feeling of today.”

“… … .”

“It seems my adventure has ended here.”

Hyun could feel numerous emotions from Louise’s every word.

How does she open her mouth?

How much pain did you endure to bring out a word.

Suddenly, Hyun felt tears running down his cheeks.

Yes. Louise has turned away from herself… No, she was apologizing to the souls she would turn away from.

Also, to the souls who serve themselves now.

“I’m sorry, Shatin. and my men Forgive me for giving up the lives of your best friends.”

“that… The darkness did not do anything wrong.”

“As you wish… please… .”

“is it.”

Then, in the most trembling voice ever, Louise carefully recited the words.

“Hyeon, wouldn’t you hate a country like this…?” ?”

In an instant, Hyun felt his heart beat.

It was Louise’s nervousness that was transmitted from fairy tales.

What if I’m disappointed?

What if I told you I wouldn’t be with you anymore?

Louise’s thoughts were transmitted intensely as if they were stuck in Hyun’s brain.

Yes, Louise gave up on trying to save the spirits of the ruins.

Thanks to growing up, I could feel it keenly.

The fact that the enemies in front of you are opponents that you can’t defeat with your own strength.

“… … .”

Hyun could not answer easily.

No answer would be able to soothe Louise’s heart.

“It’s a bit overkill, but… I’ll stop time for once.”

Instead, Hyun started telling a completely different story.

How to overcome this situation.

Theoretically, it wasn’t impossible.

Because he doesn’t die all at once. If you take everyone’s attacks at the same time and counterattack the enemies all at once, there might be an escape hole.

“It’s a stupid idea, but… You never know. Maybe this will work.”

Although theoretically possible, it was also a method that was probabilistically close to impossible.

Possibility of 6 people attacking at the same time?

Even if it happens miraculously, you have to escape their gaze within three seconds.

After that, you have to break off the pursuit of those who follow the trail again.

It meant that only when the luck of winning the first prize 3 times in a row could you escape this crisis.

“Hyun, you… .”

Louise’s words, which were about to be continued, were covered by Hyun with a louder voice.

“Quiet. Because I’m concentrating.”

“… !”

“If it doesn’t work even after trying to the end, let’s use the scroll then.”

It was so quiet all around.

Everyone is watching their every move.


Massianne’s cry was heard almost at the same time as Hyun used invisibility.

bad luck? Or was it inevitable

As Hyun had hoped, the situation where six people attacked at the same time did not happen.

Only four were caught in the backlash.

It was because Masianne, the leader of the knights, did not attack, and one of her subordinates used a skill that was not an attack judgment.

[Those cared for by transcendentalists do not die at once!]

[Your HP will not drop below 1 for 3 seconds!]

[Ignore the ‘dismemberment’ of the body defect!]

[Ignore the ‘Penetration’ of the body defect!]

At the same time as the message came to mind, Hyeon realized that his delusion had been misplaced.

After all, miracles are in the form of miracles because they do not come easily.

After 3 seconds like this, Louise will die from the enemy’s attack, right?

You have to move before that!

The moment Hyun was about to instruct Louise to use the return scroll.

A strange thing happened.

‘uh… ?’

Suddenly, Hyeon felt that his vision was blurred.

I was mistaken because of Louise’s tears, but it wasn’t an illusion.

‘Ahead… I can not see it well.’

The world was tinged with a pure white mist.

It was the same for nearby enemies as well as for Masianne, who was watching from afar.

In a world where everything is covered in white, Hyeon was able to see a good woman, blocking enemies as if protecting herself.

Surprisingly, it was one of the enemies who were besieging it.

“Mines, what are you doing all of a sudden!”

Masianne shouted in a hoarse voice.

Rather protect the target who gave the order to attack!

Disobeying the order of the superior is the worst.

Massianne immediately tried to stop Mines from acting, but the fog quickly covered him.

“Oh, my eyesight… ”

“Suddenly I can’t see anything… .”

As time passed, even the shouting around him slowly subsided.

A white world with nothing.

The only thing inside was a mysterious woman named Hyeon and Mines.

Soon after, she turned around.

“I see you again.”

Hyun tilted his head at the familiar voice.

Who was it?

It was faster for the woman to change than to search for memories.

slither. As if a mask was peeling off, some of the particles that made up her face fell off.

The hard armor she was wearing also disappeared as mist.

Before she knew it, she had changed into the image Hyun remembered.

“Apostle Mystia. I have come to see you following the oracle.”


The sudden rise of the fog took everyone by surprise.

Hyun and Louise, as well as the Knights, were no exception.

It was not easy to see Masianne, who was always cautious and taciturn, brushing off her subordinates.

“So where did you disappear to?!”

“I don’t know! Just as the mist rose, it suddenly disappeared!”

“You mean pursuit is impossible?”

“Because even the traces were cut off… ”

It was really a ghost to mourn.

The opponent I thought I had completely cornered disappeared without a trace!

“Mines, what did Mines do!”

“I think I caused that fog earlier.”

“You mean you betrayed the Knights?”

“For now, it’s estimated that way! We are requesting information about her demographics from higher up… !”

However, no matter how hard I tried, nothing was resolved.

In the end, Masianne had no choice but to admit that she had made a mistake.

“Kuk, quickly grasp the whole situation and report it! In the meantime, I will investigate the surroundings!”

When the Templars were in chaos like that.

Hyun is Minnes. No, I was facing Mystia.

A place that seems to be blinded by fog, as if it came in a cloud.

In a space where you can feel cold energy when you reach out into the air.

“This… .”

“It is a magic that completely erases the presence.”

Mistia answered Hyun’s muttering.

“Let’s get out of here first before the fog disappears.”

Did I enter a kind of sub-space like a symmetrical world?

Hyun thought so for a moment, but according to Mystia’s explanation, it didn’t seem like that kind of second world.

‘I can’t see anything.’

The only thing he can recognize is his own body and Mystia, who is moving ahead.

Hyun followed Mistia as if walking on a white background.

Along the way, I asked a question.

First of all, from how she came out of nowhere.

“I was infiltrating the Knights of the Holy Kingdom.”

“why… ?”

“Because that was the will of the oracle.”

“You mean the Oracle of Harmony?”

“I am the Apostle of Harmony. Other than that, there is nothing else to be entrusted with.”

Mistia explained the current situation to Hyun.

First of all, the reason why the Holy Kingdom wanted to destroy the historic site. “The Holy Kingdom is denying harmony. From their point of view, they would want to erase this historic site where the idea of ​​harmony dwells.”

“It denies harmony… ?”

“yes. It’s like the force of beings on earth.”

Conflict between the existing heavenly and harmonious forces.

It was something he was familiar with to some extent.

No, he even knew that harmony and deception were the same person, so it was natural for conflict to arise between the two forces.

“If the relics of this site disappear, the people of the world will not easily accept the word of harmony. Rather, Harmony may point the finger at you for deceiving you.”

‘I guess that’s right… ?’

“If that happens, the spread of the idea of ​​harmony in the world will be delayed by hundreds of years. That is why, as an apostle of harmony, I cannot leave the Holy Kingdom’s behavior unattended.”

It is said that the reason Mistia was infiltrating the Holy Kingdom was to grasp their movements.

“Cultists will stop at nothing to destroy any trace of harmony.”

“what do you mean… ?”

“If things don’t go your way… .”

Mystia frowned and continued.

In a tone that seemed to be looking at foolish beings.

“They won’t even bother raising an army on the ground.”

“army… ?”

“yes. It is a plan to completely destroy the ruins of Carinta Island.”

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