Hard Carry Support Chapter 289-290

Sudden Contract (1) and Sudden Contract (2)

As soon as I used the fairy tale, the body of Hyun, scattered with light, permeated Ain’s body.

There are many factors that affect prayer.

Skill level, empathy level, level of consciousness… . Besides that, it was also important to find a place with high divine power.

Among them, the most sacred place is the sanctuary.

To persuade deception through prayer, it would be most efficient to visit the sanctuary where you met her last time.

“wait for a sec.”

Hyun’s mind flashed at the moment he was about to head to the sanctuary with Ain.

“A good idea came to my mind.”

“… ?”

“Maybe Louise would be better… ?”

「Uh, uh… ?!”

“Okay, let’s call it right now!”

Pod! Assimilation has been lifted.

Hyun left Ain who hesitated and went to find Louise.

When I asked Poppy, he gave Louise’s location right away through the wind chime.

“Ohh, Hyun… ! Are you finally back?”

Louise was sitting in a cafe in the center of town.

With a drink on one side and a big parfait on the other.

“What are you doing here alone?”

“Since Shatin is with me, I am not alone. We were talking just now!”

Louise pounded her chest and replied.

When the guild members disappeared, it seemed that he was pampering his subordinates as playmates.

Didn’t I tell you not long ago that I had no time to play because I was practicing spearmanship?

Perhaps noticing Hyun’s questionable gaze, Louise cleared her throat and muttered.

“It is time for a break… ! I’m different from you guys, so I have to satisfy my hunger!”

“Oh yeah. huh… ?”

For a moment, Hyun was surprised to see the drink Louise was drinking.

“Isn’t this a cocktail?! you’re already drinking… !”

I was about to snatch the cup but hesitated.

It was because the thoughts in my head were twisted for a moment.

‘Oh, I was an adult… ?’

“Does it look that delicious? It wasn’t good for my taste, but… Now drink all of it if you want. I bought it with my own money!”

“It must be guild funds! Wake up sooner than that.”

Hyun immediately dragged Louise out of the cafe.

I don’t know if it’s because of the low alcohol content or because I just kept my mouth shut, but Louise didn’t look drunk after drinking the cocktail.

“Laugh, what happened all of a sudden dragging the collar like this… !”

“I have a favor to ask of you. Are you good at praying?”

“Um… ?”

“With your help, it might be possible.”

Louise was once called a priestess.

No, she was still called by the title of priestess by Poppy.

The reason is that Louise’s prayers go beyond the normal human category.

‘It’s not possible in the usual way, but… .’

The regret was that I couldn’t use the ability of the great prayer.

Because, a transcendental person cannot convey empathy to another transcendental person.

Even when Louise opened the gates to the heavens and demons in Iluna, no angels or demons descended.

It would be impossible for Louise, the great demon of darkness, to sympathize with Gi-gi.

‘It would be different if I used fairy tales.’

Hyun did not intend to make Louise pray from the beginning.

The subject of prayer is Hyun, himself.

I just ask Louise to play a role that makes me feel like praying.


[Prayer Lv.9] (Skill level: 38%)

Hyun looked back on the past.

It’s been a while since I reached level 9 in prayer.

Exactly when you are in the land of darkness. It was about half a year ago from now.

At that time, the ‘Spiritual God’ effect on the priest’s robe was unlocked, and thanks to that, I was able to win the confrontation with the paladin Shakron.

‘Is this the first time since then that you prayed assimilated?’

After level 9, the speed at which the mastery of prayer increased was frustratingly slow.

Even though she knew that if she prayed with Louise, her proficiency would rise at a crazy rate, she did not use that method recklessly.

Even at the sky bridge, everything was left to her to cross the symmetrical world with Louise’s own prayer.

<Alignment: -88>

Users whose propensity is over minus 100 exudes an evil aura from their entire body.

Then, even with the help of the deceiver’s title, it would be difficult to hide one’s identity from the sky.

Hyeon prayed to the angels of Truth and others in his spare time to make up for his disposition.

The more he gets involved with Louise, the more his disposition will fall to the abyss.

‘It’ll be okay if I’m careful, right?’

But if only a little… .?

If you stop praying right before you’re completely absorbed, you might be able to make you look back at the deception.

With so many questions piled up, Hyun wanted to meet Gi-man no matter what.

after a while like that.

… … .

While everyone was heading to the altar in the center of the city, Hyeon saw Ain’s strange expression.

Even Louise, who was noisy, noticed that and became quiet.

At some point, Ain’s mouth suddenly opened.

“… Hyun, you know I’ve been watching you lately, right?”

“Look at what… ?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know? I already said I would allow it.”

Huhu, Hyun broke into a cold sweat at Ain’s sinister laughter.

“allow? What do you mean?”

“You don’t have to know… . Oh, by the way, you might as well not come to the private room today.”

Louise, not understanding the meaning, tried to intervene. She immediately shut her mouth at Ain’s meaningful voice.

In such a slightly tense atmosphere, the party arrived at the central altar.

Crossing the stern skeletal guards revealed a place where black mist gurgled like a fountain.

A place that cannot be seen from the outside because it is covered on all sides by walls and fog.

Even if something special happens in this blind spot, it won’t go unnoticed.

“How can this body help?”

Louise asked assimilated.

“For now, just focus on lowering your consciousness.”

“Don’t you pray?”


Hyun once again recalled the point to be careful of.

If you pray too much, your disposition will drop in the twinkling of an eye.

If minus 130 or 140 were to drop all the way down, I would have to spend more than a week on my own and pray all day long.

“I will do the prayers.”

Anyway, the prayer of a transcendental person cannot convey sympathy to other transcendentalists.

Hyun did not intend to use Louise’s prayers, but rather the fact that he assimilated with her.

“I know roughly. Can I do it right now?”


“Then, let’s begin.”

Going back and forth between symmetrical worlds countless times, Louise’s skill in prayer has reached an unparalleled level.

An ordinary user now… No, it has developed beyond the reach of ordinary humans.

After a while. Hyun felt his consciousness fade in an instant.

It was a phenomenon that occurred at the same time as Louise lowered her consciousness.

I can no longer hear the cries of the players from afar, and the violent sound of the mist flowing nearby.

As time passed, the rest of the senses faded. She could not tell whether her body was standing or sitting.

In the dark, Hyun checked his status window.

[Alignment: Abyss (-89)]

‘I think it’ll be fine.’

If this is the case, the propensity will not exceed a certain number in an instant.

Even if he continued to pray, it seemed that the situation he feared would not happen.

In the sense of being isolated from the world, Hyun slowly thought of Caidrial.

to empathize with her.

How much time has passed like that?

… … .

AIN: Hyun, wake up!

Ain’s sudden cry knocked Hyeon out of his thoughts.

Asrian’s senses all disappeared, but the senses of reality were not blocked.

“… stop.”

“Louise, stop!”

Fire! As soon as I released the assimilation, the lost senses settled in my body for an instant.

Hyungwon woke up and looked around.

I never expected that such an uproar would happen as a bird lost in prayer.

‘What happened!’

The neatly arranged altar had become a mess.

There were even cracks all over the floor.

As if an earthquake happened.

It was a very dangerous situation that even the waterway that trapped the fog was broken.

Because of that, the black mist was pouring in the direction of attacking Louise.

“I didn’t know you would call me out like this… .”

And a woman stood in front of Louise.

The black mist pouring down from above was evaporating against her fiery wings.

“Could you use that child’s life as bait?”

The great devil of deception, Caidrial!

Hyun knew right away that if she hadn’t appeared at the right time, Louise would have been consumed by the black mist of the altar.

Then, understanding the words of deception, he shook his head.

“No, that can’t be!”

Even Hyun himself is embarrassed.

When I opened my eyes, the altar was broken everywhere.

Ain also hides far away to avoid the fog.

What the hell happened to the unconscious bird?

“Louise… ? Louise!”

Hyun belatedly found Louise collapsed and shouted.

Louise, whose assimilation had been lifted, still had her eyes closed amidst the clamor.

He did not return to consciousness even after being called several times.

“Leave it as it is. Leave it for a while and it will recover on its own.”

Caidrial made eye contact with Hyeon.

She sighed as if she understood what was going on.

“Don’t make him pray again. Especially in a place like this.”

“At the altar… ?”


Caidrial lightly swept the black mist flowing nearby with her finger.

Black water droplets rose and scattered in all directions.

“Wherever this aura exists.”

black fog.

Hyun still does not know the identity of the aura flowing through the city.

All I knew was that it was circulating throughout the Dark Lands, and that it was very dangerous to touch.

What exactly is it for?

I wanted to ask Gi-ki, but I stopped because he didn’t think he would answer anyway.

The message of the great devil becomes an oracle even for the smallest information.

Caidrial, who already seemed to have a bad temper, was unlikely to answer his questions.

Caidrial smiled bitterly.

I asked while looking at Hyeon and Ain, who had come to Hyeon’s side before I knew it.

“Okay, now that you’ve come this far, let’s hear what you’re causing a fuss with me about.”


Hyun asked the most curious question.

How is the job of a supporter related to chaos?

In conclusion, there wasn’t much information that could be extracted from Ki-ki.

“… .”

Gi-ki, who had been silent at Hyeon’s question, soon burst into laughter.

“Do you think I will tell you that?”

‘I can’t… ?’

Swallowing a gulp, Hyeon whispered a whisper to Ain as well.

“Hey, you should hurry up too. This guy’s apostle is you!”

“I… ?”

“Even if you’re my apostle, it’s the same that you can’t tell.”

Caidrial, noticing Hyun and Ain exchanging glances, muttered again.

Transcendentalists have a greater impact on the world. In other words, the more unknown oracles are issued, the more power must be consumed.

Chaos where nothing is revealed. It was information that couldn’t even be contained in an oracle in the first place.

“Anyway, what… It wasn’t a reason I couldn’t understand at all.”

“… ?”

“You called me because you didn’t know what to do next, right?”

Hyungwon quickly nodded his head at the question.

It was an atmosphere where important words seemed to come out of Gi-man’s mouth.

However, contrary to Hyun’s expectations, she wasn’t kind enough to do the favor right away.

“I will give you an oracle. instead.”

Ki-ki pointed to Ain, who was holding his breath next to Hyeon, and continued.

“I have to take that child for a while.”

“huh? me… ?!”

Ain, who had been pointed out, was surprised and asked back, and Caidrial agreed without hesitation.

“Because your master’s disturbance ruined my plans? Shouldn’t you pay with your body instead?”

‘master… sir?’

Hyeon’s shoulders flinched at the sudden choice of words for deception.

Although he has abused Ain severely, is he being seen that way by a third party?

Hyeon shook his head again after thinking so nonchalantly.

It was because, while reflecting on Ki-man’s muttered words, he realized something far more important than that.

“Wait a minute, what does it mean to take Ajin?!”

“Literally. I’ll borrow it for a while. roughly one month? Maybe even longer.”

“why… ?”

Huhu, seeing Hyun’s dazed face, Cadrial smiled thinly.

“Are you my apostle?”

A declaration that he would take away Ain for over a month.

It was only natural that backlash erupted from both sides.

“That’s not allowed! You know my job is to be a supporter! What am I supposed to do by myself if the guy I’ve been cherishing since level 1 disappears?”

“No, that’s right! Me too today… ! that… Anyway, I can’t leave Hyun’s side right now!”

“If you don’t like it, stop.”

“huh… ?”

“I don’t force it. I offered you a good deal, but if you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The two wings of Caidrial, made of flame, folded.

Huhu, with a sinister smile, she seemed to leave at any moment.

“Don’t regret crying later.”

It was at that moment that Hyun stopped.

I feel kind of dubious.

The feeling of missing something important touched Hyun’s intuition.

“for a moment… !”

A brief silence ensued.

Caidrial, who was about to turn around, corrected his posture and looked at Hyun with eyes full of interest.

“wait for a sec… wait for me.”

“What, Hyeon, are you trying to trade on that condition? He said he would openly sell me… !”

Ain’s eyes shook.

really? wouldn’t it? There’s no way Hyun would agree to a deal like this, right?

While Ain was thinking that, he suddenly heard Hyun whispering in his ear.

“Ah, I’m sorry, but please wait a moment.”

「Uh uh… ?”

“… I guess I need to think about it.”


Hyun recalled what a transcendental being was.

she’s the devil Among them, the Great Devil is said to have the greatest influence on the world view.

Even just existing in this place or just having a conversation with someone consumes an enormous amount of energy.

that I’ll regret it? Do I really need to say such a thing?

It must be burdensome to give such useless advice.

Gi-gi must conserve his own strength in order to act soon.

‘Strange. The deception I’ve known so far… .’

The deception of deceit has always been perfect.

Making him choose his supporters was also a trick that anyone could be fooled by.

However, the one word that Gi-gi just added is the exact opposite.

It’s a way to instill suspicion in others.

The reason why the string stopped was because he felt uncomfortable with the pattern of deception, which was so different from usual.

‘Even in Asura, Caidrial… I didn’t use such a crude trick.’

Strangely, that wasn’t the only thing.

The roaring wings have long since scorched the floor.

Had he ever been face-to-face with her body for so long?

No, this was definitely the first time. Even though the enormous power must have been exhausted while Advent was maintained, Ki-gi was still waiting for his own answer.

Wasn’t she taking too much risk to dismiss it as an irrelevant deal offer anyway?

“… … .”

Hyun stared at Ki-man’s face.

Is that sinister laugh real?

Deception seldom said something as it was.

The truth was mixed with lies, and the lies were rather covered with the truth.

But looking back, she always helped herself.

If I had to pick one thing that interfered with it, it would be that I was induced to work as a supporter, but now I wasn’t sure if that was the intention of playing tricks on myself.

‘This is not a conspiracy… .’

Hyun recalled past memories.

Deception always helped itself indirectly or only under a mask.

I never honestly said I would help.

No, what if you can’t be honest?

What if there is a situation that cannot be said straight away?

That sinister laugh may be a way of expressing ‘desperation’ in the way of deception.

In an instant, Hyeon’s mind flashed.

A puzzle was put together that could explain all of this.

Deception is not about deceiving yourself.

I said it was a deal, but the possibility of actually wanting a deal would be too late.

The true intention of deception is… .

“Are you trying to help?”

To Hyun’s question, Gi Ki answered after a short interval.

“Huh? I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yeah, what a stupid thing to say.”

“… good. I’ll accept the deal.”

After a while, Hyun nodded.

There was no hesitation in the answer this time.

It was because he had a strong conviction that his guess was correct.

“What… ?!”

Naturally, Ain showed signs of going crazy.

“Mu, mu, what. this… ! Hyun, I… ! ah?!”

“Ahin, I’m really sorry, trust me just once!”

Hyeon quickly comforted her with a whisper.

It was understandable that it was not easily appeased, though.

Anyway, when the decision was over, Caidrial’s smile grew thicker.

“I will take you right away. We won’t be able to see each other in the meantime?”


“Of course, summoning is prohibited.”


“Okay then… The oracle will descend through my apostle. Listen to the rest of the information from this child.”

The deal ended in an instant.

As soon as Gi Ki finished speaking, he took Ain and disappeared.

Shocked by Hyeon selling himself so calmly, Ain could not resist even when he was dragged into the hands of deception.

“sorry. I didn’t have time to explain because the deception would soon disappear.”

Hyun belatedly sent a whisper to Ain.

He also explained why he had no choice but to make a quick decision on his own.

The descent of deception had been going on too long. If more time had passed, it might have disappeared.

Hyun was almost certain of his guess, so he had no choice but to hasten his decision.


“… .”

“Ain… ?”

It was only after a while that I realized the strangeness.

No matter how much I called Ain, there was no answer.

“I can’t hear you whispering… ?”

is it an error? Or have you moved to a place where you can’t hear whispers?

It soon became clear that it was neither.

It was because I confirmed receiving Ain’s whispers in the settings window.

I heard, but why no answer?

Was the explanation not enough?

Hyeon just explained the situation in detail so that Ain would not misunderstand.

Deception isn’t meant to enslave you, it’s to grow you. This will be great luck for you too.

In fact, if Hyun had been Ain, he would have readily accepted the deal.

Even after explaining it in detail, Ain’s voice could not be heard.

‘Was I too harsh?’

Hyun suddenly became afraid.

He may have done something he shouldn’t have done to Ain.

No matter how little time it was, no matter how much it was intended for her.

The best partner is a law that is made up of mutual trust and respect, but it was decided without discussion.

This was something I had to apologize for.

“Sorry, it’s related to you too… I guess I just made up my mind.”

At that moment, Ain’s answer finally came back.

“no… Hyun’s judgment can’t be wrong, it’s just… .”

“only… ?”

“After today… You mean we can’t see each other for over a month!”

It took Hyun to understand the meaning of the words after thinking for a while.

He replied with a smile as if it was absurd.

“No way, are you doing this just because of that?”

“It’s barely, I’m only for today… Continue today… !”

“I don’t know what you were trying to do, but I can’t help it, so I’ll do it for you in real life.”

“In reality… ?”

It was at that moment that the tone of Ain’s voice changed.

“I’m telling you just in case you don’t know, but do you know what a request that can’t be done?”

Feeling uneasy for nothing, Hyun added a word.

Because Ain often interprets his words only as she likes.

“I know! that… Isn’t it just a matter of not getting caught in the filter?”

“For now, by the way.”

[‘Ain’ has disconnected!]

In an instant, a message appeared in front of Hyun’s eyes.

Then it rattles-! A sound rang out.

[The capsule was opened due to an external factor!]

[Transition to rest state!]

It took only 5 seconds for the series of processes to start and finish!

Through the lid of the capsule, Seohyun could see Ain’s smile with one corner of her mouth raised.

It was a smile that made your hair stand on end.

“I just remembered… ”


“I think I need to check the filter settings again… .”

widely. Seohyun’s attempt to close the capsule was blocked by Ain.

“are you okay.”

For some reason, Ain’s laughter felt more dubious than deception.

“Because I know.”


It wasn’t until much later that the uproar subsided.

In conclusion, there was nothing to cross the line.

“hyeon… It should suit me.”

“Wait, you’re fine… ?”

“Eh, selling me out like this… !”

It was all about accepting Ain’s anger.

However, Hyun, who was very nervous, was relieved because he did not appear to be genuinely angry.

If it’s this level of complaint, it’s enough to accept it.

In Asrian, you won’t be able to withstand even one of her attacks, but Ain in reality is just an ordinary girl.

I thought it was fortunate that Ain, who usually exploded bombs casually, was ordinary.

‘I said it would take about a month.’

After the commotion stopped, Hyun tried to organize the situation again.

From Ain, who connected to Assrian again, he learned that she had received a new quest from Gigi.

<Apostle Tutorial>

Tutorial means to teach someone.

I don’t know what kind of map it will be, but it will never harm Ain.

Even if the intention was to use Ain as a chess piece, as long as Ain is a user, there would be no need to worry about the aftermath.

“I think this is the Demon Realm?”

Ain informed Hyeon of his situation from time to time.

“For now, I’m doing what this guy tells me to do.”


“Yeah, but I don’t think that’s all. It seems that there is also a linked quest.”

“How did you know that?”

“Deception told me directly. When the tutorial is over, you’ll start working on me from then on.”

Hyun was able to get useful information from Ain’s whisper.

Just before exerting full-fledged influence on the sky, Giman raises Ain, is it his intention to use Ain as important for his own plans?

If so, it’s a pleasure.

It was because if he later assimilated to Ain, he could instantly restore his growth, which had been stagnant due to various busyness.

“And there was also a message to convey to Hyun.”

“Ah, that’s right! An oracle?」


As promised, Gi-gi gave the oracle through Ain.

As expected to some extent, there was no chaos or support information.

<Next, where the priestess is going, what you want is also asleep.>

That’s all trust.

Hyun carefully analyzed the meaning.

First of all, the word priestess could only refer to one person.


This time, Ki Gi did not give any specific explanation.

He was just saying that following Louise would solve everything.

Yes, the Oracle of Deception has always been like this.

Hyun was not too disappointed and focused on making the most of what he was given.

‘Does Louise know something?’

I looked back at Asura’s memories.

Darkness, in other words, the reason why Louise came to the sky was to regain her body’s strength.

But specifically, where in the sky are you aiming?

Because Asura Online ended its service before the story behind the darkness began, they didn’t even know that.

The history of the future was not even recorded in Interloop.

‘I’ll have to ask.’

Hyun went straight to the private room of the Shade Guild.

Louise, who had lost consciousness, had been awake a long time ago.

“What happened? I must have been helping you with your prayers… When I opened my eyes, it was this place.”

“You fell. I do not remember?”

“This body… You mean?”

Louise didn’t seem to know what was going on.

He didn’t even realize that Gi-man had been by his side.

It wasn’t until long after Hyun’s explanation began that Louise understood the general situation.

“A deal with the devil… It’s a little creepy.”

“You’re a demon too… ?”

“I am not a real demon yet. It has no wings!”

Louise was very nervous when she heard that Ain had been taken away, but was relieved when she heard that it was not a bad thing.

He was keeping his promise now, but it was because Hyun had added that he could summon Ain anytime he wanted.

No, rather, is it Hyun’s misunderstanding that he seems to have a subtle smile at those words?

“So, what do you know?”

Hyun then moved the topic to the contents of the trust.

Deception said to follow Louise.

In other words, wouldn’t that mean that Louise had information she didn’t know about?

“really… Are you saying you left everything to me?”

However, at Hyun’s question, Louise shook her head.

Chaos, supporters, time. I tossed those words one by one, but I couldn’t come up with a proper answer.

“I couldn’t have known that!”

“I don’t know?”

“Yes, there are still many things we don’t know about this body, darkness.”

First question fails.

Hyun nodded his head at the somewhat expected answer.

It is highly unlikely that Louise would have any direct information about chaos.

So I changed the question a bit.

“Okay, then tell me all your plans.”

<Next, where the priestess is going, what you want is also asleep.>

I asked Louise’s next destination.

According to the contents of the oracle, there was no doubt that there would also be clues about chaos in that place.

“my plan… ?”

But this time, Louise just tilted her head.

“I don’t have any plans for now.”

“what… ?”

“If you dare to plan… Yes, I plan to stay only in this city for the time being.”

“until when… ?”

“Ugh. I don’t know.”

Hyun’s eyes started to shake.

I asked Louise once again as if to confirm.

“The rest of the pieces… ? Weren’t you trying to get your demonic powers back?”

“Someday I will have to move. But my strength and power are still too lacking.”

“Then, the plan to find the subordinate… ?”

“I wish I could find it, but wouldn’t I have to know where to find it?”

“Did Deception tell me to follow you?”

“Um… .”

After being silent for a moment, Louise slowly opened her mouth.

Looking up at Hyun with a sad gaze.

“Hyeon, it looks like she tricked me… .”

Hyun’s expression was engulfed in intense disbelief.

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