Hard Carry Support Chapter 291-292-293

Raising Louise (1), Raising Louise (2) and Raising Louise (3)

“No way… .”

I was really fooled… ?

The archdeacon of deceit. It’s not strange to lie like you’re eating, but Hyun thought it would be different this time.

The atmosphere at the time was almost certain.

‘Couldn’t Louis be lying?

If you have something you want to hide… .

I even tried using fairy tales just in case, but it only made it more clear that Louise’s words weren’t lies.

‘No, I can’t decide yet.’

Hyeon calmed the distrust creeping up in his heart.

‘There was no reason to lie, right?’

I struggled to regain my composure.

Okay, let’s think about it again step by step.

Gi-gi has already accepted Ain as his apostle and is taking intensive care of him.

In addition, it was seen that he tried to protect Louise without sparing his own strength.

It means that you don’t have to be hostile to yourself who is on the same boat as the two of you.

So, why did Gi-ki give such an oracle?

‘Unless the interpretation is wrong somewhere, it can’t be like this.’

<Next, where the priestess is going, what you want is also asleep.>

I read the same sentence over and over again.

Does the oracle have a hidden meaning?

How to interpret the oracle so as not to contradict Louise’s remarks.

‘No, it’s not wrong… .’

It was only after I had been washing my head for a while that I realized my mistake.

Hyun focused on where the ‘place Louise was going to be’ would be.

This made me rethink what Louise’s plan was.

Ultimately, getting a piece of darkness.

But before that, you must develop strength and power.

Executing a reckless plan when not equipped is tantamount to suicide.

So, Louise’s next target. The destination indicated by the oracle can be summarized in one word.

‘The place where Louise’s men are sleeping… is it?’

The more he thought about it, the more Hyun felt the puzzle fit.

‘Yeah, I guess that’s right.’

The reason why it was considered contradictory at first was that ‘destination’ and ‘coordinates’ were equated.

However, what Gi-man told me was the destination, not the coordinates.

Finding its exact location was a challenge he had to solve.

‘The scale seems to be bigger than I thought.’

Hyun’s eyes narrowed.

This case was because there was a high possibility that both ‘darkness’ and ‘chaos’ were involved.

‘Deception must have given me this oracle as a clue to the chaos.’

In a way, this incident was related to all three great demons who are the main axis of the abyss.

Hyeonu’s heart pounded.

Has there been an incident in the past where more than three archangels or archangels were intertwined?

Throughout Asura’s history, there had never been anything like that. Even now, chaos, which had never appeared before in history, was involved.

‘Maybe it’s the main quest.’

The scale is too large to be dismissed as just such a quest.

Hyun felt a premonition that a huge event was about to happen.

In fact, it was more like a certainty than a hunch.

‘Then, I can’t think easily.’

Main quests have always been a race against time. If you delay even a little bit, you may end up shedding bloody tears later on.

“Louise. From today, don’t go anywhere.”

“Um… ?”

“You need to stay with me for a while.”

“I don’t care. Traveling with you is the most fun… .”

“No, I don’t have time to play.”

Louise’s shoulders trembled at the firm voice.

Hyun’s eyes looking at her were quite serious.

“I’ll be a bit busy, so be prepared.”


Hyun readjusted the Shade Quest.

It was impossible to search through the countless scattered sky islands one by one, so it was the idea of ​​collecting information through an exploration quest.

‘At this level, it seems that all possible measures have been taken.’

First of all, we increased the number of transport ships to two.

He stopped concentrating on grasping the situation of the celestials, and raised the points of Magi-related information significantly.

In addition, they began to intensively operate transport ships to remote islands that had been neglected in exploration.

All of those measures were to find the subordinates of darkness sleeping somewhere in the world.

‘I have to move as soon as the report comes in.’

Because Yufia Island was close to the countryside, information did not spread rapidly among NPCs.

Only a few villagers knew about the monsters, and the core NPCs, including the Celestials, were still unaware of the series of events that had occurred on Ufia Island.

But I can’t imagine that such luck will always happen.

What if Magi’s clues are found on a densely populated island?

It was certain that the heavenly beings would intervene immediately. In the worst case, the main quest might end in failure as soon as it started.

To prevent such a situation, he and Louise had to be ready to move at any time.

“How about that one?”

A few seconds after sending a whisper to Ain, a reply came back.

“It’s a little difficult. Did I get used to the body of the string without realizing it… ?”

Ain seemed to be carrying out a quest of extreme difficulty in an unknown place.

Tutorial quests are said to be about breaking through various situations such as survival, duel, and war.

Among them, the most troublesome thing for Ain was the ‘command’ mission.

“It’s not just a waste of time, is it?”


As if stinging, Ain’s voice rose.

“but… Hyun is much better at conducting things anyway. I thought maybe I didn’t need it… .”

“To work hard. You will need it soon.”

“I? Even if there are fairy tales?!」

“Because deception may be sincere in trying to moderate you.”

Hyun rummaged through the memories of his previous work.

Gi-ki had only Celestials and Dukes as his apostles and wandered around the heavens, but he never accepted users as his apostles.

Also, none of her apostles knew both sides of the deception.

In other words, Ain is a very special case.

It was not difficult to guess that she would take over the role of a Celestial or Duke in the past.

“Well, I’ll tell you the details later.”

“When to eat?!”

“Yes, while eating.”

Hyun replied with a smile.

Recently, I have been spending more time with Ain in real life.

In the past, I used to eat two meals a day, sometimes only one meal, but these days I eat three full meals a day. In the morning, I sometimes went for a walk.

Does not being able to be together in the game naturally lead to spending more time in real life?

It was something I couldn’t even imagine in the past when I tried to secure even a little more game time. But now I didn’t think those little things were useless.

Did he get stained by Ain because he always stuck with him?

I learned how to be more relaxed during normal times and more focused when it was important, so my play efficiency was not much different from before.

Above all, there is a special pleasure in everyday life with Ain, so there is no need to obsess over connection time like before.

After finishing the whisper with Ain, Hyun turned his gaze to Louise.

The top floor of the Vigilante City Gymnasium.

Louise was sweating while dealing with avatars popping up from all sides.

‘Not bad.’

Hyun looked at him and nodded.

For the past few days, he had been sticking with Louise all the time. Even when she was hunting, she assimilated to Louise instead of Ain.

It’s never just for the purpose of getting a new body.

Rather, it was to prepare for the main quest that might come soon.

Louise (Lv. 300)

Health: 295200/295200

Mana: 7350/7350

Magi: 8538720/9899000

[Strength 302] [Agility 354] [HP 966] [Magic Power 468]

<Skill List> – <Expand +>

Louise’s specifications didn’t change at all from when they met in the labyrinth.

No matter how long you hunt.

It is said that some NPCs level up over time, but Louise didn’t seem to be included in that.

Perhaps, until you find the piece of darkness and achieve the next awakening, you will be walking in place.

Although the specifications were fixed, growth did not stagnate.

No, rather, the more he watched, the more Hyun could feel Louise’s tremendous growth potential.

‘My skills are increasing day by day.’

Louise is not an ordinary NPC.

The first time I felt it was when I entered the experience dungeon in the past.

After some trial and error, Louise showed movement and judgment not seen in other NPCs.

It was basic, but it was definitely the user’s ‘moving’.

Hyun was able to quickly recognize that Louise had imitated his movements.

If Louise was a user, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal.

However, she is an Asrian NPC.

Hyun has never seen an NPC learn a new move.

Not only ordinary 1st generation, but also those called 1.5th generation were no exception.

Although the shadows I met in the Awakening Quest and the Apostle Test did follow Moving, they would not be strictly speaking Asrian NPCs.

‘As expected, Louise must be special, right?’

Hyun guessed that there was some kind of lock on the NPCs.

Artificial intelligence of 1.5 generations or less can be creative within a given task, but cannot break the established framework.

There were times when I wondered if Papi, who had quite a lot of emotions, could look so foolish sometimes.

However, the second generation was different.

From emotions, thoughts, and judgments, Louise possessed everything a user could possibly have.

No, it seemed that he possessed things that ordinary users could not possess.

What you call ‘talent’.

‘The level of learning ability is ridiculous.’

In the meantime, the prefecture also couldn’t recognize Louise’s true identity.

Because Louise was afraid of fighting. It was because her always hesitant nature hid her abilities.

But as her ego strengthened and her hesitations disappeared, Louise’s talents blossomed.

He was afraid that even he would catch up if he taught for half a year.

‘I’m not an ordinary human, so this is possible, right?’


As Louise’s spear shook the air, the avatars that were all over the place were scattered into polygon fragments.

After thinking about this and that, Louise had defeated all the imaginary enemies.

“hyeon… .”

After inserting the spear, Louise stared at her hands.

After a while, he turned around and murmured.

“Isn’t this body the strongest now?”

“what… ?”

“I suddenly felt that way today. If it’s one-on-one, I don’t think anyone will lose… .”

“You sound like Ain.”

“Really. Maybe I can beat Ain now!”

“… … .”

Hyun stared at Louise and thought.

I can’t deny that I have talent, but… It seems that he has no ability to grasp the subject.

Is it because the ego has become too strong?

Or maybe you’ve grown so rapidly that you can’t judge the situation well.

At this point, it seemed necessary to teach Louise about reality.

“Would you like to stick around?”

“With you… You mean?! I think it might not be enough yet… .”

“what. It seems you looked down on Ain quite a bit. Rather, don’t worry, I’m not saying I’m going to deal with it myself.”

Hyun asked Louise with a coy smile.

“Then, if we fight Salon, will we be able to win?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Up to three saloons are possible!”

“Is that so? Salon?”


Startled by the sudden, eerie laughter, Louise turned her head away.

There, Salon, who had just arrived at the call of the prefecture, had his hand on his forehead.

“ah… were you listening? I’m sorry. I made you feel uncomfortable.”

Despite Louise’s apology, Salon’s laughter continued.

After a while he clicked his tongue and murmured.

“this… Reminds me of the old me. I once had a time when I was like you. Although it is very old.”

Sreung-Salon’s twin swords were pulled out.

After reaching level 200, Salon finished his career as an assassin.

In the meantime, his twin swords also mean that he has been cutting human blood and flesh, not monsters.

“The sooner you get frustrated, the better. Let me give you a taste of what the celestial realm is.”

Ruiz rarely watched Salon play.

In Illuna, in experience dungeons and when recapturing the castle of the Duke of Bahimir. This was all three times.

Among them, it was by far the memory of Iluna that left the strongest impression on Louise.

At that time, Salon’s movements were truly possessed.

But it is not Salon.

Louise was well aware of the fact that such a movement was possible thanks to the strings using fairy tales.

Naturally, Louise’s evaluation of Salon was always compared to Hyun.

In the middle of the day, I had no choice but to look down on Salon.

That was until today’s Dalian started.

“Ouch… !”


Louise let out a moan as the black wind entwined around the spear pole cut through the empty air.

The opportunity he had managed to capture was blown away in vain.

Although he is obviously faster, he can hardly overwhelm his opponent.

‘Why am I being pushed… ?’

The Salon he had met face-to-face was a completely different person from what Louise knew.

“Hehe, an attack that only focused on power like that.”

Despite continuing the complicated workshop, Salon did not lose her relaxed smile.

“But unless you know hunting, power is not important in PvP.”

Flash! At the same time that Salon’s body glowed, his model rapidly flashed.

New skills learned over level 200.

A skill that transformed a combo thief optimized only for hunting into an assassin was activated.

[Combo Memorize Lv.3]

– Acquire the same effect as the highest combo value in the last 1 hour.

-The effect gradually disappears over 3 seconds.

(Mana consumption: 10% of maximum)

(Cooldown: 60 seconds)

The reason Combo Rogues are vulnerable to PvP is that you can’t do anything until the Combo builds up.

The speed is slow, the damage is weak, and even some skills that consume combo values ​​are bound to be sealed.

Combo Memorize is a skill that completely offsets the weakness of such a combo rogue!

The reason why it is so evaluated is that it is possible to obtain the effect of thousands of combos as soon as the battle begins.


Louise bit her lip.

At the moment Combo Memorize was activated, Salon’s speed reversed Louise’s.

Salon moved at an explosive speed as if he had been applied with Hyun’s skill, ‘Biological Rhythm Acceleration’.

Pod! Soon after, a sharp dagger grazed Louise’s skin.

It’s not that it’s off, it’s that it’s not aligned on purpose.

Salon was doing the prefecture’s request to keep Louise’s stamina as long as possible.

It was because Louise would not die in the gymnasium where her life was protected by the magic circle, but it was better not to create a dangerous situation with Louise’s physical strength.

‘As expected, I’m pushed.’

Hyun watched the duel from a distance.

The image of Louise being tossed around by various patterns was pitiful.

What was even more unfortunate for her was that Sarlon’s new technology wasn’t one.

“Wh, what skill is it? this again… !”


Then, the moment their weapons collided, a silhouette appeared following Louise’s body.

“shadow… ?!”

“It’s an afterimage.”

Salon replied to Louise’s self-talk.

Salon’s new job after reaching level 200. It was the moment when the true value of Soul Chaser was revealed.

[Traces of Spirit Lv.3]

– Designate an enemy and create an afterimage that moves along the target.

-Every time you attack the afterimage with a normal attack, you get a combo value of 30.

– All combos are reset if you attack a third party during a skill or if the skill’s duration expires.

-Duration 30 seconds.

(Spirit consumption: 20% of maximum)

(Cooldown: None)

shit. Salon laughed deeply.

There were two new models in his eyes now.

Louise turns around to avoid her attack.

And an afterimage that follows the traces of Louise.

There was a time difference of about 1 second between the two phases.

From then on, Salon’s sword began to pursue Louise’s afterimage.

To Salon, who stands at the pinnacle of combo thieves, the target whose path can be predicted is no different from a scarecrow standing still.

30 combos, 60 combos, 90 combos…

Salon’s combo increased in an instant.

[1000 Combos!]

[After that, only attacks within 0.8 seconds are counted as combos!]

It took only a few seconds for such a message to emerge.

Louise struggles to separate Salon, but Salon’s speed increases with time.

It was obvious what the outcome would be.


When Louise couldn’t stand it and jumped into the air, two flashes of light had already passed by the nape of her neck.

Seeing Louise’s bewildered expression, Salon muttered once more.

“How is it, can you feel the wall?”

“for a moment… This is strange!”

“What’s wrong?”

Hyun, who approached Louise before he knew it, asked back.

The duel was stopped because it was clear that the winner had been decided without continuing.

I didn’t expect Louise to win in the first place.

Rather, it’s just amazing that he can hold on to Salon this long after only a few days of learning it.

“I don’t know why… Yes, it was like fighting something cowardly!”

“Hehe, there is no praise for an assassin like being cowardly.”

“You be quiet, I told Hyun!”

Louise asked Hyun with an expression asking for consent.

“Hyun, how did you see it? Wasn’t this fight against me in the first place?”

“hmm… Although it is true that a spearman is generally a difficult composition for a dagger-type assassin.”

The color of the moment is Don Ruiz.

However, her face crumpled again at Hyun’s words.

“Considering the skill composition and stats, you would have had an advantage. First of all, the basic speed difference is huge.”

“I had an advantage… ?”

“Theoretically, yes.”

“but… that… .”

Hyun smiled as he looked back at Louise, who couldn’t keep up with his backstory.

Even without assimilation, I could understand what they were thinking.

I hate to admit it, but I feel compelled to accept it because it is my own words.

Hyun thought it was a good response.

A moderate desire to compete is a motivator for development.

“Okay, let’s give some feedback on what we just did.”

“Feed… hundred?”

“It means to look back on the wrong part.”

Pod! After saying that, Hyun assimilated with Louise.

I didn’t have to turn my soul around.

It was because it was better to create an environment similar to Louise as much as possible for correct feedback.

“Salon, one more time, please.”

“hyeon… Maybe I should fight you… ?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be using my skills. The stats may be a bit different, but it’s almost the same except for magic, so it’s not a big difference, right?”

Cheer up!

Seeing Louise pull out a long spear, Salon had an ominous feeling.

I haven’t had a duel with Hyeon or Ain since the 2nd job advancement.

Soul Chaser is not a conventional combo rogue.

He has a job that can never be called weak in PvP, so why is it that he still feels the same as before?

“Um, okay… It wouldn’t be bad to show my skills after a long time.”

Apart from breaking out in a cold sweat, Salon accepted Hyun’s offer.

Up until this point, Salon had only thought that a moderately boiling or slightly pushed composition would be achieved.


‘How could this happen… .’

a few minutes later.

Salon sat down in the corner, suppressing his trembling feelings.

Still, the fact that he couldn’t hide even his fluctuating eyes was proof that the shock he received was as great as that of Louise from before.

‘There is still such a difference… ?’

To put the conclusion first, Salon’s sword couldn’t even brush Louise’s collar.

At least in the beginning, I felt like we were giving and receiving sums.

However, since Hyeon started explaining how to attack, Salon only focused on defense and evasion.

It was to the point where I couldn’t even think of making another move.

It was only after watching the video after the duel that he realized that he hadn’t even launched a single attack in three minutes.

‘Is hunting and PvP so different… ? No, maybe it’s because I just got a job. Yes, that must be it!’

While Salon was rolling the happy circuit, Louise’s eyes were bright.

“hyeon. You are always great.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“That’s right, I’m just saying this because I don’t have any Ajin… It was to the point where I suddenly thought that I wanted to make you mine.”

“That statement… It’s a bit dangerous.”


“There’s no guarantee that Ain isn’t watching the show right now.”

“… !”

Louise was startled and looked around.

Except for Hyun, the members of the Shade Guild could hardly treat Ain comfortably.

She wasn’t very social, and always had an aura that was hard to approach near Ain.

“Heh, I’m kidding.”

“What… Don’t startle me.”

“Even if he was looking at us, he wouldn’t say anything to you.”

Hyun compared the past and the present.

He was an ain who gave Louise a strange look whenever he approached him, but he hasn’t said much lately.

Was it after they started living in the same house? He was a more gentle character than before.

Just like my personality has changed, Ajin must be changing little by little.

“Anyway, don’t forget what I told you today.”

“i get it!”

From that day on, Louise’s attitude became even more serious.

Skill combination, moving, how to destroy patterns, and practice.

Hyun passed on his know-how as a user, and Louise absorbed the knowledge like a sponge.

“I should be grateful.”


“Because of you, being strong has become fun. Being with you is more fun than hanging out in the city.”

Hearing those words, Hyeon instantly felt chills.

Watching her grow, it was because the fact that she was not human touched my heart.

Even at the same 300 level, today’s Louise was different from yesterday’s Louise.

Tomorrow’s Louise will be different.

After a week like that, when Louise was able to face Salon, albeit clumsily, Hyun suddenly came up with this idea.

‘How about learning a supporting skill just for Louise?’

Most of the skills he had learned so far were for the purpose of assisting Ain.

No matter how good he was, it would be difficult to find a user who could compare him to Ain, so such a judgment was natural.

However, Louise can play a different role than Ain.

Unlike Ain, who prefers a melee based on powerful firepower, it was because Louise’s abilities were focused on mobility.

Above all, it is a situation where Ain and Ain cannot be matched.

There was no guarantee that no urgent incident would occur while she did not return.

In the event of an emergency, there would be no choice but to seek help from Louise.

Yes, now is the time to change the subject of assimilation!

Hyeon, who made a quick decision, thought he would have to find a new skill that would suit Louise.

‘The remaining skill points… There are about 70 of them.’

There was enough room for the skill points collected through the main quest and level up.

‘What would be good?’

Hyun narrowed his eyes and looked at the interface that appeared in front of him.

A skill tree with countless branches like a giant tree recently sprouted a new stem.

The ‘time’ property.

It was a change that occurred after obtaining the Fragment of Chaos.

As a result, the supporter’s basic skill, Counterballistic, was about to be moved to the Time Attribute tab.

‘It’s nice to have more skills to learn… .’

However, the unfortunate thing is that there are few number of added time property skills.

Even including the bantan, there were only about 5 of them.

Maybe it’s because I only got 1/3 of the power of chaos.

‘I can only choose one at most in the time attribute.’

In addition, the consumption of points for each skill was enormous.

Is it because it means dealing with time? The low efficiency skill Hyun judged also required about 30 points.

In the end, Hyun is given two options.

It was to combine one skill of the time attribute with the rest, or not to learn the time attribute at all.

‘I heard there are no books of retrograde potential for sale these days, but they don’t come up well in the duke’s competition.’

I had to spend a lot of money and time to get skill reset items.

No, money was no longer an issue, but the time it took for listings to come up was a problem.

‘Okay, let’s go with this.’

Hyeon made a decision after careful consideration.

That’s how I learned 3 new skills.

I chose the skills to support Louise first.

‘I’ll have to try it out.’

Next, it was her turn to match up with Louise with these skills.

For the next few weeks, maybe even after that, Louise will have to be her partner instead of Ain.

Vigilant City Gymnasium.

In this place, it was impossible to obtain achievement bonuses like the knight’s coffin, or to gain experience points like the virtual dungeons of the Nation of Darkness.

Of course.

It has only been one year since it was built, and it cannot be compared to gymnasiums that boast a long history.

Nevertheless, Hyun liked the city’s gymnasium.

Before planning the city, this gymnasium was the facility that Papi put the most effort into.

After the important framework was created, the prefecture also participated in fixing various types of magic circles, and added a lot of features that users might need.

Now, Hyeon was proud that the gymnasium he built was second to none of the empire’s.

In particular, it is the original function of the gymnasium.

“Louise, are you ready?”

A place reminiscent of the Colosseum.

The voice of Hyun standing in the audience was transmitted to Louise through the magic tool.

“Yes, I am ready… !”

And so is Louise.

Users and NPCs cannot transmit whispers to each other, so they use magic tools that transmit sound instead.

“Then, let’s begin.”

pod. pod. pod.

When Hyun activated the magic circle, blue holograms began to appear around Louise one by one.

Its true identity is the imitation of soldiers and knights of the Empire.

All clad in hard armor, they aimed their spears at Louise.

Despite knowing that it was an imaginary enemy, Louise gulped.

It is not an existence that has lost its intellect like a monster.

Since they form a systematic formation, they cannot be regarded as ragtag.

The pressure felt from the enemy’s momentum was considerable.

Whoa… . The moment Louise catches her breath! Enemies rushed to the center in formation.

‘… … .’

Hyeon silently watched the whole scene from a distance of about a hundred meters.

The black wind entwined around Louise’s spear slaughtered the Empire’s army.

From time to time, even Louise’s bewildered expression as she struggles while being trapped in the enemy’s formation.

[Clairsight Lv.0]

-Advance your vision of distant places by up to 2,5 times.

(Mana consumption per second: 2)

A common skill for archer-type jobs.

Hyun also learned the same skill after becoming a shadow shooter.

In the meantime, I hadn’t learned to save skill points, but now I had enough points.

Eight skill points were consumed like that.

The clairvoyance could also be used to increase the accuracy of bullets or to secure a distant view, as it is now.

‘Not bad.’

Hyun watched Louise fight and nodded.

‘I think I’ve got a sense of how to fight humans now.’

A lot of changes have taken place since starting Louise’s coaching.

Originally, Louise had a fatal weakness.

It showed off its overwhelming majesty against monsters, but was vulnerable against enemies with intelligence similar to humans.

It must be because he has no experience facing a trained army in the 5 years he has been living in the labyrinth.

I couldn’t break the enemy’s tactics well, and I was often blinded by attacks.

Hyun’s first goal was to make up for Ruiz’s weaknesses, and the result has been somewhat successful.

Right now, Louise was showing that she was not easily pushed even against troops between level 200 and 300.

Even though the enemy is deploying a perfect siege tactic.

“Hyun, please strengthen!”

Suddenly, Louise’s cry was heard in Hyun’s ear.

It was a signal that she, who instinctively sensed the enemy’s gap, called for support from Hyun.

“When you are in a hurry, just speak briefly.”

Hyun muttered to the voice magic tool and drew his gun.

The Scythe of Vigilance is owned by Ain, and he cannot use it properly by himself anyway.

The weapon I pulled out now is the new sniper rifle I got from Ginny.


At the same time as a small gunshot echoed, bullets flew through the air.

A clairvoyant skill that can secure accurate vision. There was even a ‘basic shot’ passive that corrected the trajectory of the bullet, so there was almost no chance of the gun missing.

The bullet, which flew more than a hundred meters, landed exactly on Louise’s back.

A sight that at first glance could be considered a mistake

But it’s not a mistake.

From the beginning, Hyun was aiming for Louise, not the enemies of the hologram, as a target.

[Salvation Shot Lv.2]

-Load one of your buffs.

-Shoots a bullet and grants the corresponding buff to allies it hits.

– On hit, the cooldown and (mana/spirit) consumption of the buff is reduced by 10%.

Hyeon fired two bullets consecutively into Louise’s body.

Flash! Immediately after, the effects that flashed on her body were ‘invisibility’ and ‘biological rhythm acceleration’!

Buffs that only had a range of 20 meters crossed more than 100 meters in an instant.

‘Okay, I guessed everything.’


Louise’s spear, entangled in the wind, shook.

No, the black wind was not visible. Only a loud noise echoed through the gymnasium.

The air was distorted by the invisible pressure of the typhoon, and the holograms that were rushing at them with ferocity were torn apart all at once.

Louise, who did not miss the gap, drastically reduced the number of enemy commanders.

An army with a broken chain of command cannot use tactics.

It didn’t take long for Louise alone to deal with the remaining holograms.

“Did you see it, hyeon?”

Fain! Leaping through the air, Louise quickly approached Hyeon’s side and spoke proudly.

“How do you feel? I just destroyed a large army of 100 men by myself!”

“Ah, I helped you at the end.”

“Even without that, wasn’t it clear that you could win alone if you had enough time?! Besides, it was Hyeon who told me not to miss it when I found a gap. I just did what you told me to do.”

“hmm. I taught you that… .”

Louise’s words were true, so Hyun nodded awkwardly.

Capturing the decisive timing that can change the situation of the war is expressed as the so-called ‘seeing angle’.

The ability to see the angle is what he emphasized the most.

The reason Louise had just requested support was to not miss the angle that would disrupt the enemy’s formation.

Even if he missed it, the time would have only increased, and the outcome of the battle would not have changed.

“It has grown quite a bit.”

“Huh, you want to praise me.”

“okay. Now you can move on to the next step.”

next stage.

It is the process of aligning with Louise.

At first glance, it may seem easy.

If there is a fairy tale, even two people can move like one. Even people I met for the first time often got along somehow.

But that’s a story when you’re assimilating.

‘Maybe it’s better not to assimilate.’

It is efficient to assimilate Ain unconditionally.

This is because some skills evolve with the skill level +1 effect.

In other words, in order to use Ifrit’s claws or Prosia’s ice sword, you have to assimilate… Louise didn’t.

As for Louise’s skills, level increases do not bring dramatic changes.

Also, her total stats are a whopping 2090!

Compared to users of the same level, it was an overwhelmingly high number, so it was difficult to say that the stats added by assimilation had a great meaning.

Besides, Louise’s mobility was enough to overflow without assimilation.

Even without a movement device such as shadow sprint, the reason why she could achieve similar speed was because Louise moved on the principle of using the reaction of wind.

‘First of all, I’ll have to guess the sum without assimilating it.’

Given this situation, Hyun had no choice but to consider a play that did not use fairy tales.

While Louise fights her enemies, he supports her from afar.

Shock bullets, absorption bullets, and even shock amplification. There were enough means to support Louise from afar.

The reason why I brought a combination of ‘Salvation Bullet’ and a sniper rifle was to apply a buff from a very far distance.

‘Of course, we shouldn’t rule out fairy tales at all.’

The only problem with no assimilation is when Louise’s damage is insufficient.

Only at such times did she assimilate with Louise and increase the power of the black wind.

It is possible even from hundreds of meters away.

Fairy tale was also treated as a buff-type skill that strengthens allies, so it could be loaded into the ‘shot of salvation’.

“Okay, let’s do everything possible!”

After sending Louise back to the middle of the Colosseum, Hyun activated the magic circle again.

The holographic enemies, seemingly twice as many as before, were troops set up to follow the Empire’s tactics.

The moment Louise saw the real army, which included not only foot soldiers with spears and knives, but also cavalry and archers, Louise’s confident expression turned pale.

“hyeon… This… Isn’t that a bit much… ?”

“are you okay. From now on, I will fight with you too. Since there are two of us, let’s start with double.”

“With you… ? Then why don’t you come down from there?”

“I will only fight at a distance.”

“what… ?”

The flustered Louise had no time to object.

Enemies caught in formation began to close the distance in an instant.

Tata Tang!

Louise’s shoulders shook with the successive gunshots.

Papababak! Subsequently, polearms were driven into the floor.

The bullet fired by Hyun changed the trajectory of the long spear that was aiming for the back of Louise’s head.

Surprisingly, she heard the voice of a string flowing from the magic tool in her ears.

“Wake. You almost died the moment you just started.”

“Yes… Goa!”

“If you don’t know, follow my order.”

“order… ?”

“For now, just do as you are told.”

Saying that, Hyun smiled.

Virtual enemies made of holograms do not recognize themselves on the grandstand side of the Colosseum.

Even if you help your teammates or attack enemies directly, no aggro is a much more forgiving environment than in actual combat.

‘Because Assrian is the first to handle a gun, too.’

This was an opportunity for training not only for Louise, but also for herself.

First of all, I decided to start with exercises to improve the accuracy of bullets.

Until you knock out enemies one by one.

If you can’t align even while standing in place, you’re certain that you won’t be able to properly support Louise in an urgent situation.

Endless practice continued.

The sum of each other improved noticeably as time went on.

The most basic combo is when the string disrupts the enemy’s posture with a shock-amplifying bullet, and Louise quickly pierces the enemy.

In less than 30 minutes, the two were able to use the technique freely.

After that, I tried various things.


Like Louise’s spear piercing several at the same time in the direction the absorber bullets were pulling in.

Or hitting a shock bullet on Louise to push the enemies away at once.

Various ideas came to Hyun’s head, and he was able to materialize them without difficulty.

‘what? Is it going well today?’

For a moment, Hyun felt a strange feeling.

Is it because of the title of the shadow of darkness?

Or was it because it took longer to assimilate to Louise after Ain?

Hyun realized that he was instinctively reading Louise’s intentions.

It felt like a fairy tale even though it was not a fairy tale.

‘I think I made a few mistakes… It’s okay.’

Louise felt the same way.

Whenever he felt the urge to attack, buffs were added to his body to improve his physical abilities.

Even when his back felt dangerous, Hyeon always cast a defense skill on himself or pushed the enemy away with power from the bullet.

Even if I pushed myself a little, even if I made a little mistake, the result was always good.

A strange sense of unity, as if two bodies were one.

without saying… No, it was because Hyeon understood her intentions and matched them even before Louise said it.

‘I feel like I can do anything now.’


In an instant, an arrow flew towards Louise.

Tata Tata Tang! Then came gunfire.

Hyun didn’t fire it.

There was a function to set the specs of the enemy in the gymnasium, and Hyun included even a hologram using a ‘pistol’.

It was to let her experience various situations.

In other words, all the arrows and bullets flying right now are attacks aimed at Louise.

‘… !’

In an instant, Louise’s time slowed down.

Louise could see the projectiles heading towards her.

Arrows that fly slowly like slow motion, and bullets that are smaller but faster than that.

It was not Louise’s misunderstanding that time had slowed down.

Nor did she suddenly develop superhuman reflexes.

The change in Louise’s cognitive speed was thanks to a certain skill that Hyun gave her through ‘Salvation Bullet’.

[Time Boost Lv.1]

– Amplifies the sensible time of the selected target by 5.4 times.

Lasts -2 seconds (10.8 seconds).

– No effect can be seen on the user.

(Magi consumed: 8000)

(Cooldown: 60 seconds)

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