Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 404

Chapter 404


It is said that there is no particular name.

“He was born in the sky of the divine realm.”

The distant past, the age of myth.

Depending on the birth process of the gods, the ‘rank’ is determined.

A god born from the earth of the human world is a low class.

Above the human world, a god born in the clouds is an intermediate level.

And the gods born from the land of the divine world that exists above the human world are advanced.

The higher a god was born in this way, the higher the godhood he was born with.

“A god born in the sky of the divine realm. In a word, he is a god born destined to become the next ruler of the divine realm.”

To be born in the sky of the divine realm means to be a being born with a rank high enough to encompass the divine realm.

“okay. A leader who will stand at the top of the divine realm. god of gods. He was born with such a destiny.”

Umbra’s expression became grim.

I wondered if I was reminiscing about the apocalypse and chewing on my anger, but it didn’t seem like that.

The resentment and murderous intent toward the end god was a little more explicit.

The murderous intent that Umbra now harbors is not the murderous intent towards the god of the end.

‘Grudge against the divine world.’

Umbra hates the place itself called the divine realm.

It is speculated that he hates the system of the divine world where ranks are determined from birth.

‘… … Deep beneath the human world. Umbra, the god born in the dark shadows. According to the divine system, her rank is one of the lowest. They would have been treated practically no different from humans.’

As much as Umbraini, who was born without anything and acquired a godhood close to the advanced level with her own power, the system of the divine world must have been a thorn in the eye.

‘The reason why the goddess Umbra went over to the camp of the evil god is also the system of the divine world… … . It was because of the chosen people’s idea.’

Umbra couldn’t help but frown when she said that.

“It was the first time since the new world was born. Even in the long history of the divine realm, there was no such thing as a god born in the heavens of the divine realm.”

“… … It is a myth within a myth.”


It was something that could be called a myth even in the age of myth.

“When he was born, how embarrassed we were… … .”

The birth of a new world leader who will be born with more power than anyone else. If he finishes growing up safely, there is no hope for evil spirits.

It was inevitable that there would be an uproar in the camp of evil spirits.

“This is where everything ends. Having come to that conclusion, we immediately made the decision to gather all our forces and attack the divine realm.”

If you stay like this, the only thing waiting for you is death.

Now that this has happened, it’s the judge’s decision.

Even with all my might, I’ll deal with him.

You must have thought so and put it into action.

“That’s how it was decided to invade the divine realm, and everything was prepared in 10 minutes.”

10 minutes. It was an astonishing speed.

To finish all the preparations and move into action in just that time.

It was a glimpse of the desperate side of the evil god.

When he opens his eyes, everything is over. That thought must have forced all the evil spirits to move.

“So we forcibly infiltrated the divine realm… … . It happened.”

Umbra’s expression darkened.

“The end god declared the end.”

“… … Wasn’t the Apocalypse God just born?”

According to what I’ve heard, the evil god’s camp invaded the divine realm right after the end god was born.

That means at least 30 minutes.

“that’s right. It was when he was less than 20 minutes old.”

“… … But you declared the end?”

A newborn baby who was only 20 minutes old declared the end.

I couldn’t understand what was going on at all.

“There is no such thing as an infancy for a god born with a high rank. Gods born in the divine realm usually have their bodies as adults within a few days.”


I read it in the book of Danteroa. There was no existence called Ai in the divine world.

So it was like that.

“It finished all of its growth within 20 minutes of being born, and took on the appearance of an adult. and… … He declared the end of the divine realm without hesitation.”

It was a story like a lie that could only come out of a book.

20 minutes after being born, a god who became an adult suddenly announced the end of the world.

“At first I didn’t believe them all. Even the hard-headed ones in the divine realm. us too No matter how great a person he was born with, there’s no way he could destroy the divine world alone.”

“yes. Yes.”

If it were me, I would have even snorted.

“however… … .”

Umbra’s pupils trembled very slightly.

“That absurd statement… … It has become a reality.”

“… … Are you saying that the divine world has perished?”


A wave of regret seemed to shake the lotus leaf called Pupil.

“Right after he declared the end. The divine world has perished without a trace. without any premonition. As if it never existed in the first place. The entire divine world has disappeared.”

My eyes slowly widened.

Did they just disappear without any warning?

“What else… … .”

how strong are you

Is it possible to erase the divine realm in an instant?

“There was nothing we could do but stand there in a daze, watching the divine realm fly away as it turned to dust.”

What if I had seen that scene right in front of me?

needless to say

Like Umbra, I would have been blankly opening my mouth.

“He appeared in front of us like that.”


I’m talking about the end of the world.

“And I said.”

Umbra closed her mouth for a moment, frowning.

An expression of disgust.

Just thinking about that time makes me angry.

It looked like he was saying that.

“There were still flying insects.”

“… … .”

Umbra’s expression became more and more stern.

“He has a greasy face unique to a god born in the divine realm, and he has a vulgar smile that only evil gods would wear. And he slowly reached out his hand towards us.”

A tiny bit of fear crept into Umbra’s eyes.

“at that time. Someone called my name and pushed me hard.”

I was afraid, I was sad.

“At that time, my hair was completely frozen, so I don’t know who shaved me. I still don’t know… … . I remember that will to protect me.”

It must be remembering the urgency in the voice of that person.

“Thanks to that, I saved my life.”

Umbra bowed her head.

“I survived alone.”

“… … alone?”


Umbra slowly raised her head.

Looking up at the ceiling, he said with a complicated expression.

“Everyone died with one light gesture from him. If no one had helped me, I would have disappeared on the spot without leaving a trace.”

“… … .”

The evil spirits lost their lives all at once, unable to resist.

How strong did the god of the end of the world have?

“I, who was left alone, sat down and… … I looked up at him. I looked up and asked.”

It reminds me of the powerlessness of that time.

Umbra bit her lip.

“Why did you do this… … . do. In a terrified, trembling voice.”

Umbra turned her gaze back to me.

“Then… … Do you know what he answered?”

“… … I do not know.”

I couldn’t have predicted it.

After 20 minutes of being born, there was no way I could understand the heart of a crazy god who decided to destroy the divine world.


“… … yes?”

I was stunned for a moment.

“It’s just that.”

“For no reason… … Did you destroy the divine world?”


“What crazy… … .”

I thought it was a crazy god, but it was a more crazy god than I could have imagined.

“Well, I just said that, but it wouldn’t have been without a reason. After that, I said something like this Putting my hand on my head like this… … .”

Umbra put a hand on her head and said.

“After all, this world is mine. Whether you break it or not, isn’t it my heart?”

that grumpy talk.

Previously, the voice of ‘God’ heard while peeking into the dragon’s memories as a dream overlaps.

“I prefer to create something new from scratch rather than add something to someone else’s sculpture. Does that sound like mine?”

I’m speechless.

“That’s why I declared the end. I want to erase everything and create a new one.”

too childlike

Because it’s an absurd word.

Because it’s something I don’t understand.

I couldn’t even react.

“He just, for the absurd reason of creating his own world, killed the gods, the gods of the gods, and us.”

“… … .”


traitor of the gods.

When I heard that name, I thought of something like Ragnarok.

The gods also have their circumstances, and those circumstances collide and mix with each other, leading to destruction.

The starting point of that destruction must have been the God of the End.

I was vaguely thinking that way.

“just… … . He was crazy.”

“that’s right. He’s crazy.”

But it wasn’t.

The god of the end is not a god with many stories that had no choice but to declare the end for some reason.

It was just an idiot.

A guy who shouldn’t have been born with power was just born with power.

“You know why I hate him?”

“… … yes.”

The Apocalypse God is the enemy who killed her, and the enemy who killed her comrades.

There is not even a reason for his death.

The murder of the end god is like a kind of pleasure killing.

I lost everything to such an existence.

Umbra’s hatred is understandable.

“A guy like that… … . It’s not the main body, but there’s a human with that power in front of me.”

Umbra’s eyes changed again.

The whites are black, and the blacks are red.

It seems to change like that when emotions fluctuate violently.

“What does it have to do with you bastard who forcibly took my power? is not it?”

Compared to the resentment against the end god, the desire for revenge against me is less than fireflies in front of the sun.

As long as I could give the last god a shot, I wouldn’t mind getting revenge on me.

“I understand?”

“… … yes. understand.”

I understood very well why Umbra had kindly come out to talk to me.

“Can I take understanding as meaning that you trust me?”

“of course.”

As long as Bale Stall is my opponent, Umbra will not hit me in the back.

Evil gods or whatever, you can trust the current Umbra.

“… … okay. It’s worth the time you spent explaining it.”

Umbra smiled.

“Then sleep.”

He smiled and held out his hand to me.

“Let’s make a contract.”

The source and foundation of Umbra.

A shadow fell on his hand.

“I will surrender all my power to you. Instead you… … .”

“yes. I will do my best to deal with the bale stall.”

Umbra narrowed her eyes.

“You can’t do your best. be sure to kill him Kill him and bring his soul to me.”

Bringing the soul is no problem as long as Miho is there.

Killing is no problem.

Whether I die or he dies, the outcome is only one of two.

“great. I will make a contract on that condition.”

I immediately grabbed Umbra’s hand.

By doing what you have to do anyway, you can get the power of Umbra.

There is absolutely no reason to refuse.

“I like how cool it is.”

Power flowed from Umbra’s clasped palms.

familiar power.

Mana called the shadow is flowing into my body.

“… … big.”

In an instant, a scream leaked out.

Enormous force flowed in all at once, causing pain throughout the body.

“Don’t be rude. Because I haven’t even started yet.”

said Umbra, energizing me.

“From now on, I will transfer all authority of my power to you.”

From now on, as if it were real, the speed at which power flowed in began to increase.

The whole body hurts like twisting.

“Hold on tight and hold on. little… … No, it will hurt a lot.”

“… … Kut!”

At the same time as the warning, the pain intensified.

It was a terrible pain, as the evil spirits warned it would hurt.

‘still… … It’s not that I can’t stand it.’

I endured the pain and did my best to recover Umbra’s power.

“huh. Not bad. If you’re going to deal with him, you’ll have to endure this lightly.”

Umbra’s laughter was heard.

I can’t be sure because I can’t see the expression because my eyes are closed, but I’m sure it was a favorable reaction.

“Hold on well until the end.”

As I listened to Umbra’s voice, a thought suddenly passed through my head.

‘Ah, I see… … .’

The soul of the Apocalypse God Umbra hates is also possessed by my master, Ray Bell Bytenor.

In other words, the target that Umbra hates must include me as well.

By-tenor style is like a remnant of the apocalypse.

‘but… … .’

However, Umbra showed no signs of hating me.

‘There’s no way I didn’t notice.’

Umbra has such a keen sense of sight that she sensed the power of the end god right away when she saw the veil stall beyond the holy relic.

With that level of sense, it would be normal if I could detect the power of the end god in my magic as well.

‘It’s not like I’m acting after I noticed.’

You can be sure of this.

It is impossible to harbor such hatred and completely conceal one’s true feelings to such an extent.

I don’t know if he was holding on to his expressionless expression, but Umbra was emitting fierce hatred towards the end god in between.

While exploding your emotions, do you completely capture your feelings for me?

That is absolutely impossible.

‘Then I couldn’t detect the power of the Apocalypse God in my magic… … .’

The deity of the god of the end dwells in the By-Tenor ceremony, Master said so.

However, Umbra doesn’t feel any sign of the end god in my power.

What is the reason?

Why can’t Umbra detect the power of the end god in me?

‘There’s something.’

There is something.

‘Something I don’t know. Something that even Master doesn’t know… … .’

Master and Bale Stall.

and the apocalypse.

There is something in between.

something we don’t know

‘Isn’t there a secret to the reason why the end god split into two?’

I thought so.

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