Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 403

Chapter 403

A holy relic of Umbra that continuously emits light.

I held the relic in my hand and stared at it.

“The stone. Did you say it’s a medium for your shadow magic?”


“Obviously, you said you haven’t completely subdued it yet. Are you trying to run amok?”

Sein-nim narrowed his eyes and glared at the relic.

It seemed that he was trying to understand the situation by reading the light and mana emanating from it.

“… … hmm. It’s not like a runaway atmosphere. There is no rough feeling at all.”

“Can you even feel that?”

“okay. I feel it.”

Sein-nim’s intuition seems to have far transcended the ranks of superhumans.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have now entered the realm of gods.

“Did they say that the illusion of the goddess Umbra dwells within it?”

“Strictly speaking, it’s not welcome, but… … .”

To explain Umbra in detail, it is necessary to explain in order, starting with the gods of the Age of Mythology.

There is no need to explain in detail.

“… … hmm. You can think of it as a welcome.”

At that time, the light emitted by the holy relic became even more intense.

Is it an illusion? I feel the emotion of ‘anger’ in the light.

“It looks like you just got annoyed with what you said.”


right. This should be called irritation, not anger.

The fluctuations of emotions were similar, so I was mistaken for a moment.

“It seems like he wants to say that he is not an illusion.”

“I guess so.”

The radiant light faded again. It seems that he is satisfied with the fact that the doctor was completely delivered.

“Awesome. To feel the emotions of the existence beyond this stone.”

“It was the first time I knew that a holy relic had this kind of power.”

Among the holy relics I possess, Umbra is the only one with the remains of a god.

The gods who dwelled in the other holy relics ended their contract with Master a long time ago and disappeared.

Since there is no clone in the relic to convey his intentions to me, it was impossible for someone to convey his intentions to me in this way.

Umbra wanted to kill me, so there was no reason to talk to her like this.

I’m seeing this for the first time too.

“It’s strange that Umbra wants to talk to me.”

Umbra wants to kill me.

I’m in a state where I want to use Ignis to forcibly subdue myself and kill myself for stealing my power.

Umbra suddenly wants to talk to me.

what kind of wind is it?


Then, the light came out again strongly.

“Don’t wait and come quickly.”

Then, it emits light once more.

“I have no intention of preying on you, so come in first. I am saying so.”

“I can only feel weak emotions, but do you even know what to say?”

“well. I don’t know. I’m just saying it because I think it might be like that.”

It was puzzling when I only felt the emotions detected in the light, but after hearing Sein-nim’s interpretation, I thought, ‘Oh, is that so?’ will do

“Only a woman can know the heart of a woman. I think it might be something like that.”

A man doesn’t know a woman

The only thing that knows a woman’s heart is a woman.

It would be something like this.


Light came out again.

The annoyance that has risen to the top of my head is clearly conveyed.

“I know this too.”

Even without Sein-sama interpreting this, he seemed to understand what he was talking about.

“Don’t fuss and come quickly. Right?”

Sein-nim smiled.


“… … I can roughly figure it out.”

I focused my mana on the relic of Umbra.

I don’t mean to go directly to the inside of the relic.

If a tiger is talking to you, who will follow you into the tiger’s den defenselessly?

Even if you follow, you have to put on the safety device and enter.

What I am doing now is the safety boots work.

‘In the holy relic, adjust the occupancy to make it a neutral zone.’

Prepare for an emergency by transferring about 50% of the control of the temple within the holy relic.

If Umbra really wants to talk to me, he’ll cede his share.


Light rained down again.

meticulous guy.

The light seemed to say so.

‘Looking at the share share, it looks like they really want to have a conversation… … .’

Umbra grunted and ceded its share to me.

With this, within the relic, dominion is 5:5.

Now, even if Umbra had bad thoughts, he could somehow deal with them.

“The nature of the mana felt in the Hoo Stone has changed. Is your mana mixed?”

“You catch it right away.”

Sein-nim laughed as if this arrangement was no big deal.

‘… … It’s like a real ghost.’

I thought Adela’s senses were good enough, but compared to Sein-sama, she was still just a firefly in front of the sun.

You seem to be better than me in some ways.

“Right. Did you set up a safety device by infusing your mana like that? That’s great preparation.”

… … At this point, it’s scary.

Based on your excellent senses, your brain rotation speed is fast.

It feels like being completely naked.

“Are you going right away?”

“yes. I think so.”

There’s nothing to do until Adela or Soonchan wakes up anyway.

I plan to go and come back now to make use of my free time.

‘I wonder what Umbra is talking about.’

Well, in fact, I would have gone there even if I hadn’t had time.

I’m very curious about what kind of wind suddenly blows from the goddess Umbra, who has always been silent, and wants to talk to me.

‘Ah, would it be better to tell Mimir and leave?’

Thoughts were brief.

‘no. There’s no need to do that.’

If this is a safety device, the possibility of danger to my body is 0%.

There is no need to go and tell Mimir.

“Then I will come.”

I bowed my head slightly towards Sein-sama and blew mana into the holy relic.

Immediately my vision went black.

I could feel my mind shifting to Umbra’s temple.

“Coming soon.”

When I arrived at the temple, the goddess Umbra greeted me.

* * *

“How is it, am I using my strength well?”

Umbra rose from her throne and walked towards me.

Unlike before, there is no violent or coercive atmosphere at all.

“Even if I didn’t take too many, I think it’ll be useful enough.”

From the way he walks, to his facial expressions, hand gestures, and speech, everything is smooth.

The evil god-like appearance from before disappeared like snow melting, and it became an ordinary god-like atmosphere.

“… … I am using it usefully. Although it has many limitations, it is a very versatile power.”

“okay. You are writing well.”

Umbra came out and stopped about three meters away.

“Then I’m glad.”

A shadow began creeping up around the stopped Umbra.

I thought it was an instant attack, but I immediately realized it wasn’t like that.

Umbra has no intention of attacking me at all.

“Sit down for now.”

The shadows changed into the figures of tables and chairs.

Umbra sat down on a chair first, then pointed to the chair on the other side and said.

“… … yes.”

I sat on the chair opposite.

“No tea or sweets. If you want to make it, you can make it, but there is no point in eating something inside it.”

Umbra gave a small smile.

It wasn’t an intentional smile.

No, I don’t know if there is a ulterior motive or not, but it would be more accurate to say that there is no sign of harming me at all.

“What kind of wind is blowing?”

It was completely incomprehensible.

“What kind of wind did it blow?”

“Didn’t you want to kill me?”

He must have been impatient with not being able to kill me.

Why did he suddenly change his attitude?

“Oh, is that?”

Umbra grinned.

At first glance, it looks like a soft smile, but the emotions he harbors are as sharp as a knife.

“Well, to be honest, I still want to kill you.”

The emotion hidden under that softness is ‘killing intent’.

Goddess still wants to kill me.

“You’re a thief, a scoundrel who used Ignis to steal my power. Isn’t it natural that you want to kill me?”

However, the intention to kill is very light.

“The next time we meet again, I will kill you no matter what. You don’t know how many times I made that promise.”

Despite using the rather strong expression of ‘scoundrel’. The intent to kill against me is not that great.

“But why… … .”

“Did you suddenly change your attitude like this?”

What is the reason for that change?

What kind of wind blew and changed the response to me.


Black glare poured from Umbra’s eyes.

“Because there is someone I want to kill more than you.”

The whites are stained black, and the blacks are stained red.

It’s just that the color of her eyes has changed, but her appearance has become comparable to being called an ‘evil god’.

“… … No, should I say ‘God’ instead of a person?”

Umbra’s eyes glistened with life.

The gentle atmosphere disappeared completely, returning to the previous stern atmosphere.

Umbra grinned.

“I would do anything to kill him. I can join hands with the dog-like Ignis, or I can give up my power.”

A small, benevolent smile.

It was a smile that seemed to want to say that he had no intention of being hostile to me.

“It’s not a job to join hands with a scoundrel like you.”

Umbra smiled and fell silent.

It seemed to be waiting for my reaction.

“The enemy of an enemy is a friend. That’s what you mean.”


“Is that so.”

Why did Umbra suddenly respond favorably to me?

I definitely understood.

“The person you want to kill at all costs is Bale Stoll?”

“It’s a little different.”

Umbra replied with cold eyes.

“Exactly, the bale stall. I want to kill that bastard.”

The source of the bale stall.

The god who destroyed the dragon.

Umbra seems to have a vendetta against the god.

“A traitor to the divine realm. apocalypse. If I can erase that bastard from the world, then I can give my soul.”

My eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

Even Master did not fully retain the memories of her days as a god.

That’s why, I didn’t have any information about that god.

It was the first time I knew what name that god was called.

The surprise was natural.

‘Apocalypse god? A traitor to the divine world?’

Not even trivial information.

From titles to modifiers, none of them are unusual.

“You understand now? Why am I being so kind to you?”

As if he didn’t care whether my head was complicated or not, Umbra went on.

“If it is necessary to defeat him, I may surrender all my power… … .”

“Wait, wait.”

With one hand, he pressed his throbbing forehead, and with the other, gestured to Umbra to stop.

“first… apocalypse. Could you please explain that you are a traitor to the divine realm?”

Umbra frowned.

“Didn’t you know that while fighting him?”

“I do not know. If you’ve been observing me through the relic, you’d know. All I know is that the veil used to be a god.”

The fact that Umbra was aware of the veil meant that it was observing me through the relic.

In other words, it is the same as saying that I watched what I said with Mimir and my colleagues.

It’s normal to know that I don’t know about the apocalypse.

“I don’t know what misunderstanding you are. It was an hour ago that I was able to see you. I don’t know anything about it before that.”

“… … 1 hour before?”

An hour ago, when I completed the eighth infinity circle.

Umbra is able to see beyond the Relic because I weave the Ring of Nothingness.

‘okay. Come to think of it, that’s right. If I had been able to see through the holy relic before, the last time I met the veil, there should have been a reaction.’

I roughly understood the situation.

“I thought you were showing it on purpose to let me know of its existence.”

“There was no such intention. In the first place, I didn’t even know you had a vendetta against that god.”

“… … Didn’t you know? why? I couldn’t have known.”

Umbra said with an incomprehensible expression.

“Among the gods who lived in the same age as me, there is no god who does not hate him. If it hadn’t been written about him in my lore, you would have guessed enough?”

“A god that all gods hate?”

Umbra frowned.

“You don’t know that either?”

“… … yes. I do not know. Nothing has been written about him.”

Umbra’s expression became grim.

“That doggie… … . Did you even erase the record?”

“… … I think it might be something like that. Really, not a single document has survived about him.”

From the book of Mimir, to the book of Danteroa, and to the site of Halamanium.

There was not a single bit of information about him.

“That bastard would have done enough, but… … .”

Umbra clicked her tongue.

It’s an expression that doesn’t like everything in the world.

“after. okay. I roughly understood. If that’s the case, it’s natural that you don’t know.”

Umbra let out a small sigh and focused her gaze on me.

“… … good. Then, before making a proposal, it would be right to tell you something about him.”

He closed his eyes and slowly opened his mouth with an expression that seemed to contain his anger.

“A scum that killed all the other gods, blinded by a different desire. traitor. That is the end god.”

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