Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 268

Chapter 268

Binosugar’s underground fighting room.

A secret training ground that can only be used by Saint Binoche and Stella Binoche.

There, I was confronting Sein-sama alone.

“If the purpose was to fret me, that goal has already been achieved sufficiently. So, let’s get started. If I wait any longer, I might go crazy.”

Sein-nim handed me his sword.

The beloved sword that Sein-nim has always carried around.

I heard from the prosecutor that a sword is like a part of one’s body.

How can you give it away so easily?

Are you saying you believe in me that much?

“Why are you so surprised?”

“no. that… … I was wondering if it wasn’t the sword you cherished.”

“I have no attachment to weapons. A sword is just a sword. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“You think so.”

It seems that the value of the sword is a little different from other knights.

It was a pretty fresh set of values.

A sword is just a sword.

If other knights heard it, it might be annoying?

No, since the narrator is Sein-sama, there’s no way that would be possible.

I think everyone will be happy that they have gained a new realization.

“It’s okay, so go ahead and take the sword. and show me What honor did you speak of? What is a real prosecutor?”


I received Sein-sama’s sword as it was.

Then, taking three steps back, he drew his sword from its scabbard.

The sharp metal grinding sound unique to famous swords resonated clearly.

I’ll know without having to wield it. This sword is a famous sword.

It is also a famous sword that may or may not exist in this era.

“This sword. How many years have you been using it?”

“well. Maybe 30 years? I don’t remember in detail.”

30 years.

It was a sword that had been with me for a longer time than I thought.

If it’s a sword like this, there’s a chance you’ll get attached to it. It’s so amazing that you give it away like that.

“Why? As you said, I brought the oldest sword I own. Is 30 years too short?”

“no. Enough.”

30 years.

Compared to the history of the sword, it’s a short time like the lifespan of a ephemera.

The density of years contained in this sword is not to be dismissed as only 30 years.

This sword contains the 30 years of Sein Binoche’s life.

“Then, let’s begin.”

I held the sword lightly as if wrapping it.

And while the Infinity Circle was completely frozen, mana was moved using only the mana core.

At this moment, my body has become a complete article.

“A while ago. Said Sein. He said he is not obsessed with swords.”

“It did.”

“Perhaps those values ​​will change after today.”

Sein-sama’s eyebrows moved slightly. A very interesting look.

It is an expression of anticipation as to what else to say.

“Funny. I never thought I would get two enlightenments a day at my age.”

denial of values.

Even if his pride was hurt, it would hurt a lot, but there didn’t seem to be any such sign.

It was amazing.

Bondi strong refers to beings who are proud of their skills.

And those who are proud of their own strength consider their values ​​and common sense to be the truth.

How can such a strong person have such a flexible mindset?

‘A while ago, you believed my words fairly easily.’

Flexible and free thinking.

Could this be the secret of Sein Binoche’s strength?

At least that’s one of her strengths, that’s for sure.

I once again admired the strength of Sein Binoche, and gripped the sword a little tighter.

“There is a passage like this in the book I read.”

Then, he slowly moved his mana and focused it on the sword.

“Ray Bell bitenor. The magic he created is power for the future.”

Magic means accepting new things and growing infinitely.

Therefore, magic means the future.

“Bail stall. The black magic he created is a force for the present.”

Black magic is the power of abandoning the future for the present.

Therefore, black magic means the present.

“and… … .”

The mana in my sword began to gradually increase in density.

“that… … .”

At that moment, Sein-sama’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

“My mana… … is it?”

Without answering Sein-sama’s question, I continued my conversation.

“The sword is power for the past.”


The mana in Sein-sama’s sword expanded.

Strong yet flexible, sharp yet gentle mana.

Not my mana, but Sein Binoche’s mana dwelled in my sword and my body.

“The sword is to accept and follow the past, and it is the power to open new horizons.”

The life of Saint Binoche nestled in my sword.

30 years.

No, exactly 32 years and 48 days.

From the moment Saint Binoche began to be respected as Saint Binoche, life dwelled in me.

“There is no glory for those who have abandoned the past. Splendor does not come to those who have abandoned honor.”

I just raised my sword.

What comes to mind is Sein-sama’s sword that fought the Doctor.

What did Sein-sama’s sword contain?

What was it that made it so beautiful?

How did you look so lonely?

“Those who have abandoned the past have neither the present nor the future.”


The sword of Sein Binoche is a sword containing a terrible loneliness.

It is beautiful because it is a beautiful flower, and it is lonely because it is a flower that blooms alone.

“ah… … .”

Sein-nim widened his eyes and exclaimed.

Did you notice what’s in my sword right now?

“Remember. The sword is what continues. It connects the past to the present and the future.”

I just hit the sword.

He swung softly toward empty space.

My sword didn’t cut anything.

It wasn’t that the training ground was split in two due to the creation of tremendous sword energy.

It was just swung from top to bottom.

That’s it.

“… … ha ha ha.”

I heard Sein-sama’s laughter.

Like crazy, like crazy.

It was such a laugh.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

Sein-sama’s laughter grew louder and louder. As if she couldn’t be happier, as if she couldn’t be happier.

“indeed. Is that the honor you speak of? is it glory Is it an oath… … !”


Seed cutting that seemed insignificant.

The sword would have looked different to Sein Binoche.

What is contained in that sword?

What does it mean to hold on to the past?

What does it mean to not forget honor?

She would have understood everything.

“I see. okay. It was like that.”

The corner of Sein-sama’s mouth went up as much as it could.

“Accept the past. Remember the past. accumulate the past. that’s the sword Is it a real sword?”

I am delighted with the realization and sincerely rejoice.

“… … I am.”

I can say for sure.

Sein-nim is the happiest person in the world right now.

Looking at Sae-in’s expression now, no one would be able to deny it.

“You mean I can become stronger?”

Sein-sama laughed.

like a child like a girl

“Thank you.”

He smiled and looked at me like that.

The feeble emptiness and futility that had been contained in Sein-nim’s eyes could no longer be found.

“I salute you with all my heart.”

Perhaps after today, the indolent Absolute will disappear.

The modifier of indolence will disappear completely, and you will become an ordinary absolute.

Because the word ‘laziness’ doesn’t suit her life as she discovered a new lighthouse.

“Bring the sword.”

Sein-nim received the sword from me.

Then he took out his sword and held it in his hand.

“Shall I vacate your seat?”

“no. Okay.”

Then he smiled like a child before the picnic.

“This is the first sword the disciple unleashes. Will you use it only after the master leaves?”

“… … no master How could I be Sein-nim’s teacher?”

“Everyone who taught me is a teacher. Even if it is a student who is not yet an adult.”

Sein-nim raised his sword as it was.

“So watch. Watch me take my first steps.”

Then he closed his eyes slightly and exhaled deeply.

It seemed that Sein Binoche’s life was being passed on to me through sword and breath.

and after a while


Sein-nim’s sword cut through the air with a short spirit.

It’s similar to the sword I unleashed earlier, but with a much higher rank.

I was just looking at it, and chicken skin grew all over my body.

Just now, the sword was already at a level that could be called a finished form.

Even though I only saw it with my own eyes, it was at this level.

I can’t even admire her talent.

“How is it? teacher. Is this enough for an emergency?”

Sein-nim asked me with a strangely playful expression.

“… … I think you can get off the mountain right away.”

I made eye contact with Sein-nim and laughed.

“Don’t talk like that. teacher. I am still far away.”

Sein-nim gripped the sword tightly with determined eyes.

As if I’m still not satisfied with this.

As if it’s starting now.

I laughed as if the world was having fun.

“First of all, please don’t use the word teacher, even as a joke. I am truly embarrassed.”

“It’s embarrassing. If so, I guess I’ll keep going.”

“You are mean.”

“Think of it as a token of friendship.”

“… … yes.”

probably in the not-too-distant future.

Those who can ignore the existence of knights will disappear.

I’m so sure

* * *

After that.

I went straight back to my hotel room.

Normally, I would have said a little more, but Sein-nim didn’t want to come out of the training ground, so I decided to talk about the rest later.

“Mimir. I’m here.”

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we headed to Mimir’s office.

“Did you come soon?”

Mimir, who was preoccupied with some research as usual, looked away from his book and greeted me.

“uh. The conversation ended a little too soon… … .”

I was about to respond to Mimir’s hospitality as usual, but I was speechless when I saw something.

The sight was so shocking that it left me stunned.

“Oh, boy? I don’t know. what kind of wind was blowing Did you say this all of a sudden?”

Miho is curled up on Mimir’s lap.

Miho, who was reluctant to contact anyone except me and Adela.

Miho, who had been repeating his tail wagging regardless of Mimir’s every approach, curled up on Mimir’s lap and lay curled up, asleep.

“Because it’s really fickle.”

Mimir smiled bitterly as he stroked Miho.

“I’m afraid someone isn’t a fox… … . That’s why it’s cuter.”

It was a sad smile.

“Mimir? What’s wrong?”

It’s not enough to shudder with joy to have such an expression on your face.

Is there any problem?

“huh? ah. Nothing. just. Because something is bland.”

Mimir waved his hand.

It turned into a bright smile as if he had never had a bitter smile.

But that smile also looked oddly sad.

“Did things work out better than that?”

“… … uh? Ah oh. It worked out. Now, just hand over the copy I prepared tomorrow and you’re done.”

“okay? That’s great.”

Mimir gave a strangely awkward answer and remained silent.

Certainly something seems odd. It seems like something is really going on.

“Mimir. If you have any concerns… … .”


Mimir cut me off and called me.

“The page of the sixth test has been opened.”

“… … uh?”

“It means that the heir has risen to the level where he can take the test.”


The pages of the sixth test are like that again.

“congratulations. It’s the 7th circle soon.”

“no way. It’s still too early to congratulate You can see how difficult the test will be.”

Considering the difficulty of the previous exams, it is clear that the pages of the sixth exam will also be of great difficulty.

It’s too early to celebrate.

“Even if you pass the test, it will take a lot of time to weave the 7th Infinity Circle… … . congratulations after passing. I’ll get it after I safely reach the 7th circle.”

“… … .”

Mimir did not answer.

He’s just smiling with a complex expression on his face.

“huh. okay.”

About 5 seconds of silence passed like that.

Mimir opened his mouth slowly.

“After passing. I’ll congratulate you properly when you reach the 7th circle.”

Saying that, Mimir’s expression seemed sad, but oddly refreshing.

“Look forward. In preparation for that time… … .”

Betsy laughed as Mimir showed the cover of the research journal lying on the table.

“Because I even prepared a present for you.”

“oh. Are you finally showing it?”

“huh. It’s almost done. now i have to show A really great thing was born. Would you be surprised to see it?”

“If you say that, it’s really great. okay. I’ll look forward to it.”

“I’ll write you a cute letter too. You can’t cry because you’re moved by what you see.”

1) It was a smile that seemed to have shaken off something.

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