Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 267

Chapter 267

Saying ‘I lost my honor’ to a knight is the best accusation and demeaning.

Shin Ha-yul said such a thing.

It’s not even just the articles.

Shin Ha-yul said that Binosuga’s sword swordsman had lost his honor.

These were words that properly addressed Saint Binoche’s wrath.

If someone else had said that to Sein, the torso and head would have separated on the spot.

“I mean literally.”

Sein Binoche’s eyebrows furrowed at Shin Ha-yul’s sharp words.

Does the literal meaning mean the meaning of humiliation?

The life in Sein’s eyes grew thicker.

‘If you meant it that way… … .’

If he said it simply for the purpose of degrading the knight and Binosugar, no matter how much he was a servant. Even if it was Luan Palatia, I would not forgive it.

Sein stared at Shin Ha-yul with eyes colder and sharper than a Siberian storm.

“Sain-nim is a knight. What do you think is the most important thing for those who handle swords?”

“It is impossible to choose one.”

Sein answered without hesitation.

“Physical ability to support swordsmanship. A mana core to support that physical ability. Excellent physical abilities and a brain that can utilize 100% of the mana core. Combat experience and sense that can save your brain. Calm judgment ability to make a cool judgment in any situation. There is nothing that is not important to the prosecutor. Everything matters.”

In order to handle the sword, you must master everything.

If one fails, the other fails as well.

Therefore, there is no such thing as the most important thing for swordsmen.

Every single one is important.

“That is a standard answer. But no.”

But Shin Ha-yul shook his head.

“Everything you said is important. But those are all additives. The most important thing for a prosecutor is something else.”

Sein, who opened his eyes and glared at his servant Ha-yul.

Shin Ha-yul continued talking while making eye contact with Se-in.

“It’s like a ‘mana circle’ for wizards.”

If you had just asked the wizards the question, everyone would have answered ‘mana circle’.

Because the most important thing for a wizard is the mana circle.

I’m not ignoring other additional factors, but the mana circle is the core and source of magic.

Magic exists because there is a mana circle.

“Are you saying that mana cores are the most important?”

If a mage has a mana circle, a knight has a mana core.

Judging from the flow of what I just said and the point, it seems like I want to say that the mana core is the most important.


“gibberish. Mana cores are different from mana circles. Mana circles grow as the number of rings increases, but mana cores do not. The number of cores does not increase, nor does the density or volume change significantly.”

Since Sein Binoche completed his first mana core at the age of 12, the volume he has increased by training for about 50 years is only about 20%.

The growth expectations of the mana core are not comparable to the mana circle.

“The mana core is not the growth of the mana core itself, but a structure that maximizes efficiency in conjunction with the complex growth of other things. Therefore, the mana core cannot be the most important. You are wrong.”

Wherever you can deny it, try to deny it.

I looked at Shin Ha-yul with that expression.

“no. I am not wrong.”

But what is this?

Shin Ha-yul denied Sein’s words without a single thought.

Sein’s eyes grew sharper.

“… … It’s something to live for a long time. I never thought someone would show up trying to teach me the sword.”

okay. If you say that, let’s hear it.

It looked like he was saying that.

“Explain it. Why is the mana core the most important?”

The two of them met their eyes and were silent.

Sein was waiting for Shin Ha-yul’s words, and Shin Ha-yul intentionally took time to give his words a little more power.

“I will correct it before that.”

After about 3 seconds of silence, Shin Ha-yul slowly opened his mouth.

“What I think is most important to a knight is not the mana core.”

“… … what?”

Sein narrowed his eyes.

You weren’t talking about mana cores?

“Are you scorning me?”

Something like a mana circle for a mage. Having said that, it’s not a mana core.

Are you mocking me?

“It can’t be.”

Shin Ha-yul shook his head with an expression that he had no intention of doing so.

“Something like a mana circle to a wizard. After hearing that, it’s no wonder that you thought of mana cores. That’s the common sense of this day and age.”

“… … .”

Sein’s head tilted very slightly. common sense in this era? I can’t even predict what Shin Ha-yul is going to say now.

“The most important thing for a knight. What is like a mana circle to a wizard… … .”

Shin Ha-yul pulled the horse again.

Sein’s gaze focused on Shin Ha-yul’s mouth and eyes.

“It is an honor.”

“… … .”

Sein’s expression was distorted to the point where there was nothing more.

“I wanted to say something, but was saying at most an abstract answer based on the theory of spirit?”

It’s a very disappointed expression.

“It is very interesting. Turning around and coming out is ‘honor’ again.”

Sein’s lips turned into a cold smile.

“Tell me more. The most important honor for a knight. How does that lead to the saying that the knight and Binosugar’s swordsmanship lost their honor?”

‘This is my last mercy.’ said.

If you can’t come up with a proper answer here, you’ll really have to be prepared.

It was a look full of warning meaning.

“past. Magic and swords were perfectly dividing the world to the point where no one had an advantage.”

Shin Ha-yul started talking about the old days.

I was about to ask what Sain was thinking.

Let’s hear what you’re trying to say.

It was such a look.

“A time when there were 10 wizards of the 9th circle, which is hard to find even one in a century now. There were the same number of swordsmen who were a match for them.”

“… … Whoa.”

It was more interesting than I thought.

They are swordsmen who can compete with the 9th circle wizards.

Where did you find out that there were ten such beings?

“Isn’t that strange?”

“What do you mean?”

“That swordsmen who boasted such strong power are in this position.”

“… … .”

Are they demeaning themselves who have fallen to this point even though they had such great ancestors?

no. There is no sign of that at all.

It has a different meaning.

“Explain what you mean.”

“It is true that the development of AI has had a profound impact on the development of wizards. However, that is only limited to magicians under the 8th circle. The development of AI did not have a big impact on the 9th circle mage.”


Since Sein only knew about magic at a superficial level, it was inevitable that such a story would be unheard of.

“This is because wizards in the 9th circle can use magic freely without AI.”

The magic processing speed of 9th circle wizards rivals that of supercomputers.

There is no big difference between the magic they use alone and the magic they use with the support of AI.

For a 9th circle mage, AI or mana core, that’s it.

If you quantify the magic efficiency, it is only about 4%.

It’s not a small number, but it’s not a big number either.

“In other words, it makes sense that there was no difference between the 9th Circle wizards of the past and Sophia-sama now.”

“If you say so, it will be so.”

“Then, using the syllogism, it makes sense that there were more than a dozen knights comparable to Sophia-sama today.”

This is also true.

Although this is only true if all of Shin Ha-yul’s information is true.

“But why did this happen?”

“… … .”

Sein shut his mouth.

It was an expression of 100% understanding of what Shin Ha-yul was trying to say.

“The strongest of this era. To say that there were swordsmen comparable to Sophia-sama is to say that the growth potential of swordsmen is not inferior to that of modern magic. Why did the article fall so far? As much as it became easier to become a wizard with the magic revolution, it was inevitable to be pushed back to some extent, but it wasn’t such a big difference. why.”

“… … .”

Sein was silent.

Now, he is thinking over Shin Ha-yul’s words and organizing his thoughts.

But I couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Information was sorely lacking.

“… … I don’t know. Why?”

If everything Shin Ha-yul said is true.

Why did this situation unfold?

“The answer has already been given. Two hours ago, when I contacted Sein.”

Called 2 hours ago.

Sein frowned as if he was displeased.

“Is it because the knight lost his honor?”


“… … .”

Is it going round and round and belittling the article again?


That’s not it.

Judging from the words so far, there is no purpose of belittling Shin Ha-yul.

If it’s just for the purpose of humiliation, there’s no need to say this.

Something has a different meaning.

“Don’t go round and round and explain properly.”

Shin Ha-yul slowly opened his mouth to Sein’s brushing.

“A while ago. I told the wizard what a mana circle was to a knight.”


“That is honor.”

came out again

honor. honor

“Judging by the argument of the words, it seems that it does not mean the honor of an abstract concept.”

“yes. no.”

Shin Ha-yul activated the mana core and increased the density of mana.

“In the first place, mana cores are not exclusive to knights. As you can tell from the fact that I have a mana core now.”

Sein could feel it too.

“In the past, all wizards who did not have AI had mana cores in their bodies.”

Looking at it again, it’s an incredible mana density. Honestly, if you look at the perfection of the mana core, it’s higher than yourself.

“A mana core is literally a core. It’s a nucleus that increases the efficiency of the mana circle… … .”

Mana core is the base.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a swordsman or a wizard.

In the past, everyone woven mana cores equally.

Therefore, the mana core is the source of swordsmen. not an identity

“A hack that enhances the honor of the prosecutor.”

The identity of prosecutors is honor.

“I will say it again. The modern knight has lost his honor. Binosugar’s sword also lost honor and degenerated into a half swordsmanship.”

Honor and oath are not simply conceptual.

For a wizard, something as important as a mana circle.

It is the core of swordsmanship.

“… … .”

“I want modern swordsmen to regain their honor and the oath of glory. That’s why I’m telling you this. Improvements can only be made by those who clearly know the current situation.”

“That means… … .”

Sein’s eyes trembled slightly.

“yes. I lost the knights. I know what honor was like.”

Shin Ha-yul’s eyes shone with determination.

“Would you please give me a chance to regain the glory of being a swordsman?”

Shin Ha-yul knows about the honor they lost.

There is certainly information about him in the Book of Mimir.

‘I can bring back their glory.’


“Sain Binoche. I want to be an opportunity for you to become even stronger.”

Saint Binoche.

Even though he lost his honor, he is a strong man who overwhelms quite a few 8th circle mages.

The strongest swordsman who can now be called an ally.

Her growth will be of great help in eradicating the Black Magic Tower.

“Hmm. Will you be the benefactor of all the knights?”


Strengthening the knights will be of great help to Shin Ha-yul’s goal.

Furthermore, if you can be their benefactor, it’s perfect.

“I need people to be on my side.”

The black magic tower is bigger than you can imagine. In order to deal with those guys, I have to make a little more of my people.

Knights, knights who have regained their former glory, will surely become good partners.

I’m so sure

“A bastard like an onion.”

Seeing Shin Ha-ryul like that, Se-in smiled a little.

“No matter how many times I say something new, something new keeps coming out! ha ha ha!”

And then, as if he was very happy, he said that the ground would disappear.

“If that’s the case, there’s no reason to refuse. No, rather, I would like to ask you.”

Sein-sama’s eyes shone much more sharply than the famous sword hanging in the corner of the room.

“They said that the horns were also thin. start right away.”

Sein-nim got up from his seat, put on his coat, took out the sword that was hanging on one side of the wall, and put it on his waist.

“Where is the honor you mentioned… … what is an oath Show me.”


I got up too.

“What is the swordsmanship of a real knight, a real Binosugar? I will show you clearly.”

It’s only half of what I learned from Mimir’s book by scratching the surface, but it’s enough to surprise Sein.

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