Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Inside the shadow sanctuary opened by Shadow, a fierce battle was unfolding between Doctor and Sein.

No, the word fierce is misleading.


The battle is completely overpowered by Sein-sama.

The Doctor is only concerned with stopping Sein-nim’s attack.

There is absolutely no will to fight back.

No, it would be more accurate to say that there was no way to fight back.

“It’s a viral nature. As I heard from Luan, he has a very interesting personality.”

The Doctor’s contaminated mana spread in all directions.

I swung my sword towards that mana.

A close-to-perfect cut that dares to be described as beautiful.

It completely cut the doctor’s mana.

“It’s as terrifying as it is fun. If my sword wasn’t Binosugar’s, I wouldn’t have any means to deal with it.”

The area was purified at the same time as Sein-sama’s sword cut him off.

It was a natural phenomenon, as it had removed the doctor’s mana, which was the source of contamination.

“By the way, is there anything else? I’m already tired of this ability.”

Sein-nim took a step forward.

A sword that strikes from top to bottom at the same time.

The sword energy derived from that sword attack completely erased all the contaminated mana that was blocking the path between the Doctor and Sein.

“If you have no other ability, don’t struggle any further and just stick your neck out. Fighting more is just a waste of time.”

“… … .”

The Doctor silently scattered mana again.

As if it wasn’t full power until just now, I threw all the mana I had in 360 degrees in all directions with all my heart.

“Can’t you hear me?”

Seeing the doctor like that, Sein-sama moved his sword again.

This time from left to right.

The lateral slash cut through the air so fast that I could only see a blurry afterimage in my eyes.

“You must have said that you already got tired of that ability.”

The sword energy that extended far away cut off the doctor’s mana.

The doctor’s mana was completely extinguished without even permeating the surroundings.

“Try struggling in a slightly different way. It’s been a while since I came out with the intention of fighting. If this is enough, the steam won’t leak.”

The Doctor chewed his lower lip.

Two bloodshot eyes and blood flowing from the lower lip.

It looked like he was desperately holding back his anger.

I want to show my anger openly, but as the current situation is, it must be desperately mind control.

“Why don’t you kill me? If I had made up my mind to kill you, I could have killed you at any time.”

The Doctor, who had been silent since the beginning of the battle, spoke for the first time.

It was a strangely cheerful expression.

Did something come up with a solution?

Or have you given up because there is no answer?

If it’s the former, you should be vigilant.

Talking like that now is probably to pass the time.

“You are asking something obvious. Shouldn’t we be able to get information only if we are captured alive?”

Sein-nim laughed a little.

“I don’t know if capturing alive is difficult… … .”

As much as you can capture it alive.

It was a smile and slurred speech that had such a meaning.

“… … Tsk. I can’t deny it.”

I thought he would be angry, but he readily admitted it.

The empty eyes stand out.

‘Did I really give up?’

Rather than the feeling of thinking of a breakthrough, it felt like giving up everything and being liberated.

According to Shadow, the Doctor is very rational and calculating.

He might be accepting even his own death rationally and calculatedly.

“Can I ask you one last question?”

“last. it’s the last Are you thinking of committing suicide?”

The Doctor laughed silently.

It was a smile with positive meaning.

Sein-nim moved very slightly.

If the Doctor is contemplating suicide, we must catch him before he does.

He thought so and took action in advance.

“Don’t move. If you show the slightest sign of movement, I will immediately erase my existence with my magic.”

However, Sein-sama’s actions were blocked at the source by the doctor’s words that followed.

“… … indeed. Are you saying you’re the best in the world when it comes to suicide?”

The Doctor is always within his mana range.

If the Doctor tries to erase his body with that magic, no matter how old he is, he can’t stop it.

“… … It’s no fun.”

Sein-nim clicked his tongue again.

A look of excitement.

It was an expression that had completely lost interest in the Doctor.

“I have nothing to say to a man without spirit who chooses to commit suicide. Disappear from my sight as soon as possible. pest.”

Sein-nim took a stance.

As if it wasn’t even the black sword he had wielded a moment ago.

As if claiming that this is the true Sein Binoche’s sword.

It exudes ignorant momentum, concentrating its life on one point.

“Give me 10 seconds. If you don’t kill yourself in the meantime, I will kill you.”

As long as you know that capture is impossible, there is no need to strain and fight. It was the spirit and momentum that seemed to say this.

“Ten seconds. You are quite merciful.”

The Doctor replied with a smile on his face, still relieved.

“Shadow. you guys Why did you betray me?”

The last thing I wanted to ask was the reason Shadow betrayed him.

“Five seconds left.”

Sain seemed uninterested in the Doctor’s question.

“Has your memory come back?”

“3. 2.”

That was when all the mana began to concentrate on Sein-nim’s sword.

“It was I who implanted the shadow of Umbra into you. Did you remember?”

Unexpected words came out of the doctor’s mouth.

“… … what?”

“You guys. what now… … .”

Excitement came out of my mouth and Shadow at the same time.

The thing that embeds the shadow of Umbra into Shadow’s body… … Are you a doctor?

“One. 0. Just die.”

“mum… … !”

There was no time to say stop.

At the same time as the countdown ended, Sein-sama’s sword started flying towards the Doctor’s neck.

‘I should have asked what he meant by that!’

It’s already late.

Sain’s sword will cut the Doctor’s head straight away.

The Doctor’s neck will be separated from his torso, and he will travel through the sky.


What a shameful result in the end.

It was when I was frowning at that thought.


Suddenly, Sein-sama’s sword energy began to disappear.

The shadow that arose between the doctor and the sword energy absorbed all of it.


Sein let out an exclamation as if he was having fun.

“Shadow mage. I heard that you are an ally now. Is it a betrayal again at the end? After all, were pests just pests?”

Sein-nim raised his head and stared into space.

It was the place where Shadow was hiding.

“… … Please wait a moment.”

There, Shadow appeared.

“About what this guy just said… … You should listen more carefully. Until then… … . It only takes one minute.”

“Can not be done.”

Sein-nim took his stance again.

A much stronger aura than before.

My legs trembled even though I was only indirectly affected by how sharp the momentum of the mana that was filled with life was.

‘Just now, that wasn’t my power… … ?’

No, as if even this wasn’t his strength, his momentum was growing even now.

Where is the end of that power?

I can’t even imagine

“Get out of the way.”

“Please. It will take a while. for a moment… … Until I heard about it from him just before… … .”

“Give me three seconds. If you don’t remove that shadow in the meantime, I will cut you down first.”

Sein-nim glared at Shadow with murderous eyes.

As someone who hated everything related to the Black Mage Tower, there was no way he would like Shadow, who was an executive of the Black Mage Tower, even if he betrayed him.

I had just let it go because of my persuasion, but when he suddenly rebelled and tried to protect the doctor, it was natural for him to act like that.

“Sein-sama! Me too please Time to talk for a moment… … !”

At my words, Shadow looked surprised.

It looks like he never imagined that I would take his side.

It’s not like I took Shadow’s side.

‘From the standpoint of observing the changes in black magic, what the Doctor just said should not be overlooked.’

I just need some information from the Doctor.

“Luan. Even if it’s your request, it’s not okay.”

Despite my request, Sein-nim didn’t seem to have any intention of giving in.

“3, 2… … .”

A higher level of mana than before was concentrated in Sein-nim’s sword.

“One. 0.”



space was cut

No, is time cut?

‘just now… … what?’

I don’t know.

I didn’t even know what was happening now.

Just, something happened.

That was all I could say.

My eyes couldn’t see Sein Binoche’s sword even as an afterimage.

‘this… … The best knight in the world.’

The only knight of absolute power recognized by wizards. Saint Binoche.

It’s disconcerting.

“… … Do you block this too?”

Even more astonishing was Shadow, who blocked the sword.

“ask… … am. Just a moment… … . please take the time… … .”

It wasn’t like it was just a moment ago.

As if Shadow was overdoing it, all the shadows covering his body disappeared.

The figure of a young child barely over 140 cm.

The appearance of a poor child who was eaten by the shadow and lost the opportunity to ‘grow’ was revealed.

“You guys. That look… … .”

“ask… … am. for a moment… … Because it’ll take a while… … .”

Sein-nim frowned.

It reminded me of what the Doctor had said a moment ago.

“Right. Was the shadow of Umbra a curse?”

It seems that you have understood the situation to some extent.

It was an expression that perfectly understood why Shadow was trying to stop Sein now.

“It’s pretty pitiful to see that, but it’s not okay. The reason he said that here is obviously to pass the time. I can’t give you time now.”

I know Shadow’s situation is pitiful, but it’s not okay if it’s not possible.

Sein-sama’s decision did not waver at all.

“If you know, get out of the way.”

“please… … ! Cool!”

Shadow tried to move somehow to stop Sein-sama.

However, his body was not in a condition to move properly.

Shadow slumped to the ground and only his body trembled.

It seems that all the limbs are not moving properly.

Sein-nim slowly approached Shadow and said slowly.

“A guy with that personality usually leaves all his research records as data. Because he is an arrogant guy who thinks his achievements should be widely known to posterity.”

Then, he passed Shadow as it was and narrowed the distance with the Doctor to some extent.

“What you want to know will be found by those who are outside searching for data. Trust them and wait.”

Sein put the sword into the scabbard as it was.

“No matter how earnestly you ask in the first place, he is not the one who will give you a proper answer.”


The sound of the sword going into the scabbard resonated particularly clearly.

Sein-nim took the posture of Baldur as it was.

‘… … A sword with a Western-style sword?’

It was the first swordsmanship I had ever seen in my life.

Of course, I don’t have much knowledge in swordsmanship itself.

Valdorani, a Western-style double-edged sword.

“Nine out of ten, he pretended to teach me and ended up sarcastic. isn’t it? pest?”

“… … Kuk-kuk.”

The Doctor laughed lightly.

“I will die anyway. Finally, the scandalous traitor… … I was thinking of playing with Shadow. You won’t even allow that.”

laughed and clapped

“Admit it. Saint Binoche. You were a person who lived up to your reputation.”

It was a very happy-looking expression.

“As expected, the research institute was not set up in France. I regret it.”

There was sincerity in those words. It seems that he sincerely regrets setting up a laboratory in France.

“Sain Binoche. Seeing your perfection, I give you a piece of advice. From now on… … .”

“Not required.”

Woo woo woo woo woo-!

The wind blew.

A very thin, long wind blowing.

The wind started from the scabbard, moved along the sword and cut through the air.


“I won’t listen to your advice.”

The Doctor’s neck flew through the air.

and right after that.

Stand up, go go, go go-!

As if it had been hacked to pieces, the Doctor’s body was split into dozens or hundreds.

The Doctor, who has become nothing but minced meat.

To be resurrected in that state would be impossible unless it was Tkish’s ‘spiritual world’.


It was when he was so sure of victory.

“Heh. People’s advice should be listened to.”

The neckless Doctor chuckled and said.

“I advise you, even now. run away.”

At that moment, the doctor’s body, which had become minced meat, began to inflate like a balloon.

“Of course, if you can escape.”

And immediately, the Doctor’s head began to inflate like a balloon.

“Because of its extremely strong power, it is a product of failed research to commercialize it. The source of my strength.”

The Doctor was big.


“… … what?”

Did you say caries now?

“A distant mythical age, do you think you can escape the power of destruction! Ha ha ha!”


The Doctor’s head explodes like a balloon.


The air shuddered.

Through the trembling air, the intangible energy that was the doctor’s body swirled and concentrated.


Sein-nim swung his sword at the energy.

But nothing changed.

Unidentified energy is still swirling in the air.

“… … .”

Sein-sama’s brow furrowed.

Even Sein-sama didn’t expect this situation.

“I don’t understand the situation. I will withdraw at once.”

Realizing in an instant that this situation was never a good situation, I made the decision to step down.

It took only a second or so.

It was a judgment ability that was close to perfect.

“… … It’s not possible.”

But that’s what Sein-sama can say because he doesn’t know what that energy is.

“We have to stop here. If you miss this moment, you will never have another chance.”

“Luan. Do you know what that is?”

“yes. I know.”


The name of a mythical god read in the Book of Mimir.

An evil god who hoped to corrode everything in the world with his own power.

If the ‘power of extinction’ possessed by the Doctor is the product obtained through the research of that ‘Karyes’.

Assuming that the Doctor uses his own death as a trigger to make the products of Caries go wild… … .

“Heritage Caries of the Evil God. If we can’t stop that right now, Paris, of course, France, Spain, Germany… … . All neighboring countries will perish.”

The damage will extend across Europe.

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