Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 254

Chapter 254


The Doctor was sitting alone in the messy lab, sorting out his thoughts.

Binoche was organizing information obtained from the raid.

‘The period from the start of the attack to the time Sein Binoche moves to respond is too short, even if it is short.’

It took less than a minute for the assailants to die.

The response was so fast that not all 20 people entered the garden.

Considering Sein’s personality, it was a response speed that was absurd from common sense.

‘A lazy absolute. Saint Binoche dared to come outside the mansion and slaughter the assailants. Even doing the troublesome thing of keeping two people alive… … .’

In other words, there is another reason for Sein Binoche’s quick response.

It makes sense.

‘Then what is the reason that Sein Binoche had to move quickly?’

The reason why he even went out of the mansion and suppressed it early.

There is only one answer.

‘It’s obvious. To hide the existence of Luan Palatia.’

I heard that Saint Binoche has a lot of trust in Luan Palatia.

As much as you trust him, there is a very high probability that he is hiding Ruan inside the mansion.

That’s why they responded quickly before the attackers infiltrated the mansion.

To hide the existence of Luan Palatia.

‘Then there is a high probability that Sein Binoche learned about this place, the laboratory.’

Saying that Sein is hiding Ruan is the same as saying that Ruan told Sein everything.


The Doctor clicked his tongue.

Even if things were twisted, they were tightly twisted.

‘Sayne Binoche intervened.’

Saint Binoche.

From the establishment of the laboratory in Paris until now, the only monster the Doctor has been wary of.

If the monster was not defeated, Luan Palatia could not be captured.

Annoyance rose even more.

‘It’s fortunate that Shadow said he’d come to help without saying anything.’

The Doctor can’t beat Sane Binoche.

But Sein Binoche can’t beat Shadow.

It’s like that.

The Doctor’s ‘Power of Extinction’ is completely cut off by Sein Binoche’s sword attack, but loses its power.

Shadow’s ‘Shadow of Umbra’ perfectly blocks and absorbs Sein’s sword attack.

‘As long as Shadow takes care of Sein Binoche, I can take care of the others by myself.’

The Doctor’s ‘Power of Extinction’ is useful against multiple enemies.

On the contrary, the more opponents there are, the greater the effect.

The Doctor’s mana nature, the ‘virus’, is structured that way.

No one can stop the Doctor without the absolute strongman, Saint Binoche.

‘It’s a conclusion.’

There is absolutely no reason to back down.

The Doctor chose to fight.

Deal with Sein Binoche, capture Luan Palatia hiding behind him, and retrieve Ignis that he took.

‘And analyze how he was able to take Ignis.’

This is rather a consolation call.

A golden opportunity to breathe new wind into stagnant research.

The Doctor laughed.

It was a bloody laugh that glistened with madness.

“I thought there was no news all along. Have you been doing research in this place? Do you have a vintage hobby?”

At that moment, a shadow swayed in front of the Doctor. A shadow slowly transforming into a human form.

The shadow soon became the shape of the shadow.

“You came quickly.”

“It looks pretty urgent. We flew as fast as we could.”


The Doctor answered calmly, holding back a laugh desperately.

It was very funny that he flew at top speed to save the enemy who made him like that.

‘What kind of expression would he make if he knew that I was his enemy?’

If possible, I would like to tell you right now.

The one who casts a shadow on you is yourself. What kind of expression will Shadow show then?

‘Just imagining it is thrilling.’

The Doctor’s eyes were filled with emotions of excitement and joy.

When this job is over safely, then I’ll tell you everything.

‘Doesn’t he despair even more after realizing that he fought Sein Binoche desperately for his enemies?’

The Doctor licked his lips.

I am already looking forward to that time.

“so. What’s the situation? Did someone raid this lab?”

“okay. There was an intruder.”

The Doctor put a dark emotion into his head and began to explain the current situation.

There was an intruder named Luan Palatia.

It’s a pity that he dared to steal the most important item being researched in this laboratory.

He explained everything, including the fact that he was currently hiding in Binosuga with a high probability.

“It must be your stain that important research materials were stolen. Can I say that out loud?”

“I just didn’t want to create a bigger stain by hiding information here.”

“You’ve changed quite a bit while I haven’t seen you. He erases his own flaws at all costs. Wasn’t that your way?”

“I remember you well.”

When this job is over, an executive named Shadow will be degraded as a material for his experiments.

It’s a stain or something, no matter what you say, there’s no problem.

That’s why I honestly told you everything.

‘I’m going to use you as a test subject to get rid of my only stain.’

The Doctor pretended to be expressionless on the outside, and laughed meanly on the inside.

“Of course, that thought has not changed. However, right now, the situation is the situation. It is an unavoidable situation.”

“You’re not going to kill me later to silence me, are you?”

“No way. we are colleagues Are you the same executive? I’m not crazy, but I’m not crazy enough to lay my hands on a colleague.”

The Doctor lied without spitting on his mouth.

“joy. There is no need to turn around and say that the King of Dark Mage is paying attention. Hearing the word colleague from your mouth makes me want to vomit.”

“You talk too much.”

“What’s worse is your personality.”

Shadow frowned with an expression of genuine disgust.

“Anyway, I understand the situation. Then why did you call me? What are you asking for help with?”

“I want you to deal with someone.”

Shadow’s eyes narrowed.

“Couldn’t that be Sein Binoche?”

“As expected, he’s quick-witted.”

“… … I will go back.”

Shadow pretended to return.

“Wow. for a moment. I’m not asking you to knock it down. I just need you to hold my feet for a while. Wouldn’t it be difficult with your abilities?”

Ignoring the Doctor’s persuasion, Shadow began to hide himself in the shadows. He looked like he was really about to go back.

“Tsk. He’s quick-tempered. good. Offer a price.”

“I guess I can talk a little now.”

At the Doctor’s words, Shadow came out of the shadows again.

“okay. What are you going to offer in exchange for tying up Saint Binoche?”

The Doctor thought for a moment.

I called Shadow to deal with Sein Binoche, but I didn’t think about how to seduce him.

Perhaps because he thought of it as a material for his experiment, he seemed to think that he would follow his orders for granted.

‘… … What should I do?’

The Doctor’s brain spun rapidly.

‘okay. I like this.’

I quickly figured out how.

“You were looking for a way to get rid of your shadow.”


“I will give you information about your shadow.”

“… … .”

Shadow’s expression darkened.

“It’s not a lie, is it?”

“no way. Would you lie and say I’m crazy?”

“… … .”

“Really. If you don’t believe me, you can tell me the real name of your shadow first. Haven’t you always been curious?”

“… … tell me.”

The Doctor’s eyes widened slightly at Shadow’s reaction.

‘This reaction… … .’

Apparently, Shadow seems to have figured out what his shadow is called.

Then the talk is faster.

“Shadow of Umbra. Your shadow is called by that name.”

“… … indeed. He sure seems to know something.”

Shadow’s eyes shone with curiosity.

‘also. He already knew about the name of Umbra’s shadow.’

With this, the Doctor’s proposal gave credence.

As long as the name of Umbra’s shadow overlapped, the shadow had no choice but to believe the doctor’s words.

“good. that offer. not accept I will tie the feet of Count Binoche exactly at the timing you instruct.”

“good. Then, in return, I will share all the information I know as soon as this is over.”

The two recited the contents of each other’s contract.

“When can I move?”

“tomorrow… … No, it’s today. I plan to attack Binosugar at 6:30 in the morning. At that time, you just need to use the Sanctuary of Shadows to block Sein Binoche.”

“Three and a half hours later. That’s pretty fast. Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Luan Palatia. You never know when he’ll leave Binosugar. You have to deal with it before that.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we ran away? With Hermes’ help, we’ll be able to catch him easily without Saint Binoche’s hindrance.”

“… … .”

The Doctor frowned.

“indeed. I don’t want Hermes to know about your mistakes. this is it.”

Shadow nodded as if he understood.

“… … It’s good that you talk fast.”

Looking at the doctor’s expression of displeasure, Shadow stuck his tongue out.

‘Again, Shin Ha-yul’s prediction was correct.’

Judging from the fact that he sent an attacker to gather information, there is a high probability that he is not receiving support from Hermes.

Shin Ha-yul said so.

That prediction was correct.

‘… … Is it that everything from one to ten is on the palm of Shin Ha-yul?’

Shadow laughed as if he was having fun. At that time, he wanted to praise himself again for choosing to contact his servant Yul.

“Without Hermes’ support, there would be no way to grasp the current external situation. Then, I will take charge of reconnaissance from now until the start of the operation tomorrow.”

“If you scout, I have nothing more to ask for.”

“For reference, it is paid. The scouting fee will be charged later, so keep that in mind.”

It was time for Shadow to scatter the shadows again and move outside.


Suddenly, the entire laboratory trembled.

Quite different from an earthquake.

It felt as if the aftermath of the explosion was riding the ground and shaking the laboratory.

“It’s different from what I’ve heard.”

Shadow glared at the Doctor sharply.

“I didn’t hear that they were coming.”

“… … .”

The doctor’s brow furrowed.

It was an expression that he never imagined that the other side would attack like this sooner than he did.

“Can you confirm how many raiders there are?”

“Isn’t it okay to check the CCTV?”

“There is no CCTV in the aisle.”

“You lie. Is that why you allowed intruders to enter?”

Shadow looked at the Doctor as if he was pathetic.

Shadow’s sarcasm made the Doctor’s expression even more ferocious.

“Anyway, I get it. check it out.”

Shadow took his eyes off the Doctor and scattered the shadows.

A shadow moving rapidly down the aisle.

The shadow arrived at the intruders in an instant.

“The intruder is ten. It is impossible to identify eight of them because their faces are covered with robes and masks.”

“What about the other two?”

“One is a blonde man. He has a sharp impression and is wearing the uniform worn by instructors at knight schools. He also wears a sword, and appears to be a swordsman.”

“Luan Palatia.”

“Hmm. After all, this guy must be Luan Palatia.”

“How about the one left?”

“I don’t know if I need to say anything.”

Shadow shrugged and blurted out his words.

“… … Is it Saint Binoche?”

“I know you well.”


The Doctor clicked his tongue.

“It’s not going to work out, so it’s twisted like this.”

I don’t think they’d come in from the other side first.

From one to ten, nothing goes according to plan.

The Doctor’s rage surged to the brink of explosion again.

However, even for a moment, the doctor soon returned to his calm state.

‘Calm down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this situation for me.’

It’s quite annoying that the plan keeps going awry, but it’s nothing to be angry about.

‘They purposely came to fight in a place that was advantageous to me.’

The Doctor’s mana nature is ‘Virus’

His mana is more efficient in these subterranean areas.

If you fight here, you can’t lose.

Now, this situation is rather a chance.

“So what should I do? Is it okay if I tie Saint Binoche’s feet?”

“okay. It’s a bit early, but please.”

“i get it. As soon as they arrive at the entrance, I will lock Sein Binoche in the Shadow Sanctuary and seal it off.”

Shadow disappeared as soon as he said that.

‘good. There is no need to worry about Sein Binoche now.’

With this, the opponent is nine including Luan Palatia.

Nine can be processed even with closed eyes.

‘ruler. come. Luan Palatia. Let me tell you what a stupid choice you made.’

The Doctor suddenly remembered an old story.

tiger and rabbit. and the story of the fox.

‘A rabbit on the back of a tiger will be eaten by a fox and die as soon as the tiger disappears.’

Well, that’s the situation now.

What kind of expression will Luan Palatia make after losing the tiger named Sein?

The Doctor’s smile grew wider.

‘Come on. Come on.’

Just like that, time passes quickly along with the Doctor’s expectations.

The intruders have arrived at the laboratory entrance.

And at that moment, Shadow’s shadow expanded its territory.

It must have been the activation of the Shadow Sanctuary.

‘good. With this, Sein Binoche was sealed off.’

All that’s left now is the chatter.

As the Doctor was convinced, the intruders slowly appeared.

The first thing that caught my eye was the hateful face of Luan Palatia.

“welcome. Luan Palatia. How glad you are to appear in front of me again on all fours… … .”

It was time to laugh at Luan for making such a stupid choice.

“… … !”

The Doctor opened his eyes and closed his mouth.

“Are you a doctor?”

It was because a person who shouldn’t have been behind Ruan has appeared.

“Four years… … how… … ?”

“Why are you so surprised? Is it that strange that I came all this way?”

“… … .”

The Doctor frowned and thought about the current situation.

‘What happened? Sein Binoche should have been locked up in the Shadow Sanctuary and sealed off. Why is Sain Binoche still here… … . did it fail? So where is the shadow… … .’

When the doctor’s head is full of questions like that.

“It is said that the rabbit who rode on the back of a tiger and greedy for power was eaten and killed by a fox as soon as the tiger disappeared.”

“… … !”

Words that felt like deja vu came out of Sein’s mouth.

“Don’t you think it’s an old story that fits your situation right now?”

Sein twisted the corner of his mouth.

“no. Is it a little different?”

With a smile on his face, he drew his sword as it was.

“In the old story, the rabbit and the tiger were very close friends, but the current rabbit is an even more stupid person who doesn’t even know that the tiger is an enemy.”


The shadow expanded again.

The shadow soon became like a castle.

“shadow… … sanctuary… … ?”

The Shadow Sanctuary completely trapped 10 intruders, including the Doctor.

Now, until Shadow unlocks the sanctuary, no one can come out of here.

“Shadow, you can’t… … !”

After assessing the situation, the Doctor shouted in anger.

“okay. How does it feel to be bitten on the back by a tiger you thought was your friend?”

Sain Binoche taunted the Doctor.

The Doctor met Binoche’s gaze directly and exploded with even greater anger.

“How dare you, how dare you betray me? Something like a sample… … ! dare!!”

The Doctor’s angry cries filled the shadowy sanctuary.

“It’s check mate. doctor.”

Looking at the doctor like that, Sain slowly took his posture.

sure death.

The world’s best murder sword, with the will to kill without fail, thrust out its fangs toward the Doctor.

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