Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 253

Chapter 253

Explosive explosions in succession.

Despite the unexpected attack, we were not at all taken aback.

“hmm. He was said to be a smart guy, so I was a little worried… … . He must have been more stupid than I thought.”

It is true that I was surprised.

Because it was an unexpected attack.

But that’s all.

I was just a little surprised.

There is no sign of embarrassment or agitation at all.

There is no reason to be upset in the first place.

Because this situation is not against us at all.

“I never thought I would make the stupid choice of jumping into the tiger’s den.”

Sein-nim snorted and held out his hand to Stella.

Stella ran quickly and handed over the sword she was holding.

Sein-nim pulled out the sword he was given and slowly walked out the door.

Tuck, Tuck.

slowly. but not slow.


It was the king’s gait that reminded me of that word.

“Their purpose is likely to be reconnaissance. hound. Leave your children behind.”

“I already told you. Everyone except him will run away.”

He laughed as he pointed to the mercenary who informed him of the ‘raid’ at the same time as he had been drinking heavily.

“… … indeed. He is quick to judge the situation, and the speed of work is considerable. I like it more and more.”

Sein-sama also smiled a little.

“But after listening to the story, it seems that there will be 20 people even if we can’t do it. will you be alone under… … greatness. Would you like to take Luan with you?”

I was frightened.

Did you almost say ‘Ha Yul’ right now?

“Not required.”

Sein-nim smiled confidently.

Fortunately, the preceding ‘Ha… … He didn’t seem to care about ‘.’

“Please feel free to watch. It will be over soon.”

So Sein-nim opened the door of the mansion and stepped out.

and at the same time.


A chilling sensation ran down my spine.

Suddenly, Sein-nim’s sword cut my throat.

‘… … What is that feeling?’

Of course, it wasn’t really cut.

All of them are just hallucinations from Sein-nim’s mana and life.


Captain Charles, as if admiring it, blew a whistle and caressed his neck.

It seems that you had the same hallucination as me.

“It’s wonderful to live.”

He burst out laughing with an expression that was absurd.

“But isn’t that too much? If I live like this, I think I’ll just run away.”

Looking at the frozen assailants outside the door, he frowned.

Eyes engulfed in fear.

trembling lips and eyelids.

“I will definitely run away.”

It is certainly.

At least 18 of the 20 attackers will run away.

By the way, the remaining two were left out because they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to. The two of them are already tired and their butts are on the ground.

“Luan. Even those who go and run away… … .”

That’s when Captain Charles was about to tell me to go and help.

“You don’t have to worry.”

Stella interrupted Captain Charles.

In both eyes, pride and longing that cannot be hidden are pouring out like starlight.

Is it because of that?

He pretends to have a cold expression and a cold attitude, but he doesn’t look that cold.

“All of the raiders are within range of Mother’s attack. It is impossible to escape.”

“All 20 are in the gap? The one standing at the far end is 20 meters away at a glance, right?”

The sword’s weakness is its range.

No matter how good a swordsman you are, you cannot attack enemies from a distance.

It is impossible to attack an enemy from 20 meters away unless at least throwing a sword.

“You will know when you see it.”

At the same time as Stella said so.


Sein-nim’s mana was even heavier.

Heavy and strong mana wrapped around the thrilling life like a coat.

At the same time as I thought that mana was putting pressure on my body.

souuuuuuuu… … .

Life and mana disappeared at the same time.

It disappeared completely, as if it never existed in the first place.


What had definitely existed was completely destroyed in less than 0.1 seconds.

When your head is going blank in a phenomenon that you can’t understand.

‘… … Are they all dead?’

Beyond Sein-sama’s back, the figures of the assailants lying outside the door came into view.

Everyone is rolling on the ground with their upper and lower bodies cut off.

‘when? how… … .’

I didn’t even see him wielding a sword.

How the hell did you beat them up?

I can’t even imagine

I couldn’t understand it with my common sense.


Sein-nim turned around and walked towards us.

“I saved both of them. Go and stop the bleeding, then tie it up.”


Stella passed Sein-sama as it was and went out the door.

Sein-nim stood in front of me.

And he laughed like he was having fun.

“What are you so surprised about?”

“what… … Did you?”

“What did you do?”

Sein stared intently at the sword he was holding, and swish! swung down


It was just a simple cut, but the wind blew.

Is it because it is a sword that contains mana?

It was a sword attack on a different level from the previous sparring.

“What can the prosecutor do? I just grabbed the sword and swung it.”

Did you hold the sword and wield it?

My mouth opened slowly.

“So, just at that moment… … . At that moment when life and mana were momentarily overswollen… … Are you saying you slashed all the assailants by blowing your sword?”

“Hmm. Did you feel the expansion of that moment? Also Luan. I am afraid of the future.”

I do not deny it.

That is, what I said is correct.

“Who is the one who said that the swordsman had fallen… … . Where do you see that… … .”

Captain Charles laughed as if it were absurd.


I called Captain Charles in a very small voice.


“If you fight Sein-sama, do you think you can win?”

Captain Charles snorted.

It’s the look of asking something so obvious.

“Will you win? I couldn’t even see the sword… … .”

Captain Charles looked at Sein-nim with a mysterious expression.

As if he felt Director Charles’ complicated examination through his eyes, Sein-nim’s laughter grew louder.

* * *

After that.

Captain Charles and I returned to the room first.

It was because Stella and the servants would handle the on-site treatment, and Sein-nim had instructed us to go upstairs and rest.

“But you. Rumor has it that he fought the monster on a whim. It’s true?”

Upon arriving in the room, Director Charles sat down on the bed and asked.

“It is true that we fought with a whistle.”

“Is it true?”

Captain Charles looked at me like a monster.

It’s a look you can’t believe.

“Of course, it wasn’t because we fought with all our strength.”

“What if it’s not power? Did you watch it?”

“Should I say that I saw you? The previous sparring was a penalty match. It was sparring without using mana.”

“You said it was a battle using only physical abilities?”


Captain Charles stroked his chin.

It’s an expression that you know roughly.

“It was an even match in sparring using only physical abilities, excluding mana.”


“hmm. Then it makes sense. Even if you are an excellent swordsman, there will be limits to your physical abilities alone. If it’s your physical ability, you should be able to rub it.”

Captain Charles laughed again.

He seemed to be admiring the sight of Sein-nim swinging his sword just now.

“anyway. There was a reason the madam demanded that she behave unconditionally with courtesy. I definitely understand.”

“Did Sophia say that?”

“uh. When dealing with Sein Binoche, always be polite. If you don’t, you might die, how many times do you ask for trust… … .”

“That’s why the awkward respect was born.”

“… … Was it that awkward?”

“yes. A lot.”

I did something I wouldn’t normally do, so how could it not be awkward?

“Write. We practiced all the way from the plane.”

Captain Charles frowned and grunted. I just practiced It was clear that he was thinking.

“But thanks to that awkward respect, the first impression got better, right? That’s it.”

“Do it.”

He added that that was also true and smiled.

“But your face. It’s so awkward. Can’t you change your face to your original face, even for a moment?”

“Face change eats too much mental power. I’ll have to change it again soon, I don’t want to waste it useless.”

The face-changing magic consumes considerable mental power.

After using this once, it’s to the point where mental power is exhausted.

There was no reason to dispel such magic.

It’s a magic that will last semi-permanently once you cast it anyway, so what’s the reason to remove it?

“… … hmm. okay?”

Captain Charles glared at me with a very dissatisfied expression.

I guess I know roughly what you’re thinking.

“I don’t get much inspiration from grinding my face with that face right now. Do I have to sharpen it later when I have my original face? Are you thinking about that?”


Captain Charles’ shoulders trembled.

It was the reaction of someone who had been stabbed to the point.

“A quick-witted bastard… … .”

Captain Charles clicked his tongue.

It’s an expression that makes you feel bad because your inner thoughts are being read.

“okay. That’s right, Sasha. See you later when you go back to Korea. I’ll pay interest on things I didn’t contact and grind them up properly.”

“Can you please look at it? It’s not like I didn’t want to contact you.”

“huh. no. It’ll really shake you off.”

Captain Charles grinned.

It was a genuine smile.

When I go back, I think I will suffer greatly for a while.

I need to prepare my mind in advance.

“Well, let’s just say that. What happened?”

Captain Charles made eye contact with me with a serious expression.

“Didn’t I explain the situation roughly?”

“It’s rough. Please explain the situation in detail. What did you do here to run into the executive of the Black Mage Tower?”

“hmm… … .”

I slowly began to describe what I had been through.

Accidentally found out about the institute.

to infiltrate the laboratory.

And getting into a fight with the Doctor while undercover.

Until the last thing I stole the thing I was looking for.

All explained in detail.

“And this is what I was looking for.”

I finally took out Ignis’ medium and showed it to him.

“Artifact? No, it’s not artifact-level mana. what is this?”

“A sacred thing deeply related to my magic… … Would it be easier to understand if I expressed it as?”

Director Charles said, ‘Sacred thing… … He muttered, “I don’t know,” and made a puzzled expression.

“It’s a new instrument born in the Ray Bell Bytenor era. Can I touch it?”

“It’s not possible. It’s dangerous.”

“okay? It doesn’t look particularly dangerous.”

“Right now, it’s just quiet because it’s synchronized with me. If someone else touches it, there is a high possibility that it will go out of control again.”

“Is this going crazy?”

Captain Charles trembled slightly.

Just imagining this runaway gave me goosebumps.

“Uh. such ugly stuff. Put it in quickly.”


I put Ignis’ medium back into Aes and threw it away.

“Anyway, I stole the god and was targeted by the doctor. What is this situation?”


“Even if you try to run away, it’s a difficult situation because of Hermes.”


“But even if it’s hard, can’t you go back as long as you have a fake identity? There will be no intermediaries because of A.S.”

“It is, but… … .”

That’s not right.

In order to obtain information on the black magic the Doctor is using, he must fight the Doctor right now.

“ah. haha If you run away from here now, Binosugar will be targeted.”

I was thinking about how to explain the situation I’m in right now.

Fortunately, he came to his own conclusion.

‘That’s right.’

If I disappear now, Binosugar will suffer the same damage.

That’s not going to happen.

As a human being, you must keep your duty.

Even if I go when I go, I have to properly clean up the shit I put on.

“Then, the way to safely end this situation is to defeat the doctor and ensure the safety of Binosugar by having a person named Luane leave France. Is this?”


“okay. I figured out what was going on.”

Captain Charles gave a small smile with an expression of 100% understanding.

“Then what is the final date? As planned this morning?”


“They did something unexpected. Shouldn’t we reconsider the plan?”

“it’s okay. There is no need to review it.”

“… … why?”

“Because they have arrived.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden? Who arrives?”

Captain Charles tilted his head with an expression that he couldn’t understand.

“Who are you… … .”

I sneakily glared at the shadow perched on the other side of the room.

A shadow that boasts a darker light than the shadows elsewhere.

Staying silent, I stared intently at it.

“Today the fox is gone. How did you notice?”

The shadow soon took on a human form.

“Wow, Mr.! It’s a surprise!”

Captain Charles shouted in surprise at Shadow’s appearance from behind.

“When did you come?”

“It was there 10 minutes ago.”

“… … If it was 10 minutes ago, you were here since I heard about the current situation?”


Captain Charles frowned and glared at Shadow.

It seemed to hurt his pride that he hadn’t noticed at all even though he had been in the room for 10 minutes.

“You know why I said there was no need to review the strategy?”

“If the strategy needed to be reviewed, that dark guy would have stepped in and stopped it?”


“… … It’s plausible.”

Captain Charles took his gaze away from me again and looked at Shadow.

“how is it? is he right? Is there no need to review the strategy?”

“okay. Not required.”

Shadow slowly opened his mouth.

“Currently, the Doctor is in the laboratory. tomorrow morning. If you are going to raid, then is the right time.”

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