Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 74

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Episode 74

A being that even the world cannot embrace

Seungmoo Baek realized something again.

‘As expected, the death penalty is not for a Taoist monk.’

No, it wasn’t that bad.

Isn’t it surprising even for someone who has survived the times of the world?

‘I thought I knew something, but I never thought it would be this much… … .’

Baek Seung-moon thought seriously.

I was thankful that my martial arts skills improved surprisingly quickly, but as my skills improved, times also increased.

If we keep going like this, we may be able to become Gosu, but isn’t it a long way from becoming a Daehyup?

‘Should we continue to follow the death penalty?’

The leader election will end soon.

At that time, some people will return to their headquarters.

A desire to be included in it and go with it crept in.

“… … execution.”


It was difficult to open my mouth, but it was easy to talk behind my back.

“I honestly… … .”

At that time, Jeong Woo, Jeong Ja-bae’s great brother, approached.

“The priests are full of strength today as well.”

“Ambassador, are you here?”

“Jeong Gwang, I came because I have something to ask you.”

Jeongwoo continued speaking with a slightly tired expression.

“I heard from Yu Sohyeop of Openness that there were more orphans than I thought. “I want to help by collecting as much as possible, but I’m worried about funds.”

Even though various factions are providing financial support, there is no way to know how long it will last.

It was a matter that had to be judged calmly because it was impossible to accept much just because one could afford it right now.

Of course, Jeong Gwang judged calmly.

“You can get a lot.”

“… … “Wouldn’t it be difficult later?”

“At that time, you can reduce what the children eat and wear. “Isn’t it much better than having people live in danger like they do now?”

“… … hmm. “That’s right.”

Young and helpless orphans live lives worse than beggars. Rather, the reality was that they were exploited by beggars.

At the very least, if you put them in an orphanage, you will be able to avoid physical threats.

“The kids’ health isn’t good right now, right?”

“right. “You will need to feed him a lot and let him sleep well for a while.”

“Once the kids get themselves together, let’s get them to work.”

“… … work? “If you want to learn how to write, we will teach you writing, and if you want to learn martial arts, we will teach you martial arts.”

“Even if I teach, how many people will learn properly? “Most people will give up after a while.”

In order to reach a certain level in writing or martial arts, hard work is needed.

Each person has different innate qualities and wants different lives. Forcing every child to follow that path was an irresponsible coercion.

Jeongwoo nodded without realizing it.

“yes. “I didn’t think about the children who didn’t want to learn.”

“We can’t feed them forever, so we also teach them. Well, if you want to become a beggar, I’ll introduce you to the open world.”

“… … “I don’t think there are any children like that.”

“In any case, that way, you will be able to quickly become independent and earn your own living.”

“okay. You are right. “Let’s tell the elders right away and work out a detailed plan.”

“ah. And when the children become independent, we need to receive donations as well.”

Jeongwoo stopped at the unexpected words.

Aren’t donations meant to be received from those who want to give them, not forced to be received?

Besides, there was another problem.

“How much will those children earn in the future?”

“Still, I have to take it. “We need to instill in our minds that if we receive help, we must give it back.”


I was just trying to get a small amount of money.

Jeongwoo took it differently.

“okay. These are children who have a crooked view of the world, supported by evil. “It’s not their fault, but they need to correct it.”

The money will be used to help orphans who will come after them.

It was clear that it would be a good virtuous cycle.

Jeongwoo was truly impressed.

“As expected of a priest! “You’re thinking so deeply!”

Seungmoo Baek was also truly impressed.

‘After all, it’s the death penalty! ‘You’re thinking of covering the cost again!’

Jeongwoo praised Jeonggwang with a happy face and then disappeared.

Unlike him, Baek Seung-moo looked at Jeong-gwang with a complicated face.

‘Is the death penalty righteous or evil? ‘I really don’t know.’

Although he does things for his own personal gain, the things he does are only helpful to many people.

‘The intention is not good, but the result is good. ‘Can this also be considered a collaboration?’

Two voices fought in Baek Seung-moo’s mind.


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-The essence is not good.

-But it’s still better than just lip service.

-Didn’t you want to become a member of the Daehyeop?

-What on earth is Daehyeop?

The time to worry wasn’t long.

Because one thing was certain.

‘Anyway, the death penalty is helping the world.’

I can’t say Jeong Gwang is right, but I also can’t say he’s wrong.

‘This must be a punishment for the death penalty.’

In comparison, what about Baek Seung-moo himself?

I still didn’t know what the challenge was or which way to take it.

‘If we continue with the death penalty, the day may come when we will find out… … .’

A little realization and determination.

We must continue to make this a topic and work hard in the future.

A strong desire and determination arose in Baek Seung-moo’s heart.

‘I will go. I will definitely do it.’

But he had more urgent matters at hand.

Jeong Gwang raised his finger and pretended to blow away the wind.

“Priests. The first moment has passed. “I have to start training again.”

* * *

The morning of the day the Murim Lord is elected.

People gathered at Uihyeolgak (義血閣), where the leader held a meeting with the main figures of the group.

They were people from a total of 33 sects, including the Nine Faction and One Fang and the Seven Great Families, as well as the Six Faction and Seven Dans and Three Factions.

Among them, a middle-aged man with a neat appearance wearing a school uniform stood on the podium.

He was a man of the Zhuge Dynasty who had been a man of great intelligence and had been forced to take on the role of military officer of the Murim Alliance for generations.

“hello. “This is Zhuge Mun, who is in charge of the military of the Murim Alliance.”

After explaining the purpose of the establishment of the Murim League and the current situation in which the Simalyun is active, he got straight to the point.

“From now on, we will start electing the leader.”

The method of selecting a leader in the Murim Alliance was simple.

After listening to the candidates’ speeches, all you had to do was raise your hand when the name of the person you supported was called.

After Nangunghwain and Peng Sugwan finished what they wanted to say, Zhuge Wenhyeong spoke.

“Representatives of the factions that support the Nangung Grand Alliance, please raise your hands.”

Hands came up from all over.

“Representatives of factions that support the Feng Grand Alliance, please raise your hands.”

More hands came up than before.

After completing the calculation, Zhuge Wen opened his mouth with a calm expression.

“Nangong Daehyup, thirteen people. Feng Daehyeop, eighteen minutes. “There are two people abstaining.”

His hand went to Peng Su Guan.

“I hereby declare that Peng Shu-gwan Dahyeop of the Hebei Peng family has been elected as the new Murim lord!”

Peng Su-gwan stood on the platform.

His inaugural address was short and powerful.

“For Gangho! For our fierce warriors who will shed their blood for Kangho! I, Peng Su-gwan, promise to do my best! Please give me a lot of guidance and teachings!”


Many people were enthusiastic.

Even those of the faction that did not support Peng Su-gwan did not have a bad complexion, because his personality was not shabby and was generous.

They spoke politely as Peng Su-gwan walked around and greeted them.

“Until now, I did not support the leader, but that will be different in the future.”

“ha ha ha. Don’t worry too much. “I am a poor person, so I would be grateful if you could help me a lot.”

Peng Su-gwan hugged everyone.

The atmosphere in the hall became warm.


“oh. Namgung Daehyeop.”

Namgung Hwa-in, a competitor, approached Peng Su-gwan and congratulated him.

“I may not have much power, but I will help you with all my heart. “Expand your lord’s will to your heart’s content.”

“ha ha ha. Thank you, Namgung Daehyeop. “It feels like I gained a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses.”

Although they looked extremely harmonious, their inner feelings were completely different… … .

Namgunghwain gritted his teeth.

‘Do you think everything is over now that you have become a lord? I will harass you thoroughly. To the point where I regret ascending to the position of leader.’

Peng Su-gwan braced himself.

‘You may be smiling on the outside, but your insides may be upset. No matter how you come out, you will fight and overcome. ‘Come and see.’

It is truly a battle between spear and shield.

Peng Su-gwan never let down his guard.

Although the tip of the spear is dull now, it will become sharper as time goes by.

‘The enemy is not only the Namgung family.’

I saw people trying hard to control their facial expressions. There were quite a few clans, including Hwasan, Jongnam, and Gonggong.

‘It’s more of a problem going forward.’

I had no idea how many clans would be included in the Namgung family depending on their interests.

‘To prevent that, we need to hold Kunlun tighter.’

If you only capture Kunlun, many factions will come, including Tang, Open, and Yue.

Even if it doesn’t go that far, at least neutrality will be maintained.

Peng Shuguan glanced at the person who had begun to lead Kunlun.

It was Heo Cheong, who was celebrating with a selfless face.

‘A rare true Taoist temple.’

However, it wasn’t completely clogged.

How fortunate I am to be someone who can communicate well.

As promised, I will continue to support Peng Su-gwan as long as he does not do anything that goes against the standards.

‘And Jinokryong.’

This is Shinryong (New Dragon), which is enjoying explosive popularity among general martial artists and later martial artists.

If you stop holding on, you will be able to solidify support from below.

Peng Shuguan looked out the window.

It was in the direction of the Kunlun faction’s lodgings.

‘You must keep him by your side at all costs.’

Peng Su-gwan was a wise man.

So much so that he came up with a way to keep Jeong-gwang on a leash so he wouldn’t feel bad.

‘haha. See you soon.’

A confident smile appeared on the corner of Peng Su-gwan’s mouth.

He looked around at the people and encouraged them.

“ruler. Now let’s go to the main training camp. “There are not too many people waiting.”

“haha. That’s how it should be.”

Peng Su-gwan and the people at Uihyeolgak headed to the main training hall.

When the people gathered saw Peng Su-gwan standing in the lead, they bowed and shouted.

“Lord! Congratulations!”

“Lord! Congratulations!”

Peng Shuguan responded with a smile on his face.

He stood on the podium, gave a speech, and then shouted loudly.

“Let’s have fun from now on! “I will buy it not with Meng’s money, but with my slush fund that I kept secretly from my wife!”


He asked God to keep the spleen tube a secret as it might get scratched.

People laughed out loud and said they would be happy to do so.

Peng Su-gwan walked around every corner carrying a jar of liquor.

Clinking glasses with so many people one by one.

however… … .

‘Where did they go?’

Isn’t it because you can’t see the light?

I tried to ask Master Heo Cheong, but he wasn’t there either.

Penguin’s eyes widened.

‘… … no way?’

* * *

Baek Seung-moo asked Jeong-gwang with a surprised face.

“execution. “What are you doing now?”

“What does a priest like that do? Instead of going to a banquet and having fun.”

“I’m so tired I don’t have the strength to walk there.”

“Oh oh. “You trained hard.”

Baek Seung-moo made a shocked face.

Who told you to do that training?

‘this. ‘That’s not important now.’

Baek Seung-moo swallowed his saliva and then asked Jeong-gwang.

“execution. I’m just asking just in case… … .”


“… … “Are you really trying to run away?”


“Then why are you packing your bags?”

“To look around the world.”

“… … That’s it!”

“is it?”

Jeong Gwang stuffed all his luggage into his luggage and carried it on his shoulder.

Baek Seung-moo’s face darkened.

“Are you sure you want to go?”


“Why are you leaving so suddenly? “You should at least tell Master before leaving.”

“don’t worry.”


“Because you are coming now.”

“… … ?”

A moment later, Heo Qing’s voice was heard outside.

“Can I come in?”

“yes. “Master.”

Heo Cheong opened the door and came in and sat down opposite Jeong Gwang.

He looked at the luggage Jeong Gwang was carrying on his shoulder and shook his head.

‘For some reason, I thought it would be like this.’

He was originally a self-indulgent disciple.

It’s surprising that he was still attached to the Murim Alliance until now.

“Are you planning to stop now that the leader election is over?”

“Well, let’s do it together.”

“It was clear that the Pang family was outnumbered, but when I opened the lid, I saw that they had won by a big margin.”

“Iknow, right.”

“… … It’s all thanks to you. “It was really hard.”

“What are you saying I did?”

He Qing smiled.

“I don’t know what, but I know I did something.”

“Wow. “Master, you feel a lot.”

“Phew. That’s right. “I guess this is thanks to having a disciple like you.”

Baek Seung-mu nodded and agreed with Heo Cheong’s sighing words.

However, when Jeong Gwang glared at him, he froze.

“Jeong Gwang-ah. Don’t just take on a teammate for no reason, but look at me. “Do you think your work here is done?”


“And are you afraid that the leader will take over the position of Lord of the Earth Dragons?”

“There is something like that.”

“Why not just refuse?”

“If you refuse, they will create another position and offer it to you. “Something that you can play and eat comfortably.”

“If that’s enough, you should be able to do it.”

“There are so many better things to do out there.”

“… … .”

It was just as Jeong Gwang said.

The Murim Alliance is said to be the center of the martial arts faction, but it is an organization that must be considered that way.

How much work is there to do in this wide world?

‘How frustrating must it have been?’

It was a world where I finally emerged after being imprisoned in Kunlun for nineteen years.

But wouldn’t it be too harsh to be confined to one place even here?

Jeonggwang was not small enough for Kunlun and Murimmaeng to hold in their arms.

No, the world might not be able to embrace it either.

“Can’t I go?”

Heo Cheong laughed when Jeong Gwang asked, shaking his butt.

“ha ha ha. “If I say no, you won’t go?”

“Umm… … .”

“Don’t pretend to think for nothing. “Master Lee has made up his mind.”

“… … ?”

He Qing looked at Zheng Guang.

Those eyes were infinitely warmer.

“Didn’t I tell you that no matter where you are or what you do, I will always be by your side?”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

It was because I thought he was my master.


Jeong Gwang’s face hardened at Heo Cheong’s next words.

“still… … “That’s not possible.”

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