Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 73

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Episode 73


Poor people struggle to make money.

However, it is normal for more money to be lost.

Even if the money was saved, it was only a small amount.

The surest way to make money is to make money with money.

Jeong Gwang had the money to do so.

And there were talented people who could execute it.

– The priest thinks about it.

-… … yes?

-I started it first, so the priest should take over.

-… … !

When Baek Seung-moo made an absurd expression, Jeong Gwang added.

– Don’t just think about immediate gain, look at the long term. You can make something other than money.

Baek Seung-moo, who was thinking with his forehead narrowed, asked.

-… … I really hope so. Are you talking about something like fame or reputation?

-huh. I know.

Baek Seung-moo looked really surprised.

-I never imagined that my brother-in-law would care about something like that.

-Who wants to do it in my name? It has to be done in the name of Kunlun.

-ah! What you are saying is that you will lay the foundation for this text in the central region.

-There is no need to lay the foundation. At least I have to clean it enough to get my breath on it.

Because Kunlun was located on the border, its position in the central plains was very weak.

Although it was treated as one of the old factions, it was unable to exert any real influence.

Jeong Gwang recalled something that happened not that long ago.

‘Thanks to you, it was fun, but it wasn’t good for the text.’

This happened because the young people who admired Eon Ui-jin were jealous of Jeong Gwang.

A clear example of this was when they started an argument even though there were adults in Kunlun.

Baek Seung-moo understood Jeong-gwang’s meaning.

-That’s right. We have a good relationship with the Paeng family now, but we don’t know what will happen in the future. It is better to prepare in advance. We need to increase our influence so that we don’t suffer a landslide attack.

-Priests. It’s a very worldly calculation.

-… … The death penalty… … .

-It’s a compliment.

-… … ha. thank you

Jeong Gwang patted Baek Seung-moo’s shoulder and continued.

-When it comes to political factions, justification is important. Let’s stack it up in advance. So that no matter what the text does, it can receive as much support as possible.

-You mean to do something good, right?

-of course.

-… … It’s a good thing, but I don’t know why it feels like it’s being conspired.

After consoling him and saying it was just his mood, Jeong Gwang looked around at the people.

Yu Jeongpung, who had been waiting, quickly asked.

“cadet. “What message did you share so openly with your priest?”

“Good story.”


“Let’s do something together.”

Yu Jeong-pung, who is called the Ui Dragon because he is full of courage, quickly bites his prey.

“It’s good! However, it must be a true collaboration.”

“Where is the real fake in collaboration? “Who is judging?”

“… … hmm. Oh, I made a mistake. “I was short-thinking.”

Jeong Gwang left Yoo Jeongpung to worry and then looked at Jang’s hat.

“Are you going to do it?”

“Go, thank you!”

“Woah, I’ll do my best!”

Jeong Gwang nodded and then looked at Baek Seung Moo.

“You’re going to work hard as a priest, right?”

Seungmoo Baek reluctantly answered.

“… … yes.”

“But what are you doing? “We have to move quickly.”

“… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang said as if he was dumbfounded.

“A priest has no time for this. “I have to take Jang So-hyeop and my mother with me and decide where to start.”

* * *

Zheng Guang first met with the elders of Kunlun and explained his thoughts.

“How are you?”

Unhak smiled and answered.

“From now on, ask your master.”

“Wow. Sasukjo, are you not going to work anymore?”

“What? ha ha ha. Yes, you are right. “Shouldn’t we get some rest now?”


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The monks of Unja Bae, including Unhak, laughed.

Zheng Guang looked at He Qing with eyes of sympathy.

‘It will be difficult to return to Kunlun for a while.’

Heo Qing made an embarrassed expression and then opened his mouth.

“It’s something that can help those in need. Let’s do what you think. but… … .”

“… … ?”

“If you put the name of the text first, you will face a lot of trouble. “That’s the problem.”

“I can’t make soy sauce because I’m afraid of maggots.”

“But isn’t it true that the more you share the burden, the lighter it becomes? “It will be of greater help to people.”

Jeong Gwang smiled with satisfaction.

‘As expected, Master said it’s easy to talk to.’

The words he had prepared flowed from his mouth.

“yes. “Openness and party support must also be included.”

“Let’s add some music. This will be helpful as it comes from a family with strong ties to the government. “They will also want to gain public support to expand their business.”

After some time, people gathered at the Kunlun faction’s residence.

It was the Sacheon Dang family, Dang Yeong-jung, the leader of the Shandong music group, Ak Hyeong-ik, and the open Ark Yanghoe.

They readily agreed to Heo Cheong’s request.

“Helping those in need through medical technology… … This is an opportunity for the common people to erase their prejudices about their original families. “I will do it.”

“Please leave the coordination with the government and the education of the children to me. “A considerable amount of expenditure is expected, but it is also beneficial to the family.”

“This is a group of people chasing after the Hyeop (俠). “I am willing to come forward.”

Tang Yeong-jung and Ak Hyeong-ik looked at Yang Hoi.

It was because he did not mention the benefits that only he would gain.

I guess their gaze was quite stinging. Yang Hui scratched his head and reluctantly spoke.

“… … Well, I heard that if Jin Ok-ryong comes to the spot to beg, he will be generously provided… … .”

The opinions of the four schools, including Kunlun, were combined.

Everyone was busy, but the busiest was Jeonggwang.

He sat in his room and spoke intently.

“Yoo Sohyeop. “Please gather those swindlers then.”

“I understand, ow.”

As the brokers gathered, Jeong Gwang declared.

“We are going to build various things on the land we are playing on.”

It was a large container of concentrate.

How much money will I spend again this time?

One of the brokers swallowed his saliva and asked.

“If you say this or that… … ?”

“That’s literally it. Banjeom, Uibang (醫房), Taegwan (道觀), orphanage… … .”

As Jeong Gwang continued, the mouths of the brokers opened.

“I… … Aside from everything else, are you a conduit to that gold-filled land?”

“It will be built small. Are there people who have difficulty getting to the conduit in the mountains? “Those people can stop by and offer their blessings and hold a simple ceremony.”

“… … The orphanage… … ?”

“It’s a place where orphans are raised.”

“… … It’s not that I don’t know what it means, but why such expensive land… … .”

“Because we only have that kind of land.”

The hucksters were secretly impressed.

Jeonggwang was really saying that for that reason, but it came to them differently.

‘The bowl is really big. Well, I started looking into it when they paid me a generous fee.’

‘Yes, is there a law that says an orphan has to live on the outskirts? They say he is Jinokryong, and he is truly a good man.’

Jeonggwang gave them an amount that satisfied them.

They did their best to recruit not only ranchers but also material dealers.

Work progressed at a fast pace.

Kunlun lays down the ground and builds a building.

The party sends its lawmakers to the Uibang.

Openness brings together the people you need.

Akga stops the noise from coming out of the coffin and sends people to educate the orphanage children.

This was not an easy business.

It doesn’t end with just putting money and people in the beginning.

But there was a way.

If you do something decent, there are bound to be people who want to join in on it.

Accordingly, Peng Su-gwan of Hebei Pengjiazhu, who had outstanding qualifications, was the first to express his intention to participate.

When Heo Cheong relayed this news, Jeong Gwang shook his head.

“You can’t wear tops.”

“Why is that so?”

“no way. “As you know.”

No one knows how the pendulum will change once it becomes the leader.

Wasn’t this done to increase Kunlun’s influence in preparation for this?

It wasn’t that I didn’t know that, but I was just at a loss as to how to refuse.

“Whoa. “In the end, do we have to talk about what’s going on?”

“If you tell me openly, they will accept it more easily.”

“I guess so, considering Pangaju’s temperament. “I guess we should do that.”

He Qing met with Peng Shuguan and told it like it was.

“house owner. I’ll be honest with you. “I want to do this in the name of the text.”

“Hoo. “Why is that so?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but it is to create a safety device.”

“… … “Are you saying that you want to increase Kunlun’s right to speak in case I don’t keep my promise?”

“That’s right. “I would appreciate your understanding.”

Peng Su-gwan, who was frowning and silent, burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! Good. In fact, I don’t know how I will change, so how can Kunlun trust me? “If I go down a strange path, please catch me.”

“Other than that, of course.”


Peng Su-gwan held up a finger and said heavily.

“If the path I want to take along with my men is not wrong, Kunlun will have to protect me.”

“I will make a promise. But do you believe the text?”

“Whew. Honestly, not completely.”

“But how?”

“But the most reliable place is Kunlun. It’s open, but didn’t you join hands with Kunlun anyway? “Let’s give it a try.”

As Heo Qing looked at him with gratitude, Peng Shukwan added,

“ah. She almost skipped it. “There is one more condition.”

“What is it?”

“There must be many factions like me who are trying to take advantage. I will support my family as much as they support me. Even if you can’t come to the forefront, at least you won’t be in trouble if you lose your appearance.”

Since it was not wrong, Heo Qing agreed.

Instead, he also attached a condition.

“My student said he would miss the retreat for now. “Please take full charge of the matter and proceed with it.”

“Hmm… … .”

Peng Su-gwan thought of Jeong-gwang.

Looking at his personality of not wanting to be tied down, what he has done so far is surprising.

‘There will be many people who will be disappointed if Jinokryong is left out. However, all training methods have already been learned. From now on, it is better for the head family to take the lead.’

The number of people participating in the retreat was increasing.

Isn’t this a good opportunity to increase the influence of the Paeng family?

“It’s a pity, but it’s a good thing for the family. “I am willing to do so.”

“I told you in advance because if you do that after the leader election is over, it could lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.”

“I agree. It’s better to announce it now. “Let’s do that.”

The two people smiled with satisfaction.

It was a pleasant transaction where we both gained what we had to offer and gave up what we had to give.

* * *

Rumors spread quickly.

In no time, it was spread not only to the Murim Alliance but also to people nearby.

In the Murim Alliance, factions that wanted to intervene visited the Kunlun faction’s lodgings.

People nearby praised Kunlun and expected a better environment.

Jeong Gwang was teaching Baek Seung-mu’s martial arts without worrying about such trivial matters.

“Priests. “His right arm dropped two inches and his left knee buckled half an inch.”

“omg. omg. “Well, how do you see all that?”

“Because I can see it.”

“omg. omg. “I’m sorry for asking you something pointless.”

After that, Baek Seung-mu, who continued to use Yuryonggeom (遊龍劍), fell to the floor.

“Ugh. Yes, death penalty. “Can I rest for a little while?”

“Only one piece.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Baek Seung-mu lay down and looked at the sky.

The blue sky without a single cloud filled my eyes.

“… … execution. “There are a lot of clouds in Kunlun, right?”

“There are so many. why? I miss you?”

Baek Seung-mu hesitated for a moment and then spoke as if complaining.

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t received the protection yet, and I’ve never even been inside Iljumun Gate. “I still can’t believe that I am Kunlun’s disciple.”

“I can’t believe I’m a Kunlun disciple either.”

“hmm. That’s how I see it.”

When Jeong Gwang raised his finger and sent a blow of wind, Baek Seung-moo quickly blocked it with his sword.


“ha ha ha. The death penalty has not increased much for this priest… … “Wow!”

Baek Seung-moo, who was hit on the forehead by the following wind, was in tears.

“Why are you so careless?”

“If there were no real circumstances, there would have been a hole in the priest’s forehead.”

“ah. “That’s right.”

Baek Seung-moo, who was nodding his head inadvertently, smiled bitterly.

“Wow. “I’ve been influenced a lot by my brother-in-law.”

“You mean it’s good?”

“… … of course. No, I was honestly a little surprised this time. “There are other purposes as well, but you do such a good job.”

“ah. “If the land price goes up, I have to sell it.”

“That’s right. The death penalty is like that… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang explained to Baek Seung-mu, whose eyes were wide.

“No matter what the industry, prices go up in places where a lot of people come and go, right?”

“… … yes.”

“Even if the signboard changes, it will be a success.”

“… … “That’s right.”

It is the new land owner’s job to keep catching those people.

Concentration, which has already sold the land, is not a problem to worry about.

“You can sell it for quite a bit. “Let’s wait patiently until then.”

“… … “If it were sold like that, there would be many people who would say bad things about the text.”

“I should sell it and buy cheap land in the outskirts.”

“… … yes? If that were the case, wouldn’t a Taoist monk be criticized even more for running a land business?”

Jeong Gwang sighed.

His priest was good at handling money and treating people well, but he was missing something crucial.

‘I want it to be less dirty like this.’

Jeong Gwang decided to kindly explain to the lacking priest.

“And we’re rebuilding there. They said they moved to help those who are more marginalized and in need. “You understand, right?”

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