Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 29

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Episode 29

Fighting (比武)

Jeong Gwang created several martial arts in his previous life.

Most of the things that suited his personality involved annihilating many opponents.

However, there were also unexpected things, and the ‘Dajeonum (多傳音)’, which is sending a whole sound to many people at the same time, which he called the art of carrying a sound, was one of them.

These things he invented when he was young, and for good reason.

The enemies were strong, numerous, and endlessly attacking.

To defeat them with only a few loyal followers, he had to give orders quickly and secretly. Dajeeonum was created for him.

It is natural that Joo Hwan-seol cannot know or stop the magic of war with such a terrible background. Jeong Gwang was not satisfied with the messengers who did an excellent job following his instructions and whipped them.

-That guy is such a bad guy!

“He is such a bad guy!”

-To the point where I want to beat it until it falls apart!

“… … .”

-what? You’re not talking? Would you like to try it like that once?

The monks immediately raised their energies and shouted.

“He’s such a bad guy that I want to beat him until he falls apart!”

“He’s a bastard who can proudly participate in the martial arts achievements!”

“We must protect the duty of the powerful! “Killing is for the good of the world!”

“주환설, 이 개새끼야! Heaven will not forgive you!”

The eyes of the Kunlun disciples who had been training in the clean Kunlun Mountains widened.

The head of the Zhu family and the members of the Baek family, who were both strong in their own way, were also very surprised, and the person involved, Zhou Hwanseol, could not help but be so angry that veins appeared on his forehead.

But that wasn’t the end, Jeong Gwang turned his stomach.

“wow. What kind of life have you been living? … .”


“Is that so?”

“I told you no!”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

“I heard that those people were thieves, but then reformed and made a comeback? “The stock market guaranteed it.”

“… … “I see.”

“That’s why I became Juyeon Pyo-guk’s Pyo-sa.”

“… … yes.”

“Joo Yeon-pyo’s office is the business of the head of the state, right?”

“… … so?”

“It’s not Baekga Sangdan, but the people there were talking about it, so what if they deny it? “If they cut open my heart and showed me what’s inside, would you believe me?”

The faces of the ambassadors turned yellow.

Isn’t the concentration they experienced something like that?

Ju Hwan-seol, who looked at their expressions, was convinced.

“… … “It is true that you threatened them into telling lies.”

Jeong Gwang looked with a straight face.

“Are you saying I’m scamming you? “Can you take responsibility for that?”

Joo Hwan-seol was speechless.

His family is a famous martial artist, and his obscurity is also high, but he does not have the guts to say that Kunlun, one of the nine factions, is committing fraud.

In the end, the community had to step up to deal with Kunlun.

Just then, the sound of Yeongchuja’s message was heard.

-Tsk tsk. You said it so confidently, but what is this?

-… … Sorry, Sabaek.

-No matter how this ends, you… … Phew. We’ll talk later.

Yeongchuja stood up, dusting off his sleeves.

His flash-like eyes turned towards Jeong Gwang.

“Infinite Buddha. This is the work of the Zhou family head and the Baek family head. “It doesn’t make sense for Kunlun to get involved.”

Yeongchuja’s sharp voice was very uncomfortable to listen to.

If it had been the concentration from my previous life, I would have had my jaw blown off in an instant.

Of course, I was still trying to do that, but Unhak spoke faster.

“Ju Yeon-pyo-guk secretly attacked the disciple of the main text, so it became our job.”

“A sneak attack? “Do you think I would believe that?”

“It seems like things keep going wrong. I will bring those who witnessed this within the castle. And let’s talk again.”

“I can’t trust them either.”

“haha. So what can I do to believe it? No, let’s ask one more question. “For what reason are you doing this now?”

“How can the headquarters pretend not to know about something so secret?”

“It looks like the community has enough power to take care of all the problems.”

“Are you ignoring the text now?”

Unhak smiled.

“I am truly amazed. Aren’t you a member of the community who came here from faraway Gansu Province just a day after the incident broke out? Who would dare to ignore it?”

“… … “I happened to be passing by because I had some work to do, so I stopped by when I heard the news.”

“What happened here?”

“It’s not something worth answering.”

Unhak’s face hardened.

When the stock market hits the upper 100’s, it’s obvious that they’re here to resolve any variables that arise, but they keep lying!


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A stern voice, different from before, came from his mouth.

“We have witnesses. Representatives belonging to the head of the state even spoke up. “What can prove your faction’s claim?”

Could it be possible?

Yeongchuja performed a life-long study.

It was Yugi.

“Huh. It’s not an easy task when each side’s claims clash so sharply. “Let’s go back to the beginning.”

Jeong Gwang corrected.

“It’s not that they are clashing sharply, but that side is being pushed unilaterally?”

“… … “In terms of sperm distribution, we are way below the main island, so how dare you interfere!”

“wow! Does the communal faction consider distribution even when it says the right things? “In today’s world?”

“How dare you insult me ​​now!”

“I was just telling the truth, but did it sound that way? iced coffee. “Now I understand.”

“Oh my gosh! “Say it straight!”

“I guess you got stabbed and it hurt a lot.”

“… … .”

Intense killing power poured out from Yeongchuja and was directed at Jeonggwang.

Unhak did as he did and gathered all his strength and struck out.

“conflict! “What are you doing now?”

Yeongchuja’s vitality disappeared.

Unhak’s heavy energy caused his breathing to become disturbed.

‘Is this person’s skill this deep?’

Yeongchuja questioned sharply, hiding his surprise.

“Aren’t you spoiled! “How on earth did you teach Sason (師孫)?”

“I am learning!”

“That’s what an adult as a monk should teach properly…” … “What did you say just now?”

“Not only your mind but also your ears are blocked? “I said I was learning!”

“What kind of nonsense… … It’s done. You are just like Sason. “I have nothing more to say.”

“Then you have the answer.”

“What do you mean?”

“If a dispute cannot be communicated through words, it is covered with secret martial arts.”

After pausing for a moment, Unhak shifted his gaze to Joo Hwanseol.

“Prepare things that can be resolved between the parties involved.”

“What does it mean to be a party… … .”

“Is there anything else besides you and Jeonggwang?”

Disputes are resolved between the parties.

There is nothing as fair and certain as this, but surprisingly, it was a method that was not followed well in Moorim.

Martial arts is learning and teaching someone. A martial artist is bound to be entangled in a complicated relationship between monks and monks, and naturally receives the blessing together.

Children’s fights often turn into adult fights. Once you are wrongly entangled, revenge will be repeated endlessly.

“… … Are you really going to end this with just me and Jin Ok-ryong?”

“Of course. “I guarantee it in the name of Kunlun.”

“… … !”

If you have the name of a recluse, you can rest assured.

However, Zhou Hwanseol’s complexion was still dark.

‘Are you sure you are that confident?’

I didn’t believe all the rumors about Jinokryong, but it was still clear that he was a great reviewer.

‘… … ‘Okay, let’s see.’

He soon composed himself.

‘It’s a child with no terms and conditions. Even if you learned martial arts from inside your mother’s womb, you are no match for me.’

Unfortunately, Jeong Gwang had learned martial arts from his previous life and was the best person in the world. He, completely unaware of that fact, glanced at Yeongchuja.

-If you don’t kill me, I’ll take care of the rest. Do you know what I mean?

At least make him an asshole.

-… … All right.

It was a favorable situation.

If he stepped down from here, the reputation he had built throughout his life and his background as a member of the communal faction would have been in vain.

As Joo Hwan-seol, he had to defeat Jeong Gwang no matter what.

“Bimu. I’ll do it.”

After speaking politely to Unhak, he turned his gaze to Jeonggwang.

Suddenly, a creepy chill appeared on Joo Hwan-seol’s face.

‘I’ll make you regret being born.’

Known as the best expert in communal song, his nickname is Naengmyeon Jangeom (冷面殘劍)!

Now that it was ‘naengmyeon’, it was time to show the ‘leftover sword’.


Joo Hwan-seol displayed brutal swordsmanship from the beginning.

Jeong Gwang succinctly dodged and examined his martial arts skills.

It was to compare with the records of the communal sect that I had seen in the Heavenly Demon Church in my previous life.

And the conclusion was reached.

‘It’s true. Are these political factions?’

It was vicious.

The killings continued in an attempt to suffocate him.

It is said to be a prestigious sect that uses brutal martial arts comparable to the Sa sect, and indeed!

‘But what’s so messy?’

It was a swordsmanship that was neither partisan nor confined by useless formalities.

After watching for a while, the chest was organized in my mind.

At the same time, curiosity faded.

Jeonggwang no longer avoided.

From then on, Joo Hwan-seol began to be brutally beaten.


Whether he screamed or not, people could only stare blankly.

It was because I couldn’t understand it at all.

‘It doesn’t seem like he’s performing any great martial arts skills, but just beating him up?’

‘Is there a mysterious, invisible group hidden behind us? Kunlun’s secret martial artist?’

No way.

Jeong Gwang was just searching for loopholes in the theory of Zhou Hwan like a ghost and beating him up like a devil.

Not the sword, but the entire scabbard.

The hit was so hard that a cheerful ‘click’ sound rang out every time it was hit.

‘Unbelievable! We must stop it!’

When Yeongchu-ja came to his senses, Joo Hwan-seol, who had become as mushy as an octopus, was crumpled on the floor.

“Oh, this vicious! “How can this young guy be so cruel!”

“If it’s not read, it’s not a ledger.”

“What! “I won’t leave you alone!”

At that moment, Jeong Gwang’s eyes lit up and he put his hands together.

“Kunlun disciple Zheng Guang, I will receive your request for secret martial arts.”

“Request for secret duty? When did I… … .”

“You did it a little while ago. I heard everything. Hey, messengers. “Isn’t that right?”

How could they say no, having experienced first-hand the fear of Jeong Gwang and seeing what happened to Joo Hwan-seol?

“That’s right!”

“It was clearly a request for a secret service!”

Yeongchuja’s cheeks trembled.

A great deal of anger rose up, but his head moved calmly.

‘You can’t believe you defeated Zhou Hwanseol without using any special martial arts. ‘He’s not an ordinary guy.’

Information about Jeong Gwang’s martial arts was needed.

-What was it like fighting in person? Have you ever been attacked by a male and female?

“Off… … .”

-Hurry up and answer. hurry!

“Ugh… … .”

Joo Hwan-seol did not have the energy to do anything like evangelism.

Instead of worrying about his details, Yeongchuja only questioned him about Jeonggwang, and tears flowed down his face out of sadness.

The chief military officers of the state resolved the theory of the state of affairs. Seeing him screaming loudly in extreme pain, Yeongchuja clicked his tongue.

‘Cluck. He seems like a useless guy. How can a guy like this be called the best person in the joint world?’

It wasn’t the time to talk.

Jeong Gwang was looking at him with a suspicious expression.

“You’re not going to do it after we do it? It’s a bunch of words. “Are you from the old group, one room group?”

“Where did you make such foolish remarks!”

“You are like that.”

“How can Bondo fight with you, who are so young? Even if I defeat you, nothing will change!”

Unhak’s calm voice came to his angry ears.

“The parties involved have argued, so let’s end this.”

“You put people like that and that’s it! “Does that make sense?”

“It was a fair business. “It looks like there is no danger to life.”

Yeongchuja also knew.

He has no justification.

‘then… … .’

I had to take care of it too.

Even if you insist!

“Now it’s about the text!”

“Huh. “What does it mean?”

“Look. The lay disciple in the text was crippled. “But how can I back out?”

Anger appeared on Unhak’s face.

“The result was obtained due to the lack of cooperation between the parties, so are you going to escalate the matter?”

“You’re raising me! “It’s not a given!”

Unhak slowly stood up.

Yeongchuja’s eyebrows twitched at the profound force rising from his body.

‘It’s Unhak… … It seems bigger than I thought… … .’

I had to win and somehow resolve this issue.

The moment when Unha and Yeongchuja look at each other and gain momentum.

Jeong Gwang intervened.

“So let’s do it quickly.”

“… … Unhak! Your spoiled son-in-law is talking loudly without being able to tell heaven and earth. How can you… … .”

“Infinite Buddha. Although Jeonggwang is young, his degree is not low.”

“under! “You praise me as a recluse disciple.”

“Whether it is higher or not is something you will know when you experience it. “Please give it a try.”

“… … ?”

“I’m not saying let’s end this matter with you and Jeong Gwang.”

Yeongchuja laughed inwardly at the unexpectedly good offer.

“Swear in the name of Kunlun.”

“I swear. “You also swear in our common name.”

A thin line was drawn around Young Chuja’s mouth.

Jeong Gwang is great, but you can’t beat him!

Even though he couldn’t avoid criticism for being a very young player and throwing a tantrum, what was important to him was the result.

“I swear.”

Smiles also appeared on the faces of the members of the Joint and Jujiang factions.

But at this moment, it was Jeong Gwang who was laughing the loudest.

‘The cold noodles weren’t enough, so what kind of rice cake is this? Let’s have a taste for the first time in a while.’

He stood crookedly on one leg and raised one hand gracefully.

Then he stretched out his index finger and flicked it.

“Please come.”

“… … !”

What a ridiculous provocation!

Doesn’t it look like a municipal mischief!

Many people were shocked, but the Kunlun disciples were different.

They proudly puffed out their chests.

This is clearly Kunlun’s martial art.

It was a flag-raising ceremony for the Chuchuquan that Zheng Guang re-established and provoked Peng Ganghui of the Hebei Peng family!

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