Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 30

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Episode 30

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Yeongchuja was a greedy and cunning person from a young age.

He studied martial arts diligently. He bowed down as much as possible to his superiors. He always took the lead when it came to competing for the interests of the monks.

This is because he believed that all of these things would become his strength later.

So much time has passed.

He, who dreamed of becoming a scholar, became one of many elders.

‘This is ridiculous! ‘There’s nothing I can do worse than that guy!’

Instead, the person who became Jang Mun-in was a priest who was not sentenced to death.

A crack appeared in Yeongchuja’s arrogant heart.

The time spent at Kangho Moorim increased compared to the time spent at the headquarters.

Only there could his wounded pride heal.

Even in the prestigious communist faction, the Gongpa faction, it holds a high position in the distribution of English capital.

Everyone respected him.

Everyone had a hard time with him.

It was definitely like that… … .


“Oh, please come.”

It was definitely like that… … !


“Should I just go?”

How dare you provoke him with your fingers like the mayor Parakho!

Jinokryong is a piece of shit! What on earth is this spoiled brat?

“Fuuuuu… … .”

As I took a deep breath, my mind calmed down a bit.

His discipline is such that he gets caught up in this level of provocation… … No, intelligence was not low.

Whatever the reason, it was obvious that he would be criticized for mixing hands with something young. Since it was like this, we had to win at least overwhelmingly.

While protecting what you have to protect.

“Are you really going to attack me with the power of an enemy? “Hurry and draw your sword.”

“I’ll do it with martial arts.”

“Even if I pull out my sword!”

“I use it when I need it.”

Yeongchuja’s eyes narrowed.

A thunder-naked bastard!

How dare you attack me with your bare hands?

Well, it would be nice if you did that.

“I will give up the three seconds. “Come.”

This is usually said as a courtesy by a strong person or senior in martial arts to a junior who is weaker or younger than himself.

When this happens, the opponent declines a few times, then thanks him and starts attacking, but the person in front of Yeongchuja was no ordinary person.

“Are you really not going to fight back until I do three seconds?”

“… … “Are you doubting what I say?”

“Then you won’t be able to do anything and will just lie down. Are you okay?”

“… … Hey, this guy! That won’t happen, so come!”

Jeong Gwang inwardly shook his head.

‘I heard that people from political factions can’t do this because of this.’

Anyway, it moved right away.

“One second!”

Graceful footwork and stylish fighting skills!

Anyone who didn’t know him would say he was just a superficial martial artist, but Yeongchuja was an expert who could recognize the power within him.

‘Even if he was told to use a sword, he insisted on martial arts, and indeed! You are already a great warrior at that age! But was Kunlun’s martial arts originally like this?’

I was jealous of the Kunlun faction who had such great reviews.

‘No. ‘It’s a good thing there’s no such bastard!’

Yeongchuja unfolded the Eight Directions of Welcome and turned to the left. But isn’t Jeong-gwang’s new form following him as if attached to his body?


Yeongchuja took a vain breath and stepped on the steps again, but Jeonggwang’s fist was drawing a stylish arc and was just a stone’s throw away.


Yeongchuja burst into anger.

Have you ever seen such a rude guy!

If an adult gives up 3 seconds, shouldn’t he give them a quick nudge three times and then back off?

And ‘Thank you for your concession. I’m going to perform a certain martial art from now on, so please give me a lot of guidance,’ so I shouldn’t show my respect!

Yeongchuja raised his Heavenly Cloud Demon Spiritual Power and walked according to the principles of the Eight Trigrams of Jeongyeok.

Like this, he throws his fist to the side and prepares for the next attack.

“The last three seconds!”

Jeong Gwang’s fist flew out.

Dozens of them too.

‘It was like this!’

The great Yeongchuja practiced the small-yang sword technique. In an instant, a grid of countless sword lines appeared in front of him.

It was a swordsmanship that surprised everyone who watched.


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‘iced coffee! After all, you are an elder of the communal sect!’

‘It’s great, but isn’t it too much?’

It was a defense, not an attack, but if Jeong Gwang extended his fist, it was a vicious tactic that would break his arm into pieces!

At the moment when a thin line appeared at the corner of Yeongchuja’s mouth, Jeonggwang’s dozens of fists merged into one and struck the center of the sword.



Yeongchuja took a step back, groaning, and opened his eyes wide.

‘Unbelievable! In an instant, throw away all those false ideas and turn to one true decision! Besides, you hit with the edge of the sword, not the blade?’

The hand holding the sword rang.

Feeling scolded, he tries to move the sword to his other hand, but isn’t Jeong Gwang just staring at him blankly?

“… … “Why are you doing that?”

The smile on Jeong Gwang’s lips spread little by little and bloomed across his entire face.

It was a frightening beauty.

“okay. This is it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have to accept this in order to feel good about fighting.”

Yeongchuja, who was about to get angry at the impertinent remark, felt a strange feeling.

Isn’t Jeong Gwang’s bright smiling face tightening his body?

‘Hey, you guy! ‘What on earth does this thing do?’

I can’t believe I’m feeling a fear I’ve never experienced in my life from a young man who hasn’t even signed a contract!

‘I can’t do that!’

At a time when Yeongchuja was fighting against the fear that was tying his whole body, Jeonggwang was feeling joy for the first time in a long time.

‘I was planning on finishing it in 3 seconds, but did you hold on?’

Kunlun was frustrated and wanted to leave.

I wanted to go out into the wide world and have fun.

There were so many things I hadn’t tried in my past life, so I tried to do everything I could. After all, it was fighting that attracted his heart the most.

‘As expected, it was a good thing I came down from the mountain.’

The common spirit character distribution is the same as Kunlun’s luck character distribution.

Although Jeong Gwang had many fights with the Taoist monks of Unja Distribution, they could not fight to the death of each other. Yeongchuja was the strongest expert among those that Jeonggwang fought after his reincarnation.

“Don’t fall down. “Because I want to play for a long time.”

“… … Ugh. “What’s wrong with being so vicious?”

“yes? “It didn’t cause any harm, did it?”

“… … !”

Wasn’t this life!

Yeongchuja, who was about to ask again, closed his mouth. Somehow, it seemed like that was true.

‘Even though I’m not alive, I feel fear. It’s like a story about someone who died.’

Yeongchuja thought of someone’s name and shook his head inwardly.

‘Is it time for me to die? ‘You get scared by a young guy and think of Jincheonma.’

I wanted to check it out. For Jeong-gwang, is this fight a fate or a life-or-death issue?

After licking his lips several times, he finally opened his mouth and let out a sound.

-Are you planning to kill me?

-I saw you doing it.

Yeongchuja’s face hardened.

‘Because I saw you doing it? How dare you do that to me?’

When the priest became a scholar, the cracks that had formed in his heart began to sour. The pain grew more and more until it spread throughout his heart.

Yeongchuja could not admit it.

‘conflict! I had to become a writer!’

Like a lie, the cracks were filled and his torn heart was firmly glued together. The newly solidified form was the arrogance he had had since he was a child.

“good! “Let’s give it a try!”

Jeong Gwang grinned at his endless words.

“great. “It should have been like this a long time ago.”

Regardless of who was first, the two new models clashed.



Yeongchuja, who took a step back with a short groan, raised one finger and pointed at Jeonggwang.

“Soyangji (小陽指)!”

A sharp wind flew and pierced Jeong Gwang between the eyes. But that was only an afterimage, and Jeong Gwang, who appeared to the right of Yeongchuja with his dragon-shaped bow, raised his fist and shouted.

“Let’s leave the martial arts name aside!”

“good night!”

At the same time as Yeongchuja answered, he seemed to dodge the fist with a sharp stride, and then swung the sword in his hand brilliantly.

It was the season of the communal faction, the magic sword method.

“haha. “It’s refreshing!”

Strange swords full of cold and strange life poured out.

Jeong Gwang, who was looking for an opening by moving back and forth and left and right using the Flying Dragon Blade, changed his method when Yeongchuja’s sword continued to follow him.

His body flew high into the sky and crashed down on Young Chuja’s head.

“How dare you!”

Yeongchuja placed his legs like a mountain and fired a sword strike into the sky.

Jeong Gwang, who was falling from the air, spread his arms wide and twisted his waist just before being impaled by the sword. Surprisingly, his body changed direction in the air and moved behind Yeongchuja.

Everyone watching cried out.

“Cloud Dragon Great Eight Styles (Cloud Dragon Great Eight Forms)!”

As befits its great reputation, the Kunlun Sect’s arcane light techniques did not end with a single movement.

Yeongchuja stabbed his sword at Jeonggwang, who fell behind him, but Jeonggwang changed direction once again and fell behind Yeongchuja again.

“no use!”

A battle ensued where Yeongchuja swung his sword and Jeonggwang changed his direction by swinging his sword. The number exceeded eight, which is the herbivorous number of the eight cloud dragons, and ended only when it reached ten.

“Take it!”

Young Chuja’s sword rushed towards Jeong Gwang, who lost his strength and fell.

That moment.

Jeong Gwang stepped into the air and flew up again to avoid Young Chuja’s sword.

“iced coffee! Kick and move in the air? “It’s the secret of sincerity and sincerity!”

“You can’t believe you perform such a magical feat in an instant!”

“Was the sand situation at that level?”

Even the Kunlun disciples who had been with Zheng Guang since he was a baby could not keep their mouths open.

I knew he was strong, but his vague state was unfolding vividly before my eyes.

The surprise of others was even greater. Not only the priests and chief priests, but also the co-disciples were astonished.

To reach that level at that age, isn’t this an article I’ve never heard or seen before?

“Jinokryong! It’s best!”

“The Kunlun Sect is the face of Qinghai Province! Please protect the pride of Qinghai Province!”

The warriors, who had been mesmerized by Jeong Gwang’s incredible martial arts feat, came to their senses when they heard shouts coming from out of nowhere.

When I looked around, I saw that many onlookers had gathered.

Heo Qing was relaxed because he believed that his student was the greatest genius of all time and would never be defeated. He asked Jang Han, who was cheering and shouting enthusiastically from the side.

“What brings you here?”

“yes? ah! As you come out of the castle gate, isn’t there a big white bird flying around and dancing? So I came to do something and it turned out to be the famous Jinokryong!”

Others gave similar answers.

Many people were still running.

Shouting to Jeonggwang’s star name, Jinokryong!

Heo Qing, heartbroken, closed his eyes.

‘Disciple. The common people who don’t even know martial arts are praising you like this. What else will happen on the path you walk?’

The fight was coming to an end.

The movement of Young Chuja, who had consumed a lot of internal energy, was slowing down.

But his arrogance did not allow it.

“Stop finishing it! Take it!”

The Seventy-Two Paths of Fortune Demon God Sword that can only be learned by becoming an elder!

Eerie and evil sword energy spread out from Yeongchuja’s sword, intertwining with each other.

Like hedgehogs, they raised sharp thorns and shot towards the beam.

The soldiers who were watching let out surprised voices.

“That’s the Seventy-Two Lucky Demon God Sword!”

“This is truly a martial arts skill that can subdue a demon!”

Unlike them who were shocked, Jeong Gwang smiled.

‘under. ‘Bokma (伏魔) is a piece of shit.’

When you think of demons, isn’t it the Heavenly Demon Church?

Although it is said that Jeong Gwang dislikes the Heavenly Demon Church, it was his home after all.

But are you saying that the communist faction is subduing them? With such poor martial arts skills?

The only person who could subdue the Heavenly Demon Church was Jeong Gwang himself.

He decided to erase the name ‘Bokma’ in front of him.

He pulled out the sword at his waist and performed the Sangcheong Mu-sang Shin Gong. The sword body contained all that energy and glowed faintly.

Jeong Gwang drew his sword horizontally.

A simple herbal diet without any modifications. But the results were surprising.


With a sound like silk being torn, the swords that had been stabbing like hedgehogs split apart.

Through the gap, Young Chuja’s white face was revealed.

“Guo, you said you would use martial arts!”

Jeong Gwang raised one hand and clenched it into a fist in response.

“You told me to use my sword and I said I would use it when necessary.”

ah. It was like that.

This was Yeongchuja’s last thought.



Yeongchuja, who fainted for a moment, came to his senses. When he turned his head, he saw Jeong Gwang crouching down and looking at him with a sullen face.

“… … “I lost.”


“… … “I lost, not the group!”

“is that so.”

“… … .”

Yeongchuja, who was silent for a moment, stood up. He felt dizzy for a moment, but stood up straight with mental strength.

His gaze met Unhak.

Yeongchuja spoke as if spitting out one word at a time.

“We will get out of this matter.”

“What do you think of the stock market?”

Zhou Hwanseol, the head of the Zhu family, is lying in his room in the castle. Yeongchuja sighed heavily and nodded his head.

“The same goes for the head of the state. Is it done now?”

“That’s it.”

Yeongchuja turned his gaze to Jeonggwang again. Jeong-gwang, who was massaging his hands, wondering what was so disappointing, was pleased with his sharp gaze.

“Do you want more?”

“… … “How many hits did I get?”

“One in the eyelid.”

Yeongchuja muttered as he touched his black bruised right eye.

“… … “It would be worth seeing.”

“no. “It looks like a panda, but it’s not that ugly.”

“… … “Can I ask you one thing?”

“Of course.”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Young Chuja’s mouth. I was curious about what he was trying to ask after losing to Jeong Gwang, who could be said to be the last scholar of Gangho.

But the words that came out of his mouth were completely unexpected.

“Why do you keep touching your hands? “Is it because you’re sad that you couldn’t hit me more?”

“and. “How did you know?”

Yeongchuja’s face, which had turned blue as if he had imagined something bad, became cold.

“I won’t forget. See you next.”

“uh? “Is that okay?”

Yeongchuzi, who trembled once, left with his co-disciples and the chief martial officer.

The people who had barely held back until then raised their arms and shouted.

“Long live the True Jade Dragon!”

“Long live the Kunlun faction!”

At a time when everyone was cheering, there was a person with both fists clenched, looking at Jeong Gwang from afar.

‘me too! ‘I will definitely do it someday too!’

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