Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 27

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Episode 27

An unexpected genealogy

You can do it secretly…

You can do it secretly…

You can do it secretly…

Baek Seung-mu could only be sure after the echo lingering in his ears disappeared.

‘This person is not normal.’

The rules of the strong school are strict.

In case of violation, harsh punishment will be imposed. If it is a prestigious political faction such as the Kunlun faction, it is natural that the severity is more severe.

But why not do it secretly?

Baek Seung-mu decided to ask just in case.

Start with something lighter first.

“Eun-gong. A Kunlun disciple drank alcohol… … No, what happens if you get caught eating grain tea or meat?”

“In the case of child distribution, meat is overlooked, but grain differences are merciless.”

“What kind of punishment will I receive?”

“I was imprisoned in a confessional building for about half a year.”

“… … Is it worth it?”

“Prior Jeong Hyeon went in and out once before, but ever since, he vomited at the mere smell of meat or grain tea.”

“… … “Just by smelling it?”

“Was it like that just by looking at it?”

“… … .”

That’s about as much as just meat and alcohol.

So what if it has to do with female color?

Baek Seung-moo swallowed his fear and courageously asked.

“that… … What happens if you have a relationship with a woman? I’m asking just in case. perhaps.”

“I don’t know about that. “I’m still curious, so let’s get started and try it for myself.”

“… … “I decline.”

“Oh, why? Please enter.”

“… … Are you asking me to become initiated because you are curious about what kind of punishment I will receive if I break the moral precepts?”


Baek Seung-moo let out a deep sigh at the answer without a moment of hesitation.

“Whoa.” “I had high expectations.”

“What do you mean?”

“I knew that you were recommending me to join because my qualifications were useful. ha ha ha.”

On the outside I was smiling, but on the inside I was not saying anything.

Is this only enough?

I guess I was completely lacking in qualifications to become a disciple of Gu File Il Bang.

What is Daehyup in my topic?

Come to your senses now and face reality… … .

“It’s not to the point where I can’t use it at all.”

“Is that true? Are you serious? It’s not a lie, right? Eungong, please tell me quickly! Do you want me to enter Kunlun? “Why do you need me?”

Jeong Gwang answered honestly the words of Baek Seung-moo, who was faster than a master of quick sword techniques.

“I’ve been the youngest for 19 years now.”

“… … But what?”

“I need a priest who I can comfortably take care of, and he seems like the perfect person.”


It was a very long night, but eventually the day dawned without incident.

Unhak stroked his beard as he watched the rising sun.

“Hmm. “I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.”

“haha. How did you avoid the fight in the dark? “I’m glad there were no unnecessary casualties.”

Unhak shook his head in response to Baek Jin-hwan’s consolation.

“I said this because I was disappointed because we were confident in fighting at night.”

“… … ?”

There is no way for Baek Jin-hwan to know that Jeong-gwang’s hell training lasted all day and night. He, who was puzzled, smiled and suggested.

“Let’s eat first. “I prepared small vegetables to suit the guests.”

“Uh huh. Because there is no true man. Anyway, I will eat it gratefully.”

Early breakfast started.

The Kunlun Taoist monks, who were delighted with the food, which was more delicious than expected, frowned as time passed.

It was because of the noise coming from outside and the growing energy.

“Did you let your guard down? “People are gathering.”

“This large manor is already surrounded. “What are you going to do, capital punishment?”

“If there are guests, I have to go out.”

The Kunlun Taoists and the Baekga Sangdan warriors prepared themselves well and opened the gate.

The owner, Jinhwan Baek, stepped forward and shouted in a loud voice.

“Welcome to our chapter! What happened this morning… … ok?”

Baek Jin-hwan and everyone else’s eyes widened.

Isn’t the manor surrounded by completely unexpected people?

“Aaaah! “Jinokryong!”


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“Please look here!”

“Ahh! Come on! “I’m dying!”

They were women who made up three quarters of the pitch-black crowd.

Among them, flags with the words ‘Jade Dragon Guardians’ were occasionally fluttering.

“Huh… … .”

“What, what on earth?”

The people in the White House just stared blankly, unable to close their mouths.

But the Kunlun faction was different.

I immediately came to my senses and started organizing things.

“Immense Buddha! Thank you to the helpers who came!”

“I’ll tell Jeong Gwang to greet the helpers, so please be quiet!”

“If you do that, we can spend more time together!”

The commotion stopped like a lie.

Moreover, they even had to line up in an orderly manner following the guidance of the Taoists!

They were Taoists who had experienced something like this countless times in Kunlun.

They busily moved on, leaving the Baekga Merchants in astonishment.

Heo Qing, the great brother of Heo Ja-bae, greeted a woman warmly.

“ah! There was also a film about the head of the Jinok Dragon Guardian Group, Gyeok Imok. “Thank you for your hard work in coming this far.”

“Infinite Buddha. “I apologize for disturbing the Jin people’s purity.”

“haha. “What a hindrance.”

“Now that the True Jade Dragon has appeared in the world, it is natural that great chaos will occur. “He came in spite of his shame in hopes of being of some help in establishing order, so I would appreciate your understanding.”

“You’re welcome. I feel like I have gained a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses. But I don’t think Danju can see you?”

“Danju decided to remain in Kunlun and lend his strength until the True Yulong returns. He said that this was truly for Jinyuryong and that he was repaying Kunlun, who raised him, in some small way.”

“Infinite Buddha. I am deeply grateful to Danju and everyone else for their hearts. “Please take care of me today as well.”

“It’s just something that has to be done. “More than that, your complexion has improved since you came down from the mountain.”

“this. Is it obvious like that? Huh. How do I do this? ha ha ha.”

Branch leaders Heo Cheong and Gyeok Imok, as well as Kunlun Taoists and members of the Jinok Dragon Guardians, burst into laughter everywhere.

Naturally, the atmosphere became friendly, and other groups began to move in an orderly manner under their control and guidance.

But when the concentration appeared, cracks appeared here and there.

“Jinokryong! I have traveled a thousand miles! “Please just say one thing!”

“Please don’t do that! everyone! Everyone, take down that bitch!”


“Oh, no!”

The wife and son who attempted to break in were neutralized by the fierce defense of the True Jade Dragon Guardians.

“It is an honor to meet the true men of the Kunlun Sect! The revival is said to be Hwang Il-bi, the ruler of Waryonggwan, the first military officer in Seonyeong! What came to me today is no different… … .”

“Oh, really! “Mister, why are you so clueless?”

“Don’t cut in line and stand in line! “Oh, quickly!”

“omg! Oh, I understand!”

The influential people of Xinyeong, who tried to form a relationship with the Kunlun faction, were crushed by the murder of numerous women.

‘I knew Eunkong’s reputation was high, but was it this much?’

Baek Jin-hwan and other Baek family members looked at Jeong Gwang’s face again.

Jeong Gwang, who was standing with a trembling face, had no choice but to take a step forward when Heo Cheong pushed him.

“Infinite Buddha. “Are you here?”

When he put his hands together and said those words, I heard an answer that felt like the earth was falling apart.


“hmm. “You’ve come too far.”


Jeong Gwang internally shook his head at the flawless answer.

‘There’s still more to come.’

People kept gathering.

There were also some unusual people approaching, about a hundred warriors who gave off a heavy spirit.

The sharp-eyed middle-aged man in the lead frowned as he looked at the crowded crowd.

When he winked, his subordinates waved their hands and shouted.

“Get out of the way! “It’s urgent!”

“I have come to negotiate with the Baek Family Merchant from the Zhou Family Head! “I’m sorry, but I’ll pass by first!”

“Please cooperate! “Chairman Zhou will never forget your help!”

As more than a hundred warriors shouted with all their might, the hall became completely quiet.

But even for a moment.

The women, who were dumbfounded and speechless for a moment, screamed.

“These are dog bones used for something else!”

“What is the stock market! “Is that a government position?”

“Shut up and wait in line! Ugh, Jin Ok-ryong is surrounded by some strange widowers.”

The warriors who were at a standstill began to gradually become more alive.


The lives of these women were not easy.

“what! What are you going to do if you glare at me? ok?”

“Hit it! Hit it!”

“Oh my. Are you going to kill us all? “Do you think that you can even cut our hearts that protect Jinokryong?”

As the women confronted them without backing down even an inch, a look of embarrassment appeared in the warriors’ eyes.

The middle-aged man in front sighed inwardly.

‘I was completely pushed out.’

At first glance, there were many people in the crowd who were said to be farting in Seonyeong.

‘If it’s up to this point, it’s still worth it, but… … .’

The bigger problem was the women.

Just looking at them, there were many people who were luxuriously decorated, which meant that they did not belong to ordinary families.

Conflicts with powerful people can be resolved by giving up their interests little by little, but not with women.

‘If she gets hurt, her father, brothers, husband, and children will risk their lives. She has to bend here.’

The middle-aged man shouted after receiving permission from someone behind him.

“My name is Zhou Huanxue, a lay disciple of the Communal Sect! I committed rudeness because I was in a hurry! “I apologize to Kanghojehyeon (江湖諸賢). Please accept it without blaming me!”


Among the numerous lay disciples of the communal sect, he is a highly unknown master and a leading member of a powerful and prestigious family master!

Isn’t he a great master whose reputation has spread beyond Gansu Province to nearby provinces?

But to the women, he was just an annoying uninvited guest.

“You’re telling me to kneel because I’m a communist party?”

“Why does the man talk so much?”

“Okay, just stand in line!”

“… … “I understand.”

Zhou Hwanseol suppressed his anger and stood in line with his subordinates.

Meanwhile, the Baek Family Merchants who were watching the situation were in vain.

‘Joo, Joohwanseol? That Naengmyeon Jangeom (冷面殘劍), known as the best expert in joint cooking?’

‘The head of the stock market is so blatant! ‘It seems like only elite warriors were selected because everyone’s spirit is so strict!’

‘iced coffee. What should I do with this? It is clear that this incident will bring more harm than good.’

Even though the Zhu family was a great family, it was not enough to stand up to Kunlun.

Why do they come out so confidently?

Isn’t this saying that they will put the communal faction on their backs and see to the end!

As if to prove it, several monks wearing black uniforms were seen at the rear of the drone.

‘The communist faction is coming in person!’

Baek Jin-hwan became impatient and sent a message to Unhak.

-Jinin! It’s a communal group!

-I know.

-I had no idea that the communist faction would come forward so openly! It has clearly been revealed that they are the ones responsible for this matter, so what should they do?

-First, we have to show sincerity to the helpers who came here.

-… … yes?

Unhak opened his mouth, leaving Baek Jin-hwan just blinking.

His calm voice clearly pierced everyone’s ears.

“Infinite Buddha. “Is it okay if we continue as we have been doing?”

The True Jade Dragon Guard responded in unison to his words whose meaning was unknown.

“Thank you, Jinin! “Please do so!”

“You mean a real person? “I’m just an old man who is not good enough.”

“Immense Buddha!”

“It looks like it will take quite a while since many of our helpers are visiting us. Since it is not the headquarters, I think I will have to cause trouble to the Baekga Sangdan, but I hope the helpers can help.”

“Of course, jinn! “I will!”

The conversation ended like a well-organized Chinese opera.

Unhak spoke to Baek Jin-hwan, who was standing blankly.

“Sobriety. We need a lot of tents. “The helpers will pay the price without regrets, so please prepare.”

“… … yes? yes. All right.”

Under Unhak’s direction, an altar was built and small offerings were made.

At that time, the Baekga Sangdan had brought all the tents they had and pitched them in a large open space. There were so many of them that it was truly spectacular.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

Baek Jin-hwan was absurd even after giving his own instructions.

To him, ‘Wow. Women approached me and said, ‘You must be from a wealthy family.’

Among them, a noble lady wearing cotton yarn held out a silk pouch the size of her fist.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience. “I hope you will accept it as a small gesture of sincerity.”

“What is this… … .”

“I’m embarrassed. please accept this.”

“Well, then… … “Ugh!”

Baek Jin-hwan opened the silk pocket and screamed.

“Hey, these are all gems!”

“I was in a hurry so I could only take so much. “I guess I’ll compensate for today’s trouble by requesting something helpful for the top of my ears sooner or later.”

Baek Jin-hwan opened his mouth wide.

‘Is this all you took because you were in a hurry? What on earth does she do… … .’

At that moment, the wind blew and her cotton yarn was torn back.

‘uh? ‘Seo, really?’

Baek Jin-Hwan’s eyes suddenly bulged.

Isn’t this a woman I saw once?

The words leaked out without him knowing.

“… … W, Mrs. Yeon?”

“oh. Do you know me?”

“… … Oh, I’ve seen you from afar. My wife, the wife of Daein Yeon, the lord of Cheonghae Castle… … .”

At that time, Jeong Gwang’s new form appeared like a ghost.

“omg! Ugh, Eunkong!”

Jeong Gwang did not pay any attention to Baek Jin-hwan and said something to cheer him on.

“aunt. “What are you doing here?”

Baek Jin-hwan’s head turned so hard that it seemed as if his neck would break, and he faced Mrs. Yeon.

She was smiling brightly and spreading her arms.

“For some reason. “I came to see her nephew.”

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