Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 26

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Episode 26

what else can i say

Jaewon Ji shouted, pointing to the sky full of dark clouds.

“sunlight? Haessaaaal? Look! Where can you find something like that?”

“is it? “Then they said my face was shining, so I guess that was it.”

Ji Jae-won, who almost nodded for a moment, managed to keep his composure.


“Oh really. No matter what I say, I don’t believe it. “What should I do?”

“Tell the truth!”

“What do you want to hear?”

“I want you to admit that you harmed the leaders of the country you saw!”

“Do you have any proof?”


Ji Jae-won, tired of the endless arguing, screamed.

Why are there all these guys!

What kind of unreasonable behavior would a disciple of a prestigious political sect make?


I suddenly felt cold.

This guy has a deep heart!

Don’t get caught up and come to your senses!

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and my mind calmed down.

‘okay. Let’s calm down. If I keep going like this, I will win in the end.’

Ji Jae-won opens his eyes and is about to start his next attack.


Isn’t the concentrate just around the corner?

Startled, he reflexively struck Jeong Gwang in the chest.



Ji Jae-won grabbed the hand that had hit Jeong-gwang and started hopping.

My soooooon!

As expected, cilantro is different!

But wait a minute.

It’s not a puck, it’s a tuong?

Unlike Ji Jae-won, who was shocked, Jeong Gwang was satisfied.

‘The lizard underwear looks pretty good.’

It was referring to a robe made from the scales of a hornless snake.

If the original owner heard it, he would have been scolded, but that was the name Jeong Gwang gave it anyway.

‘It would be better to just get hit instead of bothering to avoid most people’s attacks.’

To Jeong-gwang, Ji Jae-won’s task was like a cat’s paw, but the lizard underwear blocked even that perfectly.

by the way.


Jeong Gwang belatedly screamed.

With an expression that doesn’t hurt at all.

While everyone was staring blankly, Jeong Gwang and Heo Yeo-min’s gaze collided.

Heo Yeo-min, who understood the situation, quickly adjusted the rhythm.

“The leader of the State of Zhou Yanpao secretly attacked Jin Yulong, a disciple of the Great Kunlun Sect!”

All the blood drained from the faces of Ji Jae-won and Joo Joon’s representatives.

Holding a grudge against your old friend is like suicide!

Kangho’s famous sayings came to mind.

‘Gupileilbang, taking revenge for generations!’

‘Gupileilbang with revenge until it’s done!’

It wasn’t something that would be passed down from generation to generation or take a long time.

How many organizations in the current world can withstand the revenge of just one faction among the old factions?

No, Jin Ok-ryong was able to end Juyeon Pyo-guk with a yawn alone.

Jin Ok-ryong was planning to do just that.

“nurse. “Can I erase everything now?”

Ji Jae-won’s complexion turned white.

“That’s troublesome, Eun-gong. Even the Jin people will hate it.”

Ji Jae-won’s face turned red.

“Oh really. whatever.”

Ji Jae-won’s complexion turned white, then red, and then back and forth… … .

“Eun-gong. “I think it would be appropriate to just touch the bones.”

… … Heo Yeo-min’s words eventually left him black and dead.

‘What a vicious bitch!’

Does that make any sense in broad daylight?

Jeong Gwang also grumbled.

“iced coffee. “What is so complicated?”

Contrary to his words, his hands were simple.


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Grasp, split, and break.

This was it.


A scream rang out in the sky of Cheonghae Castle for a long time.


Heo Yeo-min praised Jeong-gwang all the way from the castle to Baekga Sangdan.

“It’s truly amazing that you came up with such a clever trick in such a short moment! “Now the cause is ours!”

“nurse. “I’m sick of it, so stop.”

“Ahahaha! “But it’s still true!”

Is self-harm blackmail really that big of a deal?

Jeong Gwang recalled his past life.

It was a technique I learned naturally when I was young, defeating those who attacked me a lot.

It was something that only a third-rate Sapa could use, but one effect was outstanding.

‘If you look closely, there is a place where the devil, the righteous, and the evil are all connected.’

While Jeong Gwang was lost in useless enlightenment, Baek Seung-mu was experiencing extreme confusion.

‘Ugh. ‘Let’s summarize it again.’

First, her mother is the famous Jinokryong’s nanny.

Second, Jin Ok-ryong was handsome and strong enough to be worthy of his great reputation.

Third, isn’t what you’re doing no different from black sword fighting?

Four, and what’s more, his mother, who is full of courage, praises him like that!

‘I just can’t understand!’

He deserved it.

The fourth one was even more so.


For Heo Yeo-min, it was natural.

Whatever the method, how can you not praise the benefactor who saved your child’s life?

Plus, it was a concentrate!

I couldn’t help but be filled with gratitude as I finished the job without killing a single person.

They met the Baekryongdae who rushed to rescue them a long time ago and returned proudly to the Baekga Sangdan.

Leading prisoners with broken arms.

“How on earth is this happening?”

When Baek Jin-hwan and the Kunlun monks arrived, there was chaos.

When they heard what had happened so far, they were angry and praised.

In a slightly different direction.

“They are attacking us! I will not forgive you! And Seungmu! You threw yourself away to save your family? “It’s really great!”

“To attack the innocent Baekga Sangdan with such petty tactics! They are truly unforgivable! And Jeong Gwang-ah! You didn’t kill a single person by using the same petty trick? “It’s petty, but it’s really great!”

Anyway, it was a good thing.

“Thanks to the consultation provided by our predecessors, our association overcame a major crisis. “Thank you very much.”

“Infinite Buddha. He simply did what he had to do as a member of the political party. “Don’t take it to heart.”

After a heart-warming conversation, the Kunlun faction requested a meeting.

After confirming that Baek Jin-hwan’s words were all true, not only from the merchants but also from the people around him, the Kunlun faction decided to actively participate in this matter.

Of course, Baekga Sangdan welcomed it with open arms.

“Jeong Gwang-ah. “What did the person you captured who was the leader of the Juryeonpyo country say?”

“I heard that they were trying to get the Baek Family Merchants to fight and drag them out before we could help them.”


“After they surrendered, they planned to take their wealth and disperse as compensation.”

“Couldn’t that be a lie? ah! “I made a mistake.”

They were the ones who suffered the pain of having the bones in both arms shattered by the concentrate.

Even if you just practice under Jeong Gwang’s control, you will experience the pain of hell, and even though you made up your mind and put in the effort, you still lie?

If that were possible… … .

‘That’s not a person.’

The old monks muttered their thoughts.

“You’re saying that you create a justification and attack the enemy before they have helpers.”

“It is the most effective way to determine right and wrong in a powerhouse.”

“But not anymore.”

Since the leader of Juyeonpyo State had secretly ambushed Jeong Gwang, a disciple of the Kunlun faction, it was natural for Kunlun to intervene.

Juyeonbiaoguo had to deal with the Baekjia Sangdan and the Kunlun Sect at the same time.

“It was a stone made to hit Baekga Sangdan.”

Baek Jin-hwan responded to Unhak’s words in a bitter voice.

“If that happens, we will be dealt a blow from which we cannot recover, so merchants coming in and out of the western region will use the original Gansu Castle road.”

“Infinite Buddha. Baek Danju, what do you plan to do now?”

“I want to hear Jinin’s opinion.”

“Huh. There is no true man here. Anyway, let me tell you what the old man thinks. “Why don’t you play Juyeon Pyo-guk first?”

“… … Joo Joon-pyo is Chairman Joo’s place of business. Are you okay with that?”

“Let me ask you one thing. “Are the communal factions also involved in this?”

The atmosphere in the room calmed down.

After hesitating for a moment, Baek Jin-hwan answered quietly.

“That is very likely.”

“Infinite Buddha… … .”

Unhak quietly closed his eyes.

Everyone waited silently.

After a while, Unhak opened his eyes and slowly opened his mouth.

“Before coming down to Kunlun, Jang Mun-in said this. Do not try to exalt the name of the text. “Do whatever is right.”

“… … .”

Baek Jin-hwan laughed bitterly inwardly.

‘Doesn’t ‘not trying to raise your name’ mean not to get involved in useless arguments? Acting in accordance with morality means responding positively and in accordance with the current trend. okay. ‘It has to be that way.’

Even Kunlun must have a line to follow.

It was clear that the line would end at Juyeonpyo.

‘Even if this time passes safely, the communal faction and the stock market leader will not back down. ‘What should I do about this?’

His deep worries were broken by Unhak’s next words.

“We will follow what Jang Mun-in says. “I will not do anything for gain in order to raise the name of the text, and I will carry out my original duty in accordance with the law.”

“… … “That’s what you said!”

Unhak turned his gaze from Baek Jin-hwan and looked at the Kunlun disciples.

“If anyone disagrees with what I say, please raise your hand.”

Everyone answered with a smile.

“Of course not.”

Unhak nodded and then looked at the people at Baekga Sangdan again.

Baek Jin-hwan, Heo Yeo-min, and Baek Seung-moo were filled with tears with their faces filled with emotion.

Unhak drove a wedge into them.

“We will fight together with the Baekga Sangdan until the end.”


Baek Seung-mu once again recalled the words he had already repeated dozens of times.

‘We will follow Jang Mun-in’s words. I will not do anything for gain in order to raise the name of the text, and I will carry out my original duty in accordance with the law.’

Every time I repeated it, my heart swelled.

The spirit of the Daehyup he dreamed of was fully reflected in these words.

‘Not just talk, but take action. Kunlun Sect is truly a place worthy of the name Nine Sects.’

It’s such a contrast to the communal faction.

Baek Seung-mu became completely intoxicated with Kunlun.

He also wanted to be a part of it.

‘But Kunlun is not accepting lay disciples…’ … .’

He looked around at those around him.

The situation is that we are divided into groups and stand guard in preparation for an enemy night attack.

Baek Seung-moo’s group included Heo Yeo-min, Jeong Gwang, and Heo Jik.

After hesitating, he asked Jeong Gwang, who seemed at ease.

“Eun-gong. “Can I ask you one thing?”

“What is it?”

“I understand that Kunlun is not accepting lay disciples.”


“There are no plans to change that policy?”

“I don’t know anything complicated like that. “Ask Sasuk.”

Baek Seung-moo looked at Heo Jik.

Perhaps because he heard what we had just said, his expression seemed harsher than usual.

“I… … stamp. “Can I ask you one thing?”

“It doesn’t work.”

“… … “Can you tell me why it doesn’t work?”

“That doesn’t work either.”

Baek Seung-moo’s shoulders slumped due to his iron-clad defense.

Then Heo Yeo-min, who had been listening earlier, raised her eyebrows.

She pressed her face close to Heojik and questioned him sharply.

“What on earth are you doing!”

“Well, what are you doing?” … .”

“I know it won’t work! And I know why! But do you really have to say it that way? “Why are you so grumpy!”

“I-I…” … .”

“ha. That’s it. I’d rather complain about a piece of wood. “Seungmu, don’t talk to a pseudo-guru like that.”

“Why am I a pseudo… … .”

“Oh, it’s so noisy! “Go away!”


Baek Seung-moo was caught off guard by Heo Yeo-min’s outrageous verbal abuse.

‘Uh, why did my mother suddenly ask me? She’s in big trouble! How can you be so rude to Heo Jik Dojang, a leading figure in Kunlun! This is going to be a huge storm!’

Contrary to his despairing expectations, Heo Jik slumped his shoulders and began to leave.

‘Why on earth?’

Baek Seung-moo, whose soul was half gone, was clutching his head and thinking, but Heo Jik’s steps as he was leaving stopped.

A very small voice came out of his mouth.

“… … Yeomin. sorry.”

“It’s noisy! It was like that in Kunlun nineteen years ago, so what? Don’t ever talk to me again, brother! what? Aren’t you going? Oh really. Just pop it!”

When Heo Yeo-min pulled out the sword, Heo Jik disappeared at the speed of light.

Thanks to this, Baek Seung-moo realized.



The secret has been revealed!

Baek Seung-moo, who was very excited, asked Heo Yeo-min.

“mother! “Was Dojik Heojik my maternal uncle?”

“You were noisy too!”


Heo Yeo-min left the place wheezing.

Baek Seung-moo, who was left alone with Jeong-gwang, could not hold back and opened his mouth.

“Did Eun-gong also know?”


“… … But you don’t seem that surprised?”

“Should I be surprised?”

“no. That’s not it… … .”

Seungmoo Baek was impressed.

Such immobility!

Isn’t cilantro really different even if it is different?

In fact, Jeong Gwang was just not interested in such human relationships.

His interest lay elsewhere.

“Do you want to become a Kunlun disciple?”

“Yes, that’s right. “Is there any way?”

“There is.”

“What is it?”

As Jeong Gwang continued speaking, Baek Seung-moo’s face, which had been filled with joy, distorted.

“Become a Taoist monk. He becomes a Jinsan disciple (眞山弟子), not a lay disciple.”

“Well, that’s a bit…” … .”


“that… … Tao, if you become a Taoist… … I can’t drink alcohol or eat meat… … Well, nothing with women… … .”

Baek Seung-moo himself said it was pathetic, but he couldn’t tell a lie, right?

He was a man whose blood boiled!

“Is that the problem?”

Baek Seungmu shrank his neck.

For an unmanned person to dwell on such trivial things, are you really a person with a mind or without one?

I knew what he was going to say would burst out of Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

“What else can I say?”

Jin Ok-ryong, the rising star of the martial arts world, was different in some ways.

“You can do it secretly.”

martial arts,

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