Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 104

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Episode 104


Samho knelt before the fear he could not resist.

‘Is it really true that he is a Taoist from the Kunlun Sect?’

Probably not.

Although I knew little about Taoism, I knew very well that a normal Taoist would not show such eyes.

‘I can’t believe there is such a demon in the world!’

He forced his mouth open, unable to move in fear.

“Ugh. Oh, I’ll keep quiet about today. “What else can I do?”

The desire to live disappeared in an instant.

Jeong Gwang, who had nothing in particular in mind, answered roughly.

“Think about it with your master.”

“… … ?”

“How much will your lives be worth?”

“… … !”

Samho had no choice but to agree.

It had to be done not only for the safety of the master and to improve his martial arts skills, but also to save his life.

“… … I understand. then… … .”

Jeong Gwang called Samho, who was about to disappear.

“one more. “Would you like to tell this to Heukseo?”

“… … “What do you mean?”

Jeong Gwang’s voice became cold.

“The Queen of Revolution ordered it. “I ask you to imagine what would happen if you run away or what you have prepared is not successful.”

Samho could not understand the gravity of these words.

Still, I had a strange feeling, so I answered that I would definitely tell it.

Jeong Gwang then raised his finger and pointed to one side.

“Would you mind dropping that off at my dorm on the way out?”

“… … “You mean the bundle?”

It was like that.

It was a bundle full of vouchers and gold wrap that Jeong Gwang had packed earlier.

He asked Samho, who was confused, to take it easy.

“You have to unfold the Transparent Dark Soul Magic Ball and place it secretly. Understand?”

* * *

Returning to the Paeng house, Jeong Gwang headed to Paeng Kang-hwi’s pavilion.

The Crown Prince and several people were waiting there.

They were all people who were staying at Peng Kang-hwi’s residence.

Hwang Tae-son asked as representative.

“Where on earth have you been?”

“You said you ate too much and needed to digest it.”

“I’m trying to digest the fire, but why are my clothes like that…” … ah!”

Hwang Tae-sun’s eyes widened slightly.

It was because of the scales of the faceless dragon that were visible through Jeong Gwang’s torn clothes.

“… … “Let’s go in for a moment.”

Jeong Gwang followed Hwang Tae-son into the room.

As soon as Emperor Taesun sat down, he pointed to the scales of the shapeless dragon and asked.

“Why are you wearing that?”

“Lizard underwear?”

“… … Huh. Wearing the Iron Blood Warriors Armor, a treasure of the past, in lizard underwear… … .”

Hwang Tae-son made an absurd expression.

It was the same with Jeong Gwang.

‘It’s an old-fashioned name that the owner of the iron blood vessel said.’

After thinking about it for a moment, I figured out why.

‘Knowing this… … .’

In the past, Jeong Gwang gave two tails of the Mugak Death Dragon to Baekga Sangdanju and his wife.

They sent it to Cheolhyeoljang and made two sets of robes, one of which Jeong Gwang was wearing.

The other one was said to have been given as a bribe to an influential person in the government… … .

‘Was it not a coffin but an imperial palace? I gave it to the coffin, but he may have presented it to the imperial family.’

Jeong Gwang asked Hwang Tae-son.

“Are you wearing the same thing?”

“… … no.”

“hmm. Then, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and His Majesty the Emperor are wearing them.”

“… … !”

Hwang Tae-son, who had been silent in shock, laughed bitterly.

“There are no secrets in front of you.”

“Iknow, right.”

“ha ha ha. “Are you the one who caught the legendary two-legged dragon?”

“What is the legend? “It’s just a lizard.”

Hwang Tae-son, who was looking at the concentrate with an admiring face, spoke softly.


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“Would you mind keeping the other suit a secret? “It’s nothing more than a request.”

Isn’t this a request to keep secret about who is wearing it for the safety of the royal family?

They say the imperial palace is a battle of fortunes, and I guess that’s true.

Jeong Gwang, who was clicking his tongue inwardly, nodded.

“Sure, whatever. “It’s not that difficult.”

“haha. “Thank you.”

“But aren’t you believing it too easily?”

Hwang Taeson shrugged his shoulders.

“Jin Yuryong made a promise, so what should I believe?”

Jeong Gwang whistled softly.

“You know how to move people’s hearts.”

“Do you feel like coming to me now?”

“Not to that extent.”

“this. “You were too hasty.”

Hwang Tae-son, who was taking a sip of his food, had a serious expression on his face.

“Tell me slowly.”


“Who did you fight with? “You have won, and the danger is now gone?”

Jeong Gwang stared at him.

It was because he was too smart.

‘It will buy a lot of time. I wonder if I can live long like this.’

I slowly turned my gaze and saw Hwang Tae-son’s shadow.

When I returned first and saw Sam-ho hiding there, I felt confident that he would not die.

‘The Bukcheonhoga guys are better at sneak attacks and escorts than fighting, so it might be okay.’

Now that I think about it, there was something I needed to check with Samho.

-Did you speak well to Hwang Tae-son?

-… … Of course. I told you that he chased after you diligently, but could not even find your traces.

-good job. But you don’t do it because you’re a useless person?

-… … .

-It’s a compliment first.

-… … Thank you.

-With something like that.

Jeong Gwang turned his head and looked at Hwang Tae-son.



“It just passes by.”

“… … !”

Unlike Hwang Tae-son, who looked dumbfounded, Jeong Gwang was calm.

“It’s true that you are safe. “To the point where you can play more.”

“Hmm… … .”

Hwang Tae-son stared at Jeong-gwang silently and then opened his mouth.

“I guess it’s Moorim’s job.”


“Even though they say martial arts and government are not involved, there are some things that cannot be ignored.”

“That’s right.”

“But let’s just pass by?”

“Isn’t that too much?”

As Jeong Gwang scratched his head and mumbled, Hwang Tae-son chuckled.

‘If you push harder, you’ll run away. There’s no way I can catch it. ‘What is it?’

Judging from the rumors and experiences about Jeonggwang, it was clear that the people he was dealing with were no longer from this world.

‘It is a Jinokryong that even the deputy commander cannot measure the realm of. If you see his clothes like that, it means he’s not an ordinary enemy… … .’

I couldn’t pretend not to know those who dared to target the royal family’s enemies, but even if I wanted to know, it wasn’t something I would tell about.

‘It’s not just the external enemy.’

It reminded me of Paeng Kang-woong, who fainted after drinking the alcohol he poured for him at a banquet.

‘Is he also involved?’

If so, it was a bad thing.

It was the same for Pangmanso, who thought like a master, and for himself as well.

The Paeng family was a family that could provide his strength.

The reason I came to Panga was not just to meet Panpanso.

At that time, Jeong Gwang spoke as if reading his mind.

“There is no such thing as an internal enemy, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“… … .”

Does that mean it wasn’t there before, or isn’t there anymore?

Whatever it was, there was no way Jeong Gwang would lie.

If the Crown Prince gets hurt, the person who was with him will also be angry.

‘I came here to create a good relationship, so there’s no need to ruin it.’

Peng Kangxiong, the grand duke of the Hebei Peng family, was ambitious and capable.

In short, he was a useful person.

Just like some of the people I’ve built relationships with, I just need to treat it with a little care.

‘for a moment. Now that I think about it, it’s an opportunity.’

Even if he steps down this time, shouldn’t he accept the agreement?

Hwang Tae-son muttered with a calm expression.

“Hmm. Even if the danger is gone, I have to go back quickly just in case.”

“That would be better.”

“good. Let’s do it this way.”


“Whoever targeted me is already in the past. “Isn’t the future important?”

Jeonggwang had a bad feeling.

And unfortunately, his premonition was not wrong.

“I will forget the past, so come visit me within a year.”


When Jeong Gwang was surprised, Hwang Tae-son smiled happily.

“And let’s say we stay for seven days and nights and have a drink.”

A very cheap expression for a royal family.

But paradoxically, it was because of that that I could feel his distribution.

So Jeong Gwang was able to nod his head happily.

“Sure, whatever. “I’ll be a guest, so I don’t have to pay for drinks, right?”

* * *

Jeong Gwang agreed and left the room.

It wasn’t a bad thing for him either.

Anyway, I wanted to see the imperial palace at least once.

‘If you persistently try to pull him in, he runs away.’

Peng Kang-hwi, who was waiting for him, tried to talk to him, but Peng Man-so was quick.

“You two, let’s talk.”

“and. “It’s popular today.”

The two entered the room where Jeong Gwang was staying.

“What happened?”

Jeong Gwang’s answer was the same as before.

“It just passes by.”

The bulge was not accepted.

Jeong Gwang had to talk at least roughly.

“The Archduke was under a spell.”

“… … !”

“I deleted it.”

“… … .”

“That’s enough now, right?”

“… … “Would it be okay if it were you?”


Panmanso sighed softly and asked.

“How did you know something like that would happen? How did you know that Kang Woong was under the spell? They are strong enough to tear your clothes off. Who are they? Where are you… … “I guess you already killed him.”

“wow. Now I see you talk a lot.”

“It has to be that way in a situation like this. Please answer quickly.”

Jeong Gwang had no intention of answering.

‘If I tell you, they will immediately start an all-out war with Sima Lian, so why should I?’

The Murim Alliance was enough to fight Sima Lian.

The entire Paeng family should not have stepped forward.


No matter how hard you try, you will incur huge losses.

‘No, it might go down completely.’

If that happens, you won’t be able to receive a single penny of Paeng Subin’s tuition.

That much had to be avoided.

‘Besides, I might get caught using magic tricks.’

No one, including Sima Lian and Peng Ji, should know.

‘What Samho… … No, it doesn’t matter because Eungsam has a way to control that guy.’

Pan Manso narrowed his eyes while waiting for Jeong Gwang to speak.

“… … “I don’t want to say anything.”


“… … The reason is?”

“Because we solved it. “There is something more important than that.”

“… … “Tell me.”

“There is an archduke. “You’re awake, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m probably a little out of my mind.”

“… … It certainly is. “He seemed lost, as if he was deeply disappointed by something.”

Jeong Gwang snapped his fingers as if he was right.

“I mean. “If we leave it as is, it may become a waste.”

“… … A lung, a lung person?”

Is it something that can’t be helped?

Panmanso’s expression changed noticeably.

In comparison, Jeong Gwang’s tone was still calm.

“So, can you please send me to my room? “I’ll fix it for you.”

Pang Manso looked at Jeong Guang with a complicated face.

“I’m thinking of moving on like this.”

“I learned more appropriate expressions from His Majesty Hwang Tae-son. “It’s a slap.”

“… … “Isn’t that what it is?”

Panmanso, who was thinking about it, nodded.

“I’m going to meet Kang Woong first.”

He had a lot to ask his grandson.

* * *

Jeong Gwang was very busy.

When Peng Man-so left, he called Baek Seung-moo and Zhao into the room.

They made a fuss as soon as they came in.

“execution! “What kind of master did you fight with that made your clothes look like that?”

“I can’t believe it. How many people in the world could inflict such harm on the True Jade Dragon… … .”

Zheng Guang coolly cut off Zhao’s chat.

Then, Samho took out the bundle he had stuffed under the bed.

When I unwrapped it, it came out full of gold and silver treasures.

“Let’s sort this out together.”

“… … execution! Where did you turn again?”

“… … If it’s this much, it’s probably… … .”

“stop. stop. “If you tell me more, I will train you.”

Seungmoo Baek and Zhao began to organize in silence.

Because he had experience with it, his movements were very fast.

It wasn’t long before things were sorted out.

“Priests. “Approximately how much is it?”

Seungmoo Baek said the approximate amount.

Jeong Gwang frowned slightly.

“I think it’s too little.”

“… … execution. “This amount is by no means small.”

“is it?”

I guess my senses have become dull because I brushed it so much.

Jeong Gwang told Baek Seung-mu to keep it safe and then stood up.

Baek Seung-moo, who was hesitant, could not contain his curiosity and asked.

“I… … execution.”


“The one worn on your wrist. “Isn’t it Danju (短珠)?”

“Oh, this? Strange?”

It was talking about half Buddha.

As Jeong Gwang passed Danju’s beads one by one with his fingers, it looked even more strange.

Isn’t the image of a ghost and a Buddha alternately engraved on each bead?

Seungmoo Baek said in bewilderment.

“It looks like it, but a Taoist wears a danju that only monks do. “Taesangno might be angry.”

Although it was serious advice, Jeong Gwang’s reaction was different.

“The priest’s path is too shallow.”

“… … yes?”

“Taesangno is not such a petty person.”

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