Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 105

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Episode 105

Those herbs and that rice

‘Taesangno is not such a petty person?’

Baek Seung-mu was dumbfounded by Jeong Gwang’s words.

“… … execution. Still, it’s a bit… … .”

“this. “Priests don’t make good Taoist monks.”

“… … yes?”

Beyond wrong, Jeong Gwang, the greatest demon, discussed the way.

“Why do you bother to separate Taoism and Buddhism? “When have you ever seen the grassroots argue about something like that?”

“… … doesn’t exist.”

It certainly was.

They were ordinary people living a hard life every day. They didn’t care whether it was Taesangnogun or Buddha, as long as they could give them health, longevity, and good fortune.

Because he wanted to get it from everyone, he believed in both.

That’s correct. Wouldn’t it be more likely that you’ll get it if you trust both sides rather than just one side?

Jeong Gwang, who pointed out that point, spoke as if a true man were preaching the Way.

“Both the Immortal Buddha that Taoist monks mutter about and the Amitabha Buddha that monks talk about, both contain the word ‘Buddha.’ That’s how close the two sides are. “The abstinence from meat, alcohol, and women is the same.”

Taoism was a religion that followed the Tao (道) without being bound by images. Therefore, there were quite a few parts borrowed from Buddhism.

The Taoist name Muryangsubul was one of them, but here, ‘Buddha’ did not refer to Buddha, but to Taesangnogun.

Baek Seung-moo had no choice but to acknowledge at least part of what Jeong Gwang said.

“That’s true, but… … “It’s still different, isn’t it?”

“Buddha or Taesangnogun, those herbs and that rice, why do they care so much?”


Baek Seung-mu shouted in shock, but Jeong Gwang calmly asked back.


“… … I’m afraid that others will hear. “How can you use such profane expressions?”

“Where is Nam here? “There are only us.”

Gwang Jeong, Seungmoo Baek, and Zhao.

It certainly was.

“… … sorry. Sober, just kick it.”

“of course.”

Jeong Gwang, who was stroking the half-bulb with a happy face, shook his head.

“this. “This isn’t what’s important right now.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang spoke to Baek Seung-moo and Zhao, who were confused.

“We’ll be leaving soon, so pack your bags.”

“… … “Suddenly like this?”

“… … “Where are you going?”

Jeong Gwang grinned as he looked at the two embarrassed people.

“I got everything I needed, now I have to go have fun. “Where would be better?”

* * *

Not only Seungmoo Baek, but surprisingly, there were many places that Zhao also wanted to visit.

After being taken aback for a moment, they mentioned numerous place names and an intense discussion took place.

Quite a bit of time has passed.

In the end, the next destination was decided by Jeong Gwang’s unilateral decision.

“It should have been like this a long time ago. “I just wasted my time.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“Priest, go ahead and get ready. Zhao too.”

“… … Yes, death penalty.”

“… … I understand, Jinokryong.”

The two left the room with sullen faces.

Jeong Gwang, who was left alone, took off his torn police uniform and put on his uniform.

It was a luxurious uniform that had become a symbol of Kunlun.

‘Haaa. Is this really right?’

I wore this because I only had this right now, but it was so comfortable.

‘It might be natural since I lived wearing only a uniform for nearly twenty years after my reincarnation.’

After checking his clothes, Jeong Gwang packed his bags.

Baek Seung-moo and Zhao had to pay for everything, so there was nothing worth taking care of.

At that time, there was a knock on the door.

“Elder, please put it in.”

Panpanso opened the door, pushed his grandson into the room, and then closed the door again.

“Tsk tsk. “You were mesmerized.”

Jeong Gwang approached Peng Kang-woong, who was standing with empty eyes.

And then he tripped and fell.


Paeng Kang-woong, who had been falling to his sleep with a soft groan, did not fall down when Jeong Gwang played with his hand, but instead sat cross-legged.

Jeong Gwang placed his hand on the Baekhoehyeol (百匯穴) on the top of Paeng Gangwoong’s head and cheered.



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The pure inner strength seeped into Peng Kangwoong’s Baekhoehyeol.

It began to fill the space left empty by the disappearance of the morale in Peng Kang-woong’s mind.

Soon, the inner energy that had completely filled the space solidified in that state.

Then, Peng Kang-woong’s empty eyes returned to their original state.

“Grand Duke, can you come to your senses?”

Peng Kang-woong looked at Jeong-gwang for a while and sighed deeply.

“Whoa. I could hear, but now I can talk. Hey Jin Yuryong, what kind of trick is this?”

“what? “How did you know?”

“I heard it from my grandfather earlier. “Looking at that rude tone and Kunlun’s attire, it’s clear.”

“Oh really. I haven’t seen you like that, but you really speak lightly. “Spread it everywhere.”

“… … It’s not your fault, Grandpa. “You had to explain what happened to me.”

“I guess so.”

Peng Gangwoong looked at Jeong Gwang, who shook his head, with complicated eyes.

“… … “Have I been under a hex?”


“… … “You broke the spell?”

“yes. How much do you remember?”

“… … Until I drank the drink you poured for me.”

Peng Kang-woong took a deep sigh and continued speaking.

“… … And I had a dream. Something familiar seemed to be trying to swallow me. I couldn’t even think of rejecting it. “It felt like something natural was happening.”

It was talking about Sang So-un’s essential information.

It must have been inevitable because it was a magic trick that controlled the evil mind techniques that Peng Kang-woong had mastered.

“Just before being swallowed by it, something horrifyingly strange appeared and confronted it. “I could only watch.”

It was said that Yeok Cheon-gyeong appeared and fought with the Yogi of Sang So-un.

“I didn’t know why, but I was scared. It felt like I would disappear in the aftermath of that fight. however… … .”

Peng Gangung’s eyes sank deeply.

“… … Should I say that it is very white and yet black? Something so amazing that it cannot even be described has entered the fray. The second one got out of the way on its own, but the first one didn’t back down and fought. But I was no match. “The last one won.”

Peng Kang-woong’s deeply sunken eyes sparkled slightly.

“Was that you, the Jinokryong?”


“… … haha. ha ha ha.”

Peng Kang-woong, who was laughing helplessly, continued speaking.

“That’s all I remember. “When I came to, I was in my room.”

Jeong Gwang clapped his hands and muttered.

“You woke up properly without any side effects. “You were lucky.”

Peng Kang-woong didn’t even have the strength to get angry.

Because the feeling of loss was too great.

“… … But here’s the thing. The energy of Sang-Sang-Jeon (上丹田), which had been cultivated through the method of ignorance, had disappeared. Was that the seed of the hex? Am I the one who raised it myself and fell into it?”

“that’s right. Was that the name of the practice? “Even the name is lame.”

“… … “It was something very precious to me.”

“Why are you so disappointed? “It’s just a hex.”

“… … Grandfather told me what you said. “You said I would become a ruiner, right?”

“yes. “It still looks like that now.”

“… … okay. Maybe so. “No, I won’t.”

Peng Kang-woong was in deep disappointment.

This was because he had fallen behind and had lost the power that had allowed him to move forward.

‘Besides, it was a hex.’

It was a situation where the Crown Prince was a short distance away. Why did the witchcraft activate at that time? He was afraid to even imagine what he would have done if it had not been for Jeong Gwang.

At the same time, anger towards myself arose.

‘You stupid bastard! ‘What on earth have you done!’

He almost destroyed the family in which he was born and raised, the family he so desperately wanted to own.

I had no idea what to do next or how to view my family and friends.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching Peng Kang-woong suffering like this, gently comforted him.

“cheer up. “No one knows the details.”

“… … What does it mean?”

“Sangseon Yaksu (上善若水) means rich and poor. “If you just go with the flow, nothing will happen.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang calmly explained to Peng Kang-woong, who looked dumbfounded.

“The only people who know even a little bit about what happened are the elderly. “Others may have suspicions, but they won’t be suspicious, right?”

“… … As you said, doesn’t your grandfather know? I learned the method of ignorance even though I knew it was not normal. “I don’t have the courage to raise my head.”

“The old man is fine.”

“… … ?”

“Grand Duke. I didn’t do this on purpose. Right?”

“of course.”

“Think about what happened to you.”

“What are you talking about?”

Jeong Gwang said no.

‘ah. This was a secret.’

But what does it matter?

Panmanso was also revealed the day he lied about Jeong Gwang’s identity.

‘Even if I do this, I will lose money.’

Jeong Gwang told Peng Kang-woong about Pang Man-so and Hwang Tae-son.

“… … I understand? Even though it wasn’t his will, he ended up betraying Emperor Taeson. But did you blame the old man? “I heard it wasn’t.”

“… … .”

“I don’t think you would blame the Grand Duke either.”

“… … .”

“You’re probably worried, aren’t you? “I am afraid that the Archduke will spend his life consumed with self-destruction like the old man did due to a mistake he made without realizing it.”

“… … .”

“So, train harder and do your best in your family’s affairs. Then, you will be able to increase your martial arts skills and even take over the position of head of the family. Even the elderly will like it.”

“… … .”

Although the words were just thrown around, they were deeply embedded in Paeng Kang-woong’s heart.

“what? “Are you crying?”

“… … Nope. “I just got dust in my eye.”

“Did a huge piece of dust get into both eyes at the same time? that’s interesting.”

Peng Kang-woong covered his face with his sleeve.

A moment later, when he lowered his arms, his face revealed that not only had the tears stopped, but he was also showing a bit of calmness.

His voice was the same too.

“I have misunderstood you all along. I’m sorry. And thank you.”

“It’s a bit… … .”

Peng Kang-ung looked with a straight face.

“I am so inadequate right now. “I will repay you by becoming a bigger person.”

He was a man with strong pride.

It means that he does not forget grudges, but knows how to repay kindness properly.

“As expected, Panga. “You said it was rice with those herbs, so you are a nobleman.”

If it were Peng Kang-woong in the past, he would have been angry, but not now.

After experiencing it properly, I learned that it is something of a compliment.

“Thank you.”

“uh? You are more obedient than I thought. Then we need to step up.”

“… … “What do you mean?”

“You have to grow bigger to be able to give more.”

Jeong Gwang stood up and performed gymnastics techniques.

That was what he spread throughout the Murim Alliance.

“Do you know what it is?”

“It’s popular in the Murim Alliance.”

“do your best. “To train the energy planted in the Grand Duke’s upper chamber.”

Peng Gangung’s eyes widened.

“… … What did you say just now? “Sangdanjeon?”


“You planted the energy in my top tier, and if you practice that gymnastics technique, you can activate it?”

“After hearing everything, why are you asking again?”

Peng Gangung was astonished.

‘This is the first time I’ve heard of planting energy in the upper tier, but you can train the upper tier with just gymnastics?’

Jeong Gwang spoke as if reading his thoughts.

“It is said that when you open the Sangdanjeon, your heart and energy become unified through the sky and spirit, and you become one with nature.”

“… … That’s right. “It is the state of Shinhwa-gyeong (神化境) as spoken of in martial arts, and the state of fable-like deungseon (羽化登仙) as spoken of in Taoism.”

“But that’s not true.”

“… … “What?”

Unhu, the founder of Jeonggwang, almost became a fable with his enlightenment alone.

Jeong Gwang, who was the best expert in the world in his previous life, trained his upper sword to the extreme, but it never fully opened.

‘I didn’t even want to do that.’

The words are like myths and fables, but aren’t they going to pass away in an instant?

‘This is something you have to experience to know, so let’s explain it briefly.’

It was a customized explanation.

“Anyway, if you train your upper body, your concentration will increase and your will will become stronger.”

“… … “Will it prevent me from falling into witchcraft?”

“yes. “If you learn it properly.”

It was Peng Kang-woong who knew that everyone in the Murim League was doing this, but he did not even pay attention to it out of pride.

‘But you can train to the upper level with that… … .’

It was said that it was possible because Jeong Gwang planted energy in his upper chamber.

As his gratitude grew, his pride also increased.

‘Do you think I can’t do it even though I received this much? I will definitely achieve something and repay you.’

Peng Kang-woong spoke emphatically.

“good. “Be sure to cook it properly.”

“yes. So pay back properly.”

“… … I understand. But I have two more things to ask… … .”


A fire lit up in Peng Kang-woong’s eyes.

“Who played a trick on me?”


“There are not many organizations that can make people learn such a simple way of thinking by pretending it was a coincidence. “Grandpa and I are roughly guessing.”

“You know that in order to beat an opponent just by guessing, you have to have overwhelming power over them, right?”

“… … Those are painful words. I’ll ask you the next question. “How did you come to my hometown knowing that something like this would happen?”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“I will answer you if you have overwhelming power over me.”

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