Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 1

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Episode 1

Where is this place where people live?

Yunhua Peak of Kunlun Mountain reaches so high it nearly brushes the clouds.

An elderly Taoist monk gracefully danced with a sword.

His swordsmanship resembled the majesty of the mountains, while his footwork flowed like the gentle drift of clouds.

It was a sight that spoke of timeless seasons, captivating to any onlooker.


The old monk, pleased with what he beheld, cast his gaze downward to the newborn child cradled in his arms.

“””Do you see? This is Kunlun,”” he declared, his voice tinged with pride, for this was the Kunlun School, a revered sect in Taoism, known among the nine families.”

“””Hmm? But why the long face, little one?”””

He peered into the child’s eyes, finding a boredom that seemed out of place.

“””Are my teachings not to your liking?”””


“””Hoo. Quite impressive, isn’t it?”””


Jeong Gwang, barely able to express himself, sighed deeply.

Impressive, yes, but also somewhat excessive.

Was martial arts really about such grandeur? It felt somewhat pretentious.

Master Nodosa misinterpreted Jeong Gwang’s sigh.

“””Hehehe. Are you feeling apprehensive?”””

The elderly Taoist monk exclaimed, arms outstretched as he seemed to effortlessly glide through the air, akin to a majestic bird in flight.

“””Very well. Someday, you too shall soar like this.”””

Flying through the skies?

Such a struggle it would be.

But Jeong Gwang truly did take flight.

“””What were you thinking, young one, to look so proud?”””


Yet those days were long past. Jeong Gwang, now just a babe, could not even articulate his thoughts.

“””Hmm. Your master is overjoyed. I only wish to be admirable in your eyes.”””

As the old Taoist master spoke, Taoist Heo Qing poured his heart and soul into his teachings.

Though Jeong Gwang was too young to fully comprehend, Heo Qing sought to present himself in the best light.

Unfortunately, his pupil, having experienced the harsh realities of martial arts, found it lacking.

“””Huh. Feeling tired, are we?”””

Jeong Gwang’s lack of sleep wasn’t due to weariness, as his master assumed. Rather, it was out of respect for the one who had become his mentor.

Still, the heat inside him simmered. Why waste energy needlessly? Instead of focusing on mastering flight, he should learn to navigate the earth efficiently.

“””Taaa! Cloud Dragon Great Eight Styles! Dragon of the Nine Heavens!”””

Heo Qing’s new form met the ground with a resounding thud, though only four times instead of the intended nine.

Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened reflexively, finding some satisfaction in the display.

Despite his past as the leader of the Heavenly Demon Church, politics seemed a more reasonable pursuit than this.

While martial arts were meant to defeat one’s enemies, the Heavenly Demon Religion was unyielding and brutal.

Why must everything be steeped in blood and gore? Such names were nothing short of absurd.

“””bout! Taeheo BigeomDragon’s Paw Wind!”””

This, on the other hand, seemed sensible.

“””The dragon’s teeth call the wind! It may sound fierce, but it’s merely a herbivore’s bite.”””

“””Hehehe. Your eyes shine with admiration. Did you find it impressive?”””

The old monk’s smile faltered momentarily.

“””How did such a young one end up abandoned on this mountain?”””


“””Very well. It was Taesangnogun’s will that Heo Cheong found you. It was destined to be so.”””

Jeong Gwang attempted to shake his head, then relented.

Though he thought his life had ended with his death, waking up as an infant was a bewildering turn of events.

Heo Cheong, a disciple of Nodosa Unhu, discovered him and brought him to their care.

Perhaps, as Unhu suggested, it was the will of some higher power.

“””Naturally, a child like you would not be easily sheltered. Nevertheless, I have high hopes for you now that fate has brought us together.”””

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

Is that all?

A request to become the epitome of martial prowess and uphold the sect’s honor.

“””Grow up well,”” his master urged.”


“””Hehe. Quite the surprise, isn’t it? Is it too much to ask?”””


“””Very well. Perhaps I was overly ambitious. It’s a challenge to remain righteous when standards differ so greatly.”””

His gaze softened.

“””Guide me, then. Be unwavering in your convictions.”””

Without waiting for Jeong Gwang’s response, he tenderly stroked the infant’s head.

A plea, rather than a mere request, it held significance beyond its words.

“Approaching with sword in hand, Heo Cheong cautiously interjected, “”Master, perhaps Jeonggwang is too young for such expectations. Should we not reconsider?”””

“””I hadn’t considered that,”” Nodosa Unhu remarked, rising with Jeong Gwang cradled in his arms. “”But my disciple has accepted it.”””


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“””I have a disciple to embrace. How can I resist?”” he chuckled. “”I’ll do so while I still possess the strength.”””

“””What do you mean?”” Heo Qing inquired, a hint of concern in his voice.”

Unhu smiled enigmatically.

Observing him, Heo Qing felt a twinge of unease.

‘I can see your energy waning.’

Once, Yunhu’s Danjeon had been compromised in a battle with Chief Daimadu, leaving his body akin to that of any ordinary elder.

Heo Cheong, concerned for Unhu’s well-being, used Jeong Gwang’s presence as an excuse to return, yet it was Unhu who worried for Jeong Gwang.

“””I am concerned for our future sustenance. While our benefactors have been kind, we cannot rely on them indefinitely.”””

“””The priests mentioned seeking a nanny. Why not consider it?”””

“””Huh. You youngsters are already so grown. Much more than I ever was,”” he laughed, though to him, they were still children.”

As Heo Qing reminisced about his master’s kindness, his eyes glistened.

And when they reached Taecheongjeon, Jeong Gwang’s eyes widened.

Was that to be his nanny?

No matter how many times he blinked, the scene remained the same.

Expecting a person, he found instead a mountain goat.

“””Ah, Sabaek, you’re here?”””

The senior monks gathered around Sanyang greeted the goat warmly.

“””Hehe. You’ve brought a cherished one with you.”””

“””I’ve been relying on passersby for assistance, but under normal circumstances, goat’s milk will suffice.”””

“””Excellent. See? Even he likes it,”” Unhu remarked, noting Jeong Gwang’s squirming in his arms.”

While everyone else found joy in the moment, Jeong Gwang felt a sense of isolation.

“””Huh. Is something amiss? He appears perturbed,”” Heo Qing noted, observing Unhu’s concern.”

“””Hehe. Perhaps you’re being overly attentive,”””

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